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  1. USA - California, Petaluma
    (I'm here from 10/23/2019)
    Wanna wrestle

I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


54-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 169 lbs (77 kg)

Gear: singlet, speedo, jocks


Horse play, but can do amateur, sub or promission ,
just want to have a good workout and fun...



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Rip and strip

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Last modified: 2/25/2020

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Ricksf is recommended by Atom888

RickSF is an experienced freestyle and submission wrestler. I’m more of a freestyle wrestler, and want to learn more submission. RickSF was patient and taught me a few moves that I’m sure will be useful to kick ass in my future submission matches.

I also thoroughly enjoyed his company and consider him to be a friend now. I highly recommend him.



Ricksf is recommended by sagittaron2

I had a lot of fun rolling with Rick during Wrestlefest in NYC. He is good, feisty, and looks hot in singlet !
Our submission match has been intense and sweaty, and I had to use some dirty moves to control this guy.
Out of the mats such a nice man to eat and discuss with.
My best recommandation 👍



Ricksf is recommended by promissionwrestling

Very strong wrestler and a great guy, if you get the opportunity to wrestle Rick, you will get a workout and have a blast!



Ricksf is recommended by Dakoopst

Have loved tangling with this guy over the years! Fun on the mats and a nice guy off them. Can’t wait to lock up with him again!



Ricksf is recommended by fujianironchain

Rick is an amazing and very experienced wrestling partner. He was the first person I wrestled. He can go slow and gentle with newbies, strong and quick with other experienced wrestlers.



Ricksf is recommended by hansanyan

Ricksf is Fantastic fighter with sexy hairy body (full Musk) , we have had a wonderful wrestling time together , I have enjoyed every second with him fighting and outside the ring.

He is able to adjust his level to opponents with less experiences. Even
my experience is almost none, he was able to treat me carefully, without breaking me anything...

you can fight him in total trust, and he is really nice, and he has a extraordinary technique.

I strongly recomend him to all MF fighters !



hansanyan is recommended by Ricksf

Don’t pass up the chance of wrestling this feisty guy.
Very sweet and really good on the mats



Ricksf is recommended by starhaven44

Met with Rick some time back but our meeting was one to remember. He really taught me the ropes for my first match and put me in some tough holds. Be ready if he gets you pinned down his chest and body punches are really strong. Had a great time with this guy and can’t wait to do it again!



Ricksf is recommended by RJinSeattle

Had a fun time wrestling Rick. Super nice guy with an awesome set up. I had a size advantage, which brought out my heel side, which he took like a champ. Don’t pass up an opportunity to wrestle with this solid guy.



Ricksf is recommended by HardWorkinMan

Had a great second round with Rick—havent sweat that hard in a long time, will definitely be feelin it tomorrow. Highly reccommend a match with this guy. Great setup with mats and a shower, and taught me a few new moves. Great guy on and off the mat



HardWorkinMan is recommended by Ricksf

I would highly recommend this guy, he’s new to the Wresling but he’s is a powerhouse.



Ricksf is recommended by slandon23

Got a chance to meet one of my favorite profiles on the site Ricksf and I really glad that I did this gentleman was a fun match he also favors the pro style so we had a nice back and forth pro match that was quite entertaining and enjoyed talking and hanging out with him off the mats hope to look forward to seeing him again at future fests or maybe my next trip out west lol



Ricksf is recommended by ribcrusher

Just have to say if you have not taken on this power house of a man you should!!----He is just so nice on the mats and off. He plays the weak and helpless idea till he has you on the mats!---Then slow and sure he takes you apart body part by body part all with a grin!---So he does it in such a nice way you do not mind! Just super safe and sane! Would put him up with a 118lb guy to a 375lb guy and he would be awesome with both! I will say he makes some funny sounds if you squeeze him just a little bit! Just cannot say so much good about a joy to wrestle!----As I tell others "Just do it!" You will have a blast!



SammyUSA is recommended by Ricksf

Had a fun match with Sammy , He’s very scrappy and a lot of fun



Ricksf is recommended by dnava20

Risk was such a great host and such a nice guy. Well off the mats he was a nice guy, on the mats he didn't hold back in testing my limits with gut and chest shots. He gave me a great submission match that lasted a couple of hours. There was some good back and forth with the trash talking but the match itself was majority of the time in his favor. I had a great time with him from start to finish. He is strong and likes to bruise not just your body but your ego haha



dnava20 is recommended by Ricksf

What a great guy on and off the mat. I would not pass the chance to wrestle this guy , he has great stamina and can roll with the punches . Look forward to wrestling him again.



jobberpunk is recommended by Ricksf

Fun Jobber helping to get my Pro on....



Ricksf is recommended by doublearn

Easily one of the best guys I've ever wrestled! Nice off the mats and very good at grappling but able to ease up when needed. Was able to wrestle 3 times in one week and hope to wrestle him again.



doublearn is recommended by Ricksf

One of my favorite matches and one of my favorite wrestlers. This guy is a lot of fun on and off the mat



Ricksf is recommended by submissiowrestling

Had a good match with Rick. Easy to plan and reliable person. He was easy going and fun to wrestle!



submissiowrestling is recommended by Ricksf

Have a great match with this guy perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. He has a great attitude



Blarger is recommended by Ricksf

Don’t pass up this little powerhouse up, He comes off as a nice guy but he definitely can take it and dish out a fair amount of abuse .



Ricksf is recommended by Txwresl

Rick is a fine guy I have known for years. One tough good wrestler on the mat yet knows limits and makes it fun. Great guy to spend time with as we reconnected at Wrestlefest 2018. Recommend!



Ricksf is recommended by ThisIsTeal42

Very fun and kind enough to come to my Hotel!



Ricksf is recommended by sumostud

Very nice guy + very sexy body + very mean heel + very good host = very very fun match! Don't pass on an opportunity to wrestle this hot wrestler!



sumostud is recommended by Ricksf

Nice sexy guy to beat on... This guy can take a beating and keep on coming... I highly recommend this guy



Ricksf is recommended by bowolverine

Had a awesome afternoon wrestling with bull of wrestler. It was a spontaneous wrestling afternoon with Ricksf sfBruce bluecal and miamiscorpion in FLL pro wrestling ring.
5 guys wrestling for 2 hours.
I highly can recommend this strong gentleman
Super nice and fun.



bowolverine is recommended by Ricksf

Had a great afternoon wrestling this guy . Look forward to wrestling him again. If you going down to South Florida throw this man in the ring.



Ricksf is recommended by Musclebrit

Super nice chap...tough as nails..took my beating 😁 and asked for more (well that's my version). Knows his athlete and a gentleman with a cool set up. He's worth meeting folks....



Musclebrit is recommended by Ricksf

Very strong and a lot of fun on the mats. He seem to be a little bit punchy and also could take a good punch. I would highly recommend Musclebrit if you’re looking for a good work over. Look forward to wrestling him again.



Ricksf is recommended by KidBeast

This dude was a blast to wrestle I had the best time wrestling him still not sure their was a clear winner but he was awesome !!! Can’t wait to wrestle him again



Ricksf is recommended by SeanMCP

2nd time meeting up with Rick, always a good time and a great guy ontop of that. Excited for our third meet!



Ricksf is recommended by awill92

Got the chance to wrestle Ricksf while he was visiting Las Vegas and I have to say he knows how to have a good time wrestling! Wrestled for about 2 hours long and during that time showed me a lot of moves and always willing to change intensity on demand! Very nice guy off the mats as well! Can't wait till I have the opportunity again to face him, if you ever get the chance to take Rick on, make sure you take that chance!



Ricksf is recommended by markmok110

Rick is a bear, a beast, a bear of a beast.
Strong, skilled, funny and sexy. He makes it all seem easy.
He can wrestle at your level and makes it fun for both.
Recommend? Absolutely!



Rival is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy, and a lot of fun to wrestle. Very strong. I was lucky to run into this guy in Las Vegas



fran32sp is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy to wrestle and fun to toss around.. Very strong for his size.



Ricksf is recommended by Dex The XX

Ricksf is a really strong guy on the mat with many technics. He also have humble personality and he can always make me feel care and make me laugh. Definitely recommend him!



Dex The XX is recommended by Ricksf

Sexy young Wrestler with a fun attitude on the mats. definitely one jobber you shouldn't mis in San Francisco



Ricksf is recommended by NightWolf

Had spoken a few times and finally got to wrestle Rick. Was a lot of fun guy is very strong. Had a lot of fun and he easily adjusted to my level , very nice and respectful can't wait to have a rematch.



NightWolf is recommended by Ricksf

Great addition to the wrestling world , a strong young guy with killer legs. Great personality ..



Ricksf is recommended by matslam

Handsome as sin, this hairy man is tough business.Great puncher,too
but above all, an absolute joy to be around on and off the mats.I almost missed him so fortunate to have wrestled him,eventually.Wholeheartedly recommended!



matslam is recommended by Ricksf

Awesome wrestler! Had lot of fun wrestling him!. He is strong with good skills for a jobber ! He has a great personnality



Ricksf is recommended by festygoer00

He's an amazing guy off the mats, great wrestler and knows what he is doing! Had a fun time with this muscle teddy bear!



festygoer00 is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy... Easy to bend up like a pretzel. Look forward to wrestling him again...



Ricksf is recommended by JONSTEAD

This guys is awesome to roll with. I met him at wrestle fest and knew I would walk away feeling it the next day. Lol. Well, I was right! This wrestling beast can gonfor hours and keep on going. Very strong and knew how to counter every move. For those guys who are learning this guy is a terrific mentor. Rolled with him twice so far and did not disappoint. Highly recommended if your ne'er him it worth the trip.



Ricksf is recommended by Superfly

Wrestling this wrestler was satisfying, strong, agile and had a god skill level. A nice guy with a nice personality. Definitely worth meeting



Superfly is recommended by Ricksf

Super cool guy with great strength and flexibility. Can't wait for another rematch.



Ricksf is recommended by nevadafighter

A lot of fun with Rick. I cannot wait to meet up with him again!



nevadafighter is recommended by Ricksf

Great strong guy.... Lets of fun to roll with. I'm looking forward to a rematch.



prospeedo is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy to wrestle and a perfect gentlemen .. Very strong .... I would highly recommend him and looking forward to a rematch.



bhug3996 is recommended by Ricksf

Had a FANTASTIC match with this guy, he's excellent, very skilled, and lots of fun to talk to off the mats too! Loved meeting him!



Ricksf is recommended by NYCBruin

Rick was a great opponent. He was visiting NYC with a friend and we had a two on one submission match. Great person outside of the match and a tough dude during it.



Ricksf is recommended by FeistyLilGuy

It's always a pleasure wrestling with Rick. He's a seasoned vet, a gracious host, and just a really cool guy... Definitely one of my favorite wrestlers out there.



Ricksf is recommended by Will

I'm glad to have had four matches with Rick over the years. He is very sweet natured, attractive, and fun to be around–he's exactly the kind of guy I like to hang out with when we're done thrashing each other on the mats. He's way more skilled than I at wrestling, but he keeps everything competitive. I leave our matches with a really nice, happy/sore, smiling/aching feeling.



Will is recommended by Ricksf

great guy super nice and really fun to wrestle !! great cardio also and can wrestle for a long time hope to have many more matches in the future and def recommend ! Always great wrestling this guy great cardio strong legs never stops coming at ya and always looking to improve will roll with him anytime !



Ricksf is recommended by Wrstlrbud

Always a fun match with Rick, definitely wrestle him if you get the chance!



Wrstlrbud is recommended by Ricksf

Always enjoy wrestling Bud he's a powerhouse of a wrestler, a very nice guy



Ricksf is recommended by justbeyond

Great, friendly, fun guy! He graciously held back his full strength for me. Super fun match!



Ricksf is recommended by njmuscguy1

great guy and great fun !! looking forward to this yrs wrestlefest !! def reccomend



owl975 is recommended by Ricksf

One of the Hottest wrestler in the bay area....



Ricksf is recommended by scorpionet

Great Californian Grappler! Lot of strong punches, sweat and aggression for a fantastic roman afternoon. Do not hesitate....challenge him!



scorpionet is recommended by Ricksf

In a great roman afternoon Very nice person. Very strong grappler. Was a great way to spend the day..



Ricksf is recommended by Samson Jr

I've been late posting this recommendation. Met RickSF when he was in NY for 2015 Wrestlefest. He squeezed me into his schedule and we squeezed each other relentlessly, just not long enough.

Recommended for those who like nice, strong guys to wrestle.



RoninWarrior is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy to wrestle in all styles of wrestling



newwrestle is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy to wrestle



Ricksf is recommended by sfBruce

Rick is definitely one of my favourites on and out of mats. He is strong, skilled. He cares for the opponents and adjusts himself to the level of the opponents, so the match with him is always fun. But when you get stronger, he can be very tough and evil too. Always fun.



sfBruce is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy to wrestle,



Ricksf is recommended by Roughmatch

I was barely learning how to wrestle when a California underground fight leader invited me to his mat room for a wrestling birthday party. This wrestler I am reviewing was one of the attendees. We wrestled on and off with each other and with other wrestlers there. It was fun although I didn't have a clue how to wrestle. He has always been fun and a great wrestler.



Ricksf is recommended by profantasywrestler

We had a great time exercising his pro ability and this self proclaimed jobber has a hidden heel in him! A gentlemen outside the ring as well.



profantasywrestler is recommended by Ricksf

Excellent pro wrestler, great guy to roll with.



Ricksf is recommended by dc wrestle

Rick was a super host. He adjusted down a notch or two to my ability, and we had a fun promission match. He is strong, sexy, and a gentleman - a highlight of my visit to San Francisco.



Ricksf is recommended by socalwrest

Wrestled RickSF tonight. Rick is a tough wrestler who gives his all in a match. Rick is very strong and determined and I would wrestle him again in a minute. Thanks for the match, I had a great tim, and would recommend him to anyone.



Ricksf is recommended by BeTrayedBetrayal

A very nice guy to wrestle with and a very nice guy off the mats. He's tough. Looking forward to having a rematch very soon.



BeTrayedBetrayal is recommended by Ricksf

Fun, strong kid....



Ricksf is recommended by Virgowrestler

I've wrestled Rick a lot of times from when I used to hold the Palm Springs Wrestlemuch events and at other events and privately. Rick is a great guy, fun to wrestle, strong and knows what he is doing! Can't recommend him enough! If you get a chance to wrestle Rick, go for it! You will definitely have a blast!



Virgowrestler is recommended by Ricksf

Doc, He's a fun and hot wrestler, very strong but a great guy on the mats



Ricksf is recommended by grapplemedown

Have wrestled Rick a few times now. Good guy and I always have a good time.



Ricksf is recommended by sfbeef

Rick is always a good match. He is also one of my favorite people in the world.



Ricksf is recommended by SqueezeNW

I can't believe nobody has written a recommendation for Rick yet! I've known him for years and rolled around on the mats many times. He's a great, easy going guy and fun to roll around with.