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Hey Cocky young fighter here been wrestling since I was in middle school and I have not lost any matches nobody can beat me haha >:) if you think you can! Then challenge me Don't be scared to do so! I like every style from boxing to competitive to pins only wrestling and I am open to stakes either way I will win so haha :) I love to wrestle to win I don't like to lose and I never felt the feeling of losing because I always win =) my favorite moves I love to apply are Double arm bar, Full nelson, Grapevine, and Crucifix. I am open to any rules and gear just be ready to lose if you wrestle me >:) As for erotic wrestling I am willing to do anything! I done REAL fighting, catfighting, smothers, sexual wrestling,rip and strip type of fights. so I am INTO pretty much everything so HMU and describe what type of fight you want.



  1. USA - Washington, Federal Way
    Place of residence
  2. Mexico, Puerto Vallarta
    (I'm here between 4/23/2019 and 4/22/2019)
  3. Germany, Berlin
    (I'm here between 8/30/2019 and 7/30/2020)
    one year
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Age: 22-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: Spanish

Gear: Anything you like

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No holds barred No holds barred
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Sumo Sumo
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funwrestling123 is recommended by Seattle

I wrestled funwrestling123 last Friday, after talking about a match for months. He was less aggressive than I expected from our conversations, but still fun to wrestle. I think I tended to control the matches until he got me in a more compromising hold, then he was able to dominate. I am definitely up for another match with him. It was fun for sure.



funwrestling123 is recommended by aawrstlman

Great guy to wrestle, We had a blast wrestling and a nice time talking before and after. We had several "rounds" and practiced a few different styles and moves. Who won? You can ask him. As far as I'm concerned we both did. :-)



aawrstlman is recommended by funwrestling123

Sweet awesome guy off the matts haha we started off kinda bad with me having stomach pains but he made sure I was ok before we did any wrestling. Let's just say he was awesome and it was a nice sweaty match! lots of fun with him he really knows moves and is very skilled. I hope for a rematch some day! I recommend him to you studs out there wanting a challenge.



funwrestling123 is recommended by wanttowrestle

Had a great match with Fun wrestler. He is a shy guy but not when applying controlling holds. This strong man put me into numerous holds and submissions. I had a couple of good moments but he dominated. For a competitive submission fight he's your man.



wanttowrestle is recommended by funwrestling123

He is very fun and I had a good time wrestling him :D but he did test my limit and made me go half beast mode when he kept hitting my chest and gut...I had to show him who was boss and I did >:) but it was a good match did some boxing made him fly across the room lol hes tough I will give him that! I recommend him.



funwrestling123 is recommended by TooTallToTangle

funwrestling123 is a fun guy to meet. Easy going. A novice but he tries hard and has a lot of bravado!
But ultimately,he is a wuss. 😎
Yeah... he talks a good line.. but he goes down hard and for the count.



TooTallToTangle is recommended by funwrestling123

TooTallToTangle is very weak and lucky I can easily beat him in our next rematch coming up but he's too scared >:)



funwrestling123 is recommended by manwrestler

Funwrestling123 is exactly that. Tough young talent who gave me all I could handle. He won the stakes. He really knows what hes doing on the mats. Fun guy to chill with also. Highly recommended to anybody who is in the Seattle area Have fun



manwrestler is recommended by funwrestling123

Very fun guy to wrestle lol no very strong in my opinion xD I don't know why people were saying he was strong because to be honest he couldnt tap me with his scissor haha so I guess I am very tolerant to pain :P he tapped out 5 times me 0 lol and this match was real wrestling with stakes...but he was fun to wrestle


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funwrestling123 2/08/2017

Submission wrestling with a friend.

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funwrestling123 11/16/2016

Real wrestling match

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funwrestling123 7/28/2016

gut punching/real wrestling action

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funwrestling123 6/16/2015

me and a friend wrestling very fun

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funwrestling123 9/15/2014

Wrestle/Gut punching/scissors.

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funwrestling123 7/31/2014

Me in a hold

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