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Age 60
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight 148 lbs (67 kg)
Gender Male
Gear pro gear , trunks , pads and boots
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  1. USA - Illinois, Springfield
    Springfield, Illinois

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Love pro fantasy rassling , inside a ring or out. Also enjoy cyber matches, pro style in a ring , back and forth action.


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jackbouvier is recommended by BigDave

Had a great time with Jack and great pics definitely recommend



BigDave is recommended by jackbouvier

I had a blast with this pro wrestler!!! Great fun in the ring, back and forth action nonstop. Great pictures to boot!!!



jackbouvier is recommended by CaptainAmerica

Bouvier and I have rassssssssled across this country for years. He’s been after my heavyweight belt and our feud is legendary. Dog Collar Matches, Steel Cage Matches, Bull Rope Matches etc we’ve done it all. His mangled face is testament to the wars we’ve had and the amount of times I’ve busted him open. I highly recommend you rasssssssle the varmint because he’ll give you a fun pro rasssssssslin’ time.



Awesome Pro Wrestling with this sexy stud always. Amazing



jackbouvier is recommended by NYPROCHAMP

I first met Bouvier at a Wrestlefest in NYC. I thought he would be too light for a good match. A friend told me he was great fun. Boy was he right. Although it was a short match and I was early in my career, Bouvier and I had a great classic pro give and take match. Plenty of taunting, scissors, suplex from floor to bed, full body press. Despite his light weight, he is a good looking, hairy, pro guy who gets it. Full of bravado. For a fun classic pro match, you won't be disappointed meeting Bouvier. Now that I have become an Evil Russian Bear, I welcome a rematch opportunity to destroy the midwestern stud champ!



jackbouvier is recommended by ManhattanMaulers

I have been wrestling with this great man for about 15 years. He is a pleasure to be with both on and off the mat. Hoping we can connect many more times. Highly recommended.



ManhattanMaulers is recommended by jackbouvier

This wrestler is one of the highest caliber wrestlers out there. He knows his moves and is great at executing them. He is a gentleman on and off the mat and I highly recommend him.



DirtyJerZ is recommended by jackbouvier

This wrestler was the highlight of my NYC wrestlefest this year. he made our pro wrestling match one of the best I had in years. Cocky and a big mouth , BUT he can back it up much to my enjoyment. Great match up !!!!!



jackbouvier is recommended by ColoWrestler

Jack is a great wrestler who understands the give and take of pro style matches and who looks hot in pro gear. We had a great hotel match and I am sure we will have some more while he is working in Denver.



Aust10wrstlr is recommended by jackbouvier

I have not rassled this guy for a few years. He always was a good rassle, no he is great. A HEEL to be reckoned with. Fills out his singlet nicely and the pro boots make him the ulitimate pro rassler. He has also added many new holds/ moves to his arsenal and can make a jobber moan and groan !!!!!



jackbouvier is recommended by Txwresl

I have know this good guy for many years. wrestled many times, have many pics of our matches. He has stayed with me on several occasions. He is the best at pro fanatsy. loves it, has a great sense of humor and makes it work for both guys. Sometimes I am laughing so much whike wrestling I can't lock him in a hold any more.

Don't let his pics with the mean face fool you. He knows how to make a pro fantasy match lots of fun. Recommend!



Txwresl is recommended by jackbouvier

This wrestler is tough on the mat. Very good at submission as well as pro. This wrestler is also a wrestling machine and can wrestle for hours.



jackbouvier is recommended by adamnwsa

This guy is strong and tough as nails. He knows lots of holds and can give as good as he gets. I highly recommend a match with this Country stud.



jackbouvier is recommended by kevwrstlr

Had a really hot cockfight match with him while I was at wrestlefest. He said yes the minute he could for match when hardly anyone I spoke to would do the same. Nice guy.



jackbouvier is recommended by Kolter

Yes, I enjoyed my time with him. He is a calm person.
He used dirty tactics on me which I like. I wish I can have a match with him in a ring because that where he belongs. He will fit very well in a pro ring.
Very good if you have a chance to meet him.



jackbouvier is recommended by SFFight

I had seen his profile over the years, but never had an opportunity to meet until today at Wrestlefest. While primarily a Pro guy, Jack is a very versatile wrestler and I had an awesome time rolling with him. I highly recommend Jack, he is fun, safe, sane, and a quality guy on and off the mats.



jackbouvier is recommended by fig4man

Had a blast with this pro wrestler...Knows alot of fun holds and knows how to do fun old school pro brawling too. I def recommend..Looking forward to a rematch!!!!



fig4man is recommended by jackbouvier

Great pro wrestler , knows his moves and has a great wrestlers body. Highly recommend him.



jackbouvier is recommended by nmdenis

I have wrestled around with jackbouvier on 3 different occasions and enjoyed the time with him on the mat . I was able to also photograph him in some of his wrestling gear and also was able to get some photos of him and I as we were wrestling . He is a great guy and a lot of fun on the mat also . I recommend him to anyone that is interested in wrestling .



jack is a classic old school pro wrestler who knows tons of wrestling holds, love pro fantasy wrestling and even with a short amount of time and space, we fit in holds like bearhugs, groin split, scissors, he got me in most holds as I am a lot bigger and heavier so i become the jobber for him. recommended for anyone who wanted to experience pro fantasy with jack!



jackbouvier is recommended by ProDudeTX

Wrestled JB a couple of times and look forward to more tangles in the ring. He enjoys the pro scene and gets into all the elements too. Friendly guy out of the ring, lots of attitude inside it. He’ll make you work for the win!



jackbouvier is recommended by Scrapg

What a great time pro rassling in gear with the Mid Western champ. Kept me on my toes even with his pin and submission and dirty tactics, which I happily returned. Watch out for hotel rooms, Jack, lots of foreign objects around to use in a back and forth dirty tactic match.



jackbouvier is recommended by Houboxer

Had a great classic pro match with jackbouvier. Felt like I was in a 70's/80's pro match. He has the classic pro look/gear and knows how to wrestle.



Houboxer is recommended by jackbouvier

Great pro rassler, back and forth and great fun !!!!!



filmed my favorite ever big vs small match with him,,,great dominant heel outweighed him by 111 lbs. at the time...awesome...great house guest too



jackbouvier is recommended by lspowerhouse

Have met up with jack a couple times for pro rasslin and always have a blast. Don't. Miss rasslin him



lspowerhouse is recommended by jackbouvier

good pro rassler



LatinoPro is recommended by jackbouvier

great pro wrestler, a hot heel



jackbouvier is recommended by austinwrestle

This guy is for real. Great at pro - talented, energetic, enthusiastic and fun! If you have the opportunity, get a match with him!



jackbouvier is recommended by the punisher

i have known jack bouvier for several years and in that time we have had several pro matches plus tag team matches were the best in tag team pro wrestling i highly recommend jack bouvier for singles and tag team wrestling he is very knowledgabe in the ring and def knows how to work the ring as well he very experinced in old school pro wrestling he's the greatest heel i have ever taken on and looking forward to tons more matches with him



jackbouvier is recommended by rassler 315

i enjoy wrestling this veteran of the mats and ring. He's savvy yet vulnerable, easy to roll with. Thanks for the match Jackie B.




rassler 315 is recommended by jackbouvier

GREAT pro rassler