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Just looking to roll around with another guy and have a good time. Prefer Jobber/Heel but sometimes enjoy surprising people and going for the tap out.

Hit me up if you are visiting Philly or traveling through - my schedule varies so even if you are only here for a few hours let's see if we can make it happen.

I accept most challenges



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
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I am willing to travel 10 miles


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (179 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Varies

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philliwrestler is recommended by ProWorkover

Met with Philliwrestler after a few weeks of chatting in advance of my trip. Match was easy to set up, and the banter in advance of the match was clever and sassy. For this match, PW was a sexy jobber who has some heel instincts, and even though he was dominated most of the time, those heel instincts came out a few times during our match. He's fun to wrestle, very cute and gets into character very convincingly. When out of wrestling character, he's a super nice guy. I enjoyed our match and would enjoy meeting him again.



ProWorkover is recommended by philliwrestler

This guy truly fulfills his name - PROWORKOVER - cause that is what he did . . . WORKED me over in ways I never expected to be worked and controlled me in ways I never knew I could be controlled. He was a gracious host - and if I did not pull a muscle in my leg when I was being worked over I would have enjoyed going to see him for a second day in a row. If he is in your city or town you should not pass up on meeting him. I hope his work schedule brings him back to the city of brotherly love so he can show me some more desctruction.



philliwrestler is recommended by SmoothApeMan

Kevin is a hot stud. Lots of fun to wrestle. Looking forward to meeting up again!



philliwrestler is recommended by newstravel

Great guy off ring and perfect jobber on it 😜πŸ’ͺ. He made easy to arrange for us to meet during my visit to Philadelphia and make sure that I had good time wrestling. He thought it was going to be easier for him... The little he knew πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



newstravel is recommended by philliwrestler

What a great time. I am def one to move fast and he took total control and made me slow it down and relax. Def made the match more fun and intense that way. Wish he was in town for a few more days cause I would be interested in meeting him again. Hoping our paths cross again one day. Thank you for an AWESOME time my friend.



philliwrestler is recommended by heterosp

Even hotter in person, we had a short but sweet match due to his busy work schedule. Hope to square off against this sexy dude again soon!



philliwrestler is recommended by hispanicpanic79

The phrase "check yourself before you wreck yourself" has never been more apt. I mistook philliwrestler's eroticism for a jobber streak, and he proved me dead wrong by making me tap 4 times in quick, back-to-back promission rounds with head and body scissors. I was winded, and he didn't even seem to notice when I applied my scissors as hard as I could. He's stronger than he looks and has a cocky streak, dominating and making a subservient jobber of me. After I gain more muscle, I'd definitely take him on again. He was friendly, easy to schedule with and gave good back-and-forth. Check him out.



philliwrestler is recommended by AME757

Easily the scrappiest jobber I've ever hit the mats with and quite the attractive fellow to boot. He can take a hell of a beating and then flip you and have you in a hold wondering what the hell just happened. He definitely makes you work to pin him for the 3 count, but I quite enjoyed it when I finally did ;)
Loved locking up with this guy and wanna do it again ASAP.



AME757 is recommended by philliwrestler

Where do I begin? Showed up not knowing what I was walking into besides ALOT of Trash Talking that I wanted to see backed up. First off don’t even know why he is faceless on here cause he is incredibly handsome which made the beat down he delivered even BETTER. nothing like a Big Heel with a cute Face while he taunts his prey and pulls up on the 2 count to deliver more punishment. Don’t worry I surprised him with my flexibility and cheap shots to take advantage for a few seconds. Looking forward to rolling many more times . . .



philliwrestler is recommended by Redmond40

Eager young guy wants to meet and wrestle the older big bad bear...what could more fun! He so wanted to be manhandled and I am always happy to oblige my opponents desires. Strong and flexible with a hidden mean streak...but not for long. Open invitation to wrestle any time he wants.



Redmond40 is recommended by philliwrestler

A guy like me never stood a chance against a man like Redmond. Damn did he deliver . . . Hopefully next time we have more time and he can deliver the bat down a bad jobber like me deserves. If you can meet him do not and I mean DO NOT miss the opportunity.



philliwrestler is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

This is a great guy to meet. Strong and fun. Highly recommend and looking forward to our next one



philliwrestler is recommended by sleepermuscle

Cute jobber boy that suffers really well but don't be fooled by that face. He doesn't go down without a fight and can dish it out as well. Great back and forth pro style match. Very fun time! I will definitely hit this boy up again on my next trip to Philly.



philliwrestler is recommended by ukwrestler

Sexy face/tough jobber. Great attitude, nice guy, fit body - ticks all my boxes :-)



ukwrestler is recommended by philliwrestler

Awesome guy - glad we finally got our schedules to match. Hopefully this was just the beginning of our meets when he travels to the Philadelphia area. Good guy, cute face and great convo after our match. Don't miss your chance if it comes up.



philliwrestler is recommended by planted pinned

Missed this guy on my last trip but finally caught him this time, and I'm glad I did. This guy got squashed like a champ; lost track of all the piledrivers this guy took (>12)! Great at suffering and selling in all of my sub holds and power moves. Nice guy off the mat. Hope to meet again sometime.



philliwrestler is recommended by WrestleJ

"Resilient" is the best word to describe him. He can withstand a lot. He can be a heel in an instant during the match so don't let your guard down. He's tough, quick, and has smart wrestling skills. I enjoyed the quick match we had. Lock up with him if you are visiting Philly.



WrestleJ is recommended by philliwrestler

Praying work brings him back to me. JobberJ is just what he is ... JOBBER. Good guy who tried to take control of this lil guy but was unsuccessful. Hopefully he had as good of a time as I did.



philliwrestler is recommended by Luv2Wrestle

Had a chance to meet up with philliwrestle while traveling in the area. Great guy, good communication, good skills, stronger than you'd think! Would definitely wrestle again!



Luv2Wrestle is recommended by philliwrestler

What a guy - spur of the moment meet up when he was visiting the 'City of Brotherly Love' - off the mat a great guy but in the mat far from showing 'Brotherly Love'.

If you get a chance def meet up - you won't be disappointed



philliwrestler is recommended by ckfigter

Hands down, consistently one of my best regulars I've had the pleasure of meeting over the years. He'll have u coming back for more.



ckfigter is recommended by philliwrestler

What is there to say . . . . one of the greatest guys out there. Have been rolling with him off and on for about 7 years and every time we meet it gets better and better.



philliwrestler is recommended by VegasWrestler79

Totally a fun guy to wrestle. Every meeting has been a great experience. Don't let his small build fool you, he can be very creative in getting the upper hand in a match!



VegasWrestler79 is recommended by philliwrestler

Meet up again with my long-time buddy for one of the hottest matches to date. We keep getting better with experience. Can't wait til next time.

Great guy who knows what he is doing. Love getting the message that he is coming to town. If he is near you make sure you make time for him.



israeli hye is recommended by philliwrestler

Got to meet this guy spur of the moment and it couldn't have worked out any better. I walked in expecting to be tapping out non-stop - however I even surprised myself getting the amount of taps out of him that I did. Great guy on and off the mats. If he is in your town jump on the opportunity to meet him - you will not regret it.



philliwrestler is recommended by MaulerMike

Had a quick pro match with Philli.....surprised by his heel tendencies. He reminded me of a new version of Gino babyface cute heel haha.



philliwrestler is recommended by Sam

Set up a match at the last minute. Had a fun time trading holds with this sexy stud and reinforcing his jobber status. Looking forward to putting some new holds on him in a rematch.



Sam is recommended by philliwrestler

Good guy with an amazing body and build for a man of his age. Great space to use and he definitely taught this jobber a thing or two.



philliwrestler is recommended by NJWoodbridge

It's been many years since my first two matches with this jobberboy. And finally, after all those years, we met this past weekend in Philadelphia. Hotter than ever and even more durable and tougher than before. I hope it is not so long for our next match.



NJWoodbridge is recommended by philliwrestler

It has been a few years since we last rolled - but an amazing guy who respects limits. If you have the chance to meet up with him - do not miss out.



lspowerhouse is recommended by philliwrestler

Awesome guy. Knows how to make this jobber beg for mercy. Have met up with him 3 times now and each time gets more intense. One of the best out there and if you can meet him don't miss out on your chance.



philliwrestler is recommended by Yngrasslr00

Hot fun guy who knows how to bring the intensity level up, really enjoyed our meets, quick on his feet...knows how to use em too



philliwrestler is recommended by BOSSMAN

Thoroughly enjoy wrestling philliwrestler. No games with this guy - we set up a match - layout our plan and we go at it. Highly recommend this handsome scrappy wrestler!



BOSSMAN is recommended by philliwrestler

Def a good guy who knows how to follow the rules laid out from the beginning. If you get a chance to meet up with him - do it.



ProWrestlerFL is recommended by philliwrestler

Rob is a great guy. Met him several times over the years and he always knew how I liked it and delivered the jobber beating I deserved each time. If you are looking to be destroyed and feel like a jobber he is your guy.



wrestleclaw is recommended by philliwrestler

Met him a few times over the years and he gets stronger every time we meet. Don't miss your chance to get tossed around by this guy if he is in your town.



phoenix is recommended by philliwrestler

Awesome guy - if you get the chance to meet do not miss out



philliwrestler is recommended by Mark uk

I met this cocky stud on a trip to the east coast. Had chatted for a longtime and finally got to meet. By no means was I disappointed either. We had an awesome match together and I am pleased to say have become close friends. He also found out the hard way the Old guys can be as good as young guys. Sometimes better.
If your in the philli area or just visiting then make the time to meet him. He's a cool guy and i'd recommend him anytime.



Mark uk is recommended by philliwrestler

Mark is an awesome OLD MAN. Do not let his age fool you - because he is extremely fit and can def move around on the mat better than most people half of his age. We had a great match and really look forward to meeting up with him again. If he is in your town and area and you can set-up a match with him - I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.