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  1. USA - California, Walnut Creek
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45-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 155 lbs (70 kg)


I am pretty fit and lift or lap swim (usually 1 mile) almost daily. Like hiking on the weekends. No formal training in wrestling but love the idea of man to man contact and rolling back and forth for a sweaty workout. Open to different styles. I have a 10’ x 10’ wrestling mat at home.



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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Looking for coach
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

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SammyUSA is recommended by viper

If you like to laugh and have a good time while you are wrestling, then I would recommend this tough guy from the East. Although he has more degrees than a thermometer, he is more than just a brain. He hits the weights and is strong and determined. He is so tough he even made himself submit. Fun!



viper is recommended by SammyUSA

Met viper last night and had a blast! Friendly and sociable; very skilled and controlled on the mat. He is also a hilarious trash talker and I was laughing a lot even while in pain from his punishment for trash talking back. Oh, he got some unusual funny moves too like stabbing you with his big toes. No idea where he got that from but it worked! Highly recommended.



SammyUSA is recommended by Angelo

SammyUSA was a great wrestle. He's very strong and flexible, so don't let his smaller, swimmer's-framed body fool you. He can take a lot and can also dish it out. We had a very fun Saturday afternoon match after he was gracious enough to arrange a space and time for us to lock up. Great guy off the mats. We had been trying to plan something for quite some time, so I'm glad that I could finally meet this hot wrestler.



Angelo is recommended by SammyUSA

Angelo was a lot of fun and looked great in his jock! He’s strong but tactile. If it there weren’t a party I had to go to, we would probably have spent a couple more hours wrestling. Look forward to the next match!



SammyUSA is recommended by Dogfighter5

I had the privledge to finally get to meet Sammy and everything I have heard was true. He is extremely easy to set up a match with he is both flexible and accomindating. On the mat he is strong, tenacious and a quick study. Off the mat he is an intelligent, charming and interesting young man. This guy was raised well and a delight to have rolled with.



Dogfighter5 is recommended by SammyUSA

I have been a fan of Dogfighter for quite a while and I was just so happy to finally realize the most anticipated match during my Boston trip! Not only was he strong and handsome, he’s also very skilled. I guess you can say he has the completed package. 😂 What I enjoyed the most was he offered to teach me some tricks without me asking. What a nice stud! I will try to apply them soon before I forget. Hopefully I will get to roll with him again in the future.



SammyUSA is recommended by luttesport

Sammy is a very nice and strong fighter.
I must say it really took all my energy , especially after a long workday, to pin him , and at one point I was in difficult situations....
I recommend strongly of course.



luttesport is recommended by SammyUSA

Luttesport and I met last night for a short match and we were fairly even though I think I kept him pinned for a little longer ;-). He’s very responsive and it was very easy to set up (no second guessing whether he would show or not). Pretty nice and intelligent guy off the mat. Don’t miss the chance to meet him if you ever visit HK.



SammyUSA is recommended by Green

Everything you read about Sammy is true. He is a polite friendly guy who is easy to communicate with and punctual, on the mats this guy is an enthusiastic wrestler. After some time chatting, we were able to align our schedules and meet. This guy loves to wrestle and is a good athlete. He is fearless and tenacious and keeps coming back for more no matter how much you give him. Sammy is the very definition of tough and he clearly does not like to tap and give in. We had a very sweaty, very fun match and I would recommend this fierce wrestler to anyone.



Green is recommended by SammyUSA

I met Green recently at a wrestling/martial arts studio. He was friendly and kind but once we hit the mat, he controlled the match from the beginning. He got lean muscular legs and he loves using them! He has more strength than many heavier guys I met. Yet, I felt completely safe during the match and had a lot of fun while getting all sweaty. Highly recommended!



SammyUSA is recommended by pace80

Sammy kindly drove downtown to wrestle me at my hotel in SF. We had a nice round of wrestling (got him to tap after a long intense struggle) and then in round 2 we both fell and hit against the furniture and decide the hotel space was just too small. But the match we had was fun and he's very strong and that killer body you see in the profile looks even better in person. Fun time!



pace80 is recommended by SammyUSA

After few years of exchanging messages on an off, pace80 and I finally met during his recent trip to SF. He’s strong with some jujitsu training and got the first tap. Unfortunately, we decided the hotel space was just too small, even for a hotel match and had to cut it short. Off the mat, he’s amiable and easy going. He looked cuter in person too! :) It was a pleasure to meet him.



SammyUSA is recommended by Some1

SammyUSA was a real surprise - easy to arrange a meet up, and a really great opponent. Fit, flexible and intense and tough He is an aggressive skilled and strong wrestler - and friendly on top of that.. what more can you ask? a pleasure to meet and comes highly recommended.



Some1 is recommended by SammyUSA

Some1 and I met at the spur of the moment during his recent trip to SF. He is tall and strong with great skills. It was very challenging to wrestle him but at the same time, he kept it safe. He’s also friendly and handsome with interesting things to share off the mat. Would definitely want to meet him again. Highly recommended!



SammyUSA is recommended by a-xxcliffxx

This guy made me want to submit him - he’s good at making the match competitive. He is a skilled and strong wrestler. Every submission was hard won. We ended up with a draw - two submissions each - in a primal match. Great guy to wrestle.



a-xxcliffxx is recommended by SammyUSA

This guy is aggressive and knows how to make it fun too as he would fight dirty between the submission moves! Made for a fun muscle struggle and good workout. It was easy to arrange and he’s nice guy off the mats.



SammyUSA is recommended by RJinSeattle

Had a good bout with SammyUSA. I had a good size advantage, which brought out my inner heel, but Sam is scrappy and strong. All around nice guy, reliable and safe.



RJinSeattle is recommended by SammyUSA

Had a great time with RJinSeattle. He's like a bull and strong; he had 60 pounds on me and with his strength, it's not easy to move him around but somehow it was still a lot of fun. We chatted over beer right before our match and he's super nice to talk to; very reliable and responsive too.



SammyUSA is recommended by Fighter31

Sammy drove the better part of 6 hours to meet. All I can say about that is . . WOW. He knows what he wants and he will do what he can to get it - a super nice guy! I came prepared to wrestle a tiger and it sure began that way. But I managed to get on top of the Tiger and tamed him after a long struggle. But once tamed, "Sammy the Tiger" took this str8 boy to the edge of the "fun" I say I am willing to have. My thong got stripped and I rolled naked for the first time! At the end (2.5 hours) I asked Sammy to rate his experience with me and he gave it a 10. He asked me the same question - my score matched his - 10! If Sammy is interested in wrestling you - or drawing out your willingness for "fun," don't be shy - he is a very cool dude!



Fighter31 is recommended by SammyUSA

Fighter31 and I had a lot of exchanges and trash talk before our meet. No matter what I threw at him, he always hit back with smartass comments. It was the most anticipated match I've ever had and now that it was over, I can say the drive was so worth it. He looked great in his gear and we couldn't wait to see who the alpha was. We had a sweaty struggle and it felt incredible! Unfortunately, he came out on top at the end but I am proud to be the first one to strip him naked!! We continued to roll until it was time for him to head home and he manged to get another tap just before that. It was a 10 out of 10 experience and I hope I don't have to wait for too long for the rematch.



ribcrusher is recommended by SammyUSA

Glad to finally meet ribcrusher at his place with a very nice set up. This guy is a beast and his scissors are truly deadly. He claimed he didn’t have formal training yet he got skills and a lot of strength. He can be as rough as you want him to be; however, he’s pretty nice and friendly off the mat. Highly recommended!



SammyUSA is recommended by Ricksf

Had a fun match with Sammy , He’s very scrappy and a lot of fun



SammyUSA is recommended by headlock07

Sam is a great guy with a very athletic body and super nicely chiseled chest, who is genuinely into wrestling and who can endure a lot. Moreover, he is a most likeable person to go out with, chat ad eat... all that after wrestling, of course. If only this site had more guys like him...



headlock07 is recommended by SammyUSA

My meeting with headlock07 is a lot of fun. He's very strong and it felt like his muscles were more massive than his profile stats may suggest. We arm wrestled and wrestled and he simply overpowered me. A polyglot, he has both brains and brawn. I hope we will meet again in the future.



SammyUSA is recommended by MuscleSportAZ

Had the pleasure of meeting SammyUSA during my last trip to California. He is without a doubt one of the nicest, reliable, respectful, safe, friendly guys I've met on here. We had a fun sweaty match. He is aggressive, strong, fast and agile. After the match we enjoyed an excellent meal while watching American Ninja Warrior. Look forward to another match in the future.



MuscleSportAZ is recommended by SammyUSA

It was great to meet MuscleSportAZ during his trip to the Bay Area. He's muscular and powerful and I felt like I was up against a tank even though he's not really that big. Arranging was super easy and off the mat, he's a very nice guy.



SammyUSA is recommended by michaelwood

Sammy was a good fun match....strong and has a great punch....he is welcome back anytime,,,,:)



SammyUSA is recommended by Lorax

SammyUSA and I have been communicating for quite a while, and the opportunity for us to meet finally arrived. He was in the area and offered to drive up a good distance and meet me on my own turf. This was very gracious, as I’ve been so busy with life stuff, that I wouldn’t have had time otherwise.

What a great giving guy, who is easy on the eyes and in great physical shape. Too bad he just couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself. Bad mouthing Vegans, well it can’t go unrecognized. I had to show him how my stick arms take you down....and make you tap....over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, he’s strong and we had a great series of matches...the victories just didn’t go to the carnivorous lion (Sammy).

Rematch any time son.



Lorax is recommended by SammyUSA

Before our match, Lorax sent me a picture of a hippo to remind me vegans can be very strong. That was cute but I corrected him that hippos do eat meat. ;-) He vowed to wipe that smirk off my face and at the end I was indeed the one eating crow. Lorax was strong and those vegan muscles were no joke; they were lean and mean! Don't let his soft voice, constant smile and friendliness fool you; he's tenacious on the mat! I enjoyed every min with him and hope I don't have to wait too long for a rematch.



SammyUSA is recommended by tomhand37

Though it was not easy for Sammy to break free and come to wrestle he did come by and so glad he did! I thought with my weight advantage it would be an "easy" match for me. Wow, I was wrong. Strong, tough, fearless, terrific defensive wrestler it turned out be a competitive fun match. He looks great too! Sammy also is a great guy to talk with a I really enjoyed our conversations. I hope one day we will meet again, talk again and have another match.



tomhand37 is recommended by SammyUSA

My recommendation is long overdue. I met Tom couple months ago and it's worth the trip even after a long day at work. It was very easy to set up our meet with his quick response. Despite his significant weight advantage, we still had a fun and sweaty match. As his pics show, he got some powerful quads. Off the mat, Tom is a very nice guy and pretty easy to talk to.



SammyUSA is recommended by eastcheshireguy

Caught this guy on his recent visit to the UK and it was a pleasure to introduce him to his first ring match.

He's a muscular, strong guy so we rolled for ages before any taps were forthcoming. With him being determined and having some good defensive moves it wasn't long before the sweat was flowing as I used my weight advantage to slowly accumulate some points though it wasn't all one way. We were soon readily sliding around and grips were hard to maintain. He's also pretty flexible so some holds took a lot of slow cranking on to get a result - if I could hold them long enough! Great safe and sane match and we also mucked about with the posts and ropes with it being his first ring match. The Speedos needed ringing out at the end!

Interesting guy to spend a few hours around a remarkably sunny Manchester with after the match though I'm not sure my suggested rehydrating warm English beer was to his taste - it was to mine so his loss was my gain!

Definitely a guy to catch on his travels or back home in SF - total recommendation from me.

One other thing - respect to Sam for being unfazed by the local terrorist attack a couple of days earlier and still being happy to come to Manchester.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by SammyUSA

May 24, 2017

Had the best match in my life with eastcheshireguy on a ringed mat in Manchester! This guy has incredible physique which looked even better and bigger in person. Despite the gap in size and skill level, I somehow managed to keep the taps away for a while. But gradually, the match became more and more lopsided and taps came more frequently in his favor. However, as we both got increasing wet, the sweat became my ally as he struggled to get a hold of me in multiple occasions. I may opt for an oil match next time! We wrestled for almost 2 hours until our usage time for the facility was up. At that point, we were both pretty wiped out.

Off the mats, he's a very hospitable guy with lots of useful tips given for my UK trip. I consider him a friend and hope to reciprocate the hospitality one day.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by SammyUSA

I met UKSubsFighter few days ago and we wrestled on a mat inside a large tent at his residence! Immediately, I found myself completely outclassed by this strong, fit, very skilled opponent. Despite that, it was still a sweaty and fun match. Off the mat, he's a very nice guy! Highly recommended.



SammyUSA is recommended by Wrestling Banker

I enjoyed an awesome pro fantasy match with this guy who is strong, fun, intelligent, safe and sane. Sammy was respectful and clean.



Wrestling Banker is recommended by SammyUSA

I had a good time with Wrestling Banker. I never did any pro fantasy match before so I learned something new. He's pretty cool, handsome, reliable, and nice to chat with. But beware of his strong legs!



SammyUSA is recommended by berber

Months ago we had a tripartite meeting.
S. is very resilent with a lot of endurance for your weight. With your power and submission skills we had intense sweaty match. Friendly guy to be touched and fun. Fully recommended..



berber is recommended by SammyUSA

Enjoyed the three-way match with berber and Ereignis at berber's apartment couple months ago. berber is skilled and strong. It's difficult to get a submission out of him even when it were two against him. Off the mat, he's a nice guy and a great host who cooked us a nice meal afterwards. I hope we will cross each other's path again one day.



SammyUSA is recommended by Ereignis

At the evening of 05th September 2016, I met in Berlin SammyUSA to wrestling. Kindly berber has invited us into his apartment; and I have brought my mat. Now we were three and ready for an intense fight.

Sammy is a strong, experienced and agile fighter. It requires a lot of work him to control. He fights agile and powerful to the end. But be careful, ... he can exchange the "sign" in the last second!
Sammy is a world-experienced and very, very nice person. it was a pleasure for me to meet him.
Sammy, you have my full recommendation. Maybe we'll meet again, somewhere, sometime? I hope so and I would be happy.

Of course also fought berber. Sequentially we changed the fighters; Finally we dragged us off the mat, took a shower and berber prepared a lovely dinner. Thanks for the hospitality and for the meeting.



Ereignis is recommended by SammyUSA

Ereignis and I met at berber's apartment when I was vacationing in Berlin. His pics are real and I have never seen a 66-yo man that is as muscular/defined as he is. I wonder what his diet is like! :) He's very stronger and it was a great challenge. When he becomes more skilled, it will be hard to go against him. Off the mat, he's a great friendly guy.



SammyUSA is recommended by Ferrero83

Very nice meeting with SammyUsa, we had a good match despite the small room where we wrestle. He is in very good shape and agressive when he wrestle. But he is very nice and respectfull, we spend a nice meal in San francisco as he say. Well recommanded!



Ferrero83 is recommended by SammyUSA

The immediate impression I got when I met him was he was friendly and adorable, just a super nice and unassuming guy. I didn't see any roughness around the edges. So when we hit the mat, I was a bit surprised by his strength and tenacity. I was overmatched. Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice meal at a popular ramen joint (his first time); he's a great company!



SammyUSA is recommended by Danywrestler

Interesting meeting on the tatami of the floor below on Hard Sport Club of Barcelona. Wrestler enthusiastic, eager, and tried a mix of submission wrestling with a little erotic. Fun, safe and recommended guy.



Danywrestler is recommended by SammyUSA

I had a great time wrestling him. He's very strong, muscular, and skilled. Very friendly off the mat. Highly recommended.



SammyUSA is recommended by muzz7

SammyUSA is a keen and strong guy. I had a leg injury, so I was limited in what I could do, but we still managed to have a good match with a few submission chokes. SammyUSA is a good and entertaining opponent and I definitely recommend fighting him. And he's a nice guy off the mat.



muzz7 is recommended by SammyUSA

What a blast meeting muzz7! He's hot with a great body; he's nice enough to make our meeting happen even though he had an injury. With his injury, our match was mostly give and take with me taking the beating. He's highly skilled and seemed to enjoy the sleeper the most. Highly recommended!



SammyUSA is recommended by Greekwrestler2

Sammy was one the first guys I spoke to when joining this underground that we are in. I am happy to say I got my day on the mat with him. Tough guy, lots of fun on and off the mat. Highly recommended, would lock up with Sammy any time.



Greekwrestler2 is recommended by SammyUSA

It was great to meet Greekwrestler2 after we had exchanged messages for quite a while. He's in good shape, skilled and pretty strong. He also knows how to make it enjoyable. Don't miss the chance to meet him when you visit Orlando.



SammyUSA is recommended by G8ratlarge

Feisty, strong and aggressive. Size difference but a fun tough match



G8ratlarge is recommended by SammyUSA

G8ratlarge is a hot, fun, big muscled dude. Despite the size difference, he had no problem adjusting to make it fun for both of us. Highly recommended.



SammyUSA is recommended by SeattleFight

Even more muscles than last time. Hot bod and attitude, loves to lock up and go at it hard, grunting and cussing. Super nice and smart guy too.



SammyUSA is recommended by Sam

Sammy is a great guy to wrestle. Nice body, nice attitude. Watch out for his body punches!



SammyUSA is recommended by sfslammer

Good guy. Fit. Tough. Loved kicking his ass. Can't wait to do it again.



SammyUSA is recommended by Mark uk

8 March 14. After missing Sam in LOndon last year we finally caught up in DC. Very nice guy and a lot of fun to wrestle around wish. Takes a lot of punishment but watch for his head scissor too. lol. Great guy and look forward to another meet.



Mark uk is recommended by SammyUSA

Mark was nice and reliable; it was pretty easy to set it up. Despite the size differential and being dominated the whole time, I did get my "gotcha" moment. It was a lot of fun.



SammyUSA is recommended by lutte95

super rencontre ,sammy est sympa et tres bon lutteur !merci pour cette rencontre fort agreable !quand tu veu pour la revanche et une bonne suee !!
thanks sam you are great wrestler !



lutte95 is recommended by SammyUSA

lutte95 and I had a great hot match. Highly recommended.



SammyUSA is recommended by wrestler122001

stubborn and willful wrestler who was very friendly and I made a little discover Paris



wrestler122001 is recommended by SammyUSA

Really strong on the mat and a great guy off the mat (showed around his neighborhood and taught me a few French words).