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  1. United Kingdom, Wrenbury
    Place of residence
  2. United Kingdom, Manchester

I am willing to travel 75 miles


69-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 179 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German

Gear: trunks,singlets


Been wrestling since 2011 and gaining experience all the time. Still keen to learn more holds and moves. Only into safe and sane, easy going give and take sessions. willing to be a heel or a jobber. Hip surgery in May 2018 successful and now keen to get back to wrestling. I have my own mats and can host.



Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Going to matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Relationship
Fetishes: Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Face sitting

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resurgam is recommended by walsallgoodguy

14/12/19 finally had a match with resurgam after meeting him on lots of occasions at Pippa's, was really great, a truly lovely guy, Ripper Roger xxx



resurgam is recommended by Chuck

I met Resurgam at the last group meet we both attended, but on that occasion he was unfortunately out of action. This meet however he was back in action and despite telling me we should ‘go gentle’ he pulled no punches. He’s a real gentle character until he hits the mats then it’s ‘buyer beware’. A tough one who’s knows and loves the sport. He’s both a good guy to wrestle and socialise with, so I’d be very happy to take him on at every opportunity ...... don’t wait, do it.



Chuck is recommended by resurgam

I met Chuck at a group meet at Pippa's in July 2019 and finally had the chance to wrestle him. He proved to be everything I had expected. A strong and capable opponent, he gave me a wrestle to be remembered. He is just as good company off the mats as he is a wrestler on them. I'm looking forward to the next time...let it be soon!



resurgam is recommended by Bodie101

Met this great wrestler today at a group meet,,, had a real good grapple on the mats,,lots of give and take and exchanging holds.. Pleasure to wrestle this grappler,, with some verbal thrown in for good measure... Looking forward to round 2...



Bodie101 is recommended by resurgam

I met Bodie101 at a group meet at Pippa's. He proved to be a powerful and worthy opponent and we had a good grapple. He is a pleasure to wrestle and talk to. I hope I shall soon be able to repeat the experience



resurgam is recommended by beverleyboi

had a wrestle today at a group meet-
steady away- good to wrestle and chat to- next time for another wrestle!



beverleyboi is recommended by resurgam

Had a wrestle with beverleyboi at Pippa's on 11.08.2019. What can I say that hasn't already been said except to agree with it? A great guy to wrestle and talk to. Looking forward to the next time... and there will definitely be one!



resurgam is recommended by ShockR

Met resurgam on the mats at Pippas, a really good wrestler who gave me a good match. Recommended



ShockR is recommended by resurgam

I met ShockR at Pippa's at what will probably be my lastchance to wrestle for quite a while. I am glad to have had the opportunity both to wrestle him and get to know him off the mats as well before I hang up my boots. Recommended.



resurgam is recommended by Torrnado

Resurgam is an enthusiastic follower of our sport and a true gentleman. We had a short roll together on the mats where he displayed some good pinning moves which had me working hard to throw him off. An interesting and thoroughly likeable guy off the mats, I recommend you meet him.



Torrnado is recommended by resurgam

I can't think why I hesitated so long before venturing on to the mats with Torrnado. I need not have worried. He is an experienced wrestler, willing to share his knowledge of and enthusiasm for wrestling with you. I hope one day to be able to meet him again on the mats.



resurgam is recommended by The Kestrel

This man is a great guy to meet, he is strong and enthusiastic with his wrestling and is good fun to roll with. Perfectly safe and a priper gent when you tap, what more could you want?

Nice to talk to as well, friendy and relaxed company.

Recommended for guys wanting an easy going grapple



The Kestrel is recommended by resurgam

Everything The Kestrelhas said in his recommendation of me can just as easily said of him, and with more justification. He was a pleasure to wrestle, safe and sane, always ready to go at his opponent's pace. I look forward to having another wrestle with him, if I get the chance to.
good company both on and off the mats.



resurgam is recommended by davey123

A pleasure to meet this erudite and charming man. He is clearly experienced on the mats and doesn’t tap out the moment he is caught in a predicament but has the strength and determination to keep on battling. Sane/sensible and I certainly enjoyed meeting with him and will be happy to do so again.



davey123 is recommended by resurgam

i had the opportunity of wrestling davey123 at Pippa's on the 6th January 2018. To describe him as a competent and skilful wrestler does not really do him justice, phenomenally strong as well. I feel privileged to have had the chance to wrestle him, and hope I shall be able to do so again, although next time I must try harder! A pleasure to talk to off the mats. I look forward to continuing our acquaintance both on and off them.



resurgam is recommended by GrappleViking

September 2017
Finally had the chance to wrestle Resurgam, after having missed him last time I was in Manchester (my fault admittedly).

He is a wrestler with decent skill, knows his moves, and keeps on moving. He knows the basics, and will continue to develop. I enjoyed fighting him a lot, and will do so again, if the opportunity arises.

Off the mats, he is a very good humored, down to earth man, with a great smile! I look forward to next time.



GrappleViking is recommended by resurgam

I met GV at a group meeting at Pippa's in September 2017. He is an exceptionally talented, skilful and strong wrestler. He had no problem in overpowering me, but I shall still look forward to our next wrestle. Off the mats he is as charming a young man as he is a formidable opponent on them, someone whose company will always be welcome.



resurgam is recommended by Tynesider

After a good chat I had a very enjoyable light tussle with Michael yesterday at Pippa’s.

He obviously has some experience behind him but, as this was a light roll around, we didn’t test our skills out.

I am definitely keen to wrestle again and hope it isn’t too long in coming.



Tynesider is recommended by resurgam

A good strong wrestler. Don't be deceived by his modesty.I enjoyed our time on the mats and look forward to the next time.



resurgam is recommended by matslam

A true gentleman off the mats,this man is pure joy to lock up with on the mats.I had a great time wrestling "resurgam" at Pipas.He displayed his array of pro moves to me and had me tap again and again.You must definitely meet him
P.S Did I mention he looks great in his gear?



matslam is recommended by resurgam

I met matslam at one of the monthly meets at Pippa's in Manchester. a tough and competitive opponent on the mats and great guy off them. It was a pleasure to meet him and can't wait for the next time



resurgam is recommended by Ricotewrestler

Great guy to grapple with. Very mindful of learning new techniques . Lots of fun off the mats and a great gent!



Ricotewrestler is recommended by resurgam

A tough wrestler, hard but fair and respectful of his opponent's limitations. This wrestler comes highly recommended, a great guy on and off the mats.



resurgam is recommended by matworker

Michael regularly attends the events organised in Manchester so I've known him for a long time. I'd not realised that we'd never had a match. My bad. Sorry Michael. That was rectified at the event on 31/10/2015. We had a friendly submission style match and it was great fun. He knows his moves and is better than he gives himself credit for. He's a great guy off the mats too, a true gentleman. I look forward to our next match :-)



matworker is recommended by resurgam

Dave was one of the first persons to welcome me when I began to attend the meets in Manchester. Always ready to chat and share his experience, he is a strong wrestler, who can give just as well as take. I had a great time wrestling him and look forward to the next time!



resurgam is recommended by jamstu

Good solid fun wrestler who is earning the ropes but has a good sound basic grounding in wrestling.. Enjoyable to wrestle and a nice guy to meet and wrestle



jamstu is recommended by resurgam

Even though we only live a few miles apart, it has taken a while for me to get to wrestle Jamstu but it was well worth the wait. He is a skilled and knowledgeable wrestler, who willingly shared his experience with me in what turned out to be an enjoyable and fruitful session. I hope we shall get together again soon



resurgam is recommended by Tanker

Nice friendly guy, who despite having some misgivings, bravely stepped into the ring with me (Can't think why, am such a nice cuddly Teddy bear)!!
He is a strong fit wrestler with good defence ( does not like to submit) we had a n enjoyable pro style match.



Tanker is recommended by resurgam

I have been meeting Dave regularly at the meets at Pippa's but only got round to wrestling him recently. I always felt our relative sizes meant we were a bit of a mismatch but I need not have worried. He is a gentleman in and out of the ring, kowledgeable and generous with his time.I look forward to the next time.



resurgam is recommended by Squashlad

09/05/2015: Had a great subs grapple with resurgam at John's meet at Pippa's. He's an experienced wrestler in great shape and he made me work hard to take a couple of submissions off him. He wrestles safely and sanely and is a lovely guy to chat to off the mats as well. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to another bout with him.
13/06/2015: Had a great rematch with resurgam at John's meet and had to work harder for the submissions as he'd had some quality coaching in the meantime! Hopefully only the second of many grapples with him.



Squashlad is recommended by resurgam

Finally got to wrestle Squashlad at John's meet at Pippa's. He is very strong and competent, but safe and sane, always willing to match his strength to that of his opponent. I only wish that I had been able to give as good as I got! That will have to wait until the next time. Well worth the wrestle!



resurgam is recommended by wrestlingstar

I met michael in the evening at my hotel in the centre of manchester.we had a few beers in the hotel bar before we went up to the room.we watched a few world of sport bouts on dvd then had a play pro style wrestle.michael looks great in his wrestling trunks and is fairly was a real pleasure to meet him and found him to be a great guy.look forward to a more proper pro bout with him at a matroom.



wrestlingstar is recommended by resurgam

Met Scott in April in Manchester for my first hotel meet. He is a strong and knowledgeable wrestler who obviously loves his pro style wrestling. Enjoyed my time with him and hope we shall eventually get to have a proper meet



resurgam is recommended by Leglocklover

Michael played host for our match and it was a pleasure to wrestle him. He is still learning but clearly has a passion for the sport. A charming, intelligent and well spoken gentleman off the mats.



Leglocklover is recommended by resurgam

Carl is a strong and skilful wrestler and lives up to his profile name. I am pleased that I have now had the chance to wrestle him. I learnt a lot from the experience and look forward to learning some more from him. Enjoyed his company both on and off the mats.



resurgam is recommended by Lomandlad42

Had a great wrestle with Michael at a recent group meet....knows more that he lets on :-)
Put me in some effective holds, real safe guy to roll with and a real gent off the mats. Having know this guy for a good few years it was great to finally wrestle him ....cheers bud :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by resurgam

Known Jay for a long time but only got the chance to wrestle him recently. A strong and enthusiastic wrestler, he was well worth the wait and I just hope it won't be so long before we hit the mats again!



resurgam is recommended by oldscrapperderby

lovely guy,looks great in the gear and is great to wrestle, strong and fit and good fun, looking forward to the next match, a truly nice guy, thanks mate. Den.



oldscrapperderby is recommended by resurgam

Met Den at Pippa's on 05.01.2013.Very informative and willing to share his experience. A good man to wrestle and a gentleman both on and off the mats. Looking forward to the next time.