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  1. United Kingdom, North Kesteven
    (I'm here between 11/03/2019 and 11/03/2021)

I am willing to travel 100 miles


57-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 174 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: singelts/trunks /boots


Experienced heel.
Into pro style holds and gear ( trunks /leotards and boots - but not essential if other guy isn't - Have spare gear too including pro boots ) and love to heel a lighter guy using genuine semi competitive subs and pins. Will take on fit /in shape heavier guys within a reasonably similar weight.I work up a sweat , but i wrestle for fun , and am not into competitive pure submission wrestling.
Match enjoyment is more important to me than who wins . who cares if it's a boring meet ?

Contact me ref your fav type of match.
Am genuine
in shape

Chat is great - but NO TIME WASTERS ref meets please.Had enough in 2019 -

Have a heavier tag partner , and match against a jobber tag team is on for spring 2020.



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights
Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

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varsityb is recommended by mchaeljams6

Varsityb and I met met up for a hotel match in Leicester.
I had a great time with Varsityb; once he asked all the right questions about what we both wanted and shat our limits were, he proceeded to destroy me for ages in various holds, his particular favourite being a very strong bodyscissors that I could never wriggle out of.
Varsityb was a proper gentleman, dead chatty and easy to get along with. Highly recommended by me :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by varsityb

It was easy to arrange a match with Michael , and when I picked him up from the station I realised his pics on here don't do him justice. He's a good looking lad with a fit lean body , and soaked up and suffered in long slow bear hugs and and mostly scissors... and some specific hot holds and action. Perfect for heels who enjoy making the jobber submit and controlling the action- made him wear an amateur singlet to show off his body , and he looked great in it. Turned out to be a great match, and a lot of fun as Michael is easy going and good company. Hope we can arrange a rematch in the future. Highly recommended guys.



varsityb is recommended by slimlondon4

Quick and easy to arrange a match and a nice guy, looks good in his gear and would recommend you meet him for a match.

He's very strong - particularly when he uses him muscular legs - I've never been put in so many holds before (and he had even more up his sleeve ready if we had more time).



slimlondon4 is recommended by varsityb

Jay was great fun to wrestle , slim with a lithe muscular build , he looked great in gear too. A semi competitive jobber / heel style match with long slow subs - slow mainly because the much lighter jobber made the heel work hard to get the few subs he did. Good looking lad , and good company too. Hope a rematch is on the cards. Sometimes the quickly arranged matches are among the best..this was.



The Villainous Prince Glycerine is recommended by varsityb

I had a great weekend meeting Chris. A good looking , intelligent , and charming guy who is far wiser than his years. Apart from the wrestling we spent time looking around Hastings , and he was good and easy company throughout. I know he will kill me for saying this , but the word that comes to mind is sweet .
But not on the mats. Build wise Chris is a strong Bear , with extremely powerful legs. Thankfully I mostly avoided them , but he seemed to take it easy on me - I think partly to check out my style so he could hammer me next time - lol , it was a long and enjoyable session , and a lot of fun.
I think he adopts his style so that his opponent enjoys the action- and you will. So if he challenges you , meet him. He won't mess you about , and you will meet a really amicable and engaging guy who knows his stuff.
( See you again my friend , and will show you a different style when we next meet ).



varsityb is recommended by back2pin4fun

An impromptu and short meet today with this gent who clearly demonstrated the strengths of being a dominant heel, albeit a very nice one 😊
Other engagements meant we didn't get to wrestle as long as we both would have liked but suffice to say that all that has been said in his previous recommendations ring true - strong guy, very safe, an arsenal of holds and a thoroughly decent man who I would recommend and certainly hope to have the opportunity of meeting again.



back2pin4fun is recommended by varsityb

The match was set up very quickly ( 2 hours before whilst I was having lunch - maybe we will go Italian rather than me smelling of Italian next time Paul ) -the time was short , but the action was enjoyable. Paul was aggressive and strong from the start - you can tell he loves to wrestle. I thought he was supposed to be a jobber and it was going to be a leisurely Sunday afternoon match- you could have fooled me , and lucky I have a weight advantage.
Between the scissors , bear hugs/ fig 4's and armlocks we had a lot of fun and mangled to avoid carpet burns. A very nice guy . I look forward to the rematch.



varsityb is recommended by gymlad1999

It was great meeting this man. He is kind, considerate and empathectic. He was also very strong and sexy when wrestling, which I happen to love in a guy. I definitely recommend meeting this friendly hot man. We ended up talking for a while too and it was great. I hope to see you him again sometime!



gymlad1999 is recommended by varsityb

I knew he had a great build from the pics , but in the flesh wearing trunks the pics don't do him justice. Strong on the mats too with killer scissor holds , and he was picking things up quickly - a real handful. On one of the hottest nights on the year, so lucky to be wrestling one of the hottest guys. Handsome and a lovely guy to boot - Kai is good company off the mats too , and very enjoyable to talk to and spend time with.

Speaking of boots - I hope to see him in them and wearing the lilac trunks for a rematch if he has the time to spare from meeting you guys.

Don't pass on the opportunity if he contacts you.



varsityb is recommended by SubsGuy82

A must meet for anyone into subs and pro. Really great guy all round, knows some brutal holds! Managed to last a good while in my scissors.

Really knows his stuff, highly recommended, def a favourite and would meet again.



SubsGuy82 is recommended by varsityb

After many years of chatting Rob and I actually met - Handsome lad with piercing blue eyes .. I really enjoyed his company and found him great to talk to. We often chat on here and have stayed in touch -goading each other about the am sure there will be several in the future. Have yet to see him in the union jack trunks - but he looked great in trunks and pro boots.. also the leotard... when we met - but he's no jobber. Strength wise we were pretty evenly matched..... and had a great match - but he can be sneaky -so watch out for those scissors... highly recommended - i look forward to wrestling him again soon.



varsityb is recommended by Bham87

A fantastic all-around guy and a terrific wrestler, one of the absolute BEST on this site. His profile doesn't capture the actual skills and strength. Deano is a natural in the wrestling field and he can tune the intensity according to the opponent's level. Definitely worth your time for a match, he playfully locks on holds and is always ready to get the tap. Even when you end up on top, he'll keep fighting to not loose. His wrestling skill, his strength, his body, his personality, his reliability – it just doesn't get any better. A phenomenal guy and wrestler whom I consider myself very lucky to have met. Make sure he's on your next to wrestle list ..



Bham87 is recommended by varsityb

This unexpectedly turned out to be one of my best matches , and not just of 2017. Aj is a handsome lad , and looks superb in his red speedos - even better than his photos. The unexpected part was me having a 2 stone weight advantage, and more knowledge , and having to sweat so hard to get him to submit -he's very fast and strong for his weight. We had a really great match and fought each other for nearly 3 hours of good humoured, muscle straining action - just wish had taped it. Maybe next time we meet - hopefully soon !!
He's very reliable ( something that sadly can't always be said ) and is a really friendly guy. There's nothing I can add- he's a genuinely great opponent. I will jump at the chance to wrestle him again.



varsityb is recommended by bobby barnes

I can only say excellent things about this guy, we have been friends for years, and both love wrestling. We both love world of sport,and bg wrestling, and our friendship started when we met up and swopped videos. We have been all over the country watching pro shows, including some training, and getting in the ring.He is one of the kindest guys you will meet, with a great personality.His wresttling skills are excellent with a judo back ground, he can soon wrap you up in the agony of a sub or pro holds.He has stayed at mine endless times, and we have holidayed together. Meet him if you want a great match...



bobby barnes is recommended by varsityb

Rob and I have wrestled on many occasions and had some great matches. He is a big WOS enthusiast and really knows his stuff . . he should do with his extensive collection of wrestling tapes. He also looks like a pro wrestler ( Just not one of the ugly ones ! ). He can take a lot of punishment and likes the Boston.... but is tougher than he looks , and refuses to submit. So if you are looking for a fantastic host with a great sense of humour , then he comes highly recommended. We have been the best of friends for many years.



varsityb is recommended by Lincoln Lad

Had a lot of fun wrestling Deano - our match was a good mix of pro and submission - and it was great to be able to use some of the pro submission holds "for real". Deano's a real expert on pro and is happy to share his knowledge if you ask him to. Off the mats, Deano's a real gent and he would be welcome at our place anytime. I sure hope to wrestle Deano again soon, and I would recommend him to anybody who likes a fun, physical, and good-natured match.



Lincoln Lad is recommended by varsityb

I met Mark and Darren at the weekend and had a great time both on the mats and socially, as the guys are very friendly and wonderful hosts. Thanks again for the hospitality guys - much appreciated. Andrew ( Grapplebuy66 ) joined us and we had a 4 way pro style session which was good fun and we had some laughs.
The guys really know their stuff , but took it easy on me bearing in mind my lighter weight and i am glad they did. They weren't so gentle with each other , and it was obvious they could handle themselves in the submission department. i can only repeat what has been said before . .just don't pass up on the opportunity to meet them. I hope to do so again soon.



varsityb is recommended by borets

Deano is hugely knowledgeable about all aspects of the pro scene. Strong skilled and feisty on the mats he was a pleasure to wrestle. A great and easy guest, highly recommended.



borets is recommended by varsityb

I met Mark and Darren at the weekend and had a great time both on the mats and socially, as the guys are very friendly and wonderful hosts. Thanks again for the hospitality guys- much appreciated. Andrew ( Grappleguy 66 ) joined us , and we had a 4 way pro style session which was good fun and we had some laughs. The guys really know their stuff , but took it easy on me bearing in mind my lighter weight and i am glad they did. They weren't so gentle with each other , and it was obvious they could handle themselves in the submission department. I can only repeat what has been said before . .just don't pass up on the opportunity to meet them. I hope to do so again soon.



varsityb is recommended by alexjs

I had a great match with varsityb on February. It was my very first match and it was awesome. Varsityb is a great wrestler and an extremely skilled and easy going guy. In a moment I was wrapped around his strong legs, struggling to escape and breath, and in the next one I was wrapped into his really painful camel clutch. From one hold to another at a bat of eye. A true heel. Very patient with newbies. Highly recommended.



alexjs is recommended by varsityb

I met Alex for a jobber /heel style match last Friday and had a great time. As i am the first guy Alex has wrestled ( hope this hasn't put him off wrestling ! ) I should have / and had hoped to teach him a few holds , but we got so engrossed in the match that i never got around to it. But with his enthusiasm am sure he'll pick it up very quickly. Off the mats he was very amicable, good fun and relaxing company. He's a handsome lad too.I really enjoyed our meet, and hope to get a rematch in the near future.Highly recommended.



varsityb is recommended by flexiwrestler

Dean, is a great pro-heel. Met on several occasions over the years and always had a great time, safe, sensible but knows his stuff, and can recommend him highly especially to both beginners and experienced jobbers!



flexiwrestler is recommended by varsityb

Have wrestled Adrian several times and had some great matches.....Flexi he is.. can take loads of punishing bostons/ camels /backbreakers and is a great jobber.Fun on and off the mats. Highly recommended , especially if you like pro jobber heel matches.



varsityb is recommended by Superfly

I had a great match with this wrestler. Knew some good pro moves and was safe and sane throughout. Fairly strong and physically fit, needless to add, a nice body. Off the mats, a great guy to be with and a great host. A high recommendation.



Superfly is recommended by varsityb

Had a great long match with Rob yesterday – give and take wrestling with some punishing scissors. He is loads of fun and good company - with a powerful build. Looks great in gear too. Can only reiterate what has been said before....highly recommended and well worth meeting guys.



varsityb is recommended by oldscrapperderby

it's been a while since we met, but have met a few times , nice guys, safe sane strong and fun, wud recommend to anyone, cheers Deano.



oldscrapperderby is recommended by varsityb

Friendly easy going guy ,Den is a real world of sport style wrestler , looks the part and can dish it out as well as he can take it.Been a while but no doubt we'll have a rematch...... in the meantime well worth a meet , esp. for guys into old style pro.



Blitzkrieg is recommended by varsityb

Strong good looking guy - mature American preppy jock looks. Corey's a really nice guy and a solid wrestler with a muscular build and incredibly strong legs ( worst - or best lol - scissors have ever come across ) bit too strong for me , but we had a great match and a lot of fun. highly recommended.



varsityb is recommended by Mattyboy

Deano is a friendly guy. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and seems to know at instinctual level what type of wrestling you are comfortable with.



Mattyboy is recommended by varsityb

Had a good wrestle with Matty in a role play jobber/heel match. ( He's also cheeky with it ! )Enjoyable meet on and off the mat , he's a friendly easy going guy , slim muscular build- watch out if he decides to take up the weights.



varsityb is recommended by Glasgow Jobber

Had a great session with Deano. He is powerful but at the same time sensible and careful not to cause any unwanted injury. Knows how to apply and get a guy to submit once he has made you suffer. Fit, reliable and a gentleman - what more can you ask for? Had me well in trouble with his skillful delivery of the full Boston Crab and plenty of other backbreakers - whoahhhh ....



Glasgow Jobber is recommended by varsityb

Brit pro style match to subs...cocky jobber with attitude , we had a good long session - took a while to get him to submit to the bostons and backbreakers , but well worth the effort.He's a friendly reliable guy , and looks good in gear.Recommended.



varsityb is recommended by reslograppler

Deano is a great wrestler and knows all the holds. Guaranteed a great and hard match with him - he can heel when he wants to and will have you in knots if your not on top of your game. Great bloke with a fit bod - try and meet him, you won't regret it !



reslograppler is recommended by varsityb

We had a hard fought match , and Gareth gave as good as he got .. mix of pro holds to subs and submission style. Good in shape guy , easy going and reliable -recommended if you want a genuine match.



varsityb is recommended by grappleguy66

i have met deano a couple of times for non competative matches. he's great erotic / pro style wrestler,in good physical shape, charming handsome ,a gentleman on and off the mats.reliable very safe,i would trust him to put me in any holds .always feel safe in his hands.



grappleguy66 is recommended by varsityb

Very nice guy , sane and strong on the mats - good fun both on and off. Genuine and reliable - we've had a couple of matches and no doubt will have many more.Highly recommended.