We’re having a bit of a cleanup.

If you’ve read our Terms of Service, you’ll be aware that profile names that include or allude to eroticism, fetishism, escort services or illegal activities have never been allowed on MeetFighters. From now on, we’ll be imposing this rule more strictly.

Over the next days and weeks, the MF team will be sifting through our profile database. Members whose profile names are deemed to be in breach of Terms of Service §9 will be asked to change their profile name – even if they’ve been using the name in question for some time. A system is also being put in place to prevent new members from registering ‘erotic’ profile names. Our rationale for this is that MeetFighters is – and always has been – about fighting first and foremost, and that by allowing ‘erotic’ profile names we’re taking away from the main focus of this site. Which – we’ll say it again – is fighting.

We thank you for your understanding.

The MF Team.

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Nightmareera (0 ) 12/20/2018 1:44 PM

If I'm right, fighting is a fetish and a sport in different ways like wrestling.


Jvallee8 (1) 12/23/2018 6:17 AM

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So true...it's why it's so popular...!


surrey71 (25 platinum) 12/20/2018 9:03 PM

I’m all for cleaning things up!


Jvallee8 (1) 12/22/2018 1:04 AM

Alot of guys use this site to promote their wrestle for hire business .


CelticFire (12 silver) 12/22/2018 5:53 AM

Sounds good!


toxic (16 gold) 12/22/2018 11:45 AM

Good decision


ImtiazAli (189 ) 12/22/2018 2:55 PM

It's a long process but some people lie about their age on here and a "clean-up" in that regard will also be good.


thunder64boxer (8) 12/22/2018 5:21 PM

Typical of MeetFighters. Thoughtful and professional . Please send Facebook an email on how to operate


hugefan (104 platinum) 12/23/2018 10:21 AM

Maybe I just miss the innuendo or don't look in the right places but I can't think of any overtly sexual names I have come across. I suppose it depends how strict you are being, I can understand if you don't want cockgrinder69 but you don't need to worry about hotwrestler45 do you?
Since the erotic is part of wrestling for many members I think transparency is helpful although crudity isn't necessary.


hugefan (104 platinum) 12/23/2018 10:23 AM

Btw as anyone will till you I am not hugefan because I'm hung like a donkey or 25 stone, I am just a huge fan of wrestling


BoyToy Wunderkind (72 ) 12/31/2018 12:03 PM

Great! You know what else “takes away from this site’s main focus” of fighting? Fetish sections on every profile, sexual orientations listed on every profile, erotic fan fiction all over the blog section, XXX member photos, etc.

I think the Admins take good care of this site, but I wish they would just treat the users like responsible adults. If you don’t like someone’s profile name, don’t talk to them. If you don’t like someone’s pics, don’t look at them. If someone offends you, block them. It’s quite simple.

I know my profile name is borderline b/c the term “erotic” is so vague and subjective, like I’m all for no explicit references to genitalia but where do you draw the line in the sand? I paid MONEY to change my name months ago and now I’m probably going to be punished for it. In a word: Ridiculous.

I’m just saying: I highly doubt that it’s the heterosexual, strictly competitive fighters out there that are donating $$$ to this site to access XXX pics and keep messages indefinitely. Fetishists have feelings too, y’all.


Admin 12/31/2018 12:46 PM

You don't see cockfighter66, cumInYourFace, shitWrestler, TeenRaper, because we normally catch them in the first hour after they register.
Mandatory name changes are free of charge.

[…]but I wish they would just treat the users like responsible adults.
I would pay money if some of our members would read the big red box: “don’t use fetish name” next to the name field. And then they type in ‘assFucker’ and open a support request and complain about being forced to change they name. We are in the internet, it is just not possible to assume normal behavior from 100% of our members.

But I’m very proud and happy that most of our members are reasonably.

It is just not possible to make all our members happy. For some we are going way to far. For some not far enough.

Don’t worry, the name ‘BoyToy Wonderkid’ is fine, compared to the registration names we receive.

- Admin


BoyToy Wunderkind (72 ) 12/31/2018 1:00 PM

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I’m glad to hear that my username is safe, but please understand that when I donate money to a site, I expect a degree of freedom of expression. I’m a grown ass fighter, I don’t need your protection from a raunchy username.

And while I love the community and respect your authority, I most definitely will not be contributing any more of my hard-earned money to this website.


CelticFire (12 silver) 12/31/2018 9:31 PM

(In reply to this)

It was about, maybe three weeks, after I joined when I got a few messages complaining about a straight guy joining this site. They complained how I was ruining their safe place, their fetishes and I didn't belong.But the first thing you see when you goto this site is

"MeetFighters.com is a social network and personals site for people who share an interest in anything related to wrestling, fighting or the people who do it."

It's a fight site, for people to meet up for matchs first and foremost. When you sign up there is a list of dos and donts that people think they can just ignore. There is a word for that, rediculous.

The Admins here have done a lot to keep this site and members safe and on point, and have done A LOT to try and make everyone happy.

If you wanted it just for the fetish, that's fine, there are sites for that. But don't come here complaining about something that's not even going to happen then act like only you are the victim.


BoyToy Wunderkind (72 ) 1/01/2019 1:50 AM

(In reply to this)

A safe place? How does what other people do affect you? If you have no interest in talking to or fighting or even looking at them, then just ignore or block them. You don’t need to call in the morality police.

The Admins have every right to run this site as they please, but let’s be real: the people who actually go out of their way to donate money (myself formerly included) only did so for the perks (access to XXX pics, unlimited messages). It upsets me that the site blatantly baits gay men into donating and then wants to act like the majority of users don’t see wrestling as remotely erotic.

Let it be clear: I have absolutely no problem with straight guys being on the site and part of the community. I just resent the idea that you need to be kept “safe” from the rest of us. It’s insulting. And I don’t understand why you’re so defensive. YOU aren’t the one directly under attack here.


Jvallee8 (1) 1/01/2019 7:20 PM

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I'm shocked.. Didn't know this site was baiting gay men..lMAO.


BoyToy Wunderkind (72 ) 1/01/2019 10:00 PM

(In reply to this)

By luring in donors with the promise of XXX photos, having fetish sections on profiles, and the “relationship” option under Interests, I’d say Yes, the Admins are aware and exploit the fact that a large portion of their users are men who find fighting erotic.

This is your active member base—not the straight guys who fight one person every 2 years. I’ve wrestled straight guys before in recreational leagues, but I’d never meet them through this site because it already has that vibe of sexualized hookup/meetup site.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing; I just think they are sending mixed signals here. And I highly doubt this site’s most active members suggested this new policy. I’ve spoken to several of them on the phone and they had no idea because it’s buried in the Blogs section. I just found out by accident.


Judoka87 (9) 2/15/2019 9:17 AM

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I agree completely. I'm surprised that they let you keep your username and they didn't let me keep mine (gayjudoka). My profile was suspended today until I changed my name. I was not offered an explanation as to why, despite my inquiries. I probably saw this notice when it was first posted and didn't think anything of it. I would have never thought my old username would've been a problem. Apparently I was wrong.

It all begs the question of, what is this site exactly? Is it a site where people meet up to fight or wrestle and nothing more than that? Is it a site where people meet to fight and wrestle and engage in erotic activity during or after? It seems to be both, and I've done both. I've got no problem with it. But things lack a clear definition. It seems like there's a desire to maintain a thinly disguised veil as to the complete nature of the site and what its used for.

I'm not sure why though. Insecurity maybe? I can't claim to understand other peoples motivations. But the whole thing has left me puzzled. I can have gay selected in a checkbox on my profile, but in my username is a step to far that warrants suspension? It doesn't make any sense.

I'm not angry (anymore lol) I just wish to understand what's going on.


hugefan (104 platinum) 2/15/2019 9:35 AM

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It seems ridiculous to me, I mean gay doesn't even always mean homosexual, you could have meant you were a jolly judoka or a naff judoka. I guess they don't want to scare off straight guys but if this is a gay friendly site it shouldn't worry about alienating homophobes


BoyToy Wunderkind (72 ) 2/15/2019 11:45 AM

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Lol, they obviously only let me keep my username because they thought it would make me shut the fuck up. WRONG. It’s a matter of principle. And if they go back on their word, best believe I will get even louder!

Honestly, I see nothing even remotely erotic about “gayjudoka,” or one of my other favorites who was forced to change names, “naughtybutnice.” “Gay” is not a fetish, it’s a big part of one’s identity, and if they do it to you, I expect same treatment for names that include str8, bi, lez, etc.

The admins can say a million times that they’re cracking down on “erotic” usernames, but let’s just call it what it really is: some HOMOPHOBIC BULLSHIT.

If this new policy were a general site announcement sent to all members (as they’ve done with other stupid shit), then they’d have WAAAAAY more complaints than just the handful of us reading the blogs. How can you expect people to follow a policy when you can’t even explicitly outline what phrases they can/cannot put in a username? Or even give your definition of “erotic” if that’s the one we’re all expected to abide by?


Earth (20 support) 2/15/2019 12:55 PM

(In reply to this)

Gay, str8 and bi are all on our blocked list.
Bi is very hard as it is used in a lot of combination in ordinary words. But we try our best to filter them out.

I'm gay myself, and this is not a gay witchhunt I can assure you.
Stop playing being the victim here.
No part of your name is on our blocklist.
That's why your account is not touched.

You can say what you want here, but please stop claiming your personal assumptions for facts.

The username is part of the URL, and for obvious reason, we don't want that the URL has erotic parts. (i.e. it benefits if you're browsing this site at work)

The rule is not newly created and we just clean up what slipped through in the past 10years. - what is not a lot.


BoyToy Wunderkind (72 ) 2/15/2019 1:11 PM

(In reply to this)

Earth, just because you’re gay and an admin does not excuse their actions and magically absolve them of all homophobic behavior. 🙄🙄

Again, if that’s the username policy, that’s perfectly fine. But you can’t just say “No erotic/fetish usernames” and then get upset when people use words that they think are completely innocent.

Do yourself a favor and stop calling me a fucking victim. I’m just not a fan of censorship or hypocrisy. I’d just like clear, objective, undebatable rules to follow. Y’all already have a photo classification system that’s complicated as fuck with like 5 categories—why be so vague & unclear when it comes to usernames?


Judoka87 (9) 2/15/2019 1:34 PM

(In reply to this)

Alright first of all I must say I don't think you guys are doing this out of homophobia. The admin did send me a link to the list of blocked words today: https://www.meetfighters.com/action=newsupport&topic=2222
However...I could not find any way to get to it easily aside from the link. This should have been included in the original post. Additionally the post should have been made site wide, everyone gets an email notification. Clear, explicit descriptions of what is acceptable and what's not. I never read the blogs, and I can't remember if I ever even saw this post.

I'm sorry to have to say, but I don't buy the URL explanation. You could just associate a hash with the username URL, it would be some amount of work, but probably less than having to put with a stream of angry comments from your user base.

Currently my theory is this is stemming from a bunch of complaints from the "straight" users. It reeks of sexual insecurity. No explanations, the above not withstanding, vague arbitrary language, and anytime I asked the admin why it gets ignored. It reminds me of every encounter I've ever had with an insecure guy. I'm not accusing the admins of this. But I think they're trying to cater to this crowd of people. Keep up that thin veil of, "Oh I'm just on here cause I like wrestling and fighting." Maybe you are. I really have no idea. However, you're going onto the internet, somehow managed to find a site catered specifically towards this, to meet other men, to wrestle with, behind closed doors, in private. Like, why would you not just join a wrestling/martial arts/BJJ/Judo club then?

I'm not saying that it is...but it nudges very hard in that direction.

I just want transparency. Every one of my questions to the admin was dodged and unanswered by a generic response. All they need to do is tell us what's really going on and we can put an end to all this speculation.


BoyToy Wunderkind (72 ) 2/15/2019 1:41 PM

(In reply to this)

I agree! And thanks for the link with all of the blocked words... six years on this site and I had no idea it existed. 🤷‍♂️


Earth (20 support) 2/15/2019 2:07 PM

(In reply to this)

I see now where the confusion comes from.

The reason is simple, no straight guy was angry with the name. (At least not enough to really care about it. )

It is more simple: members where jealous.

If a new guy registered with a erotic name. I.e. gay in the name. We asked him to change. This is normally in the first hours after he registered.

Most of them where nice and just choose another name.

But more and more often they provided us with a search result link claiming: “why do I need to change but this guy is since x years here an is allowed to have gay in the name. “

This is an argument he was right about. It was unfair from his point of view.

We disgussud a few options and decided then for this name cleanup.

The same happened with other names cum, master, slave etc.

Everywhere we had the complaints,: why is he allowed but I’m as new member must change.

The list and link is meant internally to help us supporters making the same decisions. It is still work in process. And only a few weeks old.

We are working on an article how to chose a “good name”. And provide it during registration.


Judoka87 (9) 2/16/2019 12:22 PM

(In reply to this)

That's a far more reasonable explanation. I appreciate the steps you're taking, however this should really have all been sorted out before this notice went out.
Hindsight being 20/20, the notice should have included the above explanation, a finalized list of all the names not allowed, sent from the admin to every account on the site so there's no chance of missing it.

From the original post, I really had no way of knowing that my name was a problem. Erotic or fetish is an insufficient description. At the very least it could have said something including no descriptions of sexual orientation.

On top of that the suspension was really what got me irritated. I'm not really attached to my username. Suspension is something that should be reserved for the most egregious offenses, not something as trivial as a name, especially not one as tame as the one I had. Needless to say I was rather shocked to see that I had been suspended - for seemingly no reason. A simple message and it could have all been avoided.


Jvallee8 (1) 1/01/2019 6:18 AM

(In reply to this)

Great effort.... Hard to stop prostitution by some members..good luck.


hugefan (104 platinum) 2/15/2019 2:13 PM

I do suspect judoka has a point. But even more pressing for admin.
Am I the only one whose phone shows replies in ever narrowing bubbles till it gets to a one word column with the longer words cut off. How am I supposed to enjoy and join in with bitch slap admin showdowns when I can't read them easily. Is it yet another part of the admins evil plan to silence all descent by

Or do I just need to press a button on my settings. Help please


Earth (20 support) 2/15/2019 2:18 PM

(In reply to this)

No this is a bug.
I have it too.

Workaround: rotate your screen / smartphone

It only happens on some smartphones when they horizontal.


hugefan (104 platinum) 2/15/2019 2:35 PM

(In reply to this)

Thank you. That is a very simple solution.
So back to the bitch slap. If the problem is consistency why not be consistent. Bi gay or straight aren't in any sense rude crude or erotic so stop giving yourself work. If the issue is how search engines work I think you need to be working on how to get the site to show up more often. Took me years to come across the site when I was googling wrestling