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Age 43
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight 185 lbs (84 kg)
Gender Male
Gear open
Languages spoken English, Italian, Spanish
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  1. USA - Georgia, Avondale Estates

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

Match structure: Even match, Give and take

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Folkstyle, Arm wrestling

Stand-up fighting: Only interested in stand-up fighting, UFC/MMA style matches, Karate

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, I have access to mats

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looking for others that are trained and into sparring


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ILFIGHTER is recommended by JustLooking6474

It's hard to find other guys who are just as aggressive as you when fighting; however, I was finally able to square up and bang with this brutally dominant fighter and it was everything I could have ever wanted in a real fight.

Even while injured, this warrior lives and breathes to scrap; however; he still alters his intensity to accommodate his opponents based on how proficient they seem in the fight.

I tried to fight as hard as I could but I'm still a novice compared to this sadist, catching every opening he could to drop me and start pummeling me with anything he could strike with (knees, elbows, etc.)

Through all the trash talk and constricting rear naked chokes, I finally acknowledged him as the better fighter and admitted defeat.

Afterwards, he was kind and considerate of my condition, helping me stand back up to my feet and giving me some fighter TLC to make sure I wasn't too badly injured.

I highly recommend this guy if you are looking for a savage fight that will push you to your limits.



ILFIGHTER is recommended by hookuppercut

Great time with ILFIGHTER yesterday. Got in 5 good sparring rounds with him yesterday. He’s the real deal. Gave me some good critique and pointers (feedback was verbal and ‘fistic’). But he made it fun and challenging.
Will definitely glove up with him again.



hookuppercut is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Was what he promised. Tough and real. He knows more than the basics well and can take a good punch. If you want to trade some leather I recommend you reach out



ILFIGHTER is recommended by BoxingBear

Years ago, when my boxing skillset totally sucked, I was introduced to ILFIGHTER. He is intimidating as hell when you first meet him and watch him box. This man is a very, very good boxer. And, as it turns out, a great guy. We have met numerous times over the years, and it always was a sweaty, fun match. Highly recommend you reach out and introduce yourself. You won't regret it!



BoxingBear is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Jim is an awesome guy who is a good boxer and put in the time to get good. True lover of the sport !

He is a must meet for anyone that wants a good time



ILFIGHTER is recommended by WreslATL

ILfighter is an amazing fighter. He really knows his stuff. He is strong and highly skilled in Boxing, MMA, Pro, Amateur, Submission and more!! You name it, he can do it, and he is very good at it. He is a good coach and showed me a lot of submission and pro moves. He looks like Superman - as a matter of fact, I believe that he is made of steel. He tossed me around like he said he would and i thoroughly enjoyed it!! I'm looking forward to the next time we get the chance to fight so i can learn more from him!!



WreslATL is recommended by ILFIGHTER

WrestATL is super fun. Eager and in great shape. Great host :)



ILFIGHTER is recommended by manwrestler

Very skilled and tough opponent. Beat me thoroughly til I begged for mercy. I’m hoping for a rematch soon so I can extract some measure of revenge. Great guy off the mats too. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a fair but tough match from a skilled opponent



ILFIGHTER is not recommended by WGA-Rassler

  • Unreliable / no show



ILFIGHTER is recommended by socal74

Man of 1000 holds and he knows how to use ‘em. Built like a sexy tank and a smile that will distract you and land you trapped in his python biceps. Worked me hard and loved every minute. Friendly dude to boot. Highest recommendation. 💥



socal74 is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Is the real deal. Loves to work a good match. Was a blast to lock up and have a good time. To top it all off, he’s a nice guy!



ILFIGHTER is recommended by LionFighter

Had the opportunity to finally meet with ILFIGHTER and the match was well worth the time. He was an amazing host as well as an incredible opponent. Afterwards he even gave tips on how to advance myself further. Trust me you don’t wanna ever missed the opportunity to meet up with this guy



LionFighter is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Lion fighter is a beast. Naturally skilled and has a lot of heart. Very fun and great personality to match. Highly recommended!



ILFIGHTER is recommended by ringwrestlernyc

I’ve know this fireplug for a few years and we finally worked out a time to wrestle last week. I’m not sure why it took so long. I had a blast. We set it up as a sneak attack, heel/jobber pro fantasy beat down. Let’s just say, he makes a great heel. He sold everything amazingly well, including the trash talk. He tossed me around with ease and bent, twisted, and stretched my body in ways I didn’t think possible (all in a good way)!! I’m looking forward to our next meeting. At some point, we will drop the fantasy and do something more competitive (sub/folk).



ringwrestlernyc is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Fun set up to match. Great space. Great host and a fun time on the mats. Sells well and I scale. More to come in the future. Highly recommended



ILFIGHTER is recommended by waboxer

Great guy! In shape ready to box! We got lots of rounds in looking forward to slugging it out again!



waboxer is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Great guy. Fun in the ring. Great sep up and good rounds
More to come



ILFIGHTER is recommended by Boxmyfacein

After some initial missed communications trying to meet ILFIGHTER, he & I finally met in Chicago for an indoor bout using 16 & 14 oz boxing gloves. Straight to the point: he (not surprisingly) beat me up & TKOd me within a few short 2-minute rounds. I was impressed how well controlled, calculating & powerful he was. I really appreciate that he recognized my limits & knew when I had enough. Our discussion afterward really helped open my mind in understanding the intended mindset of boxing. Thank you ILFIGHTER - I'm glad to experience you as an opponent & an educator.



Boxmyfacein is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Nice guy. Determined and feisty. He’ll continue to improve and be a good challenge to all



ILFIGHTER is recommended by Groundcombat

Had a great time with ILFIGHTER in the ring outside of Chicago this weekend. We wrestled pro in the ring and I can say that he’s a great guy to wrestle: looks great in his gear, works you over hard, sells big, and has great ring charisma. He really knows his stuff when it comes to pro. I felt safe being scooped up and slammed around and he’s really light in the air opening up the possibilities to punish him.

He’s also a really nice guy, which is good because we had plenty of time to chat on the ride out to the ring and back to the city. ILFIGHTER is the type of guy, if it weren’t for distance, I’d try to get him in the ring for all sorts of matches all the time so I definitely recommend him. Already stoked for next time!



Groundcombat is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Vince was a blast to wrestle. He is trained and bows how to set up a match. We chained things well and had good spots throughout. Would recommend him highly and will be having plenty more matches with him. Super nice guy and great action in the ring



ILFIGHTER is recommended by milll36

Meet ILFIGHTER for some Muay Thai .. very cool guy,, till he puts on the gloves..! very technical fighter was happy to find somebody like that in meet fighter.. he was controlled but at the same way taking every opportunity he had..this guy is very good with his boxing and also with his kicks..! will repeat for sure.. real Muay Thai.. really worth it..!
See you for a rematch..!



ILFIGHTER is recommended by FrBoxer

Frank is strong and talented boxer. Over the 10 rounds we had together he jabbed me well and downed me a few times, but always safely and putting just the right pressure on me. In addition, Frank is a charming guy and really good company. Hope to spar with him again soon and highly recommend him..



ILFIGHTER is recommended by painangel1213

Franco is a fucking animal. Fiercely competitive, smack talks well, and practically oozes sex appeal. Highly recommend this guy based on our first meeting and looking foward to meeting up again. Though he shouldn't be since I plan on beating him down and using that body to wipe the mats.



ILFIGHTER is recommended by gutcheck

Got to have a ring match with the hairy, muscled ILFIGHTER. He displayed trustworthy skills, so we went for it: stiff head shots and full out gut punches and pecs chops. Lots of good play in the ropes, corners, and outside the ring; he's cocky when he's in charge, and he sells big when getting worked over. Great pro match and I look forward to pushing the envelope further with him in our next match. If you have an opportunity to wrestle him, go for it.



gutcheck is recommended by ILFIGHTER

If you have a pro match you've always wanted and want a safe, strong and skilled wrestler GUTCHECK is the way to go. I had the pleasure to lock up and have a great match with him. He is strong, imaginative and friendly as well. Very strong recommendation for a great wrestler and guy.



Strong guy and extremely skilled. Lots of knowledge on techniques that he likes to share. Great teacher. Nice personality and a lot of fun to be with. Highly recommend



Great guy
Good attitude
No ego
Learning lots and strong
Definitely recommended



ILFIGHTER is recommended by diggeroh

Extremely skilled boxer (pro like) and extreme gracious gentleman. This handsome bear has "claws" and should be considered dangerous IF that what you want. He is out to make sure both parties enjoy themselves but he is a man's man. He has given me some good goals to shot for. Thank you!



diggeroh is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Dan was worth the wait. We've talked for years and were able to finally meet. He's a skilled fighter and tough but overall a gentle giant. I strongly recommend meeting if you have the opportunity !



ILFIGHTER is recommended by punchmeout

A great, friendly guy out of the ring, and a ruthless skilled competitor in the ring. He knows his stuff and isn't afraid to use it.



punchmeout is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Tom was a great opponent. Very tough and skilled. Fun for anyone into boxing
Or pro. Nice guy too so that's a plus :)



ILFIGHTER is recommended by Davey716

ILFIGHTER is an amazing guy...skilled...patient..strong...controlled...eager to share what he knows. He can turn on the aggression like a light switch. We had some great sparring and gut work. I loved every minute of it, and I can't wait for another meeting! ILFIGHTER is a good guy to chat with as well. It was a perfect few hours! Thanks again, man!



Davey716 is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Dave is a great guy..super relaxed and was eager to learn and participate. I'd meet him again for sure ;)



BrutalWrestler is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Great Match!. Great Guy! Great Time!. I you're in Bay Area, look him up. We had a great match and lots of fun. Good knowledge and strong as an ox. Can't wait for the next one.



ILFIGHTER is recommended by midwestboxer

I had the pleasure of meeting Ilfighter for some sparring and I was not disappointed. Nice guy with the gloves off and skilled with the gloves on. If you have the chance to meet up with him don't pass it up! He is one of the "few" I would travel to meet and I'm looking forward to facing him again.



midwestboxer is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Good boxer with no attitude. We had a good time moving around and getting some rounds in. If you like real boxing and want to enjoy yourself and not worry about getting hurt, you'll enjoy yourself with him!



ILFIGHTER is recommended by badladuk

Had a great gutpunching meet with Franco, he's an absolute natural. Enjoyed every second of it.. Was great to play with someone who really knew what he was doing.. And was really talented too. Hope we can arrange a rematch before too long :-)



ILFIGHTER is recommended by MisterLegs

It was just awesome to meet and wrestle ilboxer!
If I would live closer, I would enjoy to wrestle him as often as possible !



ILFIGHTER is recommended by COACH

Frank is tough and competative, fun and handsome as hell!!
Really looking forward to the next time we meet!



COACH is recommended by ILFIGHTER

Fun times with Rob on the Mats and the entire crew. Super friendly and competitive matches all around;-)

Can't wait for more



ILFIGHTER is recommended by PHLBoxer

This stud is one of the best "natural" boxers I've ever had the pleasure to glove-up with. And a damn nice guy to boot. He knows how to throw – and how to take – a punch.



ILFIGHTER is recommended by Boxer Daddy

IlBoxer is one tough skilled fighter. He'll stand toe to toe with any fighter out here and push them to the edge and beyond. Pack a lunch cause he'll fight you to a standstill!

Keep your guard up and come out punching.