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Time to update again....

Really enjoying my experience of wrestling so far and i have made some very good friends as a result of it. Thanks to all the guys i had the privilege of meeting so far!

Still living in the mk area and unable to host, but willing to travel any reasonable distance and split costs for hiring matroom etc

Please do not ask what my favourite hold or gear is

I love a good scrappy submission match, i am willing to give anything sane a go at least once.

I am only interested in wrestling and making new mates when I meet.

Chat is welcome.

Cheers for looking at my profile


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The Kestrel is recommended by gures

The Kes loves to dominate his opponents. Great submission skills. If you like brutal gutpunching, this is definitely your man. He can destroy your gut with super hard punches that you will feel for the next week on. One of my best gutpunching sessions ever. Super nice guy off the mat. He will book the mat room in north London for your match. If you are in London don鈥檛 miss a chance to rumble with this tough Brit!! Until next time bud.



gures is recommended by The Kestrel

This guy is tough and great fun to wrestle! Short and stocky with a very strong build, he is defiantly resilient and does not want to stop!

Fully recommended 馃憤



The Kestrel is recommended by WW

Fantastic afternoon wrestling. He's an amazing wrestler. Very clean very honest and completely trust worthy



WW is recommended by The Kestrel

Very safe, same and friendly, keeps coming back for more and good fun 馃憤



The Kestrel is recommended by Barraboy

In short, a PROPA nice guy.
Taught me, in 3,5 hours of patient Coaching, at Barnet, why I love this Sport.
I only wish I had believed in myself more, and met him Years back.
Thank You, mate, for everything.



Barraboy is recommended by The Kestrel

Proper nice gent, talks himself down but he is a naturally strong and enthusiastic beast on the mats! Very safety conscious and respectful - couldn't ask for much more than that when meeting for a session eh?

Tried to help him learn more and gain confidence since he talks himself down unnecessarily, he was very attentive and eager to learn and put things into practice.

Definitely recommended for anyone into a bit of good fun rough play 馃挭馃憤



The Kestrel is recommended by Squashlad

18/04/2015: Wrestling The Kestrel could be a bit of a depressing experience. You know, having your arse comprehensively kicked and having the resulting lengthy amount of time with your head buried in the mats to reflect that he始s 11 years younger than you are and that you始ll never be as good a wrestler as he is.... Kes is to wrestling as ducks are to water. But actually he始s such an awesome bloke and his love for wrestling is so infectious that wrestling him始s just a complete joy. Strong, skilled and talented, he始s controlled aggression itself, but is nevertheless a smart tactician, happy to bide his time and wait for mistakes鈥攚hich he ruthlessly exploits. He始s probably the most complete wrestler that I始ve come across. I始m just going to count myself lucky that I始ve wrestled him now, when it was just a very clear result, as opposed to six months from now, when he始s going to be a freaking monster! Safe, sane, reliable, a top lad with superb footballing taste and good fun to hang around with off the mats, he comes very highly recommended. Wrestle him now while it始s still possible!
20/02/2019: My longest ever wait for a rematch! But then, The Kestrel is worth it. He really is the complete package wrestling experience鈥攕trong, skilled, relentless, built, sane and sorted, a bit of a bully in the nicest, safest, most fun way possible, (whisper it) very handsome鈥攊t始s something you just have to bide your time for. I didn始t stand a chance and was just a nasty sweaty smear on the High Barnet mats when he got too bored to want to continue, but wow it was fun! If you get the chance of a wrestle with him, take it with both hands and be grateful!



Squashlad is recommended by The Kestrel

Whay a properly good guy! Just heading back on the train from a top day with craig as i am typing this.

On the mats he claims to be a jobber - i sure did not get this side of him, he threw himself into the bout vs me and had a good idea of how to be offensive on the mats. When he has to defend he makea it truly hard work getting ANYTHING on him, and when i was lucky to open his defence he shows great durability and does not tap easy, and this is in a condition i would struggle to wrestle in.

After the session we made brilliant use of the weather and had a couple at a pub for a good couple of hours, we had a fair few things in common and he made great company.

Another day like today is required i think, top stuff and i can not recommend him enough!



The Kestrel is recommended by hephaestion2014

-This- is the kind of match I joined the site for, and it's up there amongst my favourite matches.

Really enjoyable company off the mats, and the same on the mats. During the rough and tumble, you still feel absolutely, perfectly safe.

So you're more than happy to go round after round after round after round. And i did.
Great fun 馃槈

It's hard to add more as I'll only be echoing in agreement with what the others have said.

I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants a proper match. You'll not regret it.

Thanks mate again for today.
Let me know when you want a round two - I promise not to go easy on ya! 馃挭馃槀



hephaestion2014 is recommended by The Kestrel

Had brilliant fun today with this sturdy tank, keeps coming back for more until his body has had enough and then some, leaving me exhausted as well, I will definately sleep well tonight.

Very talkative and good company to be around when not wrestling, I would definately be up for the same and will recommend this chap to anyone wanting a good fun wrestle with someone not afraid of rough housing 馃挭



The Kestrel is recommended by QuinnUK

There is not a great deal that I can add to all the recommendations that have already been written for this guy. Not the tallest man on here but what he lacks in height he makes up for in strength and skill. He is aggressive and determined without being dangerous. I went expecting a mauling (his word) and sure enough he did get the first submission off me, pretty much as I had expected. What I hadn鈥檛 expected was that I would get the next one!



QuinnUK is recommended by The Kestrel

Big strong scottish bruiser who loves it rough - what more can you want?

Great fun and he can definately take some punishment without tapping, definately an ideal opponent for me and I recommend him highly!

I'll definately be up for a good rough match with this chap again when possible



The Kestrel is recommended by resurgam

Everything The Kestrelhas said in his recommendation of me can just as easily said of him, and with more justification. He was a pleasure to wrestle, safe and sane, always ready to go at his opponent's pace. I look forward to having another wrestle with him, if I get the chance to.
good company both on and off the mats.



resurgam is recommended by The Kestrel

This man is a great guy to meet, he is strong and enthusiastic with his wrestling and is good fun to roll with. Perfectly safe and a priper gent when you tap, what more could you want?

Nice to talk to as well, friendy and relaxed company.

Recommended for guys wanting an easy going grapple



The Kestrel is recommended by Blackwrestle

we faced off recently on the mats and though we was both a bit tired this man still oozes power and twin that with his skill hes a man who is a tough opponent on the mats.
He makes sure that you are always having to work and defend yourself against him and you cant drop your guard for even a second as he will take advantage pf it and you will be in trouble
Safe and sane guy and a definite good one to meet so i would say if you get the chance meet him, I'm looking for a rematch



Blackwrestle is recommended by The Kestrel

This chap is a good driving force in supporting the wrestling community, and is a good man to wrestle.

At a meet that he organised with a great selection of company, we had a knackered match at the end of the session, and despite the knocks and bumps he took throughout the day, he still wrestles with great strength and skill which is hard to match. Clearly experienced from his forgotten number of years wrestling, he was safe and sane, but mixed with a suitable level of aggression to make the match challenging.

Great socially, creates a fun and leisurely atmosphere, and an enjoyable character to meet, I am definately up for another round with him when we are both less beaten up!

Recommended for guys of any level.



The Kestrel is recommended by tzitzi

First of all he is the best guy to warm up a frozen greek in wrestling meeting. Follows your speed and capability in wrestling.
After that I could clearly realized that he knows exctly what he is doing , very technical , very very strong and the most important totally safe , like very few in here.
He gave me hard time on the matt, my left arm still reminds me of him and I was paying attention on his moves to learn from them .
Very social guy with sense of humor , breaks the ice in an second , very cool and polite man.
In any case I would be very lucky if I have the chance to meet and wrestle again.



tzitzi is recommended by The Kestrel

Wow when this man has warmed up, be warned, he comes at you like a wild fire! I have seen bigger size mismatches but he is a fair bit smaller in build, yet this did not bother him in the slightest. His skill and surprising strength off-set that comfortably. He had me in compromising positions plenty of times and made me work hard for the chances to attack!

He is very friendly, mixes well in groups, and has good humour.

Recommended for guys wanting a good match that builds up in intensity 馃憤馃挭馃懝



The Kestrel is recommended by brazilwrestler86

February 2018: the rematch ! Kes and I finallybhad our one on one rematch. It was amazing ! He got bigger and significantly stronger then before . He knows his stuff and got some very impressive techniques and pain resilience ! Loved this match and loved our trip to the pub after it . We both needed a few pints to numb the pain after an e tire afternoon of war ! He鈥檚 brilliant and fully recommended !

It was a true pleasure to meet Kes for a group match we organized. First I was quite impressed of how much heart this guy has . He was the 4th group members among three 240lbs + guys and he did it great ! He is strong , skilled , agile and determined . Outside the ring he is kind , gentle and great company to hang around with ! A true genuine guy and I fully recommend him to any person who wishes a great Match !



brazilwrestler86 is recommended by The Kestrel

Ric was an absolute pleasure to meet at a small group session we organised. Very flattered to have had some wrestling time with this guy, he is madly strong, and very well skilled. I was no match for the guy but had a blast trying! He can make the match as rough as you like and has a mean competitive streak, but is perfectly safe to wrestle and very reapectful of limits and ability.

When not trying to rip my head off, he was VERY easy to talk to, tried to show me a few things, and he was a very comfortable guy to be around.

Fulky recommended to anyone, especially those who crave a real hard fight.



The Kestrel is recommended by Z眉rich

Definitely one of my best matches ever. Kes knows how to keep a fight interesting. There is constant action, changing moves combined with great skills, very technical and even more physical, very quick and explosive movements. Well, everything you would expect from a brilliant wrestling match. I am so glad to have asked him to not hold back and go full on. Today, one day after our match, my body feels like as if I'm gone through war. And it鈥檚 such a great feeling, knowing the workout we had.
He鈥檚 a strong Dude, which he makes clear just before the fight, when he sets off for his Gorilla pose, trying to intimidate his opponent. Big arms, strong shoulders, solid back. Well I would say it鈥檚 the total package.
And off the mats such a humble and nice person. I absolutely enjoyed the time spent with him and the discussions we had about wrestling and so many other topics.
I hope we can have a lot more rounds in the future. Definitely a person not to miss when in London. He鈥檚 a genius on the mats and an excellent gent off the mats. Thanks for this wonderful experience



Z眉rich is recommended by The Kestrel

This chap was an incredible guy to meet, challenging me off a personal recommendation from a mutual opponent there was no way I could have refused.

He said there is no need to hold back, and I sure as hell did not, he was a very well matched challenge with his skills and knowledge on the mats, he has great strength and stamina, I really had to get the grey matter working on how to make it a good match for him. He has the strength, skill and control to suit anyone from beginner to any who want a good full om rough subs match, he will give as good as he takes, and this is after a match he had in the motning after only 3/4 hoirs sleep!!!

Off the mats he was engaging and demonstrates great social skills and a generous nature.

I would recommend him to opponents of any skill level



The Kestrel is recommended by AD idf

I met the kestrel at grove park. we passed really good time on ring. he is strong skilled but fair and safe. good sweat time. good holds many tap all what we like in good spirit and lot of fun. he know what he want on mat and he know how to do.
outside mat, we have good evening many discussion very friendly
I just want something : meet him again as soon as we can. necessarily recommended. now good friend thanks to him.



AD idf is recommended by The Kestrel

After a long time of this gentleman offering me to visit him, when he said he was coming to London, it was too good a chance to meet him at last! He had been wrestling each day for ten days on the bounce, I was the last. I do not know where he gets his energy from, but I wish he could share it haha!

He is very skilled, which was a great and fun challenge, and he is very hard to make submit with good defending. He was good company and we parted ways in the late evening after pizza and beer.

I recommend him for wrestlers of any level.



The Kestrel is recommended by Beefy 1976

I've met Kes a couple of times now.

He is very skilled and strong and is very safe with it.

His skills far outweighed mine but he has been kind enough to teach me some techniques.

A genuinely nice guy, makes me feel at ease and easy to talk to and have a laugh with.

If you get the chance, definitely meet him for a wrestle. You won't regret it (well, maybe the day after when you're aching you will!).

Looking forward to meeting him again.



Beefy 1976 is recommended by The Kestrel

This sturdily built guy sure puts up a fight and does not like to give in or submit.

Very safe and sane, and keen to learn, hopefully he will only improve and put his weight and strength into better practice.

In between wrestling he is chatty and good company, fully recommended to any who like an easy going match



wrknprogress is recommended by The Kestrel

What a great guy to meet! Despite me being his third day of wrestling on the bounce he still gave me one hell of a workout! Very safe wrestler and makes it good fun!

Off the mats he was good to share chat with over a pint and nachos, fully recommend him to anyone where he travels.



The Kestrel is recommended by GrappleViking

April 2017
So... I don't really know what to say that hasn't been said about the kestrel.

This is the most aggressive (in a nice-ish way mind you) wrestler I have ever met! He is definitely reliable and safe with it, so not to worry. My somewhat competitive nature combined with his strength and all-in style made for an exceptional match!

We were panting, rolling, flipping, sweating and tapping from the first 10 seconds in to the match. I had an absolute blast, a very tough opponent, ready to go at any skill level.

Off the mats, he is a lovely chap. He's got a great sense of humor, and is very relaxed. I am looking forward to future meets, and can definitely recommend him to anyone, wether you're new or highly experienced.
Till next time!!



GrappleViking is recommended by The Kestrel


Well...well...well...... where to start?

This yound chap is a great and explosive wrestler, in the short time he has been wrestling he has definately demonstrated fast paced learning with a high retention of what he has learnt. This results in a young, fast, determined and energetic arse kicker! Tough and durable, he ride out holds and forces his chances to turn the tables. And even though he is one great wrestler, he is fantastically respectful to his opponents.

Off the mats he is a great laugh, sharp minded and very open in conversation. I would recommend him for any skill level, but I especially recommend him to those who want a good rough aggressive match - he is capable of giving guys much bigger than him great challenge.



The Kestrel is recommended by Lomandlad42

I had the opportunity to meet Kes this weekend at Bills Birthday Bash.
Having heard a lot of good things about this guy I can only echo what his recommendations say.
A genuinely lovely fella, great company off the mats and a pleasure to spend time with. However, once you step onto the mats with him the nice guy routine is out the window. A strong determined wrestler who gets stuck in and no messing about!!! Highly recommended in my opinion and a another definite must meet. Feeling the ache today but was worth it , cheers buddy hope to wrestle again real soon 馃憤



Lomandlad42 is recommended by The Kestrel

Well the rumours are true - J is a fast, skilled and savvy wrestler! He knows how to punish you if you take too long to make your move, yet a proper gent at the same time!

Off the mats he is a typically humourous scotsman, great to talk to and can keep you engaged with relative ease.

I can only join the army of others who highly recommend this guy, he is great for wrestlers of any skill level.



The Kestrel is recommended by London Wrestler

Really enjoyed wrestling with this man! Extremely experienced and strong, knows many moves/holds and also how to apply holds and keep them to submission. Has stamina for long bouts and never gives up! Definitely a good teacher to learn you the ropes. Looking forward to another bout soon.
Nice person off the mats too, happy to have a discussion and very polite.
Highly recommended to anybody who is looking for a good wrestling match.



London Wrestler is recommended by The Kestrel

It was a pleasure to get the train into London and meet this man. He was very friendly and hospitable during my visit.

He is quite a strong guy and does not like to give in easy, and kept getting up for more until complete exhaustion, it was a good fun match.

Interesting to talk to, very chatty and open.

I fully recommend him



The Kestrel is recommended by surrey71

Can't say anything more than he is a skilled grappler!
Highly recommended if you want a safe and sane wrestle from beginning to end of your meet



surrey71 is recommended by The Kestrel

After much talk, we had our first match with eachother, and surrey71 did not disappoint! Our clash in styles made for an interesting match, the guy is a beast, and very strong, an absolute pleasure to wrestle!

Off the mats he is VERY talkative, clearly intelligent, and has some good stories in him.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes a rough match.



The Kestrel is recommended by EdinGuy

Really enjoyable day with a 'faster, stronger and better' fighter.

Lots of challenge for me and good wrestling with 'The Kestrel'.

Nice guy, safe fighter and into his wrestling - he has really developed a good set of skills which he is happy to share. He should certainly be top of your list for on your list for meeting up.



EdinGuy is recommended by The Kestrel

On me train back from London after a good day with this guy. He was welcoming and relaxed as soon as we met.

Wrestling was good fun, he has good instincts and does not like to make it easy.

The after wrestle meal and pint was good, found some similar interests through conversation and he was generally a good guy to meet.

Fully recommend to anyone who likes a good safe match.



The Kestrel is recommended by Wrstlr1

A warm generous guy who taught me a lot over the weekend we wrestled, you can be somewhat fooled and disarmed by his charming and relaxed demeanor only to find yourself up against a highly skilled wrestler who really knows his stuff, adjusting his level to accommodate less skilled opponents but at the same time still testing them out. A blast to roll around with. Highly recommended.



Wrstlr1 is recommended by The Kestrel

This man is an absolute pleasure to meet. He attended a gathering and despite his experience level, he showed great enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn and improve at every opportunity. Good build and mind-set for wrestling, i hope he manages to make time to practice more!

Off the mats he is a clever guy, and adds value to any conversation with well thought responses.

I fully recommend this guy to anyone who wants an easy going and fun grapple. I also recommend him to any who fancies a keen and hungry mind to share knowledge with.



The Kestrel is recommended by scotsgrappler

While he maybe lacks a sense of direction (though a very kind chauffeur), he doesn't lack stamina, commitment, courtesy or strength. Friendly guy. Good fun. Thoroughly enjoyed our bouts. Highly recommended.



scotsgrappler is recommended by The Kestrel

A very interesting guy to meet at a gathering, we had a good easy going match which was good fun! Very safe and sane!

Off the mats he leads conversation well and has lots of stories to share.

I recommend this guy to anyone wanting a good easy going grapple.



The Kestrel is recommended by Jay219

Met kestrel for bills birthday meet and it was a great pleasure to do so. He might not sound confident about his skills but once he's on the mat those skills come out to play! Put me through my paces and had me on the run a few times!

Such a lovely guy to chat to with a nice relaxed attitude which was great to chill and drink tea over. Highly recommended a s hopefully we'll meet again.



Jay219 is recommended by The Kestrel

I met Jay at a group meeting over the early may bank holiday, he definately meets all the good things i had heard of him before his arrival.

He's a well grounded guy and good to talk to off the mats. On the mats is a different matter, he is a very skilled wrestler, very fit and knows how to punish you for yer mistakes!

It was a pleasure to have the chance to meet him, fully recommended from me for anyone who appreciates a high paced and skillful wrestle.

Not often i do this, but i feel there is reason for it here.

Met Jay again, and must say I had a BRILLIANT match with this guy, sorry to The Enigma if he is reading this, but I have a new contender for best match I have had yet! Had a couple of bouts throughout the day, and on each occasion he drew out a very hard match with a lot of reversals and punishment each way. A VERY refreshing match as it really was testing for me and took my mind to a place on the mats which i rarely get to go to.

That said, it was great to see his methodical approach with others, and great to see someone of his talent finding levels that suit various skill sets to give a good time to every opponent he has.

Top guy!



The Kestrel is recommended by Tanker

Don't be fooled by the baby blue eyes & the butter wouldn't melt in the mouth demeanour.
This guy is in a different league to me. Stronger faster, fitter more agile. Submissions executed with clinical efficiency. Physically he is deceptive, was surprised to discover he was 14.5 St. (Ie he doesn't look it) Also comes with a background in karate. A natural fighter.
He is terrific fun, laid back, with what I took to be a lovely old fashioned Cockney accent though 'e seez it ain't, also has wicked laugh that Long John Silver (As played by Robert Newton) would be proud of.. Do meet him you won't regret it.



Tanker is recommended by The Kestrel

What a brilliant guy to have met!

Big, strong and enthusiastic on the mats, he was good fun to grapple with and puts up a good fight.

Off the mats he mixes well in a group and is good to talk with.

Fully recommend this big chap for anyone who likes a good fun wrestle!



The Kestrel is recommended by Celticmuscle

Had a second chance to lock up with this "rookie".....If he is a rookie then I am definitely going backwards at an alarming rate in this had a couple of rounds with him but he didn't disappoint. He is really improving rapidly. I had the pleasure of watching him roll with another couple of guys as well and its very obvious he is developing a range of skills to match his natural power. He is an up and coming force guys so watch out for him!

This guy is one solid man! He doesn't go down easily and he keeps bouncing back. Very determined, coupled with some good moves. Nothing seems to intimidate him and there's a constant cheeky smile on that bearded face. An incredibly nice guy who will give you a great competitive match. Very strong guy who will test any mans resilience when caught in his holds. Would happily meet this guy again. With some more experience he will be a tough nut to crack for sure.



Celticmuscle is recommended by The Kestrel

Sometimes you come across guys who you simply have no hope against. Celticmuscle is one of them for me, he only takes what he wants, and when he is in the mood he is simply just a beast!

I try to get him in a headlock - celticmuscle says no, i tap within a minute.

He allows me to get a headlock on, he gets bored of my futile attempt - celticmuscle says no, i tap within a minute.

I try to pounce him from behind - celticmuscle says no, i take a working over and tap constantly for 5 minutes.

It was the most hilariously one sided matches i have ever had, yet i'd happily have another go. He's a proper gent otherwise, conversation flows from him with ease and he is a good laugh.

Fully recommend this beast to anyone!



The Kestrel is recommended by grappleguy66

I Wrestled Kes over the weekend. He's a great fighter. Lots of insinctive wrestling skills . He's very strong and fast and a good opoinant for any level of wrestler. I really like his aggresive scrapy style, it's a great contrast to his mellow easy going nature. He's a real gem of a bloke. I highly reomend him. I hope i get to meet him a load more times .

13. 6. 16 update.

Stronger. Faster. Tougher. More Skilled.
Absolute pleasure to wrestle.. He's a really good bloke.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!



grappleguy66 is recommended by The Kestrel

what a pleasure it was meeting this bruiser

on the mats he is a strong heavyweight and knows his way on the mats, but is perfectly safe and controlled, and great fun to wrestle.

off the mats andy is a laugh a minute and good company to be around.

100% recommendation from me, and hoping to get a 2nd round in sometime soon



The Kestrel is recommended by Mark uk

1 May 16. Had the pleasure to lock up with the_kestrel during a birthday bash as bill's (musclneck). Super nice and really easy to get on with. On the mats he is great. Don't be fooled by the "god easy on me I'm new" as he is tough and can wrestle.
Really did enjoy the day and the time spent the group. Top guy and a defiant meet again.



Mark uk is recommended by The Kestrel

What a pleasure it was to meet Mark at a group get-together over the weekend, he is a guy who you can feel comfortable being around within the first minute of meeting him for the first time

Clearly a very skilled wrestler, he went at a level that suited me and we had a very enjoyable match. A great all round wrestler, with size, strength and skill advantages at his disposal.

He was a very sociable chap too, interesting stories and contributed to a great vibe at the meeting. I would not hesitate in meeting him again when time allows.

Fully recommend this guy 100%



The Kestrel is recommended by ikf

Finally met after years of being in contact online, and it was great fun! He was kind enough to rekindle his flame for standup fighting for/with me, and we enjoyed a few hours of drills and practice together. He was kind enough to entertain me with some gut kicks as well, which is one of my favorite but rarely available pastimes :), so extra points! Thank you!

Next time on for harder training, harder kicks and some proper sparring!



ikf is recommended by The Kestrel

Andras was an absolute pleasure to meet on his trip to the UK. He is a very enthusiastic and friendly character which was very easy to get on with.

We had a totally different session to what i am currently used to, he encouraged some of the long unpracticed karate in me, and he was only too happy to try and share some of his kickboxing techniques with me. It was a great session with some giving and taking, i should reinvest into some sparring gear for when we next meet so we can have a propper sparring session!

I fully recommend him to anyone who likes their contact sports, he is good fun to meet.



The Kestrel is recommended by small power house

I met Kes for a last minute match last night, easy to organise. Well what can i say
very strong, quick. stubborn and my worst nightmare to wrestle against.
Just showed me just how out of practice i am. He is such a lovely guy on the mats and safe. Off the mats he has a great sense of humour and chatty. It's a great pleasure to meet him at long last. Can't wait to meet him again.



small power house is recommended by The Kestrel

I met Bill for a late night session on short notice last night.

It was easy to arrange the session with him, and he had great space to throw eachother around. He is clearly a skilled wrestler, knew what he was doing, and shared good feedback with me throughout the session. great stocky build on him, and very strong, he was a pleasure to grapple with.

He is very sociable and chatty, LOTS of interesting conversation and a clever guy with a sense of humor that is easy to relate to.

I fully recommend this guy for all skill levels without hesitation



The Kestrel is recommended by calwrestler

Kestrel is quite the wrestler....10 months in and already very very good at it!
He is strong, quick, knows the moves and holds. He slipped out of my triangle my dismay and astonishment. Also slipped out of my head scissors...
What to do ! I blamed it on his slippery sweatiness (hot) but it was really skill.
He submitted me with headlocks and pins.... Then was smartly amusing and fun at the pub. Def hope we can wrestle again and I can get revenge!
Highly Recommended



calwrestler is recommended by The Kestrel

I was fortunate enough to have a chance meet with terry at a small group session, and i am glad it happened!

He keeps himself in good shape and is a very enthusiastic and well practiced wrestler, his legs are lethal!

Off the mats he is is very open and interesting to talk to, i hope to meet him again on his next trip across the pond.

Highly recommended



The Kestrel is recommended by wrestlerherts

Kes is a good lad - worked up some technical skills and got a vice like grip !!! A fine opponent and was hard to escape those holds. Top lad



wrestlerherts is recommended by The Kestrel

Lots of smack talk in the lead up to our match, but he backed it up and was a tough opponent, had to bide my time with him and grab the chances as they came up, and he sure likes to make it a scrap! If he was fitter then it would have only been a better fight!

Off the mats he's a good guy, loves the banter and can be a laugh.

He's worth a crack if you haven't had the chance yet.



The Kestrel is recommended by ulx1

I met Kes at a short notice - it was easy to arrange and he was moren then in time. He is strong and we had a sweaty match which i enjoyed a lot... Even if i was exhausted already from several days of wrestling and muscle action.
Looking forward round two.



ulx1 is recommended by The Kestrel

Had a last minute match with thomas, and it was a very nice surprise!

He says he had been wrestling lots over the last week for a wrestling holiday here, but he was still incredibly strong!

As well as a good rollaround he is also very polite and great to be with, i hope to wrestle him again on his next visit to the UK



The Kestrel is recommended by fghtr

I met Kes for a match in London. He is a strong and friendly wrestler that still tries to claim "I am only a beginner". But he is NOT!
He is a naturel, gifted, hot wrestler who picks up moves easily. Despite the weight difference I had to work really hard to get a sub.
Off the mats he is fun and entertaining. This is a wrestler not to be missed. Very highly recommended!



fghtr is recommended by The Kestrel

I met michael at last, and i was not dissapointed!!!

We had a good rough wrestle, the guy is a mountain and a powerhouse, needless to say i stood little chance, but it was a terrific wrestle nonetheless. He was perfectly safe despite the vast size difference, and he is very well practiced, using his size and skill well against me. I could throw meself at him as hard as i can and he always had a way of turning it back on me, it was a great thrill to have time with him on the mats.

Off the mats he is a very nice guy, handsome, intelligent and easy to talk to with some good stories to share, you can't help but enjoy his company.

I can't recomend the guy enough, wrestle him whenever you get the chance, he is a one of a kind.



The Kestrel is recommended by dadwrestle

Round 2! Despite the short time between our meets and having wrestled Dave King (!!!), this guy had picked up some good tricks along the road! We had a good 3 hours on the mats battling it out. Second meet better than the first, if that can be believed. This is one tough strong fun wrestler!!
Well, this guy might call himself a rookie, but he's a born wrestler! Easy to fix a time with, reliable and friendly. Once on the mats, he goes for it!! Amazingly strong upper body, especially his arms. He's a natural on the mats, quick to learn, and quick to apply what he learns. Great stamina, he keeps on coming back for more. This was one HIGHLY enjoyable encounter! Good intense, tough submission wrestling, safe and sane. I can't wait for Round 2! 100% recommendation!!!
After a lay off following an injury (his) we met up at a small meet. THIS IS ONE IMPROVED WRESTLER! Faster, more determined than ever, with a rapidly increasing skill base, this is on hot wrestler! I REALLY enjoy his attitude and style on the mats! DONT MISS OUT IF HE CHALLENGES YOU!



dadwrestle is recommended by The Kestrel

Round 2 with paul was no easier than the last one, keen as ever he gave me a great workout and still had more pearls of wisdom to share! And this guy had a session the night before which begs the question - where does he get this energy from?????

I can pluck theories out of the air but instead i insist anyone who has not tried him had better have a go and see for themselves hehe

Dunno what i can say that has not been said already! Paul is a brilliant man, great host and one wicked wrestler, i dunno where he gets his energy from!!!!!

Outclassed me in every way, he really does know how to use his weight and strength for maximum advantage, and can be very punishing if you let your guard slip for a second, but very well controlled and safe as well. He was more than willing to share constructive feedback on how i was doing, and showed me how i can do some things better.

He has a great attitude on and off the matts, and interesting in conversation as well as wrestling, very recomendable to any who have not had the privilege of wrestling him



The Kestrel is recommended by Pitbull

Finally got to meet and Wrestle Kes. Awesome wrestler strong as an ox with some great holds up his sleeve. Fiesty Wrestle and Scrap with this fella whos a great laugh and company off the mats. Round 2 is a dead cert. Highly Recommended . ;-)



Pitbull is recommended by The Kestrel

Played the "i am a bit rusty" card - rusty my arse, awesome scrappy wrestle, great guy to visit, 10/10 from me, looking forward to next time!



The Kestrel is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Meet this "Newbie?" Earlier today. Kes is a great powerful submission wrestler.
Although hes the new boy on the block, he can certainly look after himself. Had a great sweaty session with him. could of wrestle him all day and night but as usual time always flies by. Before we knew it we had to go our separate ways. But l am sure our paths will certainly meet again.. Extremely highly recommended and fantastic wrestler



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by The Kestrel

strong and enthusiastic wrestler, had me working very hard, and good technically, he used his size against me well!

Great to talk to off the mats, looking forward to round 2



The Kestrel is recommended by Crushhhh

Kes hasn't been wrestling long but he is picking up skills fast. A good, tough wrestler with loads of stamina. Will definitely be fighting him again.
Off the mats he is laid back, witty and easy to get on with. It was a real pleasure meeting him.



Crushhhh is recommended by The Kestrel

Paul easily under-rates himself and was a brilliant opponent on the mats

He looks after himself well, and was easily strong and skilled enough to keep me under wraps with great control, and defends extraordinarily well whenever I was on the offence.

Clever and talkative guy off the mats, plenty of good stories to share and makes conversation flow with ease, making him great company.

Meet this guy whenever you are able to - fully recommended



The Kestrel is recommended by borets

Despite the name there's nothing bird like about this tank. Strong and with well applied controlled aggression Kes makes you work and gives you a good scrap. I hadn't realized quite how rusty I was. A lovely bloke off the mats, highly recommended.



borets is recommended by The Kestrel

I have just had the pleasure of spending time with mark for a 2nd occasion - this time I have the privilege of saying we wrestled!

On the mats we had a truly brilliant match, with great controlled aggression and hard work between us, he is a guy I see as leagues ahead of me and gave me a great competition to try myself against.

Off the mats he is one in a pair of the most brilliant hosts you could wish to visit, and clearly likes to entertain his guests. He has a great nature that is easy to "click" with and every minute spent with the guy was a pleasure.

I can not recommend this guy enough but hopefully 101% is a good start - I can not wait to meet up with him again.



The Kestrel is recommended by Ironbull

I was already aware that Kes is a tough guy and a very friendly one too. In both respects his reputation is entirely deserved. I am so glad that wrestling is giving him so much pleasure and I completely relate to this and recall my own early wrestling years. He's a great addition to the wrestling world and I'll square off for round 2 any day.



Ironbull is recommended by The Kestrel

Only 4 words spring to mind with ed - he is an experience!

Great to finally meet him and go at it on the mats, he has brilliant control and gave me plenty to pick up from him. Off the mats he was brilliant company sharing a couple of pints in a beer garden after. Hopefully round 2 is not too far away - 100% recommended to anyone of any skill level



The Kestrel is recommended by Cymrofight

Kes is a genuine addition to our community. Immense aggression and power allied with, as Mike says, real intuition and speed in learning. He is modest about his abilities: too much so. This guy really loves his wrestling and it shows, in his demeanour and in the natural talent in this sport that he consistently demonstrates. He is going to be one of the best wrestlers on here in the future. He was very kind about me. Extremely pleasant and sociable off the mat, a (sometimes terrifying) force of nature on it, I hope for many more bouts with him. Really recommended.



Cymrofight is recommended by The Kestrel

What a brilliant wrestler, technically great on the mats and some good power to put in his moves, a very tough challenge. Great to talk to, and great to spend time with for a sneaky pint afterwards, 100% recommendation



The Kestrel is recommended by TigerWizard

A strong and very keen Wrestler. Very quick learner and is only going to get loads better. Would be very happy to meet him again. Off the mats he is socially a nice and down to earth guy to know.



TigerWizard is recommended by The Kestrel

Enthusiastic wrestler and a pleasure to tangle with on the mats, well built and strong, gives great resistance to anything you throw at him. Great to spend time with off the mats and share a couple of well earned pints with, i'd wrestle andy again at the drop of a hat when the chance comes again!



The Kestrel is recommended by Traithe

Kes is a strong and skilled wrestler who puts up a very tough match. I had a great time wrestling and getting to know him off the mats, and would definitely recommend him.



Traithe is recommended by The Kestrel

John is a brilliant guy to wrestle, claims to be out of practice but that sure did not show, straight away on the offence and no chances given by him, he gives you a harder match than his nature indicates.

Off the mats he is quite a sociable and easy going guy, hope to meet him on the mats again in the future, easy recomendation here



The Kestrel is recommended by mikeswuk

really strong with excellent intuition and a quick learner. tough on the mat but a really nice guy with it. very keen to wrestle him again,



mikeswuk is recommended by The Kestrel

What a brilliant guy! Terrific humerous wrestler, waves the age card in your face then nezt thing you know it he has you in the all the wrong positions and yer struggling to not tap. A very well experienced wrestler and in great shape too, he is methodical and calculared on the mats with a level of stamina that does not seem human.

When not wrestling he was very happy to show new tricks from his clearly vast knowledge on moves, holds and counters that he has, and makes great conversation too.

Top guy who deserves a 100% recomendation for wrestlers of any skill level, thanks mike!



mackemsub is recommended by The Kestrel

Gary was great fun to wrestle, knows what he is doing and good comtrol, definately gives you all he has got so one should prepare for this before taking him on. Definately round 2/has gotta be on the cards with him further down the line!

Great to talk to off the mats, very friendly (as far as sunderland fans go) and good guy to be around, definate recommendation from me!



The Kestrel is recommended by grapplewilts

Kes is a great guy. He is strong, stubborn and makes you work hard and, I think, a quick learner. He will become a formidable opponent.
He is a gent on the mats, and off them. Had a very enjoyable afternoon with him. Highly recommended.



grapplewilts is recommended by The Kestrel

It was a pleasure meeting ian, he looks big and mean but he is a proper gent, makes you work hard and keeps it safe.

Great guy off the mats too, very open and talkative and a nice guy to be around



The Kestrel is recommended by ChineseGrappler

For a guy that claims to have pretty much just started wrestling, he has a lot of potential.

He's strong and seems to have a natural instinct on the mats, yet safe at all times. I only had a short match against him and he was certainly no pushover beginner! And I didn't notice any of the others having to go easy on him either!

He's keen and friendly, and no doubt will have a huge number of recommendations before the end of the year.



ChineseGrappler is recommended by The Kestrel

After the short grapevine session wrestle we had, it would have been crazy not to want a 2nd round with stephen!

We had a much lengthier wrestle this timw, and better oppurtunity to understand eachother. He encouraged a pretty intense yet enjoyable session, he sure does not tap easy, and shows great ability and instinct when grappling.

When not wrestling he comes across as rather reserved but makes great conversation and is a very interesting guy to get to know, i'd wrestle him again in a heartbeat when the chance comes, and would recommend any wanting a hard challenge to do the same!



The Kestrel is recommended by blackwrestleruk

I met Kes a couple of weeks ago but never got the chance to wrestle him. I could see that he was eager, strong and feisty on the mats. Wrestled him tonight and can confirm that he's again strong, feisty and a very quick learner. Despite being a novice he'll make you work hard for your submissions. I really enjoyed the challenge of grappling with him. He's a very easy person to get to know and to be with. A thoroughly decent chap. Can't wait for the next bout!!



blackwrestleruk is recommended by The Kestrel

I talked to ken at the grapevine recently, but did not get the chance to wrestle him til today, and i was given a hell of a session! He gave an enjoyably intense match up and showed well practiced control and application in his strength.

He is good to talk to off the mats and is a great guy to be around!

it was a great time with this guy and i think more sessions with him would not even need thinking about, thoroughly recomendable!



The Kestrel is recommended by matworker

07/02/2015 - For a "novice" Kes has a natural wrestling ability and is a quick learner. His strength and skill can only improve as he continues and I'm sure he'll get many more matches and recommendations as time passes.

He's a friendly guy to chat to and showed no ego. It was a pleasure to meet and wrestle him at the Grapevine event in Barnet. I hope we get to meet again for a rematch.
Highly recommended.



matworker is recommended by The Kestrel

Dave is a truly brilliant guy, only had a 3 minute grapple at the grapevine meet but it was great fun! He let me make use of the jobber in him, playing the scene well and put up terrific resistance, he is greatly skilled and has the strength to back himself up.

As organisor if the event he also set the spirit of the group as well and was a joy to be around and talk to, his exciting enthusiasm is very infectious, i would not need to be prompted twice to wrestle him again, terrific man, i could nit recommend him enough



The Kestrel is recommended by Superfly

This guy was a joy to grapple with, he looked as if he has been wrestling before either at school or college.. But had good technical ability. Strong and a quick learner. Hope he continues to wrestle as he has so much potential. Great meeting him. Well recommended!



Superfly is recommended by The Kestrel

I met robin at the grapevine meet, unfortunately only had a 3 minute bout with him, but this man sure knows how to wrestle! I watched him against a couple of other opponents before i had the bottle to try him myself, he was a fearsome guy to watch, quick, strong and clearly has good ability.

When i waddled onto the mat with him, he turned it down to suit my level, gave me the chance to try subbing him (epic fail) and when turning on the offence it was clear he has great control.

Terrific guy to talk to, and him supporting the same football team as me was the icing on the cake, 100% recommended to anyone full stop



The Kestrel is recommended by corkey

This man is modest and honest. He's got natural ability and considerable strength and was great fun to grapple. He is a great fellow to spend time with wrestling - and a quick learner....



corkey is recommended by The Kestrel

Colin was the first guy i have wrestled with in my new approach to wrestling, and he is an absolutely brilliant man, whatever nerves i had beforehand went very quickly as we began talking, i came to him hoping to learn and have a practice, and depite linitted space he had plenty to show me and was well controlled when we put things into practice, and i am sure he would have shown me more with the space of a matroom. He is as strong as an ox and had skill and agility to apply his weight and strength well, giving me a great workout as i tried to keep up with him

Highly recomend him to anyone who has not had th privilege of grappling with him yet