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BOXING RANT XVI: Detailed Beatdown

Y'all didn't tell me I skipped over BOXING RANT XIV. This is a follow up for XIII

“You’re gonna beat me up, right?”
“Then KO me? Are you gonna hit me with your left fist or your right fist first. Tell me every punch you’re gonna throw at me.”

Is this a dress rehearsal for the next brain dead Rocky movie or an actual beatdown that you’ll end up KO’d in? Why the fuck do you need to know every punch, combination and move I’m gonna make against you? Why don’t I just tell you how to defend against everything I’m gonna throw? Where is the anticipation of the unknown if you know what’s gonna happen? Someone needs to explain this to me. Mind you, I’m a writer, but my fight scenes are not pre-thought out. I start from a point and let the battle flow in my head till the end where I need the two Boxers to end up. Why would a submissive want to know every detail of a fight before it happens?!?!?! A fight is new, unpredictable, fresh, unexpected, split microsecond decisions based on a multitude of variations. There’s absolutely no way to determine what punch a guy is gonna through beforehand. Even if the guy is tied up like a punching bag, just figure you’re gonna get hit with every kind of blow that can be thrown. That is unless the puncher is pathetic newbie and doesn’t actually know how to punch another man properly.

I’m really shaking my head right now, almost like when you shake a baby really hard to try and put some sense into them. The majority of fighters that get KO’d never see the punch coming. Why does the “Punch Chump” need to know the KO shot? Even in most cases when two guys are just playing around one guy can suddenly get his lights turned out and he vaguely, if at all remembers the shot that put him down.

C’mon readers, hit me up with some possibilities cause I’m scratching my chin with several question marks pulsating as they float over my head right now.

Oh and before I forget can you explain to me why after agreeing to fight a guy he has to talk with you EVERY DAY, for an hour or more, leading up to the day of the fight, asking you EVERY question about the fight only to FLAKE out and disappear the day before the bout is supposed to take place? I can’t… I just can’t, because this has happened to me more than a few times. Because now when the questions start coming a mile a minute, it’s an instance red flag of an impending No Show.

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GlovesUpGuy (24)

21 days ago

Yeah, I definitely hear that. It can be fun to talk about what kind of stuff to expect, but when you want me to list out every punch that's gonna be thrown, in order, with timestamps included, I'm usually not gonna entertain it. Rant appreciated.


Ironbull (98)

20 days ago

"Shake a baby really hard to try and put some sense into him"? Well a baby who lacks sense should be ashamed of himself. Harsh but fair. Better still, wire the little brat up to form a human double-ended bag. Give that little newborn fucker something to cry about and then he'll most likely consult Aristotle and go on to develop a better logical coherence in his life by the time he's three.

As for the very fantasists on here who have a fetish for the written word...I think that anyone who wants to show they are sincere about the skill and dedication of boxing, and not just jerking off, should post a quick video of themselves shadow boxing, or doing some bag work, or even sparring to establish their credentials as well as the level of fight they can give and take. You know instantly; how square they are, whether they step their punches, how they hold their guard, if they roll or change angle/height, how their head moves (or not) off the center line, whether they're in any kind of shape etc...