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Novice wrestler. Willing to grapple and also willing to practice holds and moves.

Live on Miami Beach and am in good shape and can be very competitive. Enjoy most forms of wrestling including submission wrestling, oil wrestling and non-competitive wrestling.

I can host sometimes and have mats.



  1. USA - Florida, Miami
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

Gear: shorts, briefs, singlets

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Bearmaker is recommended by Lightning

Took a while to get in a room with bearmaker and circumstance did try to alter our course at the last minute but luckily he’s a flexible enough guy that we got on the mats a couple days earlier than planned.
Bearmaker is new to combat sports but he is definitely one to watch. He has an intensity and drive in a match that I don’t see in a lot of people. Every time we broke he had questions about what I did or he did that did or didn’t work; the guy is paying attention to detail. He’s keeping up with the game in his head and he’s learning from it. That’s fundamental.
He’s training BJJ so he’s bound to quickly pick up skill that’ll set him apart from your average home amateur by the end of the year for sure. Hopefully I’ll get to keep fighting him through that process.
Bearmaker is very conscious of safety, had to remind him to actually crank a submission a little bit to get me to tap even when he’d get a clean setup. Which may sound silly but I do very much respect that in a beginner. It’s hard to know how much force to use and he errs on the side of safety. Which is essential and made me feel very safe on the mat with him.
If you are of the mind to run drills, at whatever skill level, I think this is one man you should definitely be looking to start a friendship with. He’d be a good training partner to see regularly and work things out with beyond the constraints of a class.
He has a really good space, even if he can’t use it all the time, if he offers to host you definitely accept. It’s much better on his mats than any motel room.
All in all, Bearmaker is new to the game but has the makings of a dominant grappler. If you’re here to win I’d say catch him early but if you’re here for the love of it and to learn, like I am, join me I’m tryna keep catching this guy as he works his way to the top.



Lightning is recommended by Bearmaker

Finally got to grapple with Lightning. It was a great match and certainly worth the wait.

He is a worthy opponent and a super guy off the mats. I really enjoyed my match with him and he is a competitive guy... as am I. We were also able to practice holds and moves on each other, which is great for me, since I am still learning.

All and all, I worked up a lot of sweat and expended much energy. Totally exhausted after our match and practice.

Can't wait for our next match.



subwrestler1 is recommended by Bearmaker

I had a super time with this wrestler. He is a strong and knowledgeable grappler. He was great at teaching me new moves. Highly recommend him.



Bearmaker is recommended by gd72to

I really enjoyed an afternoon with Bearmaker, great host, very fit body, and welcoming on and off the mats. Hope to meet him again !



gd72to is recommended by Bearmaker

Had a great match with gdf72to. He is a super guy. Very knowledgable about wrestling and offered me a lot of good advice. Would love to wrestle this hunk again.

He is also a super nice guy off the mats.



Bearmaker is recommended by miamiscorpio

Eventhough he says he is new to this, he is very strong and competitive!! A gentleman on the mats and out... we had a great sweaty time!! I really recomend him... and waiting for another match!!!



miamiscorpio is recommended by Bearmaker

Miamiscorpio is a great guy and wrestler. We had a very competitive, exhausting and sweaty match.

He was very helpful in teaching me a couple of submission holds as I am a newby. He is quite strong and skilled. I can't wait until our next match.