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  1. USA - Florida, Miami Beach
  2. USA - Florida, Tampa
    (I'm here between 4/07/2021 and 4/09/2021)

I am willing to travel 50 miles


50-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 154 lbs (70 kg)

Gear: shorts, briefs, singlets


Looking to grapple and prefer guys near my size (give or take 25 pounds). Others, I am more than willing to practice holds and moves.

Live on Miami Beach and am in good shape and can be very competitive. Enjoy most forms of wrestling including submission wrestling, oil wrestling and non-competitive wrestling.

I can host and I have mats. Safe and sane always.



Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Play wrestling, Workout partner
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship

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Last modified: 10/14/2019


Bearmaker is recommended by Roll 08902

Bearmaker is the real deal - in great shape, knows submissions, has mats and is a great host. he is easy on the eyes and great to chat with too. I look forward to locking up with him again!



Roll 08902 is recommended by Bearmaker

I had a great time rolling with this stud. We worked on many holds and submissions and ended up in quite a few sweaty holds.

Look forward to making him a regular grappling partner. He knows his stuff and is an experienced wrestler.

He's new to South Florida and I highly recommend him to anyone in the area or visiting. He's a great all around guy.



Ophiuchus1 is recommended by Bearmaker

I've had a couple of chances to roll with this young warrior. He's a great guy and is full of energy. He is training regularly and is getting better and better.

I highly recommend you roll with him if you get a chance. Super nice guy both on and off the mats. I look forward to our next meeting.



Bearmaker is recommended by latinman31

Bearmaker is a great opponent, even with our big weight difference his skills make up for it and we end up in a match I tried to defend myself over and over again. He is fast, strong and funny at the same time, hard to stay focus. He was very kind to share his knowledge with me and made me feel comfortable.

Definitely I need training to take on this guy next time!



latinman31 is recommended by Bearmaker

Recently had the chance to roll with Latinman31. He was a great and fun opponent. He kept coming after me and it took all my efforts to to fend him off. If he learns more submission out. He will be a force to be reckoned with.

Looking forward to future matches with this worthy opponent. Super guy both on and off the mats.



Bearmaker is recommended by Wrestlingfan14

This recommendation is overdue. There are so many wonderful things that I could say about this hot man that the space is not enough for that. First of all, he is a true gentleman. He welcomed me to his place with a big smile and made me feel comfortable, as everybody has said, he is an amazing host. This handsome man has a great space with nice mats and it was a pleasure to roll around with him. Since he has been taking BJJ he has more skills than he wants to accept, they are like his secret weapon (besides his sexy smile) :-) He is obviously very fit and strong, so he is a tough opponent, but always safe and respectful... as I said, a true gentleman in and out of the mats. If that were not enough, he is a generous host. I spent an amazing time with him in the Miami night. We had a nice conversation in a very cool restaurant and I enjoyed his company. I wish I would have spent more time with him! Another thing that I want to mention is that he rescued me as a medieval knight. I had a big problem with a reservation in a hotel and my cellphone wasn't working properly in the US, but fortunately I was able to call him to ask for his help and he came back to pick me up immediately! Oh my God! He helped me in so many ways that he literally saved me in Miami and I can't thank him enough for that! From the bottom of my heart: thank you so much for everything, Bearmaker!!! Sorry, but it sounds better in Spanish :-) Desde el fondo de mi corazón: ¡Miles de gracias por todo!



Wrestlingfan14 is recommended by Bearmaker

I had a great time wrestling this young stud. He is a super guy both on and off the mats.

The match was easy to set up when he visited south florida. We rolled for a while and then practiced some holds. I highly recommend him if you visit Mexico City or if he visit your locale.



Bearmaker is recommended by Deutsche1980

March 2020 Update.
I hate to tell you that I told you so, but I told you so: Bearmaker has picked up some serious skills over the past few months and is clearly on the path towards becoming invincible. He is taking lessons with a mean instructor, and thus making him a very tough opponent. I'm pretty sure he'll have all of us tapping left and right before the end of the year.

Having spent a bit more time with him off the mats, I can confirm he is not only a great host, but also a great person with whom I hope I'll continue to roll and spend time with for many years to come.

April 2019 review:
Bearmaker is just starting to pick up wrestling, but don't let your guard down: he is a lifelong athlete who keeps himself in amazing shape and is far stronger than he looks! Additionally, he just started taking formal lessons and I have no doubt he will be a force to be reckoned with in no time.

Off the mats, he is an amazing host with a superb mat set up; and so interesting to talk with, I regret having a flight to catch and being unable to grab a beer with him.



Deutsche1980 is recommended by Bearmaker

March 2020 update:
Had the chance to roll with Deutsche1980 again. What a great guy. Super tough and strong. Highly recommend him to anyone who wants a competitive match. Can't wait for our next match.

April 2019:
Not sure I can add much to his previous good reviews, but I'll try. He is a super guy and strong, knowledgeable wrestler. He was a pleasure to grapple with on the mats and to talk with off the mats.

He is quite strong and very competitive. He knows many good, unique submission holds and moves. He was very patient with my lack of skills and was willing to provide good advice. He was very considerate of keeping it safe and fun.

I look forward to my next match with him. I can only hope i can be more competitive the next time. I plan to be.



Bearmaker is recommended by sagittaron2

Bearmaker is a great wrestler: fit, powerful, and skilled in BJJ. We had a virile and sweaty match, with quick moves and many holds. It is very difficult to escape him once trapped between his arms and legs! He is a tough opponent but very safe and respectful.
On top of this, he is such a nice guy: easy going, well educated and generous. Many thanks for having shown me different parts of Miami through a ride, and discover some Cuban food. Hope to meet you again soon, in the US or in France, and have great bouts on the mats. Naturally recommended. See you soon.



sagittaron2 is recommended by Bearmaker

Finally got to roll with Sagittaron2 after months of chatting. He is a super guy who really loves to wrestle.

As had been said before...he is skilled and is tough as nails. He is very strong and full of energy.

We had a great time in Miami while wrestling and later while touring the city. I hope to grapple with him soon in Paris.



Bearmaker is recommended by betamale

Nice guy, great wrestler, what more could you ask for? Really enjoyed meeting him



betamale is recommended by Bearmaker

Great guy both on and off the mats. A ton of energy and fun to roll with. Looking forward to more matches with betamale.



Leggy is recommended by Bearmaker

Had the chance to meet up with this young, hot scrappy grappler while I was in Prague. While I outweigh him by a fair amount, he was tough to handle. He is very strong and agile. He is very tough to submit and was much tougher than i expected.

We had several good rounds of grappling and had a great conversation afterwards. Leggy even showed me around Prague until late in the night.

Would love to wrestle him again. Preferably on mats instead of carpet as it will take a few days for my rug burns to heal. LOL

Anyway, I highly recommend him to anyway passing through Prague or the Czech Republic.



slimwrestler12 is recommended by Bearmaker

Finally got to meet up with Slimwrestler12. It was definitely worth the wait.

He is super guy both on and off the mats. i had a lot of fun rolling around on the mats with him and talking with him afterwards.

Can wait until our next meeting.



Bearmaker is recommended by esp111

Bearmaker is the total package, a lot of fun to wrestle, and a pretty great guy overall. His initial worries about our height differences proved unnecessary as he more than held his own. If you’re ever in the MIA area do yourself a favor and link up with this one. I’m totally in line for our next one.



esp111 is recommended by Bearmaker

Had a great time rolling with this tough guy. He's lean and agile. Super nice guy and easy to to get along with and had no issues planning the match.

Highly recommend him if you're in the DC area. looking forward to more matches with him



Bearmaker is recommended by FLGulfGuy

Had a great, hard fight with this stud. He's a class act. Strong. Trained. Hopefully he'll return for more. It was time well spent.



FLGulfGuy is recommended by Bearmaker

Had a great time rolling with FLGulfGuy. He is a strong and experienced grappler. He also has a good set-up to host matches.

Highly recommend that you contact him if you're going to be in the Tampa Bay area. I look forward to more matches with him.



Bearmaker is recommended by joehaddad1

I met Bearmaker at his hotel room during his stay in Beirut. He showed me some holds and then we proceeded to wrestle. He is a strong wrestler who knows his moves and he kept submitting me; once he locked his armbar, there was no way for me to escape.
Bearmaker is also very fun and interesting to talk to. We got to spend some time together after our match and he is sweet and charming (and handsome). I can't wait to wrestle him again.



joehaddad1 is recommended by Bearmaker

Finally got to meet up with this handsome guy while i was in Beirut. Joe is a super guy. We had a fun time grappling in my hotel room and went for lunch afterwards.

He is eager to learn new things and we had a good time both wrestling and practicing moves and submissions. Off the mats, he is a joy to talk to about a variety of subjects. Really enjoyed our lunch at an Armenia restaurant in Beirut.



Bearmaker is recommended by Wrestledad1963

Spent some time on the mats with Bearmaker. A really generous guy with his space - he’s got mats at home. And his knowledge - he’s a lifelong athlete that has recently taken up Jiu-Jitsu and he was willing to teach this newbie some of his moves. Strong man. Great safe and sane company. A class act.



Wrestledad1963 is recommended by Bearmaker

Had a good time with WrestleDad. He is a super nice guy and we had a lot of fun practicing submission holds. He's a novice, but is willing to learn and practice.

If you're in South Florida, you should meet up with him. He's super friendly and reliable.



Bearmaker is recommended by asianwrestler

Our match was pretty spontaneous, but man, I was glad I got to meet with him before I left South Florida. We wrestled for a while. I gave him all the strength I could muster. Bearmaker is very strong and will give you a fun challenge. He was a great, easy to talk to, and handsome host. I also highly recommend him for anybody around his area. Can't wait for our next match.



asianwrestler is recommended by Bearmaker

Finally got to grapple with Asianwrestler. So glad i did before he left South Florida.

We had several rounds of submission wrestling. He was much stronger than i anticipated and stronger than his pictures suggest. He made me work hard at everything.

He is a super guy and easy to talk with and very nice to look at. I highly recommend him to anyone who will be in the Orlando area. Looking forward to our next match.



Pecschopper is recommended by Bearmaker

Finally got to meet and grapple with this handsome stud. We had several rounds of submission wrestling that was both intense and fun.

He is a super nice guy and so friendly to talk to during the match and off the mats. Look forward to future matches against him.

Should note that we had a third participant in our mix, so the dynamics of the evening were special and everyone had a super time.



Bearmaker is recommended by Peter Xue

Bearmaker is a strong, good shape guy. I really enjoyed the wrestling match with him. He knows some Jiu jitsu skills. At the end of our match he tried to play gut punching with me. I was really excited that he was willing to take a lot of punches. I thought I almost destroyed his abs. but he told me that his abs still good. If you want to wrestling with him. Do not hesitate!! Go and try to beat this super nice and easy going man. You will have an amazing time. Highly recommend!



Peter Xue is recommended by Bearmaker

Finally got to grapple with Peter. He is a Strong and skilled wrestler and we had a good workout. We are evenly matched, so the wrestling was fun and exhausting.

Peter is a super nice guy and great guy on and off the mats. Look forward to future matches with him.

First time for a lot of gut punching for me, but it was all good and safe. Looking forward to more of it.



bowolverine is recommended by Bearmaker

Bowolverine is a super guy. Had a fun afternoon of rolling around the mats with him with me on the bottom most of the time. He took it easy on me, since I was a little injured, even though he had his own recent injury. Can't imagine how tough he would be without his leg all bandaged up.

We had a great discussion off that mats too. Really nice, knowledgeable guy. Look forward to future grappling sessions when we're both at full strength.



Bearmaker is recommended by rock20087

Wrestled Bear in a hotel match when he was visiting DC. He may be recent to BJJ but he's got the strength of that bear and his bearhugs show it big time. Strong and methodical, one of his choke holds is bound to get you to tap.
Nice guy in and out of battle. Look forward to hosting him on mats the next time he's in town. Highly recommend to contact him whenever you're in Miami.



rock20087 is recommended by Bearmaker

I had a nice, sweaty match with Rock20087 in a hotel room on my recent trip to DC. It was a lot of fun rolling around and testing each other's strength. Next time I hope we can do it on mats and have more room to throw each other around.

I highly recommend Rock20087 for anyone in or visiting the DC area. He puts up a good fight and seems to be able to go on forever. looking forward to my next DC trip so we can grapple some more.



Bearmaker is recommended by markmok110

A fun BJJ session! We’re both beginners, close in size so we got to toss each other around. Too bad we didn’t have mats and proper space. Great guy. It was way too brief but looking forward to the next time.



markmok110 is recommended by Bearmaker

Had a great time rolling around with Ham. Super nice guy and was a gentleman on and off the mats.

Highly recommend him for anyone looking for a strong dependable grappler. Plan to hit him up the next time I’m in atlanta.

Great guy to talk with and we had fun practicing holds.



subwrestler1 is recommended by Bearmaker

I had a super time with this wrestler. He is a strong and knowledgeable grappler. He was great at teaching me new moves. Highly recommend him.



Bearmaker is recommended by gd72to

I really enjoyed an afternoon with Bearmaker, great host, very fit body, and welcoming on and off the mats. Hope to meet him again !



gd72to is recommended by Bearmaker

Had a great match with gdf72to. He is a super guy. Very knowledgable about wrestling and offered me a lot of good advice. Would love to wrestle this hunk again.

He is also a super nice guy off the mats.



Bearmaker is recommended by miamiscorpio

Eventhough he says he is new to this, he is very strong and competitive!! A gentleman on the mats and out... we had a great sweaty time!! I really recomend him... and waiting for another match!!!



miamiscorpio is recommended by Bearmaker

Miamiscorpio is a great guy and wrestler. We had a very competitive, exhausting and sweaty match.

He was very helpful in teaching me a couple of submission holds as I am a newby. He is quite strong and skilled. I can't wait until our next match.