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Singapore based fighter but travel all over South East Asia and also Europe and USA. Like sub wrestling and doing it for quite some time. Started now again wirh Boxing and Muay Thai. MT and boxer please step forward and lets go a few rounds. Can also do grappling / MMA.

Looking for hard fought matches from submission wrestling to MT and boxing till MMA. Rough and sweaty but safe and sane. Want a challenge and build up some sweat. Two alpha males going at each other is best for me. I have mats 3x3 m in Singapore
Any takers??

Travel frequently the US, but also Europe and of course Asia. Hit me up.



  1. Singapore, Singapore
    Place of Residence
  2. Austria, Vienna
    (I'm here between 9/27/2018 and 9/30/2018)
    Weekend, limited time
  3. Switzerland, Zürich
    (I'm here between 3/01/2018 and 9/30/2018)
    Short term assignment
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I am willing to travel 5000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (179 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: singlets, shorts

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Links07

Great fun today sparring with Swiss-Fighter. Setting up the meet was very easy. He is charming and friendly which is always appreciated when meeting a stranger.
He is of course strong and built, much more so than his pictures. I was clearly out of my depth. Those lean muscles look fantastic on him. Very handsome. Very sexy. Highly recommended.



Links07 is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Great guy, feasty wrestling who dont give up easy
Enjoyed our short session with him.
Off the mats even nicer guy!
Easy quick setup of the match, no issues at all.



Swiss-Fighter is not recommended by imthere

  • Unreliable / no show



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by alexxwrestler

I wrestled Swiss-fighter when I went to visit Zurich. He was super kind to host me and showing me the city! Don't be fool by his amazing smile and eyes, this wrestler is very strong and a mean heel if he wants to. Serious muscles from his bodybuilding contests, perfect to worship and see him flexing on top of you. Nice person, nice wrestler, nice soul.
Highly recommended



alexxwrestler is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Great and sexy wrestler! I might repeat what is written here but.... damn his head scissors are strong. Great power in those legs and overall a great fight spirit even getting beaten never stops, never rests and comes back for more.
I had a big size advantange without that i might have been on the losing end!
Off the mats super nice, quite sexy and great / cool guy!
A must meet if u get the chance!



razorfish is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Can agree with all is said
Super nice off the mats, beast on the mats and great and skilled fighter.

A must opponent when in HK



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Bruno S

Awesome guy who loves to fight. Comes with a solid guard and can deliver some hard knocks himself with the intention to floor you!

A great sport who's keen to arrange a match and keeps it within rules and boundaries, and eager to work on techniques. Our sessions have been hard, sweaty but thoroughly fun! Watch out for that right hand of his!



Bruno S is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Awesome guy and good / experienced boxer
He is not intimidated by size at all and handles a sparring session well!
We sweated like crazy as we constantly attacked each other, no resting or taking it easy in our rounds

Cant wait for the rematch

If u want a great boxing match in Singapore, he is your guy for sure!



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by TheMakatiKid

I was on the way to the hotel when I saw this guy ride the MRT. He did not notice me but I immediately knew who he is. I thought to myself: "Damn. This is the guy I set up a match with?! I am gonna be KOed easily."

And I was right. He is very, very skilled. I think he just toyed with me. He rocked my head definitely. At one point all I hear was static before I fell down. The room was spinning. I think it was a hard right hook. I can't know for sure. I didn't see it coming.

Before and after the match, we also had some wrestling moves tried. Of course, before and after everything, he is a totally great guy. Awesome both on and off the mats. I fully recommend you set up a meet with this hot guy whenever you're near him. He does not disappoint.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

He might be small but dont be fooled, he can up a good fight!
Im twice his size but that didnt stop him to set up a KO fight and come at me again and again and again
That should tell you alot about his fighting spirit!

Great guy of the mat and dont let your guard down cause he makes you tap otherwise

Looking forward to our next encounters .....



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by abradtner

It's great having the opportunity to meet this awesome man.
The pictures don’t always tell the truth. He is much more muscular and handsome than his pictures. He is a Greek God, with a beautiful smile, a gorgeous face in a great shape – massive hairy pecs, broad shoulders, nice abs, huge arms and thighs.
When I first met him in person, I thought “What did I just get myself into? He would destroy me effortlessly.” This mundane stood no chance against the Greek God. He knew how to use his muscles to his advantage, to punish his opponent. My dirty moves didn't work, he gave them right back harder. Everytime I fought back, I got more punishment. When I begged for his mercy, he reduced the pain and then increased it. He made me tap multiple times. He broke me over and over, pushed me to the breaking point and beyond.
It was a one-sided match. I tried to fought back, but I failed, and he made me submit in physical and mental.
Hope to have a re-match with him in the future.



abradtner is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Feisty and strong fighter
Puts up a great fight and doesnt tap easy
Always comes back for more

Highly recommended
Great guy off the mats too!



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by on the line

Great guy! Very strong and skilled! Our fight was quite even but unfortunately there wasn't enough space for us.^^
Off the mats he is also very nice and a cool hunk
I fully recommend him!
Meet him if you have the chance!



on the line is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Great guy, super strong, real fighter.
Our fightspace was limited so we had to hold back but every second was great! Super nice guy off the mats. Dont miss a chance to meet him, but careful he might kick your butt ;-)



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Mad Grappler T

One of my favourite fighters here..
Very strong and very skilled.. he knows a lot..
we spent one long afternoon... fight nap fight..
got him what I promised.. TC for him.. in the other side his dragon sleeper.... was slept all the time..
I really hope you come back to europe some day and in that way we meet again..

Good luck in your new city now...




Mad Grappler T is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

We fought a while back. 2 hours of non stop back and forth grappling, was fantastic, afterwards we went for food and sightseeing in Madrid before we returned back to the mats for more action!
My whole body was hurting but I would do it again every day if I could!
Dont miss him if u in Madrid!



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

must definitely fight this guy, he is a stud to fight for, good locks and admitted that he chokes me out all the time, though i am much bigger in size, he brings me down to my knees in minutes, would love a rematch with him anytime of the year again

rematch in 2015
chris is now alot bigger and stronger, looks a lot like a competitive bodybuilder, have a short match but he gains upper hand quickly, need to have a longer match next time



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Great guy pretty strong and fun to wrestle. Almost had to choke him out before he taps!
Very cool and great guy off the mats too!



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by newkite

Chris and me know each other for ages. Not only is he an extremely good and sexy fighter but also I am happy to call him a friend. If in Singapore, or where ever he strolls around, do not miss to meet him !



newkite is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Daniel and I know each other since a long time. We wrestled multiple times and its always great fun. He has good techniques and is quite strong too. Great guy off the mats and Im happy to call him a good friend of mine.
Dont miss him



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by testofstrength

Chris is a sweet and friendly guy. But when he wrestles you, he is like the "Destroyer". Very powerful and dominant. He's also got an amazing body! We had a great time and will meet again in the future.



testofstrength is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Great and strong guy here! Henry is a muscle powerhouse but it was great fun wrestling with him and showing him his place ;-) which is below me, lol
Off the mats absolute friendly and great guy.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by NonoSubfighter

Swiss fighter is a real athlete! One word do define him : fast and furious;)
Incredibly tough and powerful thanks to his
Stamina and his real big muscles..much more bigger in real than in photos...but he can also be quick to deploy large variety of punches!
Of course..he kicks my ass bad in boxing..
Nice welcome too perfect moment.



NonoSubfighter is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Def a fighter with a fighter heart. We did some intense boxing and he never backed down but keep charching me. He is super fit, strong for his size and quick! Was lots of great fun
Anytime anywhere again !

Great and easy going guy off the mats



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Sparringbuddy

If you want to know why the Swiss is known for their hospitality skills, then meet up with him :)

Really nice guy on the mats(he can be mean :p ) and off the mats.

Had pretty much my first MMA pummelling(I asked for it, and kinda knew what was coming) but definitely a good learning experience.

In short, he's got the skills for both standup and groundwork(regardless what he says)

You wait, am gonna train up and whoop your butt!

Highly recommended!



Sparringbuddy is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Great fighter, technical and strong, almost impossible to make him tap in choke hold.
Had a great time fighting but also practicing and rolling with him.

If you want a real good fighter he is your man. Great and very friendly too.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Gariktan

Awesome guy on the mats. Strong and difficult to take down. Had an amazing match with him, and can't wait for the more.



Gariktan is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Strong, muscular and skilled guy.
Had a great time on the mats. Gentleman off the mats
Hope to have many more encounters.



Berlin is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

strong fighter, was an even match, needs to work on the cardio
if you want a guy not roll around but for tough action straight from the start he is your guy.

nice man off the mats



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by subfight

A man with spectacular body. Super strong, muscular and masculine and all around very, very nice guy. U will need a good strenght training and grapple skills. Nice host and I really enjoyed the banter before the match. If you ever have the chance to meet him don't miss it. Thx for everything ;)



subfight is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Had a great grappling weekend with him. Cool guy, good technique and a determind fighter who never gives up and comes back for more.
Also a nice guy off the mats.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by musclehunk

Swiss-Figher ist ein echter Herkules. Seine Power ist imposant und gegenuber unserem letzten Treffen hat er massiv an Muskelmasse zugelegt. Hatte keine Chance gegen ihn, aber hat dennoch Spass gemacht. Gerne mal wieder ob auf oder neben der Matte. Kann ihn empfehlen, fuer alle die eine echte Herausforderung suchen.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Lugi

Great skilled and strong wrestler. Better looking than his pics. Nice guy off the mats as well. Highly recommended.



Lugi is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Had a short but intensive fight with Luigi. He is very strong and also pretty skilled.
If u ever get a chance to take him on, do it!
Highly recommended!



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by amdg

great guy! enjoyed our match; strong spirit; takes a punch and keeps going



amdg is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Big guy for sure but can adjust very good. Had a good match, great fun.
Very nice and sane guy off the mats too.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by FighterGuyy

Strong fighter and very courteous host.

I hope we will meet again soon and have a longer match with more submissions :)



FighterGuyy is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Very strong and very good technical guy. I had a lot of fun grappling with him.
Definitely highly recommended.
looking forward meeting him again.
Off the mats a very nice gentleman.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by fighter1977

Swiss-Fighter is a very cool guy. We had a very hard fight with a lot of hard punches. But always safe and sane.
We also had a lot of fun. Everytime again. He is very skilled and knows what he does.



fighter1977 is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Strong and skilled opponent. We had a great fight for over 1 hour with lots of sweats and give and take.
Was pretty even between us but beware he is def not to underestimate.
Def want to wrestle him again. Very cool guy too.



Jefary is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Had first a great and hard boxing match with him. We went a few rounds and he fought back hard. After that we switched to wrestling and had a few good rounds. Great guy off the mats too. If u go to Singapore def. meet up with him.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Jorgefighter

Wait, wait, wait... how came I still had not recommended this powerhouse? He is easily one of my top 10, and for years he is ranked on my top 3. Extremely strong guy (specially his iron legs) and deffo very skilled. Someday i will beat him. But while this happens, he has given me two beatings, lol.


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Swiss-Fighter 12/14/2017

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Swiss-Fighter 9/26/2014

Working out shoulders and some pads session muay thai

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