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Masculine man into man-to-man power struggle with other masculine men. Long slow-paced contests, tests of strength, bearhug contests, more sweat and longer the holds the better.



  1. USA - New Mexico
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Age: 55-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Gear: Shirtless in any gear

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Sumo Sumo

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WrestlingCowboy is recommended by Wrestlstev

What a pleasure to finally meet and wrestle this stud. WrestlingCowboy lives up to his reputation and delivers a sweaty, fun wrestling session.



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by michaelwood

Have enjoyed the battles we have had in the past. Cowboy is reliable, always ready to fight. Good, strong, fun, aggressive fighter....I def want to challenge him to more fights....belly to belly



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by ruck95

Good match. Good man. Great powerful sweaty bearhugs! Look forward to next time when we both have more time!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by TommyNY

Even though it's been a while, I can't forget the powerful holds this tuff Cowboy applied during a very hot match that went back and forth for a long time. For bearhugs, he's your man. And he needs another one from me...anytime!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by Navyguy

Great man to man wrestling with Cowboy back in July 2013. Strong and powerful guy. Looking forward to a rematch soon.



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Cowboy and I have wrestled several times and it is always a great match.



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by Lkn4awrestletoy

Steve Reeves is alive and well!!! Cowboy and I go back a long way...we wrestled back in 1990 then again a number of years later. One match was in Des Moines-he drove over from Omaha-what a guy to come all that way to be bear-hugged into submission repeatedly but drive it he did and we had a blast. Then I was in Omaha on business and we had another tremendous mutual sweaty bear hug soaked struggle. Always the gentleman, Cowboy, is a gem of a man...and that smile will get you every time. I'd wrestle this man whenever and wherever he wants and now he lives closer to me than ever before and I plan a trip south soon to reprise the bear hug anthologies. Oh the Steve Reeves comment...he likes those old movies with the muscle man showing off and vanquishing his opponents...and this cowboy can do that to you too...take the opportunity to wrestle him you won't regret it.



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by PhoenixBigBear

Twice I've had the unique privilege of tangling with this tough, resilient, good-looking, masculine, and always respectful and decent opponent. WCB is a real man on and off the mats, and I hope one day in the near future we'll tangle again. He's one of the best wrestlers in the bull pen. Challenge him and see for yourself.



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by carolina wrestler

A great match with Wrestling Cowboy! This match was long overdue for we have talked about our meeting for sometime, and it became a reality. We met to test each other's signature bearhug, and we both applied it to each other along with several tests of strengths. It was a very good match and meeting. Looking forward to our next match. I recommend Cowboy to anyone who wishes to test their bearhugs. A great person on and off the mat!



carolina wrestler is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

Was wonderful to finally meet Carolina_Wrestler after so many years of chatting man to man and wanting to wrestle! The moment our eyes locked bare chested in trunks and boots we knew it was going to be a battle, and battle we did. Long tests of strength and hairy chest to hairy chest crushing bearhugs and grueling pins. Looking forward to a rematch in the future!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by Roughmatch

Hot, sweaty, and wild are the only words to describe the fantastic hotel room bout we had in 2002. A real down-to-earth guy, he likes to heat things up in a match. We're on a collision course for another battle in the Spring of 2015.



Roughmatch is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

Have wrestled this bare chested stud twice .... once in Utah and once in Seattle. I am ready to lock horns again, bare chested man against bare chested man, drenching in sweat to the end!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by musclemarkuk

Had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling this awesome man a few years ago here in London .
Great stamina for a long hard overnight match up, Has a great bear hug, pec to pec wrestling . Will wrestle this guy any time, anywhere .



musclemarkuk is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

Wonderful man on and off the mats and a great bearhug battle, drenching in sweat! Look forward to crushing with him again!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by Dadfights

I agree with the others! Cowboy is super fun to wrestle belly to belly.
We met in his hotel room and he had the heat bumped up, met me in jeans and as soon as I stripped off my shirt we locked up. Was awesome, I'll go at it with him anytime!



Dadfights is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

Loved wrestling this man dad vs dad in sweaty combat! Strong and manly and a real rival in long belly to belly bearhugs!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by pecs44

Would wrestle this guy anytime. Going sweaty and belly to belly with WrestingCowboy is a hot celebration of what it means to be a man.



pecs44 is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

I had the privilege of wrestling this stud twice on trips to Boston, and both battles were as hot sweaty and masculine as it gets. I could remain locked in bearhugs with this man day and night, battling it out belly to belly drenching in sweat!



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by Mature NYC

Accurate profile, stats, pics, etc. Met several times on the days and times we agreed to. Always have a great time bear hug, belly wrestling ... great erotic wrestling endings. Will wrestle this guy any time, any place, any which way.



Mature NYC is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

Have wrestled this amazing man 3 times in the past and all three were incredibly hot sweaty masculine battles. Amazing sweat drenched battles, and a hot man to wrestle from start to finish! Can't wait to cross paths again and lock in bearhug combat



WrestlingCowboy is recommended by Spruceman

Fun guy into long tight bearhugs. We even did a unique thing of standing in two buried barrels and bearhugging, grappling, in the bamboo patch that was in my yard back then. Still have some barrels above ground here for some more barrel-rasslin'



Spruceman is recommended by WrestlingCowboy

Had a wonderful time wrestling this man in his back yard battle ground. Bearhug combat in the barrels was amazing and we drenched in sweat, but neither man would give. Would fight him again in an instant!