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  1. United Kingdom, Chester
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I am willing to travel 20 miles


52-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 231 lbs (105 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Trunks


I'm a fun sociable happy type of person with a good sence of humour. Never done any wrestling so just looking for someone to give me an insight and show me the ropes along the way, whilst having a bit of fun. Like big stocky guys to wrestle and have fun with. Not into pain but will put up a struggle. drop me a message.



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Judo Judo
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Match structure: Play wrestling, Looking for coach
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Mike1122 is recommended by Celticmuscle

Excellent meet with this hulk of a man. Massive and strong all over. Great spirit on the mats and damn hard to reverse once he's got you down! A really personable, articulate guy to chat with after. Strong, safe and all round nice guy!



Celticmuscle is recommended by Mike1122

Very powerful and skilful wrestler. Got the the better of me every time, well worth meeting. Be warned he's no easy push over, he may come across as menacing on the matts, but off the matts he's a very nice polite knowledgeable guy. Hope to wrestle him again next time he's passing through.



Mike1122 is recommended by Mark uk

10 may 14. This was in fact my third meet with mike and I was lucky to have him first on my card for the meet at pippa. Still at strong as hell and a fun friendly guy. Off the mats we get on like a house on fire. Easy going guy and a good recommendation. Thanks mike

10 nov 12. Met mike for the first time and had a great match. Real powerlifter build and strength to go with it. nice guy and def worth a meet. Mark



Mark uk is recommended by Mike1122

10/05/2014 had the pleasure of meeting Mark again at one of the organised meets up in Manchester. It's always a pleasure and a good learning curve to wrestle this guy. Just goes to show that skill and technique will always get the better of brute strength. Mark definitely has plenty of skill, technique and strength. He has no hesitation about passing on his skills to others. Really friendly guy and has one of those personalities that brightens any occasion. Can't wait for our next bout.

10/11/2012 Had an excellent bout with Mark. Very skilled wrestler, got the better of me no problem. Nice personality and really down to earth. Hope to meet up with him again very soon.



Mike1122 is recommended by andy

I also wrestled with Mike this saturday,had a good bout looking forward to having another bout soon.



andy is recommended by Mike1122

I wrestled Andy at Pippas this Saturday. Strong lad really good wrestler too. Worth meeting up and having a bout. Hope to wrestle him agai. Soon.



Mike1122 is recommended by oldscrapperderby

what a nice bloke Mike is, much bigger than me but knows how to be safe and sensible, really enjoyed our match, many many thanks, this is a sound guy.



Mike1122 is recommended by Sportsfanatic

Enjoyed a competitive grapple with Mike (aka Tyrone) at Pippa's. He's got a powerful physique and is a good, technical wrestler. Definitely a good guy to meet.Friendly,easy going character off the mats.



Mike1122 is recommended by Physical

Mike is a great bloke, physically beefy, built and has a good attitude on the mats, off the mats he's a gent, courteous and great to hang around with. I'd recommend a roll with him if you get the opportunity and I look forward to many more meets in the future.



Mike1122 is recommended by Ironbull

top bloke, friendly, reliable, wicked sense of humour (we won't go into the one about Madonna's pointy bra) and good company. Look forward to round 2 with added beer!



Ironbull is recommended by Mike1122

Great guy, very talented and powerful wrestler. Defiantly gave me a run for my money. Enjoyed our bout together and very interesting topics of conversation, lets leave The Smiths alone.



Mike1122 is recommended by mackemsub

Stocky wrestler with a shared interest in World of Sport, strong and looks the part good lad offf the mats too, looking forward to round 2



Mike1122 is recommended by chubbyjudo

great guy had a really good hot sweaty wrestle, very easy to get on with and a good strong partner to get to grips with