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46 Male

6'1" (186 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

  1. USA - California, San Diego
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
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Singlest, Shorts, speedos, fight trunks, MMA gloves

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Shawn "Doc" Holliday here. Former Marine Corps wrestler here in San Diego with a space to wrestle, or can work on renting the ring in Santa Ana. Mainly, looking for a good hard competitive submission, Pro or Pro-mission match, rules, gear and/or stakes your choice. Been a very long time since anybody has been able to push me. Alpha vs Alpha match.

But, wrestling for the fun of it is also a possibility! Size doesn't matter to me. I've wrestled guys as small as 150 lbs up to guys over 300 lbs. So if you're gonna be visiting the San Diego area and want a match, drop me a line.

Very few (and I do mean few) real wrestlers here in SD. Seems like all I'm doing now-a-days is coaching guys who want to come over and wrestle. Not really pushing me or testing my limits. So come all you competitive guys, and even those who are 225 + muscle heads who like to talk the talk on here. If you get to San Diego, lets see if you're ready to MAN UP for a competitive match. If you want a competitive match, but can't seem to think that someone my size can't handle you, I could be your worst nightmare on the mats or in a ring. Brave enough to find out?

Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this! 

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Virgowrestler is recommended by chicagopiledriver (3/17/2015)

I wrestled this guy many years ago at the Okie Rumble and got my ass kicked but loved every moment of it!!


Virgowrestler is recommended by MKgrapple (2/20/2015)

Shawn is an outstanding grappler! His wrestling skills are legit and make it difficult to gain and maintain any position on him on the mats. He is an easy going guy but brings an intensity to the match that makes the workout both challenging and fun! I look forward to round 2!

MKgrapple is recommended by Virgowrestler (2/20/2015)

What can I say about MKgrappler except WOW. Great guy, outstanding wrestler and kept me on the def! Very few have been able to handle me like he did. Really looking forward to a second go at him. Definitely worth the roll!

Virgowrestler is recommended by rassling guy (1/15/2015)

good guy fun to wrestled have rolled many times with him enjoyed it =very skilled


Virgowrestler is recommended by Stxrasler2 (1/07/2015)

When I met this man, I was in OKC for a conference. We got together at his place and wrestled for a good amount of time. He used holds on me I only dreamt of before and some I had never thought of. I STILL bone up thinking of our match.

He is a very kind man who adjusts for his opponents if he needs to. He did for me and it was a grand time on the mat.

Thanks again Shawn.


Virgowrestler is recommended by grapple tight (1/03/2015)

very strong and accomplished wrestler. lots of fun.

grapple tight is recommended by Virgowrestler (1/03/2015)

One great guy and fun to wrestle. Don't miss the opportunity to wrestle this sexy man guys. Well worth it!

Virgowrestler is recommended by Catfish (10/28/2014)

Great skills and loves to wrestle. A tough opponent.


Virgowrestler is recommended by Yngrasslr00 (10/21/2014)

One of the best out there, had a great time rolling with this guy in a fun group match, knows every move, reverse, counter, and finisher in the book, with the strength n control to execute each one.. You want a challenge? Try this guy out, just don't bite off more than u can chew, he is handful and then some. Def hope to rematch again some day and highly recommended!


Virgowrestler is recommended by welshgrappler (9/03/2014)

had the pleasure of meeting this guy on the mats when i lived in surrey
he really knows how to work a guy over
deffo would love to meet again
hope the pics came out well


Virgowrestler is recommended by Roughmatch (7/17/2014)

Wrestled this hunk as part of a three-way fight in Hollywood, CA, a number of years ago. Was beaten pretty soundly in the fight. Following the fight, he tied me to the ring ropes and had his way with me using a rubber flogger on my bare back. A proper way to use a loser as a pain slave. Highly recommend this fighter for a good strong bout.

Roughmatch is recommended by Virgowrestler (7/20/2014)

What can I say about this guy! Great guy and fum to beat on in a ring or on mats! Always comes back for more. Looking forward to another round with him!

Virgowrestler is recommended by Unguarded (7/07/2014)

Amazing wrestler and great coach!! Took the time to teach me a few things during our match. Had a great time and will be back to learn more!

Unguarded is recommended by Virgowrestler (7/06/2014)

Here is one great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle. Takes his bumps and comes back for more! More then welcome on my mats anytime!

Virgowrestler is recommended by Mongo (4/21/2010)

Shawn is a trip from the first day I saw him at Okie. It wasn't until Clash I got to wrestle him. That was a lot of fun. This smiling demon will always give you a run for your money. Getting to know him was even better (and a lot easier than wrestling him. What a great guy all around!

Mongo is recommended by Virgowrestler (6/17/2014)

Mongo is a BLAST! Always fun and a great guy! Want to hit the mats again with this big guy! Highly recommended!!!!


FIGHTINGLEATHERNECK is recommended by Virgowrestler (6/05/2014)

Been a long time, but we both used to coach the SD Bulldogs Wrestling team. Great guy, fun to wrestle and definitely worth it. Looking forward to hitting the mats or ring with this stud again.


kenwrestle is recommended by Virgowrestler (5/07/2014)

I wrestled Ken a while back and had a great time. Would wrestle with him again anytime!

Virgowrestler is recommended by Ricksf (12/23/2013)

Doc, He's a fun and hot wrestler, very strong but a great guy on the mats

Ricksf is recommended by Virgowrestler (12/19/2013)

I've wrestled Rick a lot of times from when I used to hold the Palm Springs Wrestlemuch events and at other events and privately. Rick is a great guy, fun to wrestle, strong and knows what he is doing! Can't recommend him enough! If you get a chance to wrestle Rick, go for it! You will definitely have a blast!


az tom is recommended by Virgowrestler (12/16/2013)

az tom is a great guy and strong! Fun to wrestle and highly recommended if you are in the area or just visiting the area.

Virgowrestler is recommended by rassler 315 (12/23/2010)

Shawn is incredible...fed him coffee, chilichees dogs for breakfast...after a smoke...he then proceeded to 'school' me in grappling, submission and general mat skills...he is a phenom on the mats. Try as I might, I never put him in jeopardy once...he's the KING of the mats; and I his humble servant. --- GRIZZ

rassler 315 is recommended by Virgowrestler (12/06/2013)

One great guy, fun and strong! Had a blast wrestling Grizz! Highly recommended for anyone who wants a good fun match!

Virgowrestler is recommended by ukscisors (6/03/2013)

the best ive fought

ukscisors is recommended by Virgowrestler (6/30/2013)

Great guy and fun to wrestle! Don't miss the chance to wrestle him!

Virgowrestler is recommended by wrestledadbc (5/22/2013)

I had a great time wrestling Virgowrestler. We wrestled a few times and it was always fun. This guy is skilled-much more so than me, but he makes it enjoyable by not using all the skills at his disposal. No attitude except the very best kind. I highly recommend you go out of your way to wrestle this guy.

wrestledadbc is recommended by Virgowrestler (2/23/2009)

A great wrestler and friend! I'm looking forward to taking you on again and hopefully soon.

Virgowrestler is recommended by DarkGnH (3/23/2013)

Highly recommend locking up with this guy! Great strength, skill, and speed. A great guy all around, hope to lock up with him again.

DarkGnH is recommended by Virgowrestler (3/22/2013)

Warren is one great guy and fun to wrestle! Strong as an ox so if you want to wrestle him, you better know your stuff! Great guy and highly recommended!

Virgowrestler is recommended by ozwrestle (10/22/2009)

Where to start with saying something about Doc. He hates to loose.. (Hang on, he won all our matches) So, I guess you have to say is that he is DAMN good at what he does and I am glad to be able to call him and his partner True friends.

ozwrestle is recommended by Virgowrestler (11/16/2012)

What can I say. One great guy and fun to beat up on! LOL... Seriously... If you want a good match, definitely look him up. Great guy and highly recommended.


slowsubs is recommended by Virgowrestler (8/08/2012)

One great guy and loves to put up a fight. Looking forward to beating him down again on the mats. Hopefully soon! ;o)

Virgowrestler is recommended by BrawlerNYC (7/31/2012)

What a match I had with this guy known as VirgoWrestler at Wrestlefest 2012 and I am looking forward to wrestle him again.

BrawlerNYC is recommended by Virgowrestler (7/31/2012)

One great guy and outstanding wrestler. Looking forward to our next meeting on the mats!

Virgowrestler is recommended by WarriorMuscle (7/12/2012)

Skilled and enthusiastic wrestler! Someone to really test your skills on the mats!

WarriorMuscle is recommended by Virgowrestler (7/09/2012)

Great guy, strong and powerful! Had a great time on the mats and definitely looking forward to another match!

Virgowrestler is recommended by Kruhn (2/22/2012)

One of the best matches I've ever had. Virgo is strong, skilled, and very sexy on the mats. Fast, furious, and relentless as a grappler who can pull a move out of the blue when you think you already had him. I can attest to that from our match.

Off the mats, one of the friendliest, nicest, guys with a peculiar and refreshing sense of humor. You and I have a rematch pending, bud! I know we're going to have more fun!

Kruhn is recommended by Virgowrestler (2/22/2012)

This stud is a great guy on and off the mats. I had a great with this guy on the mats! Very strong and very friendly guy! Well worth another match! Anytime!


muscldfighter is recommended by Virgowrestler (5/16/2011)

Great guy and highly recommended! Knows his stuff on the mats and very strong. Don't pass up the opportunity to take the man on!

Virgowrestler is recommended by slick (4/15/2009)

I guess that those UK guys are pussies! I've taken Virgo on several times and am ready to go again any time he is.

slick is recommended by Virgowrestler (5/01/2011)

Slick is a great guy, loud mouth jobber who loves to get beat down. He does "try" and put up a good fight, but against me, he is kid trying to play in a mans game!

Virgowrestler is recommended by MuscChamp (3/13/2011)

As everyone has noted, Shawn is one of the nicest guys, yet most skilled wrestlers on the circuit right now–very likely my all-time favorite opponent! We have wrestled four times, were tag-team partners at Okie Rumble 2004, and fought many tough matches. Although age has slowed me down "a bit", I look forward to yet another match with Shawn and a reprise of my triumph over him in 2001 !!!

MuscChamp is recommended by Virgowrestler (3/09/2011)

Mariano is a great guy, skilled and strong. Looking forward to beating him again.

Virgowrestler is recommended by WrslMscl (2/20/2011)

One of the best, no doubt. On both hemispheres, on all continents. Once he gets his long, strong limbs around you, you're in trouble, man. I have a hard time believing anyone can beat him. Looking forward to another chance of doing that myself.

WrslMscl is recommended by Virgowrestler (2/18/2011)

Great guy, great grappler, very strong and knows his stuff. Highly recommended. Looking forward to another bout with you sometime soon!

Virgowrestler is recommended by Barriobruiser (12/19/2010)

A skilled wrestler who can adjust to any opponents level, fun to wrestle and very nice guy!

Barriobruiser is recommended by Virgowrestler (12/19/2010)

Highly recommended and a lot of fun to wrestle with! He and his partner are great guys and a lot of fun to wrestle on mats or in a ring.


DenverWrestler is recommended by Virgowrestler (11/15/2010)

This is one great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle. Have wrestled him many times and always have a great time. Highly recommended for anybody who enjoys wrestling!

Virgowrestler is recommended by redlandguy (11/09/2010)

Shawn is a great guy and a tough match. He is strong, very skilled, and he doesn't tire out. I've had one match with Shawn, but hopefully it was the first of many. Highly recommended.

redlandguy is recommended by Virgowrestler (11/09/2010)

What can I say about this man. He is one down to earth guy who knows his game. Very strong and tough competitor. Hope to catch you on the mats again sometime soon! Highly recommended!

Virgowrestler is recommended by Hunnog (8/20/2010)

Great guy, very strong, determined and skilled competitive wrestler. If you rely on strength alone against him without having good grappling technique, you'll be scuppered, I promise you. I had two excellent matches with this guy. He's one of the strongest around here. In addition he is a nice guy off the mats and a real pleasure to spend time with. Looking forward to the rematch.

Hunnog is recommended by Virgowrestler (8/14/2010)

What can I say about this person. He is one OUTSTANDING grappler and really kicked my butt all over the mats. Great guy and well worth wrestling.

Virgowrestler is recommended by Wrestlg (3/06/2010)

Loved Shawn, since We Finally Met at an Okie Rumble in like 2004. He Used to come up from San Diego & Wrestle me in Los Angeles on my Mats there.

I miss wrestling him, so I'm Looking forward to us Hitting those Mats (& each other again Soon)!


action2win is recommended by Virgowrestler (3/02/2010)

What can I say about Peter! First, this man is one great person! Kind & generous! A great person to wrestle and a great host! I would recommend Peter to anyone who enjoys a good wrestling match. We want to personally thank you Peter for hosting us when we visited and invite to you visit us anytime. Will definitely be our pleasure to host you if you ever get to the United States!
Shawn "Doc" Holliday


fightmuscle is recommended by Virgowrestler (3/02/2010)

Neil is a great guy and fun wrestler to wrestle with. Would love to get this guy in a pro ring for some pro action sometime. Was at wrestling 101 at the Eagle in London with him and he knows what he is doing and all in all had a GREAT TIME! Recommended for anyone who wants to wrestle and have fun. Shawn "Doc" Holliday

Virgowrestler is recommended by gazst (2/27/2010)

Shawn is a great wrestler, fit, strong and very sexy. I had a lot of fun wrestling him, great guy all round.


Virgowrestler is recommended by romanhero (2/25/2010)

I can only reiterate what just about everyone above has said - Shawn is a really great guy, very friendly, extremely skilled as a wrestler (he completely outclassed me, as I had expected he would !)and everything which it says on the box.

He is also very understanding about the differing levels of wrestling ability which we all have,and went out of his way to make sure that we had a great time, which I certainly did ! Many many thanks Shawn.

Thoroughly recommended and genuine.


Virgowrestler is recommended by Blackbull (9/18/2009)

What can I say? One of the best just as they all say. A superd wrestler, gracious and friendly and tough as old boots.


Virgowrestler is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey (4/29/2009)

Wrestled him when he won the all-around title in Clash of the Titans back in 2004. He was obviously far more experienced, but still he found the time to wrestle a newbie like me. He was like a Cheshire cat toying with his prey though! :) Overall, a great guy, well-liked by many!


Virgowrestler is recommended by MCRLON23UK (2/23/2009)

One of, if not the, most experienced wrestlers/fighters I've met. Great guy, but approach with caution on the mat, he'll beat you up! Heh.

MCRLON23UK is recommended by Virgowrestler (2/23/2009)

Great guy who definitely likes it rough. He will just get better with time! If you get the chance to roll with him, go for it.


LBFighter is recommended by Virgowrestler (2/23/2009)

This is one tough little scrapper here. A great guy and if anyone gets the chance to take him on, go for it!


RuffFightChallenge is recommended by Virgowrestler (2/23/2009)

This is one tough and great man to wrestle and/or fight with. Always a pleasure when we connect and go at it. If anyone gets the chance to take this man on, go for it.

Virgowrestler is recommended by Manc Pete (2/21/2009)

A great wrestler, and a nice guy when he's not twisting yor arm off

Manc Pete is recommended by Virgowrestler (2/23/2009)

Great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle. If you get a chance too wrestle this man, GO FOR IT!

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