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I’ve met some great guys and I'd like to add more to that list. Bf wrestles and is on here too.

Ask if you want to know anything else.



  1. USA - Texas, Austin
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Massachusetts, Somerville
    (I'm here between 11/17/2019 and 11/20/2019)
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, speedos, jocks

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Past cyber/phone opponents:



atxwrestler01 is recommended by NEprosub

Fun and scrappy - this guy talks as if he's a jobber but he's got some bite in him too! Definitely recommend meeting up with this guy if you like a sweaty and fun pro match.



NEprosub is recommended by maineagle93

Had a really fun pro/sub mix with this guy out on the cape. Very cool to chat with, had a nice set up and even had some extra gear for me to borrow for the right look.

As for the match, I think I surprised him and played more heel than jobber, but tons of fun anyway. I'll need to get back and see if my luck stays the same.



maineagle93 is recommended by NEprosub

We've chatted for ages, so when we finally got the chance to meet up it was with a lot of anticipation. This guy didn't disappoint in any way either! Stronger than I expected, and with a deeper mean streak too! I went into it thinking I was going to heel this jobber boy, but he turned the tables pretty early on and dominated me for most of the match. Really nice guy off the mats too, I'd recommend you give him a try when he's in your area.



NEprosub is recommended by bna37

Can't say enough good things about this guy! Very skilled and fun on the mats and genuinely fun to be around.



bna37 is recommended by NEprosub

I've wrestled this little stud many times over the years, and boy can he take an ass-kicking! We've always had some really fun, hot pro wrestling bouts and I can't recommend him enough.



GuerreiroMascarado is recommended by NEprosub

A really fun wrestling opponent. This guy has some great skills and really knows how to control his opponent too. Not to mention that he’s sweet and charming off the mats too!



NEprosub is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

NEProSub is a relentless heel, when he wants to be, locked me up in tight headscissors, holding me in one of the most brutal crabs that I have taken so far aside from another recent match, made me begging and he added injury by grabbing my package. set me up in holds that stretched me to my limits and more, tons of pec and abs claw, face to crotch headscissors, school boy pin, chokes that took me in and out from lalaland. He is also not too bad on receiving end when i dish out my arsenal of holds, he took like like a champ, just ask him about it.



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by NEprosub

This guy's the total package, a buff n tuff stud that can take it as well as he can dish it out. As a jobber, he sells the suffering really well and can take a whole lot of punishment. I definitely could go for another round of pounding on this big boy! As a heel, he put me through my paces and dished out everything I gave out earlier and then some. Great wrestling experience and definitely look forward to our next opportunity for a match up.



NEprosub is recommended by tycoonboy

What a fun guy! Awesome to meet him in person after talking on here for some time. He's a very knowledgeable wrestler, knows lots of awesome moves and can easily trap you. But he also loves getting trapped and suffering in long-held holds. Hope our paths cross again for another match, it was a really fun time!



tycoonboy is recommended by NEprosub

Great to have finally met up with this guy! Had a blast wrestling, such a gracious host and super helpful in directing me to some great local places after the match as well. Definitely looking forward to matching up again on my next NYC trip!



NEprosub is recommended by manwrestler

Super guy. After trying to meet for several years finally got the chance. Definitely worth the wait!! Fun time on the mats and great off as well. Fun is the key word. Highly recommended. Looking forward to our next match



NEprosub is recommended by Marcwrestler

We wrestled several times! We wrestled in hotel room and on ring at Boston ! Always have a blast to wrestle and dominate this man! I applied all my wrestling arsenal holds for pinning and squashing this man! We did a great promission wrestling match with hot gear. Had lot of fun! He is fantastic jobber ! It was so hot to see his face suffering in my tight pro holds! He have a flexible body as well ! He is a great guy IN and OUt of the mats. Forward for a rematch! Highly recommended!



Marcwrestler is recommended by NEprosub

Talented, strong, sexy and one of the nicest guys off the mats, Marc is a true gentleman and one hot as hell wrestler. I always look forward to when he's visiting town for a match!



NEprosub is recommended by Body slam

Billy and I have been wrestling each other for years. I would dare say we have had close to 100 matches. He is a cool dude on and off the matt. He is witty fun and will forever be my favorite jobber. This dude can take a beating and keep going. He is fun and genuine. Don't miss an opportunity to wrestle this stud.



NEprosub is recommended by MC2

Met NEprosub and had a great time. Strong legs and plays the jobber/heel role with power! Definitely would like to meet up again. Thanks for the match!



NEprosub is recommended by GWK007

Had a blast meeting up off and on during the past 5 years or so. He's a great challenger and an all around fun and great guy! I definitely recommend him and look forward to our next rematch



GWK007 is recommended by NEprosub

Over the years, we've met up many times and it's always been a really fun match. Good skills, solid strong wrestler who can surprise you again and again.



NEprosub is recommended by twisterman

A little late writing this but I would be absolutely remiss in not acknowledging how great this guy is both on and off the mats! Looking forward to many more matches!



twisterman is recommended by NEprosub

Had a really fun and solid sub match with this guy, highly recommend him for anyone who likes a competitive match up. I'm definitely looking forward to sweating out on the mats with him again soon!



NEprosub is recommended by mustangcowboy

Great wrestler who knows his holds. Look forward to the rematch against him. Great guy outside the ring.

Meeting up with NEprosub tonight and he is going to learn like last time I am the boss and I will own him again.



mustangcowboy is recommended by NEprosub

Met up with mustangcowboy and had a lot of fun wrestling him. He's got some skill and is fairly strong. We've got a rematch schedule upcoming, looking forward to showing him who's boss next time around!



NEprosub is recommended by phoenix

The epitome of awesome, period. Had some great matches but my best ever with this guy: almost two hours non-stop sub match to a draw - no submissions. And equally awesome off the mat. He can mix up styles with the best of 'em too.



phoenix is recommended by NEprosub

Wrestled this stud YEARS ago, and haven't had the opportunity to get him back on the mats. He was one of my toughest matches to date, neither one of us actually gaining the upper hand during our bout. By the end of our match, neither one of us had managed to land a submission or get the other guy to tap. We've kept in touch since then, but have yet to have the rematch! Hopefully we'll change that soon enough.



NEprosub is recommended by NJWoodbridge

I had another match with Billy this past Friday at his place in Ptown. He's bigger and more muscular than ever. Loved working him over again. And he's such an nice guy, too!



NJWoodbridge is recommended by NEprosub

I'm completely remiss in not having written a recommendation yet for Al. We've met up a few times over the years, and I've always had fun getting worked over by this big beast of a man! Friendliest and happiest guy I've ever met off the mats, but has definitely made me sweat, squirm, and tap while wrestling! Always a pleasure to see him and definitely a fun dude to wrestle!



NEprosub is recommended by pidgeot123

Had an amazing time with NEprosub. :)
He's a tough guy on the mats - very experienced and can do some damage with those legs and bearhugs :P
Also a great guy off the mats. I enjoyed wrestling with him and hanging out; definitely will have to be back for more.



pidgeot123 is recommended by NEprosub

Pidgeot123 might be a smaller opponent, but he's definitely got surprising strength. I had a lot of fun in our match, and hope to get him in another match sooner than later! Friendly and really nice off the mats, and a real tiger on them, great combo.



NEprosub is recommended by SqueezeNW

We had a very fun match. On the mats, he takes punishment well, only to dish it back when he gets the chance. Off them he was a gracious and friendly host.



SqueezeNW is recommended by NEprosub

We had a really fun, sweaty match together, and I'd be happy to wrestle him again in a heartbeat. Genuinely nice guy off the mats, tough wrestlestud on the mats.



NEprosub is recommended by hdscissorztn

Bill is a knowledgable wrestler from his hs wrestling days. Fun guy to take on. Highly recommend hooking up with him. Hope to take him on again.



hdscissorztn is recommended by NEprosub

a genuinely nice guy, in great shape, strong and skilled, a great wrestler and even better guy!