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Age 51
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight 172 lbs (78 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
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Gear Trunks, Speedos, Singlet and Jocks
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  1. United Kingdom, Manchester

I am willing to travel 200 miles

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach, Competing (tournaments)

Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

Fetishes: Jackoff, Cock fighting, Face sitting

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Hi Guys,
Easygoing guy. Looking for wrestling mates and to meet other wrestlers for matches, training sessions and wrestling chats. Especially into WoS, Classic Old school Pro and Promission bouts. Nothing crazy-competitive. Emphasis on recreation, fun and exercise. More if the chemistry is there


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NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by Christian Rage

I've been fortunate over the years to have met NW UK WRESTLER a number of times for a variety of matches along the way.

They've usually been in the ring and it is fair to say that we have always had a last although he usually did come out of it stretched and worked over!

He's always game and knows his stuff and never too short of a wrestle link to share with you.

Definitely recommend a match with him.



Christian Rage is recommended by NW UK WRESTLER

I have known Christian a good while and I have been fortunate to have wrestled a good few times. He is an accomplished welcoming brit pro wrestler. Adaptable to all skill levels and abilities. A great wrestling opponent in the ring and an approachable friendly gut outside it. I wholeheartedly recommend spending some time with him. You won't regret it.



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by Grabow

I’ve know Daz since 2002 and had many a good session with . He is a great guy that I have become good friends with through the years.
You will not regret meeting Daz.



Grabow is recommended by NW UK WRESTLER

Grabow and I go way back.
He was a fantastic introduction to the alternative wrestling scene. I couldn't have hoped for better (Chester I recall well). We have wrestled several times subsequently. All memorable matches
Grabow (Graham) is a truly hospitable, fantastic host and accomplished wrestler. He is always great company, easy to get along with and forever welcome wrestling meet. His submission and pro wrestling are amazing and are always in tune with his wrestling partners. I certainly anticipate further meets and genuinely recommend him to both beginners and more experienced wrestlers alike.



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by rezla123

I very much enjoyed meeting Daz. Firstly he made serious efforts to engage with me and we found a love of World of Sport in common, especially in the detail. Apart from being easy to communicate with, he also went to the trouble of booking the ring, setting it all up at the newish place in Denton, so all I had to do was turn up. He even gave me a lift from the station. All greatly appreciated.

From his communications he was very clear about what he envisaged/ wanted and we worked through a pre-agreed programme. He 's a strong lad with some good instincts and technique. He took punishment well. He's maybe a little rusty from a few years off the mats but knows enough and cares enough that he found his wrestling boots again. It was hard work out there, and he pushed himself to his limits which I was impressed by.

He's very easy to get along with; friendly, cerebral, sensible, reliable and respectful so anyone from a novice onwards will be in safe hands. I am sure I will run into him in Manchester again.



rezla123 is recommended by NW UK WRESTLER

After some very welcome and interesting chats, exchanges and psychological play to compare our respective skills and takes around wrestling on MeetFighters; I recently met up with Rezla 123 at the new gym and ring set up Denton, Manchester. What a totally fantastic and memorable introduction to wrestling in a pro-ring it was.

Rezla is an approachable good looking guy. He has a good wrestler’s physique with well-developed arms, powerful legs and broad chest. And has a great classic wrestler’s persona; for me like a mix of Mike Bennett, Marc Rocco and few others, a real plus.

In the ring, Rezla is a skilful and attentive wrestling opponent, with a great wrestling skills base. Comfortable with wrestling role play and selling holds. Safe and adept with easy hold exchanges in light pro wrestling right through to submission and more full on pro wrestling. His natural manner and positive attitude make him a great instructor. I learned loads about making the safe use of ring space, ropes and turnbuckles. As well as working holds and useful moves. My wrestling with Rezla, as we agreed, included exchanges of lighter pro moves and holds to the classic heavier holds like Bostons, Camel clutch, various Leg locks and Scissors holds. The balance of to and fro and was great. The whole wrestling encounter was a well gauged, really enjoyable and safe experience. Some of the best and authentic wrestling I have had. It was tops.

Out of the ring, Rezla is without doubt one of the soundest guys I’ve met on here. He’s genuine, super company, full of good conversation and a good listener. He’s certainly no fake or flake. He has a wealth of wrestling knowledge and anecdotes and interests further afield. Our afternoon meeting sadly flew by. So if you’re looking to hook up with a genuine guy and a well skilled adaptable wrestler for a tailored immersive wrestling meet. Rezla is absolutely your man. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I left our meeting so motivated and intent to develop my game. I’m definitely looking forward to our next meet up and ring match.



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by Leglocklover

It is a good few years since I wrestled Daz, but he is a great guy who loves his wrestling and by all accounts a fair bit trimmer nowadays. Hope we can step through the ropes again some time fella.



Leglocklover is recommended by NW UK WRESTLER

Friendly but capable wrestler. Excellent opponent and great company. You will thoroughly enjoy your meeting.



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by Lomandlad42

Had the great pleasure of wrestling Daz yesterday, a skilled and agile fella who knows his holds great give and take session with subs both ways. A real gent and great to have a few beers after......highly recommended thanks for a great time fella ;-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by NW UK WRESTLER

Feisty, fit, fun and super genuine guy. Highly regarded and highly recommended.



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by Hardmatch

I have had the pleasure of wrestling Daz on a couple of occasions and can't recommend him highly enough. The guy is a whirlwind on the mat and his strength does catch you off guard. He wrestles much bigger than his stats would indicate and you will have your hands full with him in all sorts of ways!



Hardmatch is recommended by NW UK WRESTLER

Great guy and a great wrestler. Skilled and adaptable always a treat to hook up. Good time guaranteed.



We met in London years ago, but finally got a chance to meet 1 on 1 and it was worth the wait. He is strong and determined. We had a good grapple, though could have done with a bit longer... next time!



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by grovelad

Wrestled in July 2010. Daren is a really nice guy and it was a pleasure to hit the mats with him. He's a very experienced, safe and skilled wrestler (who was a lot stronger than I'd expected !) and definitely worth meeting up with if you get the chance.



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by Steve Shock

Met Daz few years ago for good wrestle
good wrestler with knowledge of holds
nice paced wrestle



Steve Shock is recommended by NW UK WRESTLER

Hi Steve is a reliable and skilled wrestler. On every occasion we have wrestled it has been a great time on the mats.



NW UK WRESTLER is recommended by musclemarkuk

Great guy to wrestle , good stamina and pwoer for size :-)))
Looking forward to that rematch u want.