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I'll be on a road trip from Philli to New Orleans and back July 12-28, 2018. My locales are my best guess as I'm changing my route on the fly. Hope to see you guys!

Looking for hot guys to wrestle. Anything from playful holds to submission (edging watching wrestling videos works too). There'll be sweat, long stretching holds and, if we click, nipple play, face sitting and first to cum. Totally hot when a guy gets worked over, pinned down and milked dry while struggling to get free. Can be limited to just wrestling.
Lets hit it.
*Backstory on the guy who negatively rated me... we never wrestled as he figured out I preferred his boyfriend. Watch out for their bait 'n switch.



  1. Canada - British Columbia, Vancouver (I'm here from 6/26/2018)
  2. USA - Louisiana, New Orleans (I'm here between 7/20/2018 and 7/23/2018)
    Road trip
  3. USA - Delaware, Atlanta (I'm here between 7/15/2018 and 7/16/2018)
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Gear: Singlets, speedos, jock straps

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vanwrestler is recommended by Tonedmuscle

Van wrestler is an amazing and energetic guy on and off the mat, fun personality, good charisma and very caring. He is very strong and always prepared to deliver a good fight. I had a great time wrestling this incredible beast (a fine one, lol). Don't miss an opportunity to wrestle this dude! I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a sweaty fight!



Tonedmuscle is recommended by vanwrestler

This fellow has a beautiful personality and amazing body. He's also strong and tough so it was fun to wrestle and stretch out in holds so I could admire his body. You should definitely meet him if you have the chance.



vanwrestler is recommended by tenacity

I'm glad I was finally able to meet up with vanwrestler in Philadelphia at the start of his summer road trip! For those of you who happen to live along his tour of the Southeast, don't miss a chance to roll with him. He's a swell guy, and his impressive physique looks great when locked up in a rear naked choke! Though I had the upper hand, he did teach me a thing or two by the end of our match. I hope I'm fortunate enough for a rematch upon his return to Philadelphia.



tenacity is recommended by vanwrestler

Fun time and a solid guy all around. Although he’s 20lbs lighter than me and he just came from an mma class, he had no problem pretzeling me. He taught me some submission holds that I’m looking forward to trying on someone. I look forward to seeing him again and recommend you meet him.



vanwrestler is recommended by nycguy86

Delightful to talk to, look at, and wrestle with! What a fun afternoon :-)



nycguy86 is recommended by vanwrestler

A fun guy, easy to chat with and a hot body. He's also flexible, like super flexible. I had fun trading holds with him.



vanwrestler is recommended by Erik Salgado

Great person and better wrestler. Great body and The hardest to beat. But i spend The greatest time. Highly recommended.
Ps sorry about mi english



Erik Salgado is recommended by vanwrestler

His personality, smile, and body are all incredible. I can’t wait to see him again.



vanwrestler is recommended by kicksands

What was supposed to be a balanced match with this guy pretty quickly devolved into a squash match. This guy is obscenely strong and knows his moves damn well. You know, at least I'm learning a thing or two amidst the pain and submissions!



kicksands is recommended by vanwrestler

Fun guy to chat with and wrestle. I know he went easy on me. Def meet him if you have the chance.



vanwrestler is recommended by swimmerjocknyc

Knows his moves really well. Awesome guy to chat with and talk about wrestling. Must wrestle if you get the chance



vanwrestler is recommended by Colbyjack

Was a very hot match. Hard to do much of anything seeing how he dominated me. I plan on making our next match more interesting as I plan on taking my piece of ass for my prize. See you soon.



vanwrestler is recommended by AJtussler

Vanwrestler was a great match. Wrestled once on his trip to London and I had to come back for another wrestle before he left! In amazing shape, really good chat and knows his way around the moves. Highly recommend!



AJtussler is recommended by vanwrestler

He's lots of fun, playful and incredibly cute. It takes a lot to make him tap out. I absolutely recommend him :)



vanwrestler is recommended by Jagoan

Warm, smiley and fun guy. Very fit and has a good repertoire of techniques as well.



Jagoan is recommended by vanwrestler

An amazing body and personality. Fun guy!!



vanwrestler is recommended by spiilitwill

really awesome guy to meet up with, was on semi short notice n wasnt sure if i could make it, but glad i did...had a good time...dont let him fool ya he knows what hes doin



spiilitwill is recommended by vanwrestler

An incredibly nice guy and fun wrestler. He knows how to wrestle and looks damn good in a singlet. Definitely meet him if you have the chance - I will!



vanwrestler is recommended by wrestle1983

Met NYE. Vanwrestler is way bigger than I thought from his 2 pics. We weigh about the same but my weight is in my quads/calves his is equally balanced and all muscle probably 2x my frame. Just his hug hello I could feel how muscled he was and that whatever we did for the next hour I wouldn't be in any control.

I was right lol. I got manhandled into positions, it was fun and hot. He has nice sized muscled biceps too (I asked him to flex 2x's). I would recommend to anyone traveling through.



azknockout is recommended by vanwrestler

He's a nice guy and tough wrestler. It's all sorts of fun getting worked over by him.



Adnoid is recommended by vanwrestler

We've wrestled 2-3 times now and as always he's fun and charming.



vanwrestler is not recommended by tkdboy

  • Unsafe / dangerous



vanwrestler is recommended by Wrestling Angel

What a great guy, smiles a lot but very tough wrestler, kick boxer and uses his tools well. Very friendly but on the mat super tough