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  1. United Kingdom, caldercruix
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61-year-old Male / 5'4" (163 cm) / 143 lbs (65 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlet, speedos, squarecut, cycle shorts


quiet, friendly guy looking for fun, friendly matches. Small, slim build - in good shape. nothing too serious - horny grapple with a competitive edge. Also like being dominated by bigger/stronger/more experienced guys. Can accommodate or travel.



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 7/03/2019

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scotpal is recommended by GreekFighter

Don't be fooled by his size and his innocent looks. This gentleman is a lion on the mats! Lots of stamina, he will give you a good and hard time rolling around. He's like an unstoppable machine, never gets tired and as the time goes by he goes harder and harder... Will def meet him again, so are you



GreekFighter is recommended by scotpal

If you're looking for a hot heel, this is your man! he is very friendly, easy to get on with and a powerhouse on the mats. He very quickly works out the kind of match/holds/moves you enjoy then delivers! Had a great session and really hope we can manage to meet up again.



scotpal is recommended by Adri1952

I have to thank Scotpal for the beautiful wrestling experience. We had a great time and hard sweaty wrestling trying out various holds with both fun.
He is a friendly guy. Looking forward to our next,.
Highly recommend.



Adri1952 is recommended by scotpal

Had a great wrestling session Adri1952. Firstly, he is a sweet, friendly guy and it was lovely chatting to him and getting to know him. As a wrestler he is very slim, in great shape, but strong with it. We enjoyed some pinning, give and take, horny groundwork grappling. It was a pleasure to meet and wrestle with him, I hope we can do it again, and I totally recommend him.



Marty156 is recommended by scotpal

Met with Marty for his first ever wrestling match! We had a fairly gentle give and take, trying out holds. Was very enjoyable - although inexperienced, he is strong, looks great in his lycra, and I'm sure he will pick up some moves/holds very quickly. Also an easy to get on with , friendly guy. Hope we meet again.



scotpal is recommended by luckyone840

Great guy, I had a lot of fun scissoring him :D



luckyone840 is recommended by scotpal

Had a great session with luckyone840 when I visited Bologna. Think I was the lucky one as I got to experience some excellent scissors with his amazing strong legs. Forward, reverse, straight, fig4 - all there with a bit of domination thrown in. A lovely, friendly guy who likes to squeeze. Hope we can meet again, and I recommend him to anyone who enjoys a bit of scissor punishment.



Retiarius is recommended by scotpal

Had a very enjoyable wrestling session with Retiarius while visiting Exeter. He is a fairly quiet but very pleasant friendly guy who looks great in his wrestling trunks with his slim, smooth, muscled body. -
We had a fairly easy going match - give and take, holds and pins, both of us enjoying the grappling and body contact. I especially enjoyed his 'speciality hold' which had me held, pinned, and unable to escape (or indeed move very much) no matter how I tried. So Horny!!!!
I would certainly hope to meet him again if the chance arose, and am happy to recommend him.



scotpal is recommended by Apartmentwrestler64

I had a great hotel match with this guy whilst he was visiting the west country. Lewis is reliable and very easy to get along with. A hot match ensued and an hour and a half flew by.



Apartmentwrestler64 is recommended by scotpal

Had a great wrestling session with Apartmentwrestler while visiting Taunton. To start with, he looks exactly like his pics - fit, slim, smooth body - great in his skimpy trunks!
We had a fairly easy going match - give and take, holds and pins, both of us enjoying the horny grappling and body contact.
I would certainly hope to meet him again if the chance arose, and am happy to recommend him.



scotpal is recommended by crabladder

21/7/19 - Scotpal called in on his way to Cornwall for a wrestle. Enjoyed a few hours of give and take wrestling trading holds etc. A lovely guy with a very nice lightweight body (ideal for me to punish lol)
Hope we can meet again soon. Definitely recommend him.



crabladder is recommended by scotpal

Met Crabladder recently when taking a break in my journey from Scotland to Cornwall. What a pleasure it was! He is a friendly, relaxed guy, very easy to chat to and was an accommodating and helpful host for our meet. The wrestling was excellent - give and take, heel jobber, trying holds and moves - all the things we both liked and wanted to try. He is strong, knows his stuff and looks fantastic in his trunks with his nicely muscled, tanned body and good looks! I do hope we get a chance to meet up again, and I would highly recommend him.



Stevebriefencounters is recommended by scotpal

Enjoyed my first meet with steve. easy to arrange and reliable. He hasn't had much experience, but is strong and got a good attitude. We had a good grapple - give and take/submissions. Once he learns a few techniques and holds he will certainly be a challenge, and as he is a good bit bigger than me, I look forward to being his jobber ;-) Steve is a nice friendly guy - good company and I look forward to further meets with him.



scotpal is recommended by v vv v

Scotpal might be lightweight, yet he’s robust and experienced. We had a mild tussle in which we tried to dominate each other in various holds. It’s fun and enjoyable. Off the mat, he is a hospitable and welcoming host. Don’t hesitate to meet him if you get a chance.



v vv v is recommended by scotpal

Had a really enjoyable grapple with v-vv-v. We were not going for anything too serious or competitive, but enjoyed exchanging various holds and pins. He is in great shape, and you could really feel his strength in the holds. Might be interesting to see how we got on with submissions in our next bout which I certainly hope we can arrange soon. H is a lovely, friendly guy whom I am happy to recommend.



scotpal is recommended by daniellibra1986

Had a brief dinner with Scotpal few year ago during my short stay at Queenferry, and now few years after we met again after a day of touring in Edinburgh, we had wrestling at his place on the mats, despite the massive size different the wrestling between us have lot of fun, he keeps in good shape, have some good techniques and gracious good host as well the flow between us are slow but sane and keep it fun, I enjoy our first wrestling meet and certainly hope it will be our last.



scotpal is recommended by WeeJimmie

One hot jobber, this guy is a glutton for punishment. Believe me, I'm not usually that rough with visitors but he was asking for it and didn't seem too unhappy with the treatment he received. Easy to fix an arrangement with and punctual. Fit and loads of fun on the mats. Great guy to talk to as well. Strongly recommended.



WeeJimmie is recommended by scotpal

Had the pleasure of meeting Jim twice while I was on holiday in the Inverness area. He is a nice guy, friendly and easy to get on with, and very hospitable.
I quite agree with his recommendation that I seemed to bring out the heel in him - he certainly worked me over - and I loved it! He started off with an amazing crushing bearhug that left me gasping then continued with all manner of pins, locks, chokes, squeezes, and all the other holds us jobbers dream of.
He has a strong, stocky body, great to get hold of and to be held by. We finished off with an oil wrestling session which rounded off a great wrestling experience.
I would thoroughly recommend him, and hope to meet him again when I am next in the area.

Scotland doesn't stop at Edinburgh - get up to the beautiful Highlands and met this great guy!



scotpal is recommended by B2Bomber

Scotpal was a great wrestler and fighter who really holds his own! I was twice his size and itching for a good match and thought it would be a breeze to dominate and submit him, but scotpal was a lot stronger and tougher than he looks. We went best out of 3 matches and even though I won in the end, I had to grapple hard for each victory. Not only is Scotpal flexible and strong, but the real danger is in his stamina; he was able to last twice as long as other wrestlers I’ve fought who were bigger and younger. During our second round, he refused to give-up and his endurance won out; he was able to submit me after tiring me out! Scotpal is a real nice guy outside the made as well, very friendly and respectful. If you have the chance, I recommend you challenge him to a match!



B2Bomber is recommended by scotpal

I had the pleasure of meeting B2Bomber when I visited Naples recently. He is such a friendly and helpful guy, picking me up from the station and accommodating the match in his apartment with an excellent mat area. He was the perfect host, making me feel very welcome and comfortable, even lending me one of his singlets from his impressive selection.
He is a very strong, fit guy with an amazing muscular body and looks great in his trunks and singlet! And that body knows how to wrestle! He went at 100 miles an hour which was good for me as I can tend to be a bit passive and his onslaught made me respond and react so we had several long grappling sessions. I am quite happy to say that he came out on top, but he didn't get it all his own way and we both had our moments of triumph - all done with a perfect balance of competitiveness and fun.

It was a great wrestling experience, and great to have shared the company of such a nice young man - I hope we can meet again in the future and would totally recommend him.



scotpal is recommended by amex2

Ci siamo incontrati a casa di un amico Graproma. Nonostante il caldo esagerato ci siamo divertiti lottando al meglio delle nostre possibilita'. Molto agile e direi anche piuttosto forte sono riuscito a vincerlo e finalizzarlo soprattutto all'inizio. Poi e' venuto fuori ed e' riuscito a mettermi sotto in un paio di occasioni. Sono piu' forte di lui ma meno in forma. Gli daro' rivincita. Per il momento e' il mio piccolo jobber scozzese.



amex2 is recommended by scotpal

I had the pleasure of wrestling Amex2 when I was on holiday in Rome. I totally agree with other recommendations I have read that despite his slim build, he has great strength in his upper body and has a grip of iron! When I was pinned with him on top, it was impossible to escape. I do enjoy being pinned like that :-) but did put up a struggle - to no avail. Although I did get him to submit, I am happy to be his jobber - for the moment!!
Off the mats, he is a lovely, friendly gentle guy and it was a pleasure to spend time with him. I am happy to recommend him and hope we can meet up again in the future.



scotpal is recommended by graproma

Ho lottato benissimo con SCOTPAL.
E' un bravo lottatore, forte e leale.
Spero di poter fare con lui dei lunghi allenamenti.
Molto raccomandato.



graproma is recommended by scotpal

I had the pleasure of wrestling Graproma when I was on holiday in Rome. He hosted the match in his apartment and was a very welcoming and attentive host.
He is a very strong guy, and his stocky guild makes him great at pinning! We had a few good grappling sessions, and although I managed to get a submission from him, he did come out the victor overall. I enjoyed our wrestling which was competitive, but safe and fun and am happy to recommend him.



scotpal is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Meet 'Scotpal' during my short weekend in Glasgow. It was a classic Jobber v heel match. Very respectful,. Experienced and approachable wrestler who knows a few cheeky moves. Will definitely want to meet again next time I up in Glasgow. I recommend you do the same .



scotpal is recommended by Brakus

He is a friendly, welcoming and hospitable guy, nice talk with Scotpal. Great strength and agility with a lots of good wrestling holds. Nice person off the mats!



Brakus is recommended by scotpal

Had the pleasure of meeting Brakus when I was on holiday in Milan. He is a very pleasant, friendly guy - good looking, fit, lean body. We had a great session - pin/submission wrestling. I think we were a pretty good match, although he did manage to make me yell a couple of submissions by catching me in his mean bostons and cobras! Would recommend him without hesitation and hope I get the chance to meet him again.



scotpal is recommended by headlockmehard

Had a great time with Scotpal. Great strength and agility. Headscissors and chokes were long held and hard, though I had fun sometimes overwhelming him with my holds that squeezed. Great time and look forward to another match. This guy is strong, mild mannered off the mat but on the mat watch out, he doesn't give in easily.



headlockmehard is recommended by scotpal

Met 'Headlockmehard' while he was visiting Edinburgh - really glad we were able to wrestle. We were both looking for a squeezing/choking/grappling session and it certainly lived up to my expectations. He is a friendly, pleasant guy, very strong, put me through my paces with his killer scissors and powerful arms. Would recommend him without hesitation and hope we get the chance to meet and hit the mats again.



scotpal is recommended by speedowrestle

Had an after-work hotel match with Scotpal. Nice, easy going lad, who enjoys a beer and a sweaty grapple. Stronger than he looks, and has a few more moves under his belt than he lets on ;)
Highy recommended



scotpal is recommended by fit-enough

We met up when Scotpal hosted and we had a cracken scrap. He's a bit shorter than me so I thought I was in for an easy time. Far from it but it ended up a great fight. His moves were good, not that I was any quicker but only cos I managed to get out of a couple of locks and brought a few of my own did I eventually get a few more subs outta him and he knew it. Return bout will be on the cards . Great stuff.



scotpal is recommended by Glasgow Crusher

Exhausted after a hot give n take submission wrestling match with this guy with competitive action too for over 2 hours.a really great guy to wrestle with lots of good wrestling holds, moves in hit sweaty submission action. Great range of wrestling kit too.
Off the mats he's a friendly, welcoming & hospitable guy with an easy going nature.
Great to wrestle so if you get the chance challenge him. You'll be in for a long wrestling bout.



Glasgow Crusher is recommended by scotpal

Just met James for our first match and what a match it was! He is strong, experienced with good knowledge of holds and moves and had me yelling out loud when trapped in his killer scissors. He obviously loves wrestling and is willing to try all styles of matches.
A friendly guy, very easy to chat to and I hope we get another chance to wrestle again soon.
If you get the chance to wrestle him - don't miss it, and if you're not sure - chat with him as he is very approachable and adaptable.
Thanks for a great session bud!



scotpal is recommended by NorthNotts

Met this fellow small wrestler and wondered how the match would go as i could see he had a lot more experience than me. We had a great match but in the end i got the subs. Really nice guy and good to chat with. Definitely recommend.



NorthNotts is recommended by scotpal

Wow - what a match! This guy is strong, quick, has a grip of iron and worked me over completely! But I loved it!
Was great to have met him - he's a very pleasant, friendly guy. I hope I get a chance to meet up again (maybe even manage one sub) and I would recommend him to anyone.



scotpal is recommended by olderguy

Excellent power to weight ratio and good to wrestle with as well as congenial company; what a privilege to have two good meets in Glasgow on one day; very grateful



scotpal is recommended by matslam

What a lovely,friendly guy.Met as arranged without much of a hassle Scotpal was able to make my heel side emerge.We had a great time rolling,exchanging holds and trying to make each other tap.Off the mats a very sociable,easy-going man.I'd surely meet him again for a rematch.He gets my total recommendation!



matslam is recommended by scotpal

I had the pleasure of meeting grjobber in July 2014, in Athens. First of all, he is a lovely, friendly guy - great company to hang out and chat with.
But of course we were there to wrestle! He lives up to his name in that he loves to be put into submission holds, as you can see from the fantastic action pics in his profile, but he is by no means a pushover - he is strong, agile and is more than capable of switching roles. I enjoyed the punishment of his strong legs in several scissor holds, and we had a very enjoyable, energetic give and take match.
Looking at his pics, he has bulked up with quite a bit of muscle since our meet and I really hope I get another chance to wrestle with this top guy!
Thoroughly recommend him :-)



scotpal is recommended by fitguy2

Scotpal went out of his way to meet up and I was so glad he did. He can be a tough wee lad when he wants. Holding out and using them strong legs of his to put you under pressure. And when he gets top, he will make you pay. Lots of fun and such an easy going guy to hang out with. Looking forward to rolling again



fitguy2 is recommended by scotpal

Fitguy2 invited me over to Dublin for a match and am I glad I took the trip! First of all, he is friendly, easy to chat to and get on with and a seemingly gentle, quiet guy. Till he gets on the mats! While always good natured, safe and sane, he displayed strength, technique and a competitive attitude that very quickly defined the match as a heel-jobber destruction. No matter how I struggled, I couldn't escape his pins, and gasped in his scissors and chokeholds. While bombarding me with trash talk, he overpowered and owned me in the way all jobbers love!
Would thoroughly recommend him, and hope we can meet and wrestle again for more of the same.



scotpal is recommended by SpideyScotUK

Meet Scotpal at his place for a sweaty competitive submission fight in Speedos. He has a great sized mat room for wrestling on. He's a small guy compared to me but his skill and determination took me by surprise and soon I was on my back trying to fend off this pocket dynamo's attacks until he got me in a superb arm bar and had me moaning my first submission of the match. after getting the first sub he grew in confidence and it was an onslaught after that as he kicked my arse all over every inch of his mats and made me submit to just about every hold in his arsenal. I got him to tap once but it finished up 7 v 1 to him so it was a very comprehensive victory for him in the end. He's a great guy and host and I really enjoyed the match. My Speedos were drenched in sweat at the end of it and I'd highly recommend you take on him on but don't under estimate him because of his size!



SpideyScotUK is recommended by scotpal

Really enjoyed my match with SpideyScott. Didn't realise he was keeping score - but glad he did!! :-)
But he certainly wasn't a pushover. He has a good fighting spirit and great strong legs! A bit more experience and he'll be notching up his submissions. I hope we get a chance to wrestle again, and would recommend him as a good opponent and a really nice guy.



scotpal is recommended by Scissorvictim

I've wrestled Scotpal many times over the years. He is a very friendly wrestler, easy to talk to and an excellent host. He will give you a good competitive match. Perfectly safe and sane, reliable. Highly recommend.



Scissorvictim is recommended by scotpal

Met with Scissorvictim several times, but unfortunately not for quite a while. We are still in touch, but just haven't had the chance to meet up. he is a very genuine guy - gentle, funny, great company. On the mats, he does like a good grapple and loves inflicting his scissor holds on you which are pretty effective to say the least! He is certainly not short of other moves too, but it is all done in a fun, friendly and safe manner.
I hope we get a chance to meet again soon, and I would happily recommend him to anyone - you will enjoy meeting and wrestling with him.



scotpal is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

Met up with Lewis again after a long time. He is such a great host and easy to talk to before and after a great wrestle. Hopefully we wont leave it as long before meeting up again!



scotpal is recommended by Lincoln Lad

Wrestled Scoptpal at our place a couple of weekends back. He's a friendly guy with perfect manners and a very easy-going style. On the mats, he takes a LOT of punishment before submitting and I really enjoyed letting my inner heel come out to play with a smaller guy. Odd, 'cos I'm not normally like that, you know...Safe, sane and fun. Recommended.



scotpal is recommended by Steve Shock

Finally met Scotpal after long time chatting about wrestling
Well worth the wait
loved wrestling this guy !!!
small but great body his pics don't do him justice !!

would love to meet this guy and wrestle him again and again



scotpal is recommended by Wrestlertoo

I met Lewis recently and was very impressed . He is fit and strong and easily adapted his level to my lack of experience.
In addition he was great fun on the mat and very hospitable off it.......I hope to be able to spend more time with him when we meet again. Jon, 2012.
Thanks Lewis.
UPDATE; 9/2013..... Met again this month and really enjoyed another really hot session at his home. Great fun and excellent hospitality, who could ask for anything more?
Cheers, Lewis



Wrestlertoo is recommended by scotpal

Met Jon a couple of months ago. We were a good size match (bit of a novelty for me!) and I think fairly evenly matched on the mats too.

He certainly knows some good moves and holds, and had me gasping in his body scissors - one of my favourite holds to be caught in!

Thoroughly enjoyed our grapple - and good to see he's getting some matches during his travels. Look forward to him showing me what he's learned when he gets back to Scotland!



scotpal is recommended by Gforce199

great man who never gives up. Nice people too!



Gforce199 is recommended by scotpal

wow - this guy certainly knows his moves! Got loads of submissions from me using chokes and armlocks. I couldn't get advantage over him at all. having said that, really enjoyed the match and would love to wrestle more. A very pleasant, friendly guy and a great body to get to grips with!!



scotpal is recommended by YoungScot

Matched Lewis a number of times, and it's always a good match. He'll get a submission out of me eventually! ;)



scotpal is recommended by mikecumbria

Lewis came to my matroom to wrestle for the third time this afternoon and again we had a great match - he is strong, flexible and determined and he doesn't give up easily. Highly recommended.



scotpal is recommended by oldscrapperderby

great guy, warm, friendly, and great to wrestle pro style, can't wait for the next time!!cheers mate.



scotpal is recommended by ScotLaird1

Have wrestled Scotpal on various occasions and have always enjoyed our exchanges-he is strong for his stats and determined. He is also a really nice guy off the mats.