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  1. USA - Georgia, Jasper
    (I'm here between 4/28/2000 and 4/28/2037)


45-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 200 lbs (91 kg)

Gear: speedos


Submission wrestler looking for freinds and muscles



Submission Submission
Judo Judo

Match structure: Even match, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Fetishes: Nipple play

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Last modified: 7/24/2018

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BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Jeremy Tyler

BEEFBOY31 and I had a rough but fun match. I look forward to seeing who wins next time since it was a draw the first time. Definitely recommend.



Jeremy Tyler is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Met Jeremy several years ago when he visited Atlanta - fierce fight but ended in a draw - looks guy on and off the mats



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by sfscissorjobber

Beefboy and I wrestled a couple of times at NYC Wrestlefest a few years back. He dominated me both times, both 1v1 and 2v1, and both times were amazing. His pecs are a thing to dream about and I definitely spent a lot of time being squeezed tight in them and his legs. Cannot wait for Round #3!!!



sfscissorjobber is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Sfscissorjobber and I wrestled at wrestlefest at least two times - he is reliable ,good fun and can take a lot of punishment .
Highly recommended !!



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Lancerwrestler

Awesome and crazy strong wrestler. Sexy guy that I can't wait to wrestle again. A must wrestle in the Atlanta area



Lancerwrestler is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Strong and determined newbie - aggressive and fun match
Strongly recommend him



SubmissionGrapple is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Known this guy for years -met him last a few years ago-tough competitor and good company off the mats

Highly recommended



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by AlphaPrime

Very personable guy. Super friendly and easy to communicate with. Strong as an ox and definitely a fun wrestle.



AlphaPrime is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Good match - reliable guy - strong - fun to roll around with - definitely looking forward to our next match



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by jocntn

Been in touch with this powerhouse guy for several years and we finally were able to meet up on my visit to Atlanta. Strong and skilled are understatements for this guy! We locked up and went at it for several taps back and forth then had some great conversation afterwards . Great experience and look forward to keeping in touch and meeting again someday.



jocntn is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Finally met this wrestler after talking for so long - reliable fit and in great shape - we had fun wrestling- powerful and fit .
Definitely look him up when you are Nashville !!



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Wrestle4Fun50

This guy is a real submission wrestler. He taught me how to use a submission wrist lock, though I never got him in one. One fool guy.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Gabe Steel

Man had a lot of fun with this beef cake we rolled around for a while been wanting to wrestle him for the longest finally got the chance to roll with this stud . Really strong and skilled can’t wait to have at it again definitely recommend



Gabe Steel is recommended by BEEFBOY31

It was soo much fun wrestling with this muscle tank
Too bad it was so short .
Definitely recommend him anytime and he is getting more and more more skilled in Submission grappling with time.
Great no attitude guy off the mats too!!



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

I have met beefboy31 long time ago in singapore, when he was back visiting. i cant believe i didnt put one for him. he is one of my earliest guys that i have fought who also have seen me grown from a skinny guy to a slightly smaller version of now. this guy is skilled, tough and super love to apply RNC on me and i think thats when i know i can take long choke holds and also developed a liking to put guys out too. highly recommended if you are in his area or if he hits you up!!



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by JM28601

Tough, strong, easy on the eyes, and a good wrestler too. Fun back and forth match with this Stud who was good enough to work me into his busy schedule. We need to finds some good open mat space and settle this... LOL Don’t miss an opportunity to take him on. Courteous, prompt, all round good guy, Thank you Champ!



JM28601 is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Definitely reliable strong as an ox and albeit , a late entrant to the world of BJJ and submission grappling he picks up stuff really well!!
Definitinitely worth meeting up.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by michaelwood

Beef and i have had several matches....always fun aggressive matches...he is well trained and feels damn good on the mats....also a quality guy....its time for a rematch man....



michaelwood is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Several years ago we met up for some really good matches - Mike is untrained but very formidable - great host and great guy off the mats
Highly recommended !!



wrestleinva1986 is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Good match with wrestleva1986- we rolled around to an impasse
Reliable skillled and fun
Highly recommended



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by jacketwolf

Beefboy should be beefbear, very strong. He trained in BJJ and had good skills, so he would be a challenging fighter to anyone. He was a warm hearted man as well. he gave me helpful recommendations for visiting Atlanta. A good guy, recommended.



jacketwolf is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Nice guy - getting skilled in BJJ - fun to roll with - defr Definitely recommend him . Willing to take on guys much bigger



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by jnet8m

Don't let this guy talk himself down and fool you because he trained so many years ago, he is still very capable of kicking some ass. Lots of muscle to throw into the game too. Had a lot of fun and would easily meet again if I get back to his area.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Black Titan

Finally got to tangle with the famous BEFFY BOY!!!
Had a great time and made a new friend. Cant wait for round two!!! Thank for an awesome match and great conversation!



Black Titan is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Really friendly and fun guy - reliable !!
Glad to have made a new friend
Highly recommended !!



newyorkchicago1122 is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Fun guy - strikes are his forte - nice beefy body !!
Reliable and I strongly recommend him



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by atsub

This guy is the real deal. He's skilled for competitive matches and also did a great job of putting me through various holds that were impossible to break. He respects all limits. I've had several matches with BEEFBOY over the years. He's one of my favorites.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Projobber1

We met well before this site and it was great to reconnect. His domination is hot, he has great size, and he's sexy. I enjoyed taking his punishment and look forward to doing so again soon.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by NJ Jobber

Met BEEFBOY31 at wrestlefest and he couldn't have been any hotter or nicer than when we talked on line. He looks great and is powerful and in touch with what both of us liked. Would be great to meet up with him again.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Mark uk

Met the Beef back in london a few years ago. A big strong guy who knows his stuff. safe sane and a lot of fun to wrestle.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by travilicious

This dude is big, strong, muscular, and knows how to wrestle. Hot.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Ctgrappler1

I met Beefboy a few years ago at wrestlefest nyc.
We had a great muscle battle in a very tight space. He's a tough fighter that is totally safe and a blast to wrestle. Unfortunately we couldn't go all out due to an injury he had sustained prior to our meeting yet he's such a committed wrestler that he still fought. Looking forward to rolling again asap with this skilled stud.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by DBALSTOM

My first match from this site - and he got me hooked. Strong/tough guy - definitely knows what he is doing - lots of good, hard to escape holds. Looking forward to a rematch. Would love to wrestle him on mats or in a ring. Definitely recommend Beefboy31.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by DenverWrestler

When I first started meeting wrestlers from this site, I didn't do recommendations very often, but I need to make amends for that with all of my favorite opponents. Beefboy is a stud – hot body, VERY sexy man, strong, skilled, super friendly, and a total fun workout on the mats. He's someone I will always go out of my way to meet, and I give him the highest possible recommendation.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by zz9zza

Very technical wrestler, I really enjoyed this match. The only problem was that our time was short...



zz9zza is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Strong guy - had fun wrestling him !!



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Mighty Mongo

Wrestle this guy at Hillside and had a great time doing it. this guy is strong, skilled and can real it give to the big boys. Take him on you won't regret it.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Roughmatch

Very strong skilled fighter with MMA skills. Wrestled him early in my career and could not get one submission. Very nice guy off the mats but very competitive and wrestles to win in a match.

Nice guy. Happy to recommend him.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Jorgefighter

A wall of solid muscle. I had no chances vs him but still it was a great match. He likes to drink wine: do you need further proof that he is also a nice dude?



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by chesterbloke

Had a really great with BeefBoy on his visit to the UK. This guy is tough - really tough. Thankfully he is also respectful of his opponents and adjusted accordingly! I hope to get to grips with him again soon!



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by SPWrestler

Met Beefboy31 twice while he was over. Once for a fun wrestle in his hotel room then again for a more full on wrestle on the mats. Thoroughly enjoyed both matches. Great guy, very strong and competitive but respectful. Interesting, intelligent guy too. Definitely meet him again when he is next over.



SPWrestler is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Very strong and extremely well trained
made short work of me in a "proper" BJJ roll ;-)
great guy very cool
strongly recommend him



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Broc

Strong stud on the mat and perfect gentleman off it. Had a great session with Chris and would recommend him to anyone. A good solid, very strong wrestler with the ability to mix it up or take it at his opponent's pace. Really good bloke catch him if you can.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by leicswrestle

Met Chris. On Saturday what a nice guy can adapte to your level. Would defiantly meet again



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by brilliant n buff

A big strong guy with a great attitude. His pecs and arms were pretty impressive. Was great to finally meet him.



brilliant n buff is recommended by BEEFBOY31

His bark is legendary but he cannot bite
Great guy off the mats
I do look forward to punishing him again ;-)



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by yim

very cool dude and i was very happy to meet this beast and i suggest any one else has the opportunity to have a match with him jump on the mats with him you wont be disappointed and hes great to have a drink with afterword



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Celticmuscle

Had a great fight with this wrestling beast in Hackney. Powerfully built and powerful on the mats. Great attitude and a very good test for any fighter. Stamina, skill and strength he possesses. Wud nvr miss a chance to fight him again. A+ recommendation.



Celticmuscle is recommended by BEEFBOY31

A bull on the mats aggressive and competitive dominated me totally
A fun and intelligent guy to hang out with afterwards
Very reliable and I would recommend him strongly



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Blitzkrieg

Had the pleasure of meeting Beefboy31, who was a delight to meet and grapple with during his visit to the UK. Enjoyed a pro/sub-style match, made more enjoyable by a hardy, muscular physique. Very nice guy off the mats as well!



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

Although I kid him that he isn't as strong as he looks, the fact of the matter is that he IS strong. He is very experienced, confident, sometimes even cocky. But he is a very fun person to roll and hang out with. Oh yeah, he did manage to beat me – although I know his weakness. :)



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Good wrestler intense
Tough to get him to submit
LOtsa fun afterwards
I enjoyed his company
Deicated to wrestling and not afraid to travel to wrestle
Will always show up
Defenitely worth wrestling



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by WrslMscl

Best set of pecs on the West side of the Atlantic (and quite possibly on the East side, too). He loves to suffocate his opponents with his meaty chest. Fun to wrestle; will take him on again any time.



WrslMscl is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Nice guy good wrestler
Awesome body
Defenitly loads of fun on the mats and off of it