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  1. USA - Illinois, Aroma Park
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 200 miles


40-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, speedos, jockstrap, briefs, shorts


I'm just a fun loving guy into wrestling. Always have enjoyed wrestling from watching it on television and rough-housing with others growing up to locking up with an opponent. Looking to meet other guys into wrestling for fun. I am NOT looking for sex. If serious, message me. Happy Wrestling!

other footage of some of my matches on instagram and twitter.

instagram: @dxtrc3
twitter: @dcoleman_dxtrc3



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Going to matches
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats

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Last modified: 12/30/2019

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Coleman is recommended by vincent741

Aftet chatting online for a while, it was easy to arrange a meeting while I was visiting Chicago. Lovely to talk with but when he enters the room, he becomes the devil !
That big guy is strong and skilled and loves to show it off + He knows well how to use his strong legs to make you suffer !
Highly recommended and I hope I'll be able to meet him again after this Covid mess is over.



Coleman is recommended by Blkmuscles2022

He has been a very good friend and I've shared training tips with him that have made him incredibly stronger than anyone ever realizes until its too late. I've been on the receiving end of his head scissors and facesitting..... how can I say this......THE MAN IS SUPER STRONG !!!!!!! there are no weak spots on him, a fun match, but he'll pull a rabbit out of his hat and show you the errors of your ways!!!! But I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to have fun and a major challenge



Coleman is recommended by technics2

We shared great dialog leading up to our scheduled meet and roll. I drove up and he offered then book a room and set-up his mats. We squared up for some submission wrestling. This stud is strong. I soon adapted to his strengths and used my skills to roll smart using less strength. I believe he tapped twice before I tapped. We rolled from about 4:30 til about 9pm. Stopped and left to dine and back at it again until about 2am. He made me work very hard to get the many submission and snuck in a few of his own. Very nice and mellow guy that I was honored to have met on and off the mats. Great workout that left me sore from constant muscle use. Do-over anytime. If you get the chance to roll with him, take it.



technics2 is recommended by Coleman

met technics2 the other day. good time indeed. never at a loss for words.
very skilled so it was quite the challenge to gain any advantage during the match. tried to take a more defensive role and still struggled. this match was definitely an emphatic reminder to learn some technique. wrestled for hours, went out to grab a bite to eat then continued to wrestle for a couple more hours after.



Coleman is recommended by baxbyfrnd4lf

What can I say about this guy? Well, Coleman is a solid opponent that will make you work!! I had the pleasure of locking up with him and we had a blast!! No one-sided match here! Coleman is highly recommended to those seeking a real match. He is prompt, spontaneous, and follows through with agreed upon plans.



Coleman is recommended by BlkGrappler

coleman is a tireless and elusive grappler so you need a couple hours at least with him. humble and laid back, nice guy to know off the mats too



Coleman is recommended by AthleticDad

Had a great time wrestling Coleman. Very easy to coordinate a match with this sexy, strong guy. He has a wicked headscissors and very strong legs so watch out as he knows how to get you there quickly! Perfect combination of both fun and competition. Hope to have round 2 or more.



AthleticDad is recommended by Coleman

Had a great match with AthleticDad. He's is pretty strong guy and even got a couple submissions out of me. Always I enjoy a challenge and he did not disappoint. If you get a chance to wrestle him, take it. Definitely recommend.



Coleman is recommended by RojoLion

This guy is very strong, gym fit, solid, muscular physique and skilled. He is a force to be reckoned with on the mats.
He’s a great guy to meet if you looking for a guy to fight with a great attitude and no ego.

Off the mats a knowledgeable sociable and friendly man. A fighter who should not be missed when you’re in his vicinity or vice-versa. Never underestimate this man or you’ll find yourself tapping out pretty soon. I hope to get a second chance to roll with him. Highest Recommendation



Coleman is recommended by BRwrestler3

He’s a great wrestler and amazingly strong. Glad we could finally have a match. Highly recommended.



BRwrestler3 is recommended by Coleman

Had been chatting with BRwrestler3 for awhile and happy to finally get a chance to meet up for a match. Strong and skilled. Had a great time. Highly recommended.



Coleman is recommended by Scissorguru

Coleman is a tough, strong guy with good wrestling skills. Had a long sweaty match requiring a lot of endurance. Good amount of body scissors exchanged. Certainly recommend if you are looking for a safe, competitive match.



Scissorguru is recommended by Coleman

First time meeting Scissorguru and it definitely won't be the last. Had a great match with him. Very strong.



Coleman is recommended by Gabe Steel

This was truely a fun match we had a get together with buddies although we didn’t speak much before the match man I had a great time with this stud . He knows his stuff dude and is fast went a few matches with him and truely would repeat anytime . I’m glad I had the chance to wrestle you man hope to have many more matches guys I highly recommend



Gabe Steel is recommended by Coleman

Had the pleasure of wrestling Gabe_Steel recently. Very strong and knowledgeable opponent. Definitely had a great time and will gladly wrestle him again as soon as the opportunity presents itself.



Coleman is recommended by Wolvi-Inferno

Had a great time and it was a fun few rounds. A challenge to fight against for sure.



Coleman is recommended by roahram

Had an amazing time wrestling Coleman. Very strong, skilled on the mats. Off the mats a perfect gentleman. Looking forward to meeting him again.



Coleman is recommended by subguy21

Had a blast taking on this powerhouse. Coleman is strong and skilled, and loves to trash talk during a match. He is also a really chill guy off the mat too which always nice. Can't wait to lock up with him again. Highly recommended.



subguy21 is recommended by Coleman

had the pleasure of meeting subguy21 earlier this year when he visited Chicago and a few more after that once he moved there. Don't let the size fool you, he's definitely strong and can take a great deal of punishment as well. Pretty decent trash talker too. Always looking forward to the next match.



Littleguy98 is recommended by Coleman

Little he may be but littleguy98 definitely has some fight in him. Met up for a match and had a great time. Looking forward to a rematch. Definitely recommend.



Coleman is recommended by Grakoda

Had a great time with Coleman. He is a man of few words, unless he’s sitting on top of you looking down. He’s strong, skilled, creative, fun, and experienced. It’s clear he has fun wrestling and enjoys his dominating craft. Highly recommend.



Coleman is recommended by IndyWarrior

What a stud! I mean, look at him; the dude is thick with muscle! And he comes to dominate... If you're not (a) way stronger than he is or (b) way more skilled, expect to get your ass handed to you.

Fortunately, I'm (b), so this musclebeast got to experience the flip side of the coin today. ;-)

He's sincere, punctual, communicates clearly, and gets down to business. He's also a good sport about trash talk, in both directions. High marks. Wrestle him if he wants to wrestle you.



IndyWarrior is recommended by Coleman

Came to Indianapolis for business but very glad I got the chance to wrestle IndyWarrior. He's my first opponent this trip and this match has already made the trip worth it. Very clear in communication so getting the logistics of the match established was very smooth. His skills in jiu-jitsu SHOULD NOT be taken lightly. That definitely gave him a clear advantage and was a great learning experience. I'm just glad I was still able to get a submission out of him. Definitely looking forward to the next time and you should look him up if you're ever in Indianapolis.



Coleman is recommended by Gutboxer

Coleman is every bit that is said in his recommendations. I was just happy and pleased that he put on the boxing gloves and worked my gut, even though that is not his main interest. Wrestling is what drives him and he does not disappoint one bit. He over powered me every time and was considerate since I have little wrestling skills. He even gave me some gut shots while having me at his mercy. Wrestlers this your man to take on.



Coleman is recommended by Greatnlkdude

Tough opponent. Lost in his submission head scissors.



Coleman is recommended by Andi2

Mr Coleman,
Is a first class act.
He is crafty creative and fascinating..
Originally when I veiwed his profile
I thought we weren't a perfect match
because he was mainly into wrestling.
I figured we could come to a compromise
as I realized that he did do some gut punching
Even though I don't know much about wrestling, I Accually came to the mat thinking
I could bring him down.
My mistake was that I taunted him.
I told Mr Coleman that I was going to wipe
Up the floor with him.
I figured too that a wrestler doesn't know
much about real gut punching so I expected
his blows to be weak.
He ,for good reasons was very confident in his
self and his abilities.
He made me pay for my cocky statement.
Coleman out wrestled me and punched me
In the stomach into totall submision.
When I thought we were taking a break,
Bam! I got another surprise punch to the gut.
When I was on top of him, trying to pin him
down another punch came.
As soon as I straighten up I got punched again
and again.
I'm not exaggerating.
His focus was not so much to wrestle me into
Submission, but to break me down with
Feirce hard punches to the gut.
It was just what I wanted.
I had no idea that he could gut punch so
Totally Awsome.
A wonderful fun person to hang with
wrestle with Body punches.
He's also an intellectual.
The most fascinating person I've ever met.
I want some more.



Andi2 is recommended by Coleman

Had the privilege of wrestling Andi2 the other day. Was my first time having a match with gut punching as the focus but I learned two things from it.

1. I punch harder than I thought.
2. Andi2 can definitely take a lot of punishment.

It was a great time and if you're into gut punching, you definitely need to bring your A game with Andi2



Coleman is recommended by edscissors

I had the honour of meeting Coleman, surely one of the better known members of this community, while I was on holiday in the windy city. Circumstances, including Chicago traffic, meant that our meeting was quite short but it was mighty generous of him to take the trouble to come and meet me. A man of few words, he put me in a number of his favourite scissor variations and though I am told I am pretty resilient it was impossible not to tap out. His legs are like steel bars and he knows exactly which muscle groups to use in order to make the holds even tighter and more intense. Very craftsmanlike. A memorable meeting - short but intense. Thank you so much, Coleman.



edscissors is recommended by Coleman

met up with edscissors about a week ago. wanted to experience being in my headscissors. nice guy. was able to take a good amount of squeezing before tapping.



Coleman is recommended by kyo1989

Definitely had a lot of fun with this beast, Coleman is powerful, calculating, evasive, and definitely a wise guy when it comes to outsmarting and catching on to an opponents attack patterns; I had a lot of fun wrestling him and definitely got completely worked over in our match, so if you see this guy coming to your town or is within close proximity, definitely wrestle this guy if you are ready for a fun challenge that is going to push everything you know about wrestling to a new level.



Coleman is recommended by calwrestler

After lots of banter, wrestled Coleman....He def looks strong, but he is stronger than he looks ! Managed to get him in a body scissors, but he was too tough to "give"....Stayed out of his head and body scissors, that was my main accomplishment, but very happy about that.
Great guy, formidable opponent, amazing pecs and biceps, agile, .....I do want another chance at this guy!



Coleman is recommended by ramesh

He is one of the strongest opponent i have wrestled. He is very nice guy by nature. Akways willing to create fun for the other party to too. He has great physique too. Enjoyed my match a lot with him. Would wrestle him anytime again.



Coleman is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Great guy to meet. Very strong and methodical wrestler with lots of endurance. Had a competitive match that he dominated most of the time and was a real workout. Looking forward to meet again. Highly recommend.



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by Coleman

Great guy to wrestle. Loads of fun. Glad to have the opportunity to wrestle this guy. Definitely looking forward to locking up again. Highly recommended.



Coleman is recommended by gordonbelly

Coleman is a great man. Strong and with almost 200 pounds, he was a very good opponent with some good skills but he adjusted to my beginner level and loved his body splashes.
He recorded videos of our matches and shared them with me, which is great. Nobody has done that before in my case.
Let me know if you are again in the area, Coleman. Oh, and thanks for letting me to do a cradle carry with you at the end of our session.



Coleman is recommended by shawty333

Coleman is a joy to wrestle and smack talk with. He's pretty damn tough though and I got destroyed with his scissor holds and Facesitting pins. If you are my size and got a smart mouth, you better keep that mouth shut! LOL :O



shawty333 is recommended by Coleman

Had the privilege to wrestle shawty333 last month. Definitely was one of the highlights of this year. Have always heard rave reviews from guys who have wrestled him and now that I've had the chance to wrestle him, I agree wholeheartedly. You will be sorry if you pass up an opportunity to take this guy on. Ready for the rematch.



Coleman is recommended by Newwrestling

Coleman was a top notch opponent and person. Meeting up with him was easy and he was reliable and nice to set up a match with. He was an excellent wrestler who knew plenty of holds and although he dominated the match was always safe and considerate while wrestling. He is a person I would highly recommend having a match with and one that I hope to meet up again soon against. If you get the chance make sure you get a match up in. He's a great guy!



Newwrestling is recommended by Coleman

Great guy and had a great match. Looking forward to the next time. He has strong legs so if you get caught, good luck getting out. Definitely recommend him for any wrestler.



Coleman is recommended by Brown Bomber

I have met Coleman twice and it's always a good time.....and especially if you're a jobber he'll work you over, sit on you, step on you, flex over you and all that good stuff but not into pain or hurting you which is equally as great. Off the mat a great guy as well.



Coleman is recommended by iowawrestler

Coleman was one of my first experiences of meeting and wrestling a man from online wrestling websites back in 2012. He was a very positive first experience for me, even though he did have a size and strength advantage over me and we were both beginners with wrestling experience. Since then, I have had the awesome experience of reconnecting with Coleman on numerous occasions. His wrestling skills, strength, and body build has improved each time the we have wrestled. I still cannot beat Coleman but it is always an incredible experience to wrestle with a fun guy with such a passion for wrestling. I am looking forward to future rematches and highly recommend this awesome man.



Coleman is recommended by lspowerhouse

Coleman looks like a Rassler strong had a great time wrestling him as he destroy me. Rematch for sure



lspowerhouse is recommended by Coleman

Had a great time with powerhouse. Ready for the rematch already.



Coleman is recommended by jason

So strong and dominated me and squashed my bod. Also, a very nice person and would wrestle him again.



Coleman is recommended by hellcatedy

Coleman is a big power move guy. The match was intense for me since he's a big guy compared to me, but it was fun and hot. Loved it, but wish I could have wrestled more, but due to time, we were only able to go about half an hour. Next time for sure,



hellcatedy is recommended by Coleman

Hellcatedy is a great guy. He's got a lot of spunk and was fun to wrestle. Definitely looking forward to wrestling him again.



Coleman is recommended by chicagopiledriver

This guy keeps getting stronger every time we wrestle. He is an awesome guy who loves to wrestle and he will give you a great competitive match.



chicagopiledriver is recommended by Coleman

I always have a great time wrestling chicagopiledriver. He's a nice guy who is also very skilled and strong.


[4_5] (62 votes)
Coleman 1/05/2019

Two quick submissions

Watched 2966 times.
[5] (32 votes)
Coleman 6/05/2018

Wrestled Andi2 again May 30, 2018. Gave him another dose of gut punching

Watched 1620 times.
[5] (29 votes)
Coleman 5/26/2018

From a match April 2018

Watched 994 times.
[4_5] (20 votes)
Coleman 4/21/2018

Applying some more holds on Andi2

Watched 997 times.
[5] (22 votes)
Coleman 3/28/2018

From a match March 2018

Watched 1565 times.
[4_5] (11 votes)
Coleman 3/09/2018

Trying my hand at Gut Punching

Watched 866 times.
[5] (20 votes)
Coleman 3/03/2018

Giving an opponent a body slam. Two video angles.

Watched 846 times.
[4_5] (24 votes)
Coleman 6/08/2017

From a match with Dsexman on globalfight

Watched 1705 times.
[5] (27 votes)
Coleman 5/25/2017

Decided to squat with my opponent during our match.

Watched 967 times.
[5] (24 votes)
Coleman 5/05/2017

Match finisher

Watched 1087 times.