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  1. Austria, Wien
    Place of residence
  2. Germany, Wildberg
    (I'm here between 7/16/2020 and 7/21/2020)

I am willing to travel 150 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


28-year-old Male / 6'0" (184 cm) / 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German, Russian

Gear: suggest something


April 2020 - You know it - Miss Rona stops us from wrestling!

Vienna based fighter is looking for physical encounters in Submission, Freestyle or MMA-Style bouts! 👊

I lift daily, train daily and try to wrestle as often as possible, while still trying to have a social life! 💪
I'm confident and know what I'm doing, but might come across as cocky at times. Deal with it 😛
I will never back down from an honest challenge and will gladly fight it out! I am trained in BJJ and some Freestyle and can adapt to different levels.

A gi/kimono (size A2 or A2L) is available if someone wants to fight in one.

Be strong, be tough, and be fun!! - I can handle guys bigger and smaller than me, so don't be afraid to message if you're either. I like to fight for a long time and work up a good sweat, so you better do too. Close fought, back and forth matches are the best and we'll see who comes out on top!

Having a good time and a good workout while fighting is imperative. I can also do some coaching if you're serious about it, but I am not there to please your fetish (i.e: No, I won't choke you out just for your pleasure).

Open to a lot of things, just ask me about them, I don't bite.

Looking for enthusiastic wresters/fighters.
Strong and cocky lads.
Physically demanding encounters.
Coaching possible.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Practicing techniques, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship
Fetishes: Gut punching

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Last modified: 4/14/2020

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pndfighter is recommended by laufentaler

Wir haben uns bei meinem Besuch in Wien zu einem Kampf getroffen. Das Treffen haben wir schnell organisiert gehabt und als ich bei ihm eintraf war schon alles vorbereitet. Trotz meines Gewichtsvorteiles war es sehr schwer für mich, da er eine super Technik hat und er diese super eingesetzt hat. Er kann sich aus fast jeder Situation wieder befreien und mich dann in Schwierigkeiten bringen und ich konnte mich nicht mehr befreien so dass ich abklopfen musste. Ich habe mich dabei jedoch immer sicher gefühlt. Abseits der Matte ist er ein sehr sehr sympathische und wir konnten uns super unterhalten. Ich kann es nicht erwarten ihn wieder zu treffen. Solltet ihr die Möglichkeit haben ihn zu treffen lasst euch diese Gelegenheit nicht entgehen.



pndfighter is recommended by GrappleandBox

Intelligent, courteous, good looking, and honest. I enjoyed my afternoon in Vienna with pndfighter. Since I am a boxer, and he is a wrestler, he dominated me with BJJ, but we still had a good muscle roll.



GrappleandBox is recommended by pndfighter

Very courteous, nice and humble!
He's easy to get along with, interested in many different things a city has to offer and finding a fighting style that worked for us wasn't to hard either! Definitely packs the strenght and a good punch - so definitely look him up if you're into that!



pndfighter is recommended by Libdray

Meeting this charming person felt more like reunion with an old friend even was the first time got to know him. He has nice techniques and physics which made newbie me somehow didn’t know how to confront and ended up with showing me a quite good course that for learning would love to pay to go to. And we probably had nicer chat than what I could offer him as opposition. He’s flexible to have fun with but also very smart and interesting person to talk to.

Well being a very bad opponent I still hope could meet him one day when I practise better. Thanks for the time :)



pndfighter is recommended by mfightr

No need to mention that pndfighter is keen on grappling and easy to get along with, as it has been stated before. So what’s to add to his list of recommendations?

_Finding an appointment was str8forward and easy.
_Loves to fight from bottom positions, and putting your weight on him won’t help you.
_Says he’s too slow, but can fold your gi before you have a chance to get out of it.
_Don’t try NoGi! Your chances won’t increase.
_Further research should be done on having several beers before the match – although I doubt it will affect the outcome.



mfightr is recommended by pndfighter

Mfightr is everything you can wish for if you want exhausting grappling sessions.

He's relentless in his offense and his defense is tight and solid, so he'll keep you on your toes at all times. In the gi or in any other gear, he's enjoying wrestling without any breaks. Definitely my kind of mode too!

Off the mats, he's an interesting and fun guy to talk to with some stories to tell - definitely something we'd need to do more to next time, in addition to more fighting! Don't miss him if you get the chance to meet!



pndfighter is recommended by headlock07

Can anything meaningful be added to what has been written about this hunk? About his wrestling skills, stamina and smile? I don’t think so, he is simply Crème de la Crème, both on and off the mats. It took us quite a while to arrange a match, but it was totally worth the wait. I have so many things to learn from this trained athletic fighter, and I will eagerly do so the next time we meet. Thank you for hosting our bout!



headlock07 is recommended by pndfighter

I can only repeat what has been said about headlock07.

Fitting name, tight headlock indeed! - Very fit, handsome, strong and knows where and how to use his strength when wrestling.
It took us a while to finally find a date that work schedule or injuries did not mess up, but it was definitely worth the wait!

Also very educated and definitely someone you'd want to have a chat with after a tussle on the mats! Try to meet him if you have the chance!



pndfighter is recommended by greekwrestler

Oh well, he beat me!! We exchanged messages for long, I was sure I would dominate him but he beat me!! But it was all planned ahead! He put me in this closed hot room with mats, sweat was dripping like hell, the mats were wet and slippery, he knew I would be trapped and not be able to do my best. Yes it was the sweat, it wasn't his 3 years of grappling training, his annoying strength, his determination to beat and dominate me! Next match will be in my place in Greece with the air condition turned to max after I will have trained hard so that he will go back defeated and humiliated (well at least I can dream on that).
Maybe in the top three wrestlers I ve met (and I have wrestled a lot) and definitely among the top three guys I ve met. So glad I did it ....



greekwrestler is recommended by pndfighter

It took a long while to meet up with this Greek gentleman, but it was well worth the wait.
Greekwrestler is strong, certainly knows what he's doing and will seemingly always try to coach you through choking him, even when he's already in a disadvantageous position. Sweating a lot and 35° certainly did help with being slippery, but that was just a further challenge for both of us.
Off the mats, he's a courteous man, humble and caring that values good hospitality - He even had to steal my tap water!
I would regret not meeting him, and so would you. - Don't pass him up if you happen to travel to Athens!



pndfighter is recommended by Kane78

We met the first time already a year ago at the Berlin wrestling camp. This time we spent a bit more time on the mats together. Pndfighters heart is beating for grappling and submission fighting. He's a skilled fighter who can go the rough way but also knows how to adapt his fighting skills on guys who are new to the game. He's very gentle, fun, open minded and reliable. I'm looking very much forward to more rolling and training together! Thanks for the good time!



Kane78 is recommended by pndfighter

We've now met for the second time for some good training and sparring as part of wrestling camp in Lindow and I still feel lost for words when trying to describe Kane78. He's not only passionate about grappling, wrestling and generally fighting and he does not shy away to share his knowledge with others, beginners and advanced! Sharing is caring as they say, but he's also able to turn up the heat and go rough, while still keeping all involved parties safe!

There's not enough superlatives to describe him as a person, as time flies while you're having a conversation with this charming guy. Missing a meet with him would be a grave mistake! I'm looking forward to the next time!



pndfighter is recommended by WrslMscl

Super friendly and hospitable, this tall lanky grappler will pick you up at the closest train station, guide you to his big mats, and then most likely destroy you. After our first lock-up, I knew this guy has practiced bjj for a while, and keeps on doing this regularly. He applies submission techniques naturally, organically, as if not needing much force to do so. You can have an interesting, informative conversation in between rounds, and after the match, as you figure out how to do better when you take him on next time... Definitely recommended for those who like real, competitive grappling.



WrslMscl is recommended by pndfighter

Well built - a tank, so to speak - and friendly on top? That's WrslMscl for you! The name and profile could not be more fitting. On the mats he'll give you a challenge to come out on top while always maintaining a safe environment for both! And afterwards, the worst thing that could happen is that you've become friends with him and get to talk some more to the charming guy that he is. Don't pass him up if you want a good challenge to test your strenght and skills!



pndfighter is recommended by sagittaron2

Despite being both tired (but even tired, he remains so strong 💪!), I had the chance to meet pndfighter for a good and friendly fight. I have been told about his great wrestling skills, and can only confirm this. He is fit, powerful, very resistant, tough, fast on the mats, and looks hot in speedo 👍. I have also really appreciated his capacity to adapt to my lower level. What a lot of fun rolling together on the mats 😜
Out of the mats, such a nice and interesting guy. We have to meet again for sure, the sooner the better. Totally recommended: 5🌟



sagittaron2 is recommended by pndfighter

Small, but feisty, is probably what describes him best! He's an enthusiastic wrestler, who wants nothing more than to have a good time while wrestling and will go out of his way to try and achieve that. Generally speaking, he's much stronger than you'd assume from his size and his enthusiasm increases it manifold!
The meet was spontaneously arranged on a few hours notice - so that definitely is a good bonus, as planning can sometimes be a tedious process.
Off the mats - he's a charming fellow to have interesting conversations with and seemed to be in a good mood all throughout the meet! Missing out on wrestling him would be a shame!



pndfighter is recommended by HighwayMan

Pndfighter is a strong and experienced fighter; I had to give up wrestling him - he had me conquered.
Off the mats, he is an intelligent young man full of interesting information about Austria.
I highly recommend him if you want a challenge.



pndfighter is recommended by andreawrestling

This guy is a very good fighter, has a great technique and moves on the mat with great skill. Given his size for me the match would have been impossible, but instead gave me the opportunity to have fun. Super hospitable, kind and attentive. 100% recommended



andreawrestling is recommended by pndfighter

Absolutely lovely Italian chap! We've already known each other from a trip to Berlin's wrestling camp - but did not manage to wrestle there! So we could skip the pleasantries and jump right into the match!

What he "lacks" in size - he more than makes up for in pure spirit. Andrea is energetic, quick and always up for a laugh on the mats - all while still delivering a good competitive challenge!

Do not miss him if you happen to come across him!



pndfighter is recommended by back2pin4fun

With a disarming smile permanently affixed, pndfighter takes no time at all in determining who is in control. And he's perfectly safe as he puts you through an array of holds from his extensive repertoire. Having owned me on his excellent matroom set-up, he then ensured I took out his trash to the communal waste area. 😂 😝

Philipp is unquestionably a talented fighter who can only improve even further as he delves deeper into his bjj training. Very passionate and knowledgeable about his sport, he is also - as many have attested - a charming young man, wise beyond his years, a kind host, excellent company and someone with whom I am proud to now call a good friend. If Vienna calls, don't pass on any faint opportunity you might have to meet this top guy. Thank you Philipp for your time and for a great weekend 👍 😊 💪 😎



back2pin4fun is recommended by pndfighter

Met this genuinely lovely guy on a rather cold Sunday evening!
After a bit of talking, and coffee, we went for a few rounds of wrestling. You notice immediately that he's passionate about wrestling in all forms and that his lean build might be deceiving, as he's certainly stronger that he looks (which is a bit of an awful thing to say ;-))

Next to wrestling, you can have wonderful conversations about who-knows-what and that's always as important as the wrestling itself! Don't miss him, if you get the chance to wrestle!



pndfighter is recommended by tapout

January 18, 2019:

pndfighter has become so skilled that tapping him out is not on any more - the challenge is to delay him from tapping me out. Keep that improvement up!

Nov. 11, 2017:

pndfighter ist ein verlässlicher Grappler, mit dem man schon im vorhinein einen Fighttermin, der hält, unkompliziert ausmachen kann. Sein Mattenangebot und seine Flexibilität, auch um 0:30 Uhr auf seine Matte zu gehen, machten ein Match auf meiner Durchreise in Wien möglich. Er ist ein sehr angenehmer Gesprächspartner und ein aufmerksamer Gastgeber.

Auf der Matte selbst ist er nach nur ca. einem Jahr Grappling-Training schon recht gefährlich. Zweimal musste ich abklopfen, einmal er. Aber das Wichtigste war, dass uns beiden das Rolling Spaß gemacht hat. pndfighter kann ich bestens empfehlen!!!



tapout is recommended by pndfighter

After quite a bit of waiting and anticipating this meeting, it was finally possible to meet tapout while he was traveling through Vienna.

It could not have been easier to arrange the match, even considering that it was meant to be held late at night. He's an easy guest, in the way that he does not want to cause you any trouble at all - unless it's on the mats!

Speaking of which, Tapout is a great partner to roll. Experienced and skilled as a grappler, he is precise in executing techniques and tries to take advantage of the slightest mistake, which he managed to do in our match to great effect! And all of this in a safe and controlled manner!

Don't pass up a chance to meet with him if he passes your town/city or if you happen to go through the Phillippines!



pndfighter is recommended by ViennaFighter

pndfighter's profile is quite impressive, but not as much as he is. Finally we managed a fighting session and it was fantastic.

He is a great wrestler full of strength and skills and a great guy off the mats. Enjoyed a good time with pndfighter as he is a fun, easy-going and respectful guy. When fighting he can be mean and rough but only as much as we agreed on.

Although he is a way better fighter than I am, he made the experience very pleasant for me. Hopefully I picked up some tricks for our rematch.

After the fight we talked a while, time flew really fast. pndfighter is an amazing host. Hope we meet again soon! Highly recommended!



ViennaFighter is recommended by pndfighter

Time seems to fly when you're meeting Viennafighter. Being spontaneous, we only met with a few hours notice and it worked out perfectly fine.

He packs some strength and determination and is keen on having an engaging and fun match! He's always respectful of what kind of limits you've set up and he's still keeping the match at a high pace!

Overall a treat of a guy that you shouldn't miss when you're in Vienna!



pndfighter is recommended by wrestlron

After reading all the fantastic recommendations in Pndfighter's profile i was prepared to meet an excellent wrestler. But the meeting with him exceeded all expectations.

Pndfighter is the perfect combination of a great wrestler and a great lovely guy. He is a trustworthy, fun, easy-going and very friendly opponent. Skilled and competent in many fighting styles and always "mean" and tough but in the most kind and gracious way :-)
I was no match to him- he is so effective, resourceful and knowing his way on the mats, that I have found myself tapping many times, but due to the fantastic spirit of match he induced I wanted to go again and again.

Off the mats Pndfighter is incredibly nice, warm, hospitable and gentle person. The minute you meet him he gives you a feeling of a long time friend and dispels any feeling of apprehension that may accompany the first moments of wrestling match. He is patient, full of charm and fun to be with, the conversations with him were interesting and flowing.

Wrestling with PND fighter was the highlight of my trip to Vienna. This sweaty match with with this incredible guy made the trip worthy. No visit to Vienna will be complete without meeting this awesome adorable guy.



wrestlron is recommended by pndfighter

Got to spend a great later evening with wrestlron. The afterwork wrestling session was very welcome as I've had a lot of built up energy from the day that needed a vent - and he proved to be the perfect guy to soak it all up and even give me back some more!

Strong, agile and with a bit of a "mean" streak if you happen to let him get something on you, but never meaning to hurt anybody, unless you count your diaphragm - because you will most likely spend a good amount of time smiling and even laughing while wrestling this fine man!

Off the mats he's a very sociable and interesting guy - so it was quite a pity that we weren't able to spend more time together over a drink or dinner - but that's something to look forward to for the next meeting!



pndfighter is recommended by GrapplingHB

Es wird Zeit, dass ich hier eine große Empfehlung ausspreche. Wir sind uns schon 3 x auf der Matte begegnet und Pndfighter hat über die Zeit eine super Entwicklung hingelegt. Er ist immer besser und athletischer geworden, hat gute Techniken und sehr viel Kraft. Man muss sich große Mühe geben, wenn man ihn zur Aufgabe zwingen will. Immer wieder eine echte Herausforderung. Jedem zu empfehlen, der sportlich fighten will und neben der Matte ein interessanter Gesprächspartner.



GrapplingHB is recommended by pndfighter

GrapplingHB is a technical wrestling machine. He might be small, but that doesn't change the fact that he is strong and definitely knows what he's doing!
He's a skillful grappler on the mats, keeping a high tempo and most importantly always keeping it safe!
Off the mats he's a very easy to handle guest, showing up where and when we agreed and good to talk to! I can't recommend him highly enough!

GrapplingHB ist ein sehr starker, schneller und vor allem sehr technischer Typ! Quasi immer einen Schritt voraus solltr man gut aufpassen wie man sich bewegt!
Wenn ihr einen sehr angenehmen Partner zum Kämpfen und auch zum Unterhalten sucht, seid ihr bei ihm an der richtigen Adresse!
Technisch ein irrsinnig guter fighter, was es umso interessanter macht! Man kann ihn gar nicht genug weiterempfehlen!



pndfighter is recommended by TobyCarter

I don’t know if I can say enough good things about PNDFIGHTER. He was a great communicator leading to our match as I was traveling through Austria. His bountiful reviews attested greatly to his character which I can now personally appreciate. Those same reviews also commented on how well skilled he is, which made me nervous as I do not have the experience he has. However, he was so gracious and accommodating. He did not ‘take it easy’ on me, but instead challenged me while giving me opportunities to work some moves on him (while he lightly mocked me in good fun!). I had such a great time and hope very seriously that I can come back to Austria just to wrestle him again!



TobyCarter is recommended by pndfighter

What he "lacks" in experience, he definitely makes up for in sheer pro-activeness. I must say that for someone who says to be a lifelong beginner, he certainly packs a good amount of freestyle technique and the drive to use every ounce of his body to get to where he wants to!
Aside the mats he's a very kind and caring man, interested in and knowledgeable about many things so it was a delight to talk to too after the wrestling was done.
It was a pleasure to spend time with him on and off the mats and I can only say: meet up with him if he's in your area or you might miss out on a great opportunity!



pndfighter is recommended by tomtom16

Mein Fight in Wien mit pndfighter, war eine riesen Herausforderung. Viele Runden, bei denen ich keine Chance hatte! Er ist einfach mega gut! Fürs nächste mal werde ich wohl mehr trainieren müssen. Man merkt daß er schon länger Grappling richtig trainiert und ich doch noch Anfänger bin! :( Trotzdem hat es riesen Spaß gemacht. Auch abseits vom Kämpfen ein klasse Mensch. Hoffe auf Wiederholung und kann ihn nur jedem Wienbesucher empfehlen. Daumen hoch ;) Freu mich aufs nächste mal.



tomtom16 is recommended by pndfighter

Das relativ spontane Treffen hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht! Für einen "Anfänger", weiß er doch ganz gut, wie man sich bewegen sollte ;-)
Die Kraft, Schnelligkeit und Gelassenheit hat er jedenfalls. Man darf sich also auf ein schönes, anstrengendes Match freuen, wenn man sich mit ihm trifft! Und die Stimmung abseits der Matte passt auch - Nehmt euch also die Zeit, wenn es sich ergibt!



pndfighter is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

finally we met, after some years chatting on meetfighters.

and i can say that it was a very great match almost 2 hours of classical and less classical Grappling.
His technic is so good, and he is so difficult to submit :-)
it was very hot so almost an oil-match but it permits to measure all his skills and i am already waiting for a rematch : next time in Vienna.
very highly recommended - never hesitate if you can meet him



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by pndfighter

A great mat setup in the centre of Paris and availability at short notice was what made a match possible while I was in Paris!
It was a hot summer day, so the mats were soon drenched in sweat and we needed every ounce of water we could get!
A great guy to meet and wrestle - don't look past him when you're in his area!



pndfighter is recommended by madridluchador

I would like to beginnig this recommendation saying if you travel to Vienna, you should definitely wrestle with pndfighter. He is a strong, lot stamina and skilled wrestler, with very strong arms and leg. However, despite all and even he was heavier than me, he tried to have a match as balanced as possible for a enjoyed together... and we did it!!! Pndfighter is also a quite charming and easy going guy out of the mat!!!.
My full recommendation, and I hope we can fight again, maybe at the next wrestling camp ;-)



pndfighter is recommended by Bitrial

Wir hatten eher eine Lehrstunde als einen richtigen Fight, aber er ist sehr erfahren und hat einige gute Tricks auf Lager. Ich konnte einiges lernen und hoffe das neu erworbene Wissen in zukünftigen Fights anwenden zu können.



pndfighter is recommended by cobra

Since the 1s t Impression I knew it would be the only and best fight ever in Vienna (feeling)
I insisted to make It even on my way back to airport
A great fighter with many talents and so expreienced ,dedicated to grappling and very serious .So exciting to challenge him as Alpha boy. Many technique's,much Stamina and lot of training sessions are a mostotal before hitting his mats .invincible even in a winning position! I should have started punching your guts King of the jingle prior to destroy your high intensity 😂😂
But you are so sweet and a big gentleman ,very friendly ,generous ,reliable and wonderful heart trustworthy person whom I would definitely keep in touch with forever and tell him about all my fights experiences.In addition,meeting him is a huge opportunity for a tourist because he will dedicate all this time to take care to the max and I am very impressed by your character man. You deserve this beautiful smile that breaks hearts ,always and ever:)



cobra is recommended by pndfighter

I am a little bit lost for words when trying to describe cobra!
An interesting personality to start it off and he decided to still meet up and have a match. All that after partying for 2 days and only a few hours of sleep.

Being tired didn't stop him from being relentlessly aggressive while trying to get the upper hand in the match. We never ventured into unsafe territory though, as he was always trying to keep it to a level we're both comfortable with. This lead to an increasingly difficult time to keep him controlled until his lack of sleep took over and he got increasingly tired over the duration of the match!

Otherwise a splendid companion over dinner and coffee, as he seems to like coffee as much as I do. He was a little bit shocked by our habit to drink water straight from the tap - but I think I might have given enough reasons why we do.

If he's in your area, don't let him leave again without meeting up!



pndfighter is recommended by docmoose

Hi guys. Difficult to write something new about this young wrestler. As a wrestler he is strong, competent and very much concerned to provide a safe and enjoyable match.
As a person he is a very easy going lad and
It has been a pleasure to meet him.



docmoose is recommended by pndfighter

Docmoose is an interesting meet in many regards!
With a cheerful attitude wherever he goes he is fun and interesting to have on and off the mats! When fighting, he knows how to move around and it is apparent that he has a solid background in Judo, so take care whenever you are wearing an additional shirt or two, he might use them against you! Missing him would not be a wise decision!



pndfighter is recommended by Bamm-Bamm

The wildcard! Flexible in timing and very creative with last-minute changes. Thanks, man. Highly appreciated.
After a rather wild Vienna work trip with nothing but pleasant, but also rather ‘unconventional’ fights, Pndfighter was the perfect amount of ‘normality’ that I needed to leave Vienna with a sense of total satisfaction.
With his similar size, similar amount of time spent in formal training and similar mindset on many levels, it was a very equal and fulfilling fight.
It felt great.
This guy, I’d recommend to everybody. From beginner to advanced, competitive to playful, ... he’s super! Hospitable (with a great mat room), friendly, funny, naughty, cute, easy-going, uncomplicated.
Just meet him, even if you can only squeeze in some time for coffee and a chat about grappling.



Bamm-Bamm is recommended by pndfighter

"Bamm!" is what you think when you first see him and "Bamm-Bamm" is what you get once you step onto the mats with this man! At least that's my personal take on his name.
Bamm-Bamm is easy to set-up a meeting with, even though he had to put up with some last-minute adjustments on my end. With all problems set aside - we met at the tail end of his trip to Vienna and it was certainly a good one!
He likes his matches rough and with the matching attitude it's always a pleasure to find someone who has a style like this! Controlled aggression is what makes him versatile on the mats as he can also tone it down or up a notch if necessary.
He's also very pleasant company to spend time with over a cup of coffee or any other beverage as he's easy to chat to about basically any topic you could think of!



pndfighter is recommended by Crusher77

pndfighter is truly one of the kindest, most lovely human beings you will meet. He was willing to host a wrestling match at his place. He is super hygienically clean and respectful of limits. He is very skilled at BJJ and grappling ... I stood no chance against him. He easily won the wrestling/grappling match with his skills and knowledge ... but yet he kept me completely safe and uninjured. He is a great and fast communicator and keeps his appointments. He may be young in age, but he is very wise beyond his years. Please wrestle with this genuinely super nice guy!! Very glad to call this guy my new friend. I welcome a rematch with him anytime!! Oida!!



Crusher77 is recommended by pndfighter

Crusher could not be a more fitting name for a man like him! He's muscular, strong, and definitely knows what he's doing and going for in the gym.
On the mats, he can make good use of his strength to keep someone from moving. But he has no problem keeping both guys completely safe and without any injury.
Besides he's an amazing fellow, - a true Florida boy so to speak, nice and charming and very interested in many things. He is easy to talk to and he has many stories to tell from all his traveling around the world!
Can't recommend him highly enough!



pndfighter is recommended by Grappler it

A real grappler; a real Athlete; a real friendly guy; a real Gentleman; a real hard opponent whom I never was able to worry; a real promise for the future, a "in crescendo" grappler whom I am honored to have met. Ten stars! Hope to meet him soon.



Grappler it is recommended by pndfighter

An Italian gentleman!
A great guy to spend time with off the mats as well as on them! He sports an athlete's body - the pictures don't lie! - And he also knows how to use it.

Strong and skilled, which certainly helps in any kind of fighting or wrestling. Easy to not look at the time while wrestling and wonder why it's suddenly a few hours later, as he has the stamina to go on forever!

Certainly worth a visit if you're around his parts of Italy or if he get's to your neck of the woods!



pndfighter is recommended by speedowrestle

I'm overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of my new friend. A great host, who took time to show me the best bits of his home city and welcomed me to his home. PND is very easy to get along with, having the maturity and intellect of someone a good few years older...
He has a great mat setup, and trains hard. On the mats, my ass was well and truly kicked. He could have done a lot of damage if he wanted to, but made sure the match was fun.
The only negative point I would say about PND is that he FORCE-FED me the best cuisine (and beer) Vienna has to offer, only a couple of hours before our match. This may have hindered my performance... beware of this dirty tactic!
Thank you, PND for a great time!



speedowrestle is recommended by pndfighter

I'm very happy that I was able to meet Speedowrestle on his recent trip to Vienna. He's a great guy spend time with just sightseeing - or even better said 'sight-eating' through the city. Easy to get along with is an understatement of how easy he is to talk to! He also sports a great taste in bad and good music alike and mixes the best Gin and Tonic I've had in a while!

Of course, also a lovely guy to wrestle and a great sport on the mats with a good amount of strength added into the mix too. Completely into the sport and what it is about. Eager to learn new things as well. I'll make sure not to use my bad cooking skills and dirty feeding tactics next time, to even out the field for our next meeting!
Don't pass on meeting this great guy if he's near you!



pndfighter is recommended by boine

Not much really needs to be added to this list of recomendations.
My own reflections after a great hard roll that lasted for hours:

- Guy knows how to fight. Trust me.
- Real fighter instincts. He doesnt give until one taps. Usually not himself.
- Great wrestlers physique. Flexible like few.
- Did his homework, knows how to defend and turn the tables, even from bad bottom positions. Frustratingly difficult to make him tap out.
- Just a year in grappling training, some more mat time and he will wipe most guys on here. Natural born wrestler... Some guys simply has it. Very few on this site. This guy is one of the few.
- Off the mats very mature. A true pleasure spending time with him. Laidback, easygoing, no ego.

If you get a chance, put your mouthpiece in and check his magics out. Awesome stuff!

Needless to say, anytime again Philipp!
Thanks for a great uncomplicated meet.



boine is recommended by pndfighter

I can only echo what has been said a lot of times already!
This guy knows what to do once you step on the mats!

He's skilled, he's tough, he fights in many rule-sets and he does great in every single one! Pressures hard and good - uses all he's got to make you feel uncomfortable if you got yourself into a bad position - and that is a good thing!!

You know you've been in a fight after rolling with Boine. He's giving his all to deliver a good and rough fight, while not only relying on pure force but also well executed technique!

If you, for whatever reason, end up just talking instead of fighting - he's a great guy to have some laughs with, share stories with and generally just a pleasant guy to talk to!

A repeat definitely needs to happen!



pndfighter is recommended by Tanker

Sept 17- Ahem yes..... We did have rather a short roll. Someone (Not me) seemed rather out of breath & muttered something about my "veight vos a problem" & needed to stop! (To be fair he vos nursing an old knee injury).
Delighted that I was not as slow as expected!
Always a pleasure to to wrestle such an accomplished opponent as Herr Philipp, who is very fast & agile, but felt totally safe with him. Was outclassed and spent my time on the defensive. All my attacks were swiftly blocked & matched with his own counter. Vos pleased with my defence (would have been totally disorientated by him until quite recently & thrown in the towel). Or perhaps being a nice guy he was just wrestling at my level!
ANYWAY do meet him if you get the chance, lovely guy, gsoh (As you can see lol) fantastic legs (especially the thighs)! Speaks English beautifully & fluently but perhaps his pronunciation of words beginning with W needs a little vork! But still way better than my German!



Tanker is recommended by pndfighter

We just had a short roll at a meet at Pippa's, but Tanker is definitely a guy that's worth meeting.

Uses his weight to his advantage and he's not quite as slow as you might expect him to be! While rolling, he's always very conscious about the safety of both him and even more so his opponent!
Besides the mat he's always a great guy to talk to and have a laugh with!
Do not miss him if you get the chance, you'll regret it!



pndfighter is recommended by raufer1234

pndfighter ist absolut zu empfehlen! das treffen war super, er ist sehr gastfreundlich und hat einen wirklichen guten fightraum. ein sehr starker gegner der erfahrung hat und die techniken drauf hat! gerne wieder!



raufer1234 is recommended by pndfighter

Relativ spontan auf der Durchreise durch Wien getroffen - und dabei dann direkt ab auf die Matten!
War toll ihn, wenn auch kurz, als Gast zu haben. Toller Gegner, der mit mehr Erfahrung und weniger Hemmungen auch noch besser werden wird! Sehr empfehlenswert, wenn man die Möglichkeit hat!



pndfighter is recommended by imper

You need to be very strong or train grappling to win - pndfighter. He is a very strong guy and knows how to fight. You will have the pleasure of fighting with him in his wrestling hall. Very nice and hospitable guy. I recommend to everyone.



imper is recommended by pndfighter

The impressive physique on Imper does not lie! He's as strong (if not stronger) as it makes him look! He's also using his weight well and always tries to stay on top to use it even better!
It was nice to roll with him while he was visiting Vienna this week! And he is also a very polite and calm guy off the mats! Don't miss him if he gets your way!



pndfighter is recommended by hedloker uk

What a joy to spend time with such a great guy.
Very mature in outlook and wonderfully well-grounded, Pnd is exactly the same in real life as the personality that shone through in several months’ worth of messages.
His enthusiasm for grappling and regular training has already resulted in great skills and knowledge which, needless to say, resulted in me being totally outclassed on the mats, but he generously shared his expertise with this bjj beginner with infinite patience, encouragement and good humour.
And his command of the English language would put many a native speaker to shame. I did at first think that he might actually be an Englishman working in Vienna, but that was based on the briefest of exchanges at a group meet in the UK when we didn’t actually get to wrestle - whereas there was virtually no let up in conversation during the whole of my stay in Vienna (and he still sounded so English, except when he used his posh accent😀😈).
This man gets the highest recommendation - great to grapple with and learn from, a marvelous host, and an all-round ‘good guy’, so to speak.



hedloker uk is recommended by pndfighter

I was able to spend a great weekend with hedloker_uk and it turned out to be a very fun one indeed!

In between wrestling with a competitive edge, he was very interested in different approaches to grappling. He was quick to adopt whatever he was shown and he already showed a good grasp of all the basics! Add his background in freestyle wrestling and you already have a nice and well-rounded wrestler on many accounts!

Aside from wrestling it was great to spend time and converse and show him around Vienna and its cuisine too! It was easy to find topics to talk about. Sometimes you might even need to choke him so he'd shut up and goes to sleep!

He could not have been an easier guest too and even managed to converse with locals in with the "little bit" of German he knew!

I can't think of anything but to give him my highest recommendation - you would not want to miss him at any chance!



pndfighter is recommended by Jerzee guy

Had a fantastic event with pndfighter who is very skilled and working hard in jiu jitsu.... I wish my cardio was better for those long rounds!!!! Very fun and entertaining time.... great matspace room!!!!



Jerzee guy is recommended by pndfighter

Had a great and enjoyable match with Jerzee guy on a Thursday afternoon!
He was flexible enough to try and accommodate to my schedule so I appreciate it a lot that I managed to meet him - And I certainly do not regret doing so!

He is a great fighter, skilled and knowledgeable be it in stand-up or on the ground! Had an already very good match with him so I can only imagine it being even greater once his cardio is back!
Definitely recommendable for anyone who wants to have a serious match!



pndfighter is recommended by livingforfight

It was a pleasure to meet pndfighter. He is so skilled, and strong, so I had no chance against him. But our match was very playful and fun, so I really enjoyed rolling with him. And he also has space with mats for fight. By the way, this excellent fighter is a very friendly guy off the mat too.



livingforfight is recommended by pndfighter

I really enjoyed meeting and wrestling livingforfight. It was really nice of him to meet up late after he already had a busy day before!
It was really enjoyable to roll with him, even if it was only for a short amount of time. He is strong and uses his strength well to get you into some trouble!
Off the mats, I couldn't have hoped for a nicer guy to spend a few hours with!



pndfighter is recommended by AD idf

i had amazing time on his mat. he is strong skilked fast on mat but fair and safe. he moves all the time to have better position and always try to make you tap if you dont be care on that. he likes be on back but dont think its only to defend (what he does very well) but also to attack as soon as you start to make a little mistake. very funny very friendly very good partner on mat. what can i expect more ? nothing !!! just one thing : meet him again soon.



AD idf is recommended by pndfighter

Meeting up with AD_idf was exactly as I expected it.
With great knowledge in a variety of different martial arts it's always a pleasure to encounter someone with a very distinct style on his own!

He is strong and skilled but that also means that he is always keeping things in a safe environment. Rolling multiple hours also did not seem to be too much for him to handle as he has great stamina to just keep wrestling!

Overall it has been an amazing weekend at it definitely needs to be repeated!



pndfighter is recommended by Zürich

This man doesn’t leave you a single second to breathe during the fight. He moves constantly, trying to switch to a better position and liberates himself out of any immobilisation. If you’re not careful or with a poor stamina he will completely exhaust you within a few seconds. Great back and forth action during more than 2 hours. Even tough I would have loved to go on for many more rounds. But time didn’t allow. Looking forward for a next encounter with this highly skilled fighter to see who either runs out of breath or strength first.

I was more than lucky that he found a time slot to meet up for a fight. It wasn’t obvious, knowing the tough and tight schedule he was in.

Outside of the mat a very sociable person with a maturity that can rarely be found by guys his age. Strong and very solid character. Definitely recommended to any fighter out there



Zürich is recommended by pndfighter

An accomplished wrestler and a great person to boot - you'll find all of this and more in the man they call Zürich!

It was a great coincidence that we were in Salzburg at the same time. I could have not been a happier person that we really managed to meet up, despite it looking to be difficult at first.

I felt at ease from the first second of meeting him in person and we enjoyed a brief chat before getting it on with our match! He's a great guy: Strong, tough, resilient and skilled. He makes you work from the first second you shake hands and he doesn't stop to until somebody taps.

Also, he does not seem to tire out at all, so you better be in for the long haul! (Despite our rather "brief" match in this case - I guess we could have gone on for longer if it wasn't for the time-limit!)

Off the mats, he's a very sociable person and great to have a casual chat with!



pndfighter is recommended by redlandguy

Strong guy with a solid start in BJJ. He is passionate about the sport, which makes him an absolute pleasure to train with. He loves the game and it will make him a great grappler one day.



redlandguy is recommended by pndfighter

Had some great and enjoyable matches with redlandguy! Incredible guy - skilled, strong, and definitely not as slow as he says he is!

He's a great sport on the mats, always keeping it safe for everyone. Despite the rather huge gap in skill, it was always very enjoyable to meet him. I definitely got to learn a few things from the sessions we had! He's also a great teacher and definitely willing to teach if you ask nicely!

Overall, he is definitely highly recommended and I can't wait to meet him again - after I've had some more training myself!



pndfighter is recommended by dg duffy

Wrestled pndfighter 1 Oct 17 in Vienna. Safe and sane and on time. He has his own wrestling room with mats. One of the few, if not the only one, in Vienna. Because I don't know BJJ we did amateur. We had a great time with tons of action. He is quick, strong and is a quick study. Although he is relatively new to wrestling, he clearly loves it. I cannot wait until we square off again.



pndfighter is recommended by fitguy2

Had been messaging and chatting with Pndfighter for a good while, and was really looking forward to meeting him, but bit apprehensive that it might not live up to expectation. I need not have worried as he is a very friendly, down to earth person and is very easy to get along with. On the mats his vast training, skill and experience comes to light. He loves luring you into his guard so that he can sweep you and take top position. He is fast and flexible, and keeps moving from one position to another - it's like he is two chess moves ahead of you! All in all a most enjoyable time on the mats, and over dinner and drinks. Definitely exceeded expectations and hopefully we get to wrestle and hangout again soon



fitguy2 is recommended by pndfighter

A few short rolls over 2 days showd that this small but feisty Irishman knows what he's doing on the mats!
Fast, agile and with quite a strenght for his small size he's a force to be reconned with ob the mats! Add in some technical skill and you have a very good guy for a tough competitive match!

Meet him if you want a very controlled and safe, but very competitive match! He'll definitely deliver on that front!

Off the mats he's a real pleasure to talk to and always up for some laughs and banter, which makes a meeting even more enjoyable!



pndfighter is recommended by Superfly

This grappler knows what he is doing, well trained, well coordinated, and has a lot of stamina. I was hoping that he would run out of steam, but no chance.This grappler is competitive, likes to dominate, he is safe and sane. Thoroughly enjoyed my roll with him. Glad I met him and def would met him again. If there is one guy on here you should me is pndfighter as he comes highly recommended.



Superfly is recommended by pndfighter

Meeting Rob as part if a smalll group was a very nice conclusion to my trip to the UK!

He's a superfit guy, who's not only sports a great physique but also doesn't run out of breath at all! To top things off, he is a great wrestler, good base and a good amount of skill which makes it even harder to score against him!

Off the mats he's a cheery person, really nice and real pleasure to have a chat with! I'll definitely recommend him and I definitely hope we get to repeat on another occasion!



pndfighter is recommended by DenverWrestler

A very nice guy and very skilled grappler, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the group meet at Pippa's in Manchester. Even though he's still recovering from a knee injury, he still has the skill and strength to easily control a match, and he was able to submit me fairly quickly more than once. It was a real pleasure to meet someone with his skill and to learn from him, and I look forward to another match with him when he's back to full strength, even though I'll stand no chance against him. He's such a nice friendly guy – someone that's a lot of fun to wrestle regardless of the outcome. Very highly recommended.



DenverWrestler is recommended by pndfighter

Met Allen as part of a very busy group meet at Pippa's so we only had limited time to work with!

He is a great guy to wrestle, with an incredibly fit body and quite a good amount of skill to use all of that. Don't let his sweet talk fool you into a safe sense of security - on te mats it is all down to business!

He was aware and very considerate about my knee and the roll felt safe the whole time! If you wnt to have an enjoyable time on the mats, let him know once he comes your way on one of his trips.



pndfighter is recommended by london sub

It was a pleasure to finally meet pndfighter, on the final night of his UK wrestling tour de force. He more than surpassed expectations - a much better wrestler than I (and others) anticipated and I'm not ashamed to say he happily beat me 3 subs to nil (although I didn't make it easy for him!). I look forward to a rematch!



london sub is recommended by pndfighter

Had the pleasure to meet this guy as part of a small group in Barnet on my last evening in the UK.

He is a great guy, solid background in freestyle wrestling - so be aware of his takedowns and don't let him get into a controllong position - you might regret that! We had a great couple of rolls and once warmed up he didn't seem to want to stop!

Overall he is a great guy to wrestle and share a laugh with! An outstanding guy who you shouldn't miss to meet!



pndfighter is recommended by UKSubsFighter

What a truly great encounter with a great lovely fighter!
We grappled for two hours with small breaks but was unable to make him tap once, or he me! We fought to total stalemate but great all the same
The quality of the fight isn't in winning or losing, it's the quality of the fight and this guy is top or the league that way!
I want more fights from this guy! Truly a great guy both on the mats and off them!
Massive recommendation!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by pndfighter

Met up with John in Basingstoke on my penultimate day of my UK trip and it couldn't have been a better start to it.

John's a great force on the mats, skilled and with plenty of techniques to make you reconsider every choice twice! We've battled to a 2 hour stalemate until we decided that neither he nor I would get anywhere today and we decided to stop!

A true gentleman on and off the mats and very highly recommended!!



pndfighter is recommended by manclad531

Took to the mats with pnd during a small group meet. Really nice guy indeed, safe, sane, considerate, good fun and a pleasure to get to grips with. He clearly knows his sport very well and there's no doubt he had the upper hand throughout but hopefully I made him sweat a little! Really appreciated the tips too and would love to meet again if he returns to the UK.



manclad531 is recommended by pndfighter

Met Richard at as part of a small group in Manchester and had quite a few rolls with him!

He's quite strong and always shows resistance to whatever you try to do to him! He's the least experienced of all of us though he did quite well and hopefully picked up a thing or two!
With more experience he'll be a good challenge for all further matches! So better get him early if you like to have a chance!

Off the mats always up for a nice laugh and some good banter to lighten the mood! Meet him, you'll have a good time!



pndfighter is recommended by Crushhhh

It was a real pleasure to meet Philipp during his recent visit to the UK. This guy is really into his wrestling and it shows. A great tactician on the mats he had me working hard to fend off his attacks. This was an intense ground battle and before long the sweat was flowing from both of us, which made it hard for either to press home the advantage. A stupid mistake on my part opened the way for the only submission of the match. Philipp saw his chance and went for it.
Off the mats, a great guy to chat with...and we got through quite a few topics late into the evening. I sincerely hope we'll meet again before too long.



Crushhhh is recommended by pndfighter

It was a pleasure meeting Paul in Cambridge! He kindly enough picked me up from the railway station before taking me to his mats and getting right at it!

Paul is an incredibly strong guy. He's some good size on his arms and legs that can leave many people tapping in is grasp. Despite his strenght, he's always very caring and careful about his opponent and seems to always find a reason to smile!

Off the mats he's a great guy to talk to, intersting and and a gentleman with heart and soul! Do yourself a favour and meet this great guy!



mikeswuk is recommended by pndfighter

Met Mike at a group meet in Manchester and I was very happy he approached me if I wanted to wrestle!

We had a short but very enjoyable round on the mats and there's much to be said about Mike's skills! He's calm and collected and even under pressure doesn't seem disturbed at all.
Besides, he packs a good amount of strenght so it's not easy at all to just force submissions out of him.

Off the mats, he is a cheery and delightful man with whom you're able to have a good laugh and a serious discussion too! Definitely try to meet him if he's in your neck of the country (which he might be, with all the travelling he's doing!)



pndfighter is recommended by GEOFFESSEX

Had a great intensive tussle with this guy. He strong and really knows what he's doing....more technique than me, and ultra powerful legs to watch out for!
Great company out of the ring too and hope to get a re match soon.
Highly recommended



GEOFFESSEX is recommended by pndfighter

Geoff was kind enough to organise a good space for us to wrestle - so we met up at Grove Park and got at it as soon as we stepped into the ring.

He's a charming guy, well organised, and definitely packs some good amount of muscle (his pictures don't lie!). We had a good roll for about an hour, always keeping it safe for the both of us and within all boundaries (no one got thrown out of the ring). Afterwards we enjoyed a good beer and some dinner and had a nice chat about this and that!

I'll highly recommend him to anyone! So if you can get hold of him, don't hesitate to meet this great person!



pndfighter is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Really enjoyed my first meeting with Philipp, a wrestler who uses his technique over his strength because his technique is good enough to handle most of the wrestlers he will find here.

We had a really good match punctuated with short breaks to allow for an injury that is taking a while to completely heal.

I was very pleased to have been able to defend against nearly everything he tried on me, but he did get me a couple of times.

He says he still has a lot more BJJ to learn, so I suggest you get in early if you want to stand any chance of winning against this guy.

I hope for a rematch soon, certainly from his friendly attitude and conversation I will be looking him up when I get around to visiting Vienna.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by pndfighter

Meeting Marcus was a real pleasure. He kindly organised our meet at the Barnet mat room and we quickly got to it once we arrived there.

Marcus is a charming and very welcoming guy. Always a pleasure to talk to and a great match-up as well!

He's quite strong considering his size and definitely has a decent amount of tricks up his sleeve which made the encounter a good workout for both of us!

If you get the chance to meet up with Marcus too, don't pass up the chance; otherwise you'll probably regret not meeting him!



pndfighter is recommended by eastcheshireguy

It was good of Philipp to take a trip to Manchester for our match during his UK tour.

It was soon apparent from our pre match chat while wandering to Pippas that a hard time was ahead for me - something to do with him mentioning BJJ classes 5 times a week! The bulging quads he presented in his Speedos did nothing to reduce this thought.

His BJJ training was soon apparent once we started rolling - very active, in the way legs all the time and remarkable twists to position himself. Keeping out of trouble was a distinct challenge - a mean side choke also being a case in point!

Unfortunately a recently incurred injury resurfaced not long into our session. After some attention and rest we took a more relaxed approach going through some holds and light rolling with was great fun.

Post match beers and food were consumed with very enjoyable conversation about many things Austrian and British.

Looking forward to a full session next time he's on tour - time to get a few classes in myself!

Definitely recommended.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by pndfighter

Andy is more or less the conplete package one could wish for: he's strong, knows what he's doing on the mats and he's excellent company to share some after - match pints with to boot!

Meeting him was a very enjoyable experience, as he took it onto him to organise everything and it worked out better than one could hope!

Due to my still prevalent injury we had to take a slower approach to the match than both of us liked to but we had an excellent time anyways! Can't wait to get up here again for another meeting, this time full speed ahead!

Overall, Andy is quite the wrestler, strong, determined and always considered about safety. I can't recommend him highly enough!



pndfighter is recommended by edscissors

What a nice, interesting guy! We've been chatting for a good while, about all sorts of things: he is cultured, intelligent and has superb English. He kindly agreed to meet me at the start of his busy trip round England and he didn't disappoint. Far from it! He is easy and comfortable to be with, a young man of considerable charm as other opponents have mentioned ... and he put me in some pretty tight but always safe holds, smiling the while! Good fun - I am pleased to recommend him without the slightest reservation.



edscissors is recommended by pndfighter

Edscissors is quite a nice guy to spend your day in London with! We've been in contact for quite a while now and have been talking about various things, as he already pointed out!

He's a witty, intelligent and cultured guy, well educated and has something to say about most topics you'd deem to discuss!

As for the meeting, everything was set in order and everything was set up and done as agreed - limits, rules etc. All well respected and carried out as agreed.

Overall - he's a very reliable guy, nice to spend the day with, so definitely recommend to everyone!



pndfighter is recommended by Combat21

Very strong and skilled wrestler on mats, who is hosting very kindly and facilitate meeting in a town I visited for the first time, hot temperature and so sweaty grappling match, with much respect and safety techniques , very much appreciated the moments of intense fighting, and interesting discussions outside the mats, very practical mats ! and very fine guy, for who I wish the best and many other wrestling meetings in Vienna or in the rest of the world with locals or international visitors.



Combat21 is recommended by pndfighter

Very nice guy to roll with and wrestle!
He definitely knows what's going on - be it on the mats or off of them! He's a great guy to wrestle and also talk to before and after a match!

His background in pancrase is definitely noticeable as he's always adding a few strikes here and there to help him out of sticky situations. However that does not mean that he's in any way unsafe. He's always very careful and it was a pleasure to roll.

It was a pity that our roll was rather short, but I'd definitely be up for a repeat once my injury is finally fully healed again!



pndfighter is recommended by sparkytbg

I had a great time with pndfighter. He was very skilled and enjoyable to wrestle. Even though he had not wrestled in a while he was a formidable opponent. He was also one of the most gracious hosts I have met. I look forward to rolling again and spending more time with him.



sparkytbg is recommended by pndfighter

Spending time on the mats with sparky was a great opportunity to get back into it for me. As he already put, it was my first time on the mats in quite a while so I couldn't quite give him the match he deserves!

Anyways, he is a really nice guy, well trained and skilled in what he is doing. He is an interesting guy on the mats and off of them. It was an honor to spend time with him and we hopefully get to repeat that in the future when I'm fully fit again!



pndfighter is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

I knew by reading this competitive wrestlers list past opponents and their recommendations that l was in for an unforgettable weekend of grappling. Although young, he's extremely skilled and knowledgeable about this noble art. He's very grounded and respectfull of his opponents needs and objectives and can certainly look after himself on his mats. Unfortunately the time just flew by as this charming, knowledgeable, intelligent grappler hosted me for the weekend. So, if your debating whether to wrestle this skillful guy, hit the challenge button right away. You won't regret a single moment. With time and venues admitting, I intend to grapple this fine gent again some sunny day, and suggest to you not to miss the opportunity to wrestle him before its too late.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by pndfighter

Having MEGRAPPLE over for the later part of the Easter holidays was a real pleasure.

He's a very respectful man on the mats that has a few skills up his sleeve and knows how to use his body well. He's more than up to roll for quite a while, so be prepared to be on the mats for more than just half an hour! He's always careful even when wisely using his weight advantage!

He's also quite an interesting partner in crime when it comes to conversations. His mind is not always on wrestling which makes for some very engaging conversations.

Missing him would be a big mistake, so try to get hold of him whenever he's free. Or lure him in with good food!



pndfighter is recommended by Lutteur-PA

In one word: great!!
I had an exhausting fight with Pndfighter!!
This guy is skilled, well trained and he does not tap easily!!! All the best for a tough battle!! Moreover, good fight conditions on his mats. Even if i had the weight advantage, he gave me a 3h fight without any problem!! Thanks for that!!
Off the mats, very nice person.
So, i really need to plan another match!! :-)



Lutteur-PA is recommended by pndfighter

It doesn't need too many words to describe a meeting with Lutteur-PA; It was simply great!

We spent the afternoon rolling and enjoyed a tough battle. He's a very strong guy, though he knows how to keep it all safe. He doesn't only rely on pure force but also knows how to use his body to his advantage!

He's a tough fight, with an incredibly great attitude towards the sport and quite an incredible stamina for a guy who claims to not do much sports besides wrestling :-)

All in all, it was great to spend time with this guy and I would gladly invite him over again and again. Missing him would be a grave mistake!



pndfighter is recommended by SPORTINPARIS

After a number of message we finally meet. We had a really and enjoyable match. Rolled togheter almost 1 hous, in four intensive match. pndfighter is strong with a good technique of combat, using well his legs. He keep the attacks all the time and also very good defense. I do it my best and almost get a submission but he reverse very effective.

Beside the match very nice and easygoing person. Very charmant.

Thanks for the match...and let´s go for the rematch....



SPORTINPARIS is recommended by pndfighter

An overall very nice guy, who just loves to roll and wrestle. Was very easy to set up this more or less spontaneous encounter too.
While rolling, he's a quick one; his smaller size definitely helps with that. However, even being quick, doesn't get him out of every sticky situation all the time!

Off the mats he's a genuinely nice and funny person, very nice to socialise with!



pndfighter is recommended by Berlin

I had a really good match with pndfighter. We rolled together about 1 1/2 hours and I think I lost liters of sweat. We had a great, aggressive, competitive but sane match.
Since he is training permanently it was a good technical combat. He is always aktiv, keeps attacking so it was all the time full of action and never boring.

Besides rolling on the mat it was very nice spending time with him. He is friendly, talkative and sympathetic guy.

I can clearly recommend him and I really hope we can meet again.



Berlin is recommended by pndfighter

Meeting Frontalbln was a perfect way to end my weekend today! Off the mats he was a pleasure to talk to and hang out!
On the mats he's a great guy to roll with. Aggressive, but still controlled, strong, but gentle in a way. He definitely knows how to use his strength to his advantage and coupled with a good amount of technical knowledge can make your life miserable if you end up on your back!
If you want a good match-up for an aggressive and sweaty fight on the mats - meet this guy, you won't be disappointed!
I hope we can repeat this match-up today, as he's highly recommendable!!



pndfighter is recommended by anakron

It was great to fight with Pndfighter. He’s been training Luta Livre for some time, and already is a formidable opponent on the mats. We got into some nice and technical submission grappling, and I liked the flow of us fighting a lot. I’m sure next time around will be even more interesting and challenging with both of us continuing to improve our techniques.

He’s also a great host and offered to fight on his mats along with Fighter1977 and my partner swinger. Thank you a lot for your hospitality and I’m looking forward to meeting and fighting again.



anakron is recommended by pndfighter

It was a pleasure to meet Anakron on his trip to Vienna this weekend! He's a great person to meet. Not only trained in BJJ but also strong as an ox and an interesting and friendly person to talk to too.

When fighting him, you'll soon realise that he definitely knows what he's doing and uses his impressive strength to is advantage in any situation! It was great fun to roll with him and I certainly found some weak points in my own game when fighting him that I'm looking to improve on.

I would be looking forward to hopefully meet him again in the future! Highly recommending him on the way!!



pndfighter is recommended by sid

After some time of chatting and texting we could finally meet during my stay in Vienna. The wrestling was awesome: he's strong, skilled and agile, but always safe and sane. Knows to play chess with his body!! Each round was challenge!
Never met a guy before who was so welcoming, kind and easy to talk with from (Austrian) politics to grappling tactics. So when you're off his mats there's plenty to talk about.
When you're in Vienna you should try to roll with him. Fully recommended.
Would love to roll with him again!!
By the way it's was an enormous relief that i wasn't choked out by a kimura, lol.



sid is recommended by pndfighter

Sid is a an incredible guy! We met while he was staying in Vienna for the weekend and spent some quality time on and off the mats!

Rolling with him was great! He definitely knows what he's doing - so yes, he's skilled and trained - and always keeps it safe and sane for both parties! His experience with multiple styles also shows!

Off the mats, he's a great guy to casually chat with about any kind of topic. He's an intelligent, humorous and witty person and it has been a lot of fun to talk and jest with him.

Don't miss him if you get the chance to meet this great guy!



pndfighter is recommended by fighter1977

Pndfighter is a great guy. I had a great match with him. he loves to fight/wrestle. he has a real fighter heart.
You have to know some good techniques when you fight with him. He is skilled and knows how to move on the ground ;-)
Highly recommend.



fighter1977 is recommended by pndfighter

Fighter1977 is a strong and skilled guy to meet! He will adapt to any tempo you choose and is always safety-conscious for him and especially for you.
He's also a very respectful man.
You'll have to be on your toes when going up against him or he'll take your back in a glimpse!
I can't recommend him highly enough!



pndfighter is recommended by Celticmuscle

Had a great battle with this young man. He is training in BJJ every week and it certainly shows in his moves and tactical awareness on the mats. Strong, skilled, determined but very safe and considerate. He is well worth meeting if you want to see how u can compare to some of the BJJ guys on here. Judging by his performance today it will not be long before his improving skills, coupled with his power will result in a very formidable opponent even for guys bigger than him. Off the mats a truly nice polite guy. Would recommend him fully.



Celticmuscle is recommended by pndfighter

This "old" man definitely knows what he's doing!

He's a well built, strong and skilled person that definitely knows how to move on the mats. If you're not used to work from your back, you will be in for some serious trouble when you're going up against this mountain of a man!

It was a pleasure to meet him in Vienna and spend some quality time on and off the mats with this charming fellow. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who has the guts to take on a bigger man and I'm definitely in for a repeat on my mats!



pndfighter is recommended by rioman61

Big boi, with powerfrul legs and knows what he is doing and seriously interested in his training and improving his fighting skills. We had a great time and meeting a few times while I was in Vienna. Outside the mats extremely nice and heavy beer drinker too, lol. Highly recommend.



rioman61 is recommended by pndfighter

Mr. Rioman is a blessing to meet. He's a real gentleman off the mats. Not only is he fluent in English, he also wants to learn German, which I was hopefully able to help with.

On the mats he is a great guy to meet. Strong as a bull, and what a strong bull with skills he is. As strong and big as he might be, he's always careful and respectful to keep the match safe!

He's definitely highly recommendable!!



pndfighter is recommended by aeneas

I just had a very good and exhausting match with pndfighter. We had an intense groundfight with a hard of struggle till the edges of the mats. As friendly as pndfighter is, he means serious buisness on the mats and i can admit he made me sweat a lot! ;-) But always safe and sane and looking out for both of us.
Off the mats he is a reliable wrestler, a great host and a very nice and cool person to talk to. I enjoyed our meeting and i m looking forward for our next match. Highly recommended!



aeneas is recommended by pndfighter

Had a very enjoyable match with Aeneas! Strong, reliable and very keen on wrestling! We chatted quite a while before we finally found time to arrange a meeting, but as soon as we got time and date - all was set and done.

On the mats, he is very keen on not giving up too easily, even if he's in a disadvantageous position. He is not the most technical wrestler there is, but he definitely knows how to use is strenght to his advantage!

Off the mats he is also very easy to talk to - which wants me to highly recommend him to anyone who likes a good sweaty match and a good talk afterwards / before the struggle! Overall a highly recommendable person!



pndfighter is recommended by scrappyone

I had a great time in our meeting. He was nice enough to teach me some moves and was making sure that I was having fun. He also makes great conversation.



scrappyone is recommended by pndfighter

He's a great guy to have fun on the mats with! He wants to learn, wants to get better, wants to get stronger.
He's also a great guy to have a conversation with! Was definitely a pleasure meeting him! And I'd definitely recommend meeting him if you want to have a fun one on the mats!



pndfighter is recommended by phoenixx1983

Pndfighter ist ein starker Kämpfer mit dem man sich austoben kann und viel Spaß auf der Matte hat.

Abseits der matte ist er ein angenehmer und witziger Gesprächspartner.

Alles im allen ist er sehr zu empfehlen und ich hoffe wir treffen uns bald wieder



phoenixx1983 is recommended by pndfighter

Phoenixx is a really nice guy on and off the mats! He's stronger than his size may suggest, which makes for a formidable opponent on the mats! He's definitely a guy to have fun with on the mats!

Off the mats he's a great host and very easy to talk to! Overall he is highly recommended and I am already looking forward to meet up again in the future!



pndfighter is recommended by Andrew83

Firstly Philipp is entusiastic in wrestling and can use really well his weight. He likes to learni new technique as well as like to dominate in wrestling, but he does always safe and sane. Secondly, he is a really nice and generous guy, who enjoy it, if it is a really friend-meeting, not "only" a wrestling. I think he will develop a lot in wrestling as well as muscle bulilding, because he has a good stamina. Opposite he had started a training few months ago, he is a good opponent in wrestling. Thanks for everything (eg. host, gym, home-made jam etc.) and looking forward to our next match and meeting.



Andrew83 is recommended by pndfighter

Andrew is a very reliable and calm man to meet! He visited me in Vienna and we had a very nice match on my mats. Andrew is a very strong man, but our match has always been a safe one. His pictures don't lie, this man has great arms and a great build overall - and it's not just for the looks!

Off the mats, Andrew is a very nice, calm and collected person. He's someone you can have a casual chat with and also someone, who you can work out with. He's definitely highly recommended - so if you are in Budapest, try to sort a meeting with this big and nice man! I am already looking forward to meeting him again, possibly on his turf in Budapest for the next time!



pndfighter is recommended by Squashlad

27/05/2016: Well with his injured knee we weren't supposed to be wrestling, just meeting up at last during my holiday to beautiful Vienna, and chatting and having a few beers; but, you know, these things happen! And I'm pleased that they did, because it was great fun having a quick sweaty tussle with the young powerhouse. With his injury restricting his movement and my greater experience I managed not to concede any submissions, but his size and strength meant that he was on top most of the time. A rematch with a fully fit pndfighter should therefore be interesting---especially when he can make use of his impressive legs! When we were actually chatting rather than grappling he's a very friendly, personable and interesting guy and a kind, reliable and generous host. Safe and sane and a must to meet again, he is highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by pndfighter

This match wasn't actually meant to happen - but I'm still glad it did in some way!
Squashlad proved to be a great guest! - He came by for some late night beers, even though he has actually been travelling all day already. We had a few beers and a great chat and to finish things off - a fun little wrestle!

At the time, my injured knee hindered my movement quite a bit - so I actually had to be quite cautious how I move. Nevertheless, he held out in every situation. Squashlad is a tough, strong and most of all resilient fighter on the mats! I will definitely enjoy taking him on a second time - this time, with a completely healthy leg!
Off the mats, he is a very friendly and personable man - I'd highly recommend him to anybody who hasn't had the chance to meet him yet! - and urge the people who already did, to do so again!



pndfighter is recommended by fghtr

I am very happy to be pndfighter´s first recom.
He is a big and strong guy, focused and technical. We didn´t have enough space at our first meet but I am sure there will be many more to come. I am looking forward to taking him on again, off the mats he is a nice person.
Highly recommended.



fghtr is recommended by pndfighter

It was a real pleasure meeting fghtr!
Not only is he a big man, strong and skilled on the mats, but also a really nice guy off the mats. Our match wasn't in an optimal environment, but it was a great meeting nevertheless!
I would recommend everyone to take him on if they get a chance to - you will have a lot of fun! I'm already looking forward to our next meeting!