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Young portuguese wrestler looking for oponents to have a good time wrestling. Into mostly sub, but open to anything. Can accomodate, depending the days.



  1. Portugal, Lisboa
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Gear: shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Judo Judo

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zmaccs is recommended by frenchwrestler

Zmaccs is an excellent wrestler, very reliable and with the physique and mentality of a sportsman. A very friendly guy too. But he has another quality: he taught me the joys of sleeper and how to apply it. No one knows this hold as well as he does. To try it is to adopt it! So, u must try to



frenchwrestler is recommended by zmaccs

What can i say? Had amazing matches with Frenchwrestler and enjoied them all greatly! An amazing wrestler and a great guy outsaide the mat! I recommend imensly to anyone who wants a great match with an amazing wrestler!



zmaccs is recommended by Headscissorfan

We met in Lisbon for the 2. time now and I really had a good time with him again.
We both share a passion for headscissors and even though you might think his legs look not that big, believe this guy got really strong legs and made me tap very quick whenever he got me in a hold
He is a really nice, charming and good looking wrestler 👍👍👍



zmaccs is recommended by MFwrestler

A very good match and time with zmaccs, beside the difference in weight he was skilled in deliver a good fight. A nice wrestler that i strongly recommend if you are visiting Lisbon.



zmaccs is recommended by lutteuractif

I've destroyed this awesome young fighter. we have had some great matche. He can take any move and keeps coming back for more! A lovely guy also! Take him on if you get the chance!



lutteuractif is recommended by zmaccs

What can i say? GREAT fighter and skilled wrestler. So much it was to fight him, and a great guy also out of the mats. Recomend him highly to anyone!



zmaccs is recommended by alexxwrestler

This guy is REALLY strong!! Don't judge him by pics, he is fast, skilled and is hard to make him submit. My advice: be careful with his legs. His scissors are mortal! Besides that, zmaccs is a very polite guy and really kind!

I'm waiting for the next round, man! ;)



alexxwrestler is recommended by zmaccs

After trading message we finally meet and it was good! This guy can take a lot and hard to make him submit! A great scissors hold, with strenght in is legs, so watch out for them! Great guy and recommend him!



zmaccs is recommended by londonscissorslover

Met Ze VERY briefly (due to a Lisboan taxi driver making a 10 minute journey last over an hour) so it was a very quick meet....but most definitely worth it. He has great combat knowledge & skills... & despite his slighter (but very sexy) body he certainly did not let me take charge. His slim, wiry muscular legs are definitely not to be under-estimated....they certainly took me to the point of sleeperdom many times. A handsome guy, a great host...&; charming. Highly recommend if UR in Lisbon & he's free to meet.



londonscissorslover is recommended by zmaccs

Brief fight but excellent and very fun! This guy knows a lot and can hold for a while all holds that receives! Great time, great guy and someone i very hope to meet again! If you´re near him, take the chance to meet and wrestle!



zmaccs is recommended by docmoose

Nice opponent to wrestle with. I had a great time. Good for those who are into sleepers holds. Enjoy a match with him.



zmaccs is recommended by polyethylene33

Fun guy to wrestle with while in Lisboa, quite resistant and punishment gluton, don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him



polyethylene33 is recommended by zmaccs

Great guy and one great wrestler! Know a lot and makes it fun! Out the mat, a great guy! Recommend to anyone who wants a fight and/or to hang out!



zmaccs is recommended by Antton64

Very resistant and flexible guy! A lot of fun to fight with, don t submit easily. Out the mat, interesting and nice man (who speak very well french). Recommanded for travelers in lisbon



Antton64 is recommended by zmaccs

Great guy and one hell of a wrestler! Know a lot and makes it fun! Out the mat, a great guy! Recommend to anyone who wants a fight and/or to hang out!



zmaccs is recommended by dnaeel

He threatened he would choke me out... and got paid with his own money. ;)
Other than that, a smart guy, fun and relaxed. Recommended for all lightweights visiting Lisbon.



zmaccs is recommended by swimmerstuggi

Very tough host,who can give and take a lot.Enjoyed the encounter very much and hope he did as well.Everyone who likes to submit a powerful oponent should try to get into close contact to Zmaccs.



zmaccs is recommended by ptitbrun

Guapo con curpazo, simpatico y serio. muy resistante no le gusta abandonar sin resistir hasta que este totalmente agotado! me pase luchando con él un rato inolvidable ! selo aconcejo a todos!!!

Beau garçon , beau corps , sympatique souriant et séieux. N'abandonne pas facilement. souple et très résistant. J'ai passé avec lui un très agréable moment. Je vous le recommande!!!



zmaccs is recommended by midblue

lean and sexy,this guy's one of the best to have fun with...very tecnical,loads of surprises,can be very tough to tame :)) off the mattz....well,just about the best you can expect,really...well worth a visit :p



midblue is recommended by zmaccs

Great guy and wrestler! Very expierience, safe and lots of fun! Technical and realy cool guy, in and out of the mats! All u can excpect of a great wrestler!



zmaccs is recommended by damon

he's a great guy. he really can take a lot of pain :) was one of the best fights i had for a long time, real fun. and he has a really unique attitude which makes it even better.



zmaccs is recommended by Jorgefighter

He is slim, but hard and brave. Endures a lot of pain and has a good cardio resistence, so he can endure a long fight. He likes it rough and agressive and has no fear of meeting bigger guys. All my recommendations.