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Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
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  1. Poland, Warszawa
    (I'm here between 10/07/2022 and 10/09/2022)
    Visiting friend and looking for a fight
  2. Belgium, Kampenhout
    Home sweet home

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About me:
I love a good grappling workout and I have build up a bit of knowledge about BJJ in the years here on Meetfighters. My eagerness to learn more and to train with people is endless. Therefore I'm organizing training sessions where people can roll and fight each other every week. Feel welcome if you are looking for a good workout and want to improve your technique.

I’m also interested in one on one matches with people that are in shape or up to 90 kg. If you have enough condition to grapple actively and like to measure up: lets connect!

Click here for more info about our events.
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DavidVdw is recommended by RWre13

That's the kind of moments which can be rare on Meetfighters, when two training grapplers can meet on real mats.
That is what I wanted with this guy and it did not disappoint at all. It was a real pleasure to roll with him because we both had some knowledge about attacks and defense and having a similar Wright. Everything went smooth and natural, and most of all very friendly! The only negative point is that I wish it was longer.
Outside the mat, it is easy to organize with David and you will meet a very kind and fierce person, do not hesitate ! I hope to see you soon



RWre13 is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and Rwre13 have same weight and similar experience fighting no-gi. And you could tell it when we where fighting! Boy we both struggled to get a dominant position and finally the submission. I love those kind of fights where the opponent is so balanced out against you that it results in a long, exhilarating, exhausting round.

On top of that RWre13 is a handsome, charismatic man, bringing positive vibes with him on the mats. I’d love to take some more time to get to know him a bit better off the mats as well after our rematch!



DavidVdw is recommended by Wrstlsports

Not being a BJJ fighter, I left at a big disadvantage to this accomplished young wrestler who is fighting for the final word. Everyone here has noted that D. is a seasoned athlete. Also I want to point out the other part that is less talked about but shows how much this site allows for great encounters.
He is more than a nice guy, he is warm, funny, very interesting in conversation and I have to say that we had a great time together before and after the game.
I strongly recommend him.



Wrstlsports is recommended by DavidVdw


Wrstlsports invited me over to his place on the last day of my Paris trip for a match. Being still very much depleted by the fights I had the other day we agreed to go slow this time.

He was a total gentleman and a great host and I enjoyed spending my (first and) last moments in Paris with him. He is a kind and gentle person and a good listener and communicator. Making sure that his guest is comfortable at all times.

Thanks for letting me taste a bit of the french cuisine! ☺️



DavidVdw is recommended by JUDOMARS

GREAT rolling, python vs python! and believe me, this super guy, well built and smilling is a real warrior on mats... we met at the Fightroom of Paris with some others (thanks to IDF, as always...) Great moments... And David was a rough opponent, technical too, but always dominant in attitude and gesture. I love that, I am like him. I dominate some first rolling... but at the end, for the ultimate rolling we were just equals and rolling and rolling like 2 snakes never ending fight....
This guy is a MUST-MEET, ok guys ? soon, he will collect LOT of victories...
He is in fit, perfect fit...
cant wait for a rematch, Come on !



JUDOMARS is recommended by DavidVdw


Put Judo skills and muscles in the blender and you get something sweeter than a mars candy bar. You get Judomars!

Judomars was able to get into a dominant position fairly easily during our match. Smothering and crushing me for the major part of the game with his weight. I was able to escape a couple of times and get him in an unpleasant position, in turn boosting my mental state because those moments made him swear at me. I enjoyed fighting with this guy a lot, he knows what he is doing and will give you a hard time!

So i don’t need to tell you that in the end, JudoMars got the best of me. I’m still enjoying our fight via all the stiff muscles in my body. Thank you for that! 😁



Wresbear75 is recommended by DavidVdw


Despite recovering from a knee and ankle injury. Wresbear75 made sure to have a go at me.

Being active in a wrestling, he‘s not that green behind his ears and knows how to take control over his opponent. I’m certain he will easily have the upper hand over the majority of other guys here on MF.

I enjoyed our fight, Wresbear75 is no pushover and will make you work for his submission.

After our fight we went out in the city and i had some nice conversations with this guy over the Parisian way of life. He was a great host, showing me around a little for nice foods and ice creams. I enjoyed it a lot.

Hope to fight you again in the future and i recommend you to anyone who likes a competitive fight! 💪🏻



Afrikan Wrestler is recommended by DavidVdw


I loved every minute of the fight i had with Afrikan Wrestler during my trip in Paris. From the second that he walked through the door and i got to see that handsome face, to the moment we started fighting and i got a glimpse of his beautiful build body. Till the end where we took some time to get to know each other.

Setting a date went smoothly, in chat Afrikan Wrestler is not a man of many words, except for one thing: he loves to deal out a punch with trash talk. Otherwise expect short and efficient communication. The most important thing is that he honours his words. In real life he is communicative, open and friendly.

On the mat you will be fighting with a power house, more technical than an average meetfighter, but still relaying on his force to get the upper hand. He has excellent body awareness ( moving in a controlled way) and plays the game safe.

Also strategically he has a good game, i was lucky to catch him by surprise a couple of times but once he knows what I wanted to do, he found ways to block that part of my game. Effectively pushing me more towards the defensive part of my game.

So thank you again for the nice evening and I hope for a rematch in the future 👊🏻



DanielBerlin is recommended by DavidVdw


Daniel is an experienced BJJ practitioner and knows very well how to adapt to any level. He knows how to control the game, has a lot of stamina and gave me a really good struggle.
After rolling for about 1,5 hrs, we went for pancakes taking the time to get to know each other a bit better. He is a serious person and open to talk and listen about anything that comes up in your mind. I would absolutely recommend this strong guy to anyone!
Thanks for making some time for me and let me know when I can return the favour in Belgium!



urban green spaces is recommended by DavidVdw


Ohh mann…, i’m a bit starstruck by this guy. Not because he is that great of a wrestler (yet), but damn… this man’s personality resonated very strongly with me!

I’ve got the pleasure to spend a fair amount of time with Urban green spaces. And over the days I just found that my smile was growing over my ears whenever I saw him. It felt as we were close friends in an instant.

The mat time was a lot of fun too, he gave me plenty of good laughs with his attempts to escape certain holds or making witty remarks. But credits to him: he gave himself fully and is no pushover. It is just a matter of experience and it can change quickly once he knows how to handle a groundfight better.

Very happy that I’ve met up with you buddy and I hope to see more of you in the future. Now you’ve got a taste out of fighting I hope you are hungry for more because I’d love to see the day where you submit me for the first time. 💪🏻



DavidVdw is recommended by ukfighter

I just met David, and despite him being so much more advanced than I am, was patient and showed me some basic moves and holds.
If you are looking for someone who knows what they are doing, and is technically very advanced, then he is your man.
We chatted for a while afterwards, and he is a very nice and interesting guy.
I would recommend him to people of all levels, as he can adjust to any skill level from basic to professional !



ukfighter is recommended by DavidVdw


UKFigther and I had been texting about meeting up last year when I was in Berlin. I was not able to engage with him that time so we made it happen this year.

Despite the big weight difference i felt completely safe and at ease fighting this man. He communicates in a clear and a direct manner and was an absolute gentleman and great host for the whole duration of our meetup.

Thanks for the nice afternoon!



DavidVdw is recommended by henk1966

I met David when he organized an outdoor meeting in a park. He prepared the ground with a tent tarp. David is a very nice guy and it was real fun to wrestle with. He was able to overplay my weight advantages again and again with his enormous technical skills. I haven't learned so much from a patient, clearly superior fighter in a long time. Thanks a lot!



henk1966 is recommended by DavidVdw


I’m happy that Henk participated on our outdoor wrestling event in the Tiergarten.

He fought in a safe but competitive way and has a strong grip that is difficult to break. All by all he gave me a good sweat.

Off the mats he has an open and positive mindset which makes it nice to have him around.



DavidVdw is recommended by guy321

I met this guy on the mat without prior arrangement. Instantly recognized him with his boyish looks. We had a short fun round where he showcased his superb guard retaining skills and his agility is impressive. I was at the end of my day and I have to use this excuse to make him go easy on me. All in all, he is safe, trained, talent, fun, and his hair never gets out of place even after an hour on the mat. See u again!



guy321 is recommended by DavidVdw


This is the first time that I grappled with someone without knowing that he is on Meetfighters. What a nice surprise!

Guy321 was very welcoming and eager to fight me. Although he expresses after the fight that he is not very comfortable in no-gi grappling, he gave me a hard time and was pinning me successfully on the ground for the majority of our match. And all of this after he already went trough a couple of training sessions that day. He moves swiftly and quickly and knows his game.

Off the mats he’s a lovely guy, he loves a good laugh and is cheerful in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
I’d be happy to host a fight with this guy and spend some more time with him.

Looking forward to that moment! 👊🏻



DavidVdw is recommended by wrestler dj

David is a nice guy, a great host and a real joy to wrestle with. He is fast, playful, strong, safe, tenacious and will adapt his grappling game to you. It was a privilege to meet David and get to roll with him several rounds. I'll be back for sure!



wrestler dj is recommended by DavidVdw


Wrestler DJ took the time to come and brawl on our yearly wrestling weekend in Mechelen.

It was very easy to arrange with him. DJ comunicates in a clear way that effectively makes you feel at ease with fighting him.

On the mat this guy knows where to put pressure and how to give you struggling time on the mats. Also he has a good amount if stamina to keep rolling round after round. When he speaks about BJJ the passion in his eyes is firing up. Adding to this the fact that he just started training in a club makes me feel confident that he will become a real BJJBeast over time.💪🏻

Looking forward to measure up against you again in a couple of weeks!



DavidVdw is recommended by sep65

27 - 28/08/2022
Many thanks and congratulations David for the very good organisation of this wrestling weekend in Mechelen. I can't wait for next year's weekend!
Thank you also for these fights and especially the one in GI. Of course you won even though you are less used to this type of fight. As I have the impression that our fights last longer and longer, I enjoy wrestling with you.
See you soon in Mechelen or Verviers.

I have been looking at David's schedule for a long time, and finally I was able to take part in this very professional training (warm-up, discovery of techniques, exercises and fights).
David knows the theory, explains it very well but above all uses it very very very well! Against him, I didn't succeed but I will go back again and again and maybe one day, ...
If you have the opportunity to attend a training session with David, do not hesitate. Very smiling, welcoming and very good teacher, you will not waste your time with him!
Thanks to you, David for this good time

PS : A great year 2022 to you!



sep65 is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and sep65 got the chance to measure up during one of our weekly wrestling events.

As a regular ju-jitsu practicer, this guy knows a bit of technique already and has a fairly good amount of stamina. Fighting no-Gi and on the ground is off course a different game. But sep65 likes the challenge.
He put up a good fight, resisting my attacks as long as possible and he was keen on coming back for more. This guy definitely likes to fight and he is always welcome to challenge me again!

Also: have a wonderfull end of the year! :D



FranRM is recommended by DavidVdw

FranRM showed up to one of our trainings and since then we have been training together regularly for a couple of months.
He is a lightweight and new wrestler and has lots to learn of course.
But has the right mindset and keeps coming back for more!
So I'm looking forward to see him grow and develop his game and to share a lot of nice moments together over the coming years.



DavidVdw is recommended by BIGguywrestlerBE

DavidVdw was a nice suprise at a BJJ camp! He was nice to talk to during the breaks and debrief about techniques and moves you learned. As he said, he got injured but he was still diligent about watching as many classes as he could. I saw him in action before his injury and he is not afraid to roll with more experienced people. Despite his injury, we got a chance to roll. He has long legs and knows how to use them! He has good technique too.

On a side note, I am impressed with how he's organized to help others have a space to train and improve their wrestling/bjj. That isn't easy and I hope to make it to one of the trainings one day.

Recover well and until the next time!



BIGguywrestlerBE is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and BIGguywrestlerBE met each other at a BJJ camp.
We shared some moments together on and off the mats. This guy is a friendly, laidback giant.

At first I was a little hesitant to fight him due to our weight difference but my hesitation faded away seeing him fight with some of my peers on the camp. Despite being injured and having a bruised rib, I fell comfortable every minute of the fight. BIGguywrestlerBE held back and fought very carefully with me and made sure we had a good time together.

Next time you'll get a harder fight from me ;)

See you later buddy!



DavidVdw is recommended by nycguy86

DavidVdw was kind enough to invite me to join his open mat during my time in Belgium, and I had the good fortune to wrestle him and some other members of his club.

David is skilled technically (far more so than I), so I enjoyed attempting to hold my own while having my arm twisted in ways I can only describe as Flemish.

Between wrestling on a mat, swimming in a lake, and eating fries in a town square, I had a delightful time, and I hope our paths cross again.



nycguy86 is recommended by DavidVdw


I enjoyed rolling with Nycguy86 together with some friends this week.
On the mats this guy is a fierce fighter: he does not give up, keeps coming back for more and is difficult to tire out.

Off the mat it is difficult for me describe nycguy86, I usually get to know people better through one on one interactions and we did not really have those moments. We first went for a swim with the group, and afterwards tasted the famous Belgian "French fries".
But definitely NYC guy is a polite, spontaneous and friendly guy.

Last thing to add here is that i'm jeaulous about his figure, those abs are really showing off!

So big thanks for joining us last monday! If you want more of me, let me know and we will arrange for it!



DavidVdw is recommended by igorilla

David shows professional courtesy, whit and charme while being a phenomenal coach for a beginner like myself. (Thank you for your patience, big guy).
We spread out the mat on a beach in Cologne and rolled, having the best Sunday morning.
Looking forward to meeting up again soon!



igorilla is recommended by DavidVdw


What a nice surprise to find this gorilla outside the MF community! After talking with him about half an hour, we decided to wrestle the next morning, meeting up on the beach alongside the Rhine. It was a nice, spontaneous fight and I can't imagine a better way to start the day. I just love getting my blood flow pumped up in the morning and on top of that I enjoyed the soothing river whilst cooling off in the Rhine.

On the mats you'll encounter a big, strong opponent with a descent amount of stamina. IGorilla fights in a controlled way, taking the time to see how much strength he can unleash and increasing the intensity as he got more comfortable taking on against a smaller opponent. This time i could handle him well because the difference in experience, but that may change soon because he recently started training in a club. He will become more technical, manage his energy more efficiently and I hope to become one of his first targets to beat. 💪🏻

After the fight we spend some time together with drinks and food. Igorilla is a smart and communicative man. I had a couple of nice discussion with him about life, both the good and the bad. I could relate with him on a number of things and i find it fascinating to finally get to know someone with the same zodiac sign (where are all those Capricorns hiding?!?!?).

I’m very happy with this encounter. Thanks for the nice day and I hope you’ll grow to enjoy the MF community as much as me. Let’s wrestle again soon!



DavidVdw is recommended by Gurgun

I could meet this guy when he visited me in Bonn. He is a very passionate, strong and skilled fighter. We had a very sweaty amd intensive match.
Off the mat he is one of the most polite and nicest guy I have ever met.
He is 100% recommended!! Cannot wait the rematch! 💪🏻



Gurgun is recommended by DavidVdw


I got the chance to wrestle this handsome man on my trip to Collogne and Bonn.

Gurgun was a great host, welcoming with some drinks and taking the time to chat up and get comfortable with one other. It did not take that long before we decided to give a go at each other and in a couple of minutes we were warm and breaking a nice sweat. The rounds were good intensity with me trying to get out of underneath him and he pinning me to the ground most of the time.

Off the mats i also enjoyed his company a lot and i hope we can repeat it again! ☺️



DavidVdw is recommended by StrikeFighter

I had the pleasure of taking part in one of the “Rumble” events DavidVdw organizes in Mechelen. First of all, he deserves to be highly commended for what he’s doing for our community. Second, he’s a good instructor and communicator.

My last two fights at the event were with him; he made me tap twice 😁 His skill and technique were definitely superior to mine. Shows you how important regular practice is!

We had a quick bite to eat afterwards and a chance to chat; we could have talked for hours but I had to catch a train. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet DavidVdw again some day.



StrikeFighter is recommended by DavidVdw


StrikeFighter visited one of our weekly events in Mechelen.
We had a bit of time to measure up with each other. This guy has done BJJ training in the past and it really shows through his game. He is a strong man and knows his technique.
I do dare to say that his current boxing training is also showing through because i saw how he is probing and provacating his opponents more than the average BJJ'er. :)

After the event we went for some food in the sporthall. StrikeFighter is an open and communicative man... a nice person to hang around with.
Thanks a bunch for joining us and i hope to see you back when you are around!



Great to meet David finally. 90 minutes of non-stop rolling from this young buck. I think I managed to submit him once with one of his own submissions - but otherwise I was defending the constant barrage of subs from his deck. He started by saying lets warm up with a light roll and then we rolled at high pace for 90 minutes and we could have gone on for longer if our room booking had not run out. David is a good humoured opponent, safe and friendly, and intelligent and serious about giving a good workout and match. He also does a very good tour of Mechelen including brunch.Thoroughly recommended and happy to stay in touch and throw down a rematch sometime.




RollingRollingRolling stopped by in Belgium on his trip to Frankfurt and took the time to wrestle and brunch together.
He has a calm and cheerful personality, engages easily in a conversation and I really enjoyed the time with him!

On the mats he has plenty of technique and offers a lot of resilience. His stamina (or at least the housekeeping of the energy) was better than mine and i was soaking wet after our fight <3.
Rolling's game definitely is more on the defensive side of the spectrum. He is a tough nut to crack, but as most would agree... a good fight requires effort.

Thanks again for taking the time to measure up with me!



DavidVdw is recommended by santiago38

I believe that David's qualities are known to all who know him and well described by his past opponents. Now I just want to say him thank . David thank you for your welcome, for your time, for you kindness, for what you 've taught me on the mat. It was a real pleasure to meet you.



santiago38 is recommended by DavidVdw


Santiago38 visited one of our weekly events in Mechelen.
Before the event we met up for some light poke bowl food and we did a quick tour around in the city.
With the little time we had together, my first impression is that santiago is a friendly guy.

On the mats he was a good opponent, lots of strength, descent stamina and you can see that he knows what he is doing. He gave me a good sweat and I'd take him on for a longer session anytime.

Thanks for making the effort for visiting us and know that you are always welcome! :)



jerre is recommended by DavidVdw

Jerre and me play in the same local gay volleyball club. So we knew each other already long before his initiation in Brazilian Jujitsu. He showed interest in my BJJ initiative here in Mechelen and once he got the taste of it he wanted more. So now he is one of the regulars on our weekly training sessions. What a nice surprise! :)

Jerre has a lot in his advantage already, he is a very sporty guy. And because of that he has great base and stability, and a lot of strength and stamina. Sometimes he is missing direction, not knowing how to proceed the game. But with the curiosity he is displaying he will be a great adversary for the average MF'er in a couple of years. I'm looking forward to guide him and see him develop his game over time.

Thanks for being part of this group Jerre!



DavidVdw is recommended by UberSport

David has got all what it takes to be a great opponent for every Goliath: speed, stamina, technique, creativity on the mats, you name it!

Still new to this sport, I've been looking for someone who is experienced and takes it seriously, so that I learn something useful. And David proved to be exactly this kind of a guy. Besides that, he's a very friendly person and someone with whom you'd enjoy a decent Belgian beer! 🍻

I met him after a tedious week in Brussels and it quickly became apparent that I should have prepared myself better for our fight.

Hope to meet you soon after I improve my technique, buddy! 💪🏻



UberSport is recommended by DavidVdw


Ubersport is a very sporty guy doing a lot of different activities and is starting to discover the wonderfull world of grappling.

He already has the stamina and power to be a good adversary so I had a very nice fight with this strong guy. On top of that he told me he likes to excel in the things he engages with. So i’m really excited to see how he will have grown his game next time we face each other. And i look forward to train with him when he’s staying in Belgium for a longer time.

After the fight we went out for drinks and had a really enjoyable evening. Ubersport is a smart and intresting guy. And I’m really graceful that i can be his first official opponent here on MF. 🤗

See you later buddy!



DavidVdw is recommended by Rfg44

It took me a while to write a recommendation for David; not that he really needed one, he has plenty of good ones (and deservedly so).

David picked me up in Mechelen and I immediately got friendly vibes from him, he is very a nice and sweet guy. However, everything changes when he steps in the ring ... He turns into a machine. Brutal and technical, he gave me the kind of match I was hoping for. I loved every minute of it, even if it meant ending up in a choke more times than not.

Overall, I fully recommend David if you want to have a safe but demanding fight, and here's to hoping for another session soon.



Rfg44 is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and Rfg44 have enjoyed a nice grappling session together on this sunny Sunday.
Setting up a match with him was just a matter of time and went smoothly.

On the mats Rgf44 is a strong grappler: both his upper body as his legs pack a lot of power. Making me break a sweat in the first couple of minutes which is always a nice indicator of what is going to be a good fight. Stamina wise Rgf44 is also a great adversary, the breaks we had were rather short and we could keep going at each other for a good amount of time before catching our breaths. I would gladly train with this guy more often since he is rather competitive and brings a lot of resistance to the game.

After the fight we took some time to have a drink in the sun. I felt 100% relax with Rfg44: he brings a positive vibe and has an open communication style and knows how to have an interesting conversation.

So thanks for the nice afternoon and I will be pulling your sleeve for a fight more frequently. 🤗



DavidVdw is recommended by ROULE44

Quel talent! :-)
A perfect grappler : strong, good shape, technical, flexibility, and good strategy.
It is a longtime that I don t have so intensive match ,I love my games where you have to give the best of yourself
David skill some technics for a effective and committed game but safe, for a match in perfect conditions , in a dojo
David did everything to organize this session, thank you for that .
After this amazing session , a good dinner, a good conversations with this good Guy.
And tomorrow, I have a possibility to testing the David event.
A good opportunity for the local guys



ROULE44 is recommended by DavidVdw

🎉 This is your 100th recommendation 🎉

Roulle44 decided to do a fighting weekend in Belgium and was so kind to challenge me for a match. Setting up a timeslot with him went very smooth. And before i knew it i found myself staring down in the eyes of my opponent.

This fighter is a strong one: a good technical background, lots of stamina and a strong will to dominate the mats. All of which contributes to an exhausting and sweaty match, the kind of fight i like most.

Our fight went back and forth and we were able to exploit each others openings and make each other tap. In the very end I had to throw in the towel in the ring completely drained with cramps in my legs. So extra stamina points for him 🤗

After the fight we took the time to eat something in Mechelen and talked about our MF experiences and our lives. Off the mats you will meet a friendly guy who is passionate about meeting the MF community and loves to explore Europe in the meantime.

I fully recommend this guy to anyone looking for a nice workout!



DavidVdw is recommended by frits

Last week I had the pleasure to attend David’s well organized and sympathetic Rumble training session in Mechelen. An attentive host, an eager wrestler, and a participant observing teacher in grappling.
In a relatively short time he became a well versed in wrestling and knows how to teach it. He has a lot of wrestling technique: it was easy for him to submit the other participants, me included.
I look forward to meet and wrestle again in Mechelen.



frits is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and Frits fought a small round during our weekly MF meeting.
He happened to around in the area and was able to roll with us for the first hour of the training.

Frits is a strong guy and has some experience here on MF. He gained enough technique to stand his ground in the MF community. He certainly gave me a good sweat and i enjoyed our match.

Thanks for the nice bout and know you are welcome to come to the event for another round. ;)



DavidVdw is recommended by sid

Saw the events David organised passing by on Meetfighters, not very closeby but also not far away. So in about 90 minutes by car i found myself back in a venue in Mechelen: 10 wrestlers on the mats. The event was well organised by David: warming up, technique and rolling/sparring. Most fighters were lighter than me so i tried to adapt: not using my weight (advantage) too much, just more on technique.
Also had a roll with David, which was fun! David has a very good technique, is fast and knows "how to play chess with his body". It was a very intense exhausting roll mainly on technique, where David submitted me couple of times. My roll with David was extended because he forgot the timekeeping this round; but wouldn't mind when we rolled even longer.
Hope to return to this event; was really great fun!!



sid is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and Sid fought a small round during our weekly MF meeting.
At first glance this man look very impressive and even a bit intimidating. He has a well build body, with big strong limbs.

On the mats however I was reasurred very quickly that Sid fights in a safe and sane manner. He is a very consious fighter, made sure i felt comfortable during the fight and not abusing his weight advantage to submit me. Watch out for the strenght of his grip though... i needed to use both arms to detach myself from one of his hands. :p

The fight was only 5 minutes and was very exhausting, i really enjoyed our fight! Thanks for that!

After training I had a small drink together with him and the rest of the group.
Sid is a nice person, not so prominent as most Dutch guys but also not shy.
We didn't get to talk that much... but there is still a lot of time ahead for us to do that.

Thanks for joining our event and know you are always welcome to train with us!



DavidVdw is recommended by SirThanksalot

You can see that David is well trained in this.
The look in his eyes when about to grapple says it all!

He lead the group fight and won against (almost) every opponent he had in front of him, including me, of course, since I'm pretty novice at this.
He also likes to use gripping into submission a lot, something I have yet to prevent, so watch out buddy! ;)



SirThanksalot is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and SirThanksalot fought a small round during our weekly MF meeting.

He has a bit of experience from an other amateur wrestling club so when our match started he looked very confident and determined to make me tap. He has good stamina and strength but after our match he admitted he could improve his technique and game. This only increases my respect to him as a fighter because he is fighting with the correct mindset.
Our fight seems to have resparked a fire in SirThanksalot and i look forward to train with him regularly in 2022.

Off the mats we didn't really talk, but i hope to get to know him better in the comming year.

Defenitly recommended!



DavidVdw is recommended by Wuduru

Met DavidVdw for the second time in one of the events he is organising in Mechelen.
It was a bit crowdy, so we only had one roll, but boy, was he on fire again ...
Always a pleasure to be around this guy!

DavidVdw is an excellent fighter, you would not expect it since he has a charming appearance!
He is quite technical and has good stamina.
We had some nice fights until submission ... won some, lost most ...
Was a great workout as well.



Wuduru is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and Wuduru fought yesterday at our weekly event.

He trained BJJ for a couple of years and it really shows in his game: he has a good defense and knows when to attack.

Combining this with the strength in his upper body and his overall stamina i found myself in a hard battle.

This is the kind of fight i love most: no playing down my game and fighting until we I fall on the ground completely exhausted.

Thank you for the fight man! And let me know when you want a rematch in Brugges.



I had been chatting with David for a couple of months when we decided to have a match. He was kind enough to come to my place.
He proved to be a very easy going and relaxed guy - I felt very comfortable.
Though I worried about the difference in weight beforehand I soon found out that David was up to it! He is a very skilled and efficient fighter who had no problem whatsoever with my massive body. We had a good time on the mats and afterwards - the meeting rekindled my desire for wrestling and meeting nice guys like him. I might even join his trainings - but first I need to get (back) in shape so that I can give him a hard time during our next match!




lookingforwrestlingteachter and me chatted a little and soon we picked a date to measure up. Meeting up with him went very smooth since we both had holidays.

He is a big and strong opponent. I was impressed by the strength of his grip which, for the most part of the fight, were keeping my hands in control. Luckily for me i have some tricks in my legs too. 😈

We did a couple of rounds taking sufficient time to catch our breath, get to know each other a bit and have a sip of water.

After the match lookingforwrestlingteachter proved to be a great host, showing me the charming city of Brugges and taking me to his favorite Italian restaurant.

Thanks for the lovely evening and i’ll make sure to give you my recommendations!



DavidVdw is recommended by Armybob

David is a fast and very skilled fighter and a great coach next to that. I joined his Grappling team for a training and enjoyed his professionality and skills. He has the ability to involve every fighter no matter age, size or experience, give professional training with attention for everyone.

As a professional lecturer he really empressed me with his skills!

Thanks a lot David hope to meet you again in the near future!



Armybob is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and Armybob met on our weekly training. He was visiting Belgium for a Grappling trip and I am happy that he took the opportunity to train with us.

This wrestler is strong, has good stamina and really enjoys the fight. He fights in a controlled and safe way and makes you work for your submissions.

After the training we grabbed a drink with the group and Armybob stood out as an easygoing and friendly person.
Hope to see you back on the mats when you're in Belgium!



DavidVdw is recommended by wrestlergreek29

30/12/2021 !!!
This day started very nice for me. I finally met David! We were talking for a long period, without having the chance to meet and wrestle. And we finally made it.
What can I say about David! David is a very good wrestler. I loved the fight with him. He has a very good body, he has a lots of stamina and oh boy he knows how to wrestle. He is well experienced, a completely technical wrestler, who respects the limits, but always wants to submit the opponent. Indeed, we wrestled about 1,5 hrs, not being able to make him submit. Yep, he is very very good and he gave me the best workout after so long.
Off the mats, he is a very intelligent guy, social and I enjoyed the time we spend together having lunch. Not to mention that he is very handsome guy.
Yep David is out there waiting all the wrestlers and of course this was just a start of future wrestling matches with me.
David be careful, I will come back!!!



wrestlergreek29 is recommended by DavidVdw


Unfortunately for Wrestlergreek29, his plans to visit his hometown fell into the water. For me however, that was a good opportunity to challenge him for a match. 🤗

We just needed to find a place to fight. Luckily for me Herve1390 came with a solution and offered us a place to fight.

Wrestlergreek has a lot of fight in him, he is strong and has lots of stamina. Making you work for every submission and always comming back for more. We wrestled about 1,5 hrs, not taking a lot of breaks and exhausting each other. He managed to get on top of me a couple of times but from there he was a bit rusty in redeeming his advantage. Nevertheless he gave me a great workout.

After the fight we had a nice dinner and talk a little about our lives. Wrestlergreek29 is a chill and social man whom is fun to hang around.

Take the opportunity to fight him. I certainly hope to wrestle him many times and seeing him develop his game.



DavidVdw is recommended by Steev

Het was een plezier om David te ontmoeten in worstelen! Hij is sterk, hij is leuk en hij weet veel over worstelen voor iemand die zo recent begon.
Na de warming-up hebben we een technische training gedaan. De tweede helft was gereserveerd voor de wedstrijden.
Ik hoop echt dat we nog vaker kunnen oefenen, want hij is een erg plezierig persoon, een uitstekende gastheer!
Thank you David X



Steev is recommended by DavidVdw


I’m happy to bring this guy into the MF community. He is very sportive, has strong arms and a real good stamina.

At the moment he is still making his first steps in grappling, learning how to attack and defend on the mats. I’m confident that with some additional background Steev will become a great addition to the MF community!

Off the mats you will find a smart, chill, loving and friendly character.

So 100% recommendations from my side!



DavidVdw is recommended by Wooffman

David! what can I say hehehe. very nice and technical opponent. I misjudge him a bit and I love that I did. he made me work very hard and I hope we'll wrestle it out again and again. very kind and intelligent guy on and off the mats. my next visit I'll start with a match with David for energy is is needed to make him tap.

also very nice that he shared some tips and tricks with me. he's very good at explaining why stuff does or doesn't work. so for the beginners amongst us, definitely match up with this guy!

next time I won't be tired and surprised though, so no openings for anymore David hehehe.

I Injured myself during the match before, so we couldn't wrestle for too long, but the match we did was impressive enough to know that this is a lasting opponent for me

merci David



Wooffman is recommended by DavidVdw


Wooffman invited me to wrestle with him during his stay in Brussels. Not long before i arrived at his hotel room, we shuffled the table and sofa to the side to reveal a nice and big carpet to wrestle on.

Wooffman’s profile looks very promising and boy he did deliver on my expectations. First stating the obvious: he is very fit and has a well defined body. With his strength alone he can easily crush the average MF’er. So it was very pleasing for me to read the surprise on his face after our first round (when i still was able to catch him off guard 😈). After he tapped he praised me a lot, this shows how humble and relax this guy is. No machoism, just two people enjoying the competition and the game of BJJ.

After that Wooffman brought out the beast in him, making it much more difficult for me to control the game but at the same time it made him consume his energy very quickly. We ended having both one submission on our side. (Important note: Wooffman already undergoed a match a few hours before ours so extra points for him)

As this guy improves his game and discover his style, he will become a very strong opponent. I plan to keep up with him so that we can keep giving each other a good challenge when we do measure up. 💪🏻

Off the mats Wooffman made sure i felt comfortable all time, he is very kind and an open guy. We had some nice conversations about ourselves and I really enjoyed the time with him. So do take the opportunity to fight him!



DavidVdw is recommended by AD idf

----- 28/11/2021 ------

I have the luck to meet DavidVdw today in mechelen. We like so much grappling sport that it was easy to organize something. We have the pleasure to practice on real judo place. Thanks to you David to organize that.

We roll 1h30 with good intensity. Lot of sweats, holds, fun. He is really strong, fast , skills. He know how play in good spirit and know his staff to make you work for good time. Know how control, make holds, escape from holds all what we like for good rounds. It's really great to share our passion of grappling with him. It's an evidence he really likes practice on mats. Amazing session. Can't wait play again and again.

After the session when we are tired we have good time in mechelen with good lunch, friendly discussions, great afternoon.

If you have the luck to go in Belgium don't hesitate to ask him a session, you will totally appreciate the time you will pass with him on mat. Totally recommended.

Looking forward to meeting and playing again on mat with this fantastic guy.



AD idf is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and AD idf met each others on the mats today. As we both like grappling a lot, it was very easy to set up a meet with him.

AD knows how to match his opponents level and provides good feedback and tips at moments where i was struggling. Having said that i‘m quite positive he could be a mean heel too if you ask him. He certainly have the skill and experience to dominate the mats but values both parties have a good time over proving himself towards his opponent.

After the fight we had some food and drink and also those moments were also very enjoyable. Conclusion: fight this guy when you have the chance! You will not regret it!



DavidVdw is recommended by blacksocks108

This week I finally had the opportunity to visit the [email protected] organized by by this great guy and tough fighter David. It is great to train and fight in a relaxed and safe atmosphere with a lot of very nice and dedicated fighters. After the warm up we did some technical training. The second half was reserved for the matches. My first 4 matches went quite well, so I had a bit of selfconfidence before my fight with David. He has an impressive physique with a great muscled upperbody. I thought ny extra weight would help me a bit, but boy was I wrong. This guy had a surplus of technique, strength and stamina and he put my big body in several helpless positions. He is a Master of the Armlock! Despite this major defeat it was a superb experience for me to take part of this event. It is a great initiative of David to organize this on a weekly base. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Rumble one day and meet perfect host and great fighter David in person. Thanks!



blacksocks108 is recommended by DavidVdw


I had the pleasure to meet Blacksocks108 for a quick roll on the mats and enjoyed it a lot.

I only had 5 minutes to fight him, in that small period i recognised that this fighter has a lot of strength and stamina. He certainly put up a hard fight and i look forward to follow it up with a longer match where we have the time to go deep and exhaust each other.

After the fight we had a drink, he is a quirky man, a pleasant companion and a good conversationalist.

I fully recommend him so take the opportunity when you have the chance to fight him!



DavidVdw is recommended by Modus

Met this guy at his wrestling event in Mechelen, where he picked me up at the train station.

Being the last guy to wrestle i was alteady exhausted. I stood no chance against him.
In our second bout he created a little more space for me .

Afterwards we had a great time.

Highly recommended for more experience wrestlers and beginners Who want to learn.

Besides this i can also recommend his training sessions in Mechelen.



Modus is recommended by DavidVdw


I had the pleasure to host Modus his first wrestling experience on Belgian grounds. He is still discovering the different fighting styles and the MF community but this guy is sporty, strong and fit. He is a competitive fighter with good instinct and will give you a good sweating.

Over time he will learn about different techniques and the limits of his own body. With that experience he will become a great opponent! I’m very curious to see how this young guy and our fights will evolve.

I also got the opportunity to have some food with Modus. He is a very open, sensitive and nice guy who I recommend 100%

Keep growing and get strong buddy! 💪🏻



DavidVdw is recommended by kasada

I had the great pleasure to meet this good-looking and nice guy in Cologne. He has great technical skills and to my surprise he is quite strong, too, so that I have to admit that I taped out..;-)
If we meet next time I will speak English better again for sure...haha



kasada is recommended by DavidVdw


I had the opportunity to briefly wrestle with Kasada. He‘s an enthusiastic wrestler, not very technical yet but i believe that is just a matter of experience. I had a lot of fun making him tap because he made me work for the submission.

Off the mats i got to know a friendly and interesting guy who lost a bit of his English tongue due to the pandemic 😉

I’m ready for a rematch anytime so let me know when you are around!



DavidVdw is recommended by Belgianjudoka

David surprised me with his stamina and fighting skills. We fought non-stop for 1h20 minutes in shorts and rash guard. Getting sweaty made it very difficult for me to get a firm hold on him. As a result I needed to tap out quite a lot. You know it has been a good match if the day after your muscles are still a bit painful and you have a smile on your face cause of the nice memories. I can only recommend him to future fighters!



Belgianjudoka is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and BelgiumJudoka met at his home yesterday for a bit of semi competitive wrestling.

He was a very good host, has an ideal place to hold a good fight and made sure that i was feeling comfortable.

I always like to break the ice by fighting so we went directly on the mats. Admittedly i was a little nervous to fight such a big and strong looking guy. But all fears went away when we started rolling. BelgiumJudoka made sure to use enough power but also was gentleman enough to make sure he wasn’t squashing me with his weight advantage. During the fight he also gave feedback and suggested good improvements on my technique.

After the fight we went out to grab some food and we had the chance to socialise a little. He’s a very open guy talking about work and MF experiences.

The whole evening was a pleasurable experience indeed so i’m giving this guy my full recommendation!



DavidVdw is recommended by LucasfightBXL

I had a good fight with DavidVDW at the wrestling tournament that he organizes regularly in the beautiful sport club of Mechelen (cfr. his blog). He is slim but strong with a good technical background and stamina. A pure treat to wrestle with him and I am already looking forward to the next round. Thank you David for organizing these wrestling encounters.



LucasfightBXL is recommended by DavidVdw


I got the honour to have LucasfightBXL at our weekly venue.

He entered the room in Rash guard and combat shorts. Immediately i was thinking: this man will know a thing or two about grappling.

So when we got to fight it wasn‘t a surprise that he took good fighting postures and made it difficult for me to submit him.

As written in some of the other recommendations: LucasfightBXL enjoyed some grappling years in a club. His techniques are still a little dusty but i look forward helping him rediscover his game and i‘m certain that he will be able to submit me after a couple of fights.

Hope to see you more regular on our venues! 🤗



DavidVdw is recommended by LLLLLJH

Had a good match with DavidVdw. We had a competitive match, hard and quite technical. He is the best sort of opponent: flexible, strong, fit, saneand immensely experienced. His scissors legs left a deep impression on me. He's also very safe and responsible.

But unfortunately, the time we spent together was so short this time that we didn't have time to talk. looking for a rematch in Belgium i hope. In any case you should meet him if you have the opportunity to.

100% recommend him !!!



LLLLLJH is recommended by DavidVdw


I had a nice brawl with LLLLLJH. He's strong and quick and knows how to give good resistance to my attacks. As he gains more experience here on MF I'm sure he will become more technical, acquire more attacks and soon will dominate this game.

Unfortunately, we didn't socialize this time so keep up the progression you are making and let me know when you're visiting Belgium for a rematch and some food afterwards.

100% recommended.



DavidVdw is recommended by Edubcn

Had a blast fighting David. Similar weight and technique, love the way he moves. It was a really good match.

A nice and chill guy in and out of the mat.

I really want to fight him in a bigger place where we can unleash full potential.



Edubcn is recommended by DavidVdw


I met Edubcn on a wrestling party. Before the match we started talking a little. We seemed to have similar experience both here on MF and also learning BJJ in a club for some months. Further more we had similar stats so I was very curious how we measured up.

The fight was really nice, you can tell Edubcn is more technical than the average MF person and we measured up quite well. Would love to have an afternoon sparring with him in the near future now I still can somewhat control this beast in the making.

After the fight we talked a little bit more and he is a friendly and social guy. I'm definitely interested to get to know him better so don't miss out on him if you get the chance!



recruit20-02-67 is recommended by DavidVdw

! 12-10-2021 !

Me and recruit20-02-67 had a brief roll at our weekly gathering. One of the things i noticed immediately is that this guy had a good grip and a lot of force. And i feel he is a real enthousiast who likes wrestling a lot but sometimes overthinks the game, and by doing so, giving me time to take the upper hand.

Off the mats he is a friendly and engaging guy (which shows in the way he communicates with me).

I hope to see you back on the mats soon!



Tera92 is recommended by DavidVdw

! 12-10-2021 !

Me and Tera92 had a brief roll at our weekly gathering. He has good stamina and a lot of strength and wrestles in a controlled and safe way.

Off the mats i feel he is a friendly, open and reliable guy.

I hope to see you on the mats more often.



DavidVdw is recommended by kimmetje

He's a rising star on the Belgian circuit and for good reasons. Having had him on my radar since he joined the site, I figured he'd still be wet behind the ears but that was definetely not the case! A tough fighter, with already a good baggage of technique to boot. Explosive on the mats and committed to the victory! I definetely was not expecting that combination and to be rather outmatched!

Also a really greater and structured organiser, super friendly and attentive to making sure everyone has a good time. All great qualities. Similar to him, I'm looking forward to see the future of our MF relationship. :D On and off the mats for that matter!



kimmetje is recommended by DavidVdw

! 05-10-2021 !

I enjoyed my fight with Kimmetje a lot. He has a lot of resistance and a strong body. That combination means you need to work for your submissions. Leaving an extra nice feeling when you finally get it.

I hope to fight Kimmetje more frequently and get to know him off the mats as well.

Anyway: help this young man get his 100th opponent if you get the chance 💪🏻 😬



DavidVdw is recommended by Newazaguy

Handsome, smart, sexy, flexible, chill, and an incredible fighting instinct. Nice guy, but make no mistake, he has an arsenal of technique and strength to immobilise and choke or arm lock you in no time. The little I could teach him was used against me in no time. Thanks for the nice experience, it was great fighting with you. Definitely welcome for another fight.



Newazaguy is recommended by DavidVdw

! 29-09-2021 !

Newazaguy is a smart and kind fighter. He has access to a nice wrestle arena close to my work and i enjoyed our fight a lot.

This round we were fighting no-Gi which made it difficult for him to control my movements like he does when he is practicing Judo. Still he was able to make me tap a couple of times… he knows how to interlock effectively and once he immobilises you it is very difficult to get out of his hold. It will be intresting to see how our rematch unfolds with Gi on.

During our small breaks we had some nice discussions and i can tell he is a fun person to be around. So i would be game to spend some time with him off the mats as well.

Thanks for the fun encounter Newazaguy!



DavidVdw is recommended by vandyke

It was a great pleasure to meet David. He had organized a small and very fine group and I was allowed to be part of it.
David is a very likeable guy with whom you can have fun off the mat too.
But also on the mat he has my great recommendation. Next time I will go fight him right at the beginning and not after four tiring fights ;)
Look forward to seeing you again.



vandyke is recommended by DavidVdw

! 11-09-2021 !

Me and Vandyke attended the same wrestling venue. He brought a lot of ambiance to the group and he is an easygoing and laid back kind of guy (at least when he’s not hangry 😜 … which can happen after fighting of a group of strong fighters and someone decides to take a starter which make you wait for the food even longer whilst starving.)

I would love to get to hang out with non-hangry vandyke any time.

On the mats i can tell Vandyke has a lot of stamina and strength. Our fight was on the end of the day and i’m curious how it is to fight him when he is fresh on the mats. I will update this section when that happens.

Hope to see you on the mats again!



DavidVdw is recommended by Germania

Yeeah 50th Opponent, Party! Handsome, skilled and very nice. Everything perfect:)



Germania is recommended by DavidVdw

! 16-09-2021 !

Me and Germania were in contact for a longer time already and our fight was overdue due to Corona.

So i’m pleased we finally were able to have our battle. Germania is a tall and strong guy, he gives resistance, is competitive and will make you work and sweat. All in a save and controlled way. I got a nice workout when fighting him.

I would love to see him read his opponent a bit more: anticipate the submission people are trying to get and build up an effective defense against it.
I‘m confident that that is a matter of time and experience.

After the fight we had some food and i joined him in Antwerp to hang out during the evening. He is a no-nonsense guy, very relax and living in the moment. I enjoyed the time i got with him a lot so he has my full recommendation!



dcpm18 is recommended by DavidVdw

! 13-09-2021 !

I fought up with dcpm18 during my yearly stay in Berlin. Despite recovering from injury to his ribs we decided to do a bit of rolling. Not going full on but using enough intensity to have a good sweat.

It was nice to fight like this because it forced me to think about my wrestling moves and act intentionally on them.

Anyhow we need to have a rematch to determine who ends on top! 😈

Of the mats dcpm was a great host, a bit quirky and witty (traits that i relate with intelligent english guys in general and which I really love)

Dcpm… you better prepare for our next fight because i will not hold back when i see you on the mat again.



DavidVdw is recommended by anakron

DavidVdw and me had been in touch since our first encounter last year and now finally met to fight again. We had some nice and intense rounds and I liked fighting with him a lot. We also spent some great time off the mats and I even got to witness his superb dancing skills. Thank you for coming here. Keep up the training pace and I am sure you will get that submission from me



anakron is recommended by DavidVdw

! 27-08-2021 !

I remember fighting Anakron for the first time on the mats in Cologne. We had a small gathering with multiple fighters, he was my last opponent and my muscles were fatigued because of all the fights I had been in those last couple of times.

This time, the situation was different, and I got a rematch to show him what I'm made off.
Result: a sweaty and tired Anakron ... but 0 submissions out of him. I was overpowered both technical and strength wise. The match itself was very enjoyable, Anakron will downplay and makes sure that you feel comfortable during the fight.

After the fight we went out for food and drinks and we spend a nice evening together with ludnica007. I really liked hanging out with these two guys. Thanks for having me and let's repeat it again sometime!

So in summary: if you are looking for a skilled fighter who likes to connect, takes time to get to know you and is really fun to hang out with: Anakron is your goto man!



DavidVdw is recommended by ludnica007

I had a great two matches with DavidVdw and he made me tap a lot of times, but the match was super interesting and a lot of fun to me :) He is very skilled, and he has all of my recommendations. :) We also explored the city a little bit and hang out in the evening which I would definitely want to repeat in the future!



ludnica007 is recommended by DavidVdw

! 27-08-2021 !

I had a splendid match with ludnica007 in Dusseldorf. He has been on the website for a few years but only recently started to engage actively with the meetfighters community. He has a positive and curious mindset, likes to experiment and he is a pleasant guy to be with in general.

On the mats he is bringing the same energy. He will come down on you with lots of energy and will give you a great workout. His profile says he likes to assume the jobber role but don't think he will let you win that easily! I'm positive that he will grow and learn more and so I'm already looking forward to measure up again after a couple of battles and new experiences.

Don't miss out on the chance of meeting up with Ludnica007 and help shape him into a great fighter!



DavidVdw is recommended by Xbox

David est quelqu'un de très gentille mais un adversaire redoutable et malgré la différence de niveau j'ai beaucoup apprécier de lutter avec lui
J'ai aussi beaucoup aimé passer du temps à discuter avec David malgré la barrière de la langue il est à l'écoute

Si vous aimé la lutte pour le fun je vous le recommande

A plus David



Xbox is recommended by DavidVdw

! 25-08-2021 !
(for English see below)

Malgré la période chargée à laquelle Xbox etait confrontée au travail, il a eu la gentillesse de faire du temps pour notre combat. Rencontre lui s'est déroulée facilement et en douceur. Il a un bon endroit pour luter dans son appartement sur quelques matelas et nous nous sommes battus environ 1,5h , prendre assez de temps pour reprendre notre souffle apprès chaque tour. Il a encore un peu de techniques à apprendre mais il est définitivement un bon adversaire pour quiconque aime les combats avec un petit soupçon de compétition.

À coté des tapis, il est une personne amicale et chaleureuse et nous avons eu plusieurs conversations intéressantes.

Merci pour le combat ! Et on se verra bientôt!


Despite the busy period Xbox is facing at work, he was so kind to make some time for our fight. Meeting up with him went smooth and easy. He has a good place to host in his apartment. We wrestled on a couple of matrasses and fought about 1,5 hours taking breaks to catch up on our breaths. He still has a bit of techniques to learn but he's definitely a good adversary for anyone who likes fights with a small hint of competition.

Off the mats he's a friendly and warm person and we had some interesting conversations.

Thanks for the fight! And we'll see each other soon!



SteBxl is recommended by DavidVdw

! 03-04-2021 !

I had the pleasure to introduce SteBxl to this site and to be his first opponent. He was a splendid host and i enjoyed our time together very much.

Wrestling wise he is still a little green behind his ears but with some training and coaching and with the necessary passion that i have witnessed, he will grow and become beter at it. I’m happy to spar with him again and to help him become stronger and better at it.

Many thanks for the great evening 😘
And i hope you will become an active part of this Meet-fighter community.



DavidVdw is recommended by mehdi berx

David m'a fait le plaisir et l'honneur de venir combattre chez moi, le rendez-vous s'était pris la veille et j'ai été content d'avoir trouvé ce moment là pour l'affronter.

Hors tapis c'est un garçon sympathique avec qui j'ai pu parfaire mon Anglais, très patient, un parfait invité souriant et agréable qui en plus a un visage d'ange.

Sur le tapis justement, il faut se méfier de ce visage d'ange qui cache un adversaire plus que redoutable, nos avons échangés de longues prises, essayant tant bien que mal de faire abandonner l'autre, malgré tout sa puissance m'a dévasté, si il parle de mes ciseaux meurtriers, que dire de ces cuisses qui m'ont cassé en deux, sans pitié mais avec respect il m'a broyé jusqu'à me faire abandonner, mais ces bras ne sont pas en reste non plus, si par malheur il passe derrière vous, priez pour qu'il ne vous fasse pas un étranglement, la seule solution pour s'en sortir est l'abandon.

J'ai grande hâte de pouvoir le revoir et combattre à nouveau, essayant de le faire abandonner plus de fois.



mehdi berx is recommended by DavidVdw

! 11-10-2020 !

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, the perfect moment for a fight!

As we are both eager fighters, setting up a match with this guy was very easy. Mehdi was the perfect host, making sure I felt comfortable and hydrated during the whole fight.

The fight itself was fun and sweaty and time flew by like nothing. We ended up rolling for about 3 hours holding each other in various holds. Make sure to avoid his killer scissor legs, they pack a hell of a lot of force and even made me tap.

Of the mats Mehdi is a gentle and kind man, straight forward and honest. At first sight he is a little closed off but as soon as the match begins and the ice melts he opens up.

Thanks for the match and untill next time ;)



DavidVdw is recommended by Kairoi

Actions unfold in landscapes that are enjoyed in a spirit of cooperation and exchange. Tangles of bodies and fragments of vegetation form assemblages of a life in the wild.
That was an exhibition text I read today at Berlin Biennale. Sorry for that, but many things reminded me today of yesterdays outdoor matchday. What just proves we really had a perfect common experience.
I can't add much to his text - he was faster (as he is quite often in competition, too), just can confirm everything. In particular the 2 and the 9 hours. I enjoyed that time a lot - in the wild as well as back in the civilisation of restaurants and flagship stores.
He is a very likeable and educated guy who can hold a conversation just as well as he can hold an opponent on the ground... Great fighter. Great guy. New friend. Will be glad to compare our BJJ training progress regularly.



Kairoi is recommended by DavidVdw

! 12-09-2020 !

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, the perfect moment for a fight!

Me and Kairoi decided to meet in Berlin, after all we both like the city a lot and i already made plans to visit there.
It was very easy to pick a day with him and we were in luck because we picked a sunny one. It was only logical to take the fight outside so we headed to Tiergarten and found a good place in the shades of a big tree. Plenty of space to roll!

I enjoyed the fight with Kairoi a lot, it was one of the more technical fights I had. The pace of the fight was perfect for strategical fighting, thinking about what the next move should be... a bit like chess. Kairoi’s stamina is high, we wrestled about 2 hours with 2 breaks for some water. Afterwards we were recovering from the fight, laying down and enjoying the summers breeze over our bodies.

After the fight we spend the rest of the day getting to know each other over shopping and food. In no time 9 hours flew by.

Fully recommend and looking forward meeting him in the future to measuring up our BJJ experience and spending some additional time.



DavidVdw is recommended by Bamm-Bamm

Smart and very interesting, handsome, lightweight, extremely agile, technical, amazing fighting instincts, slippery when sweaty, modest, driven and focused. All that while being huge fun to roll with.
Highly recommended for all levels of fighters.
The time on the mats with him felt like a long and exhausting grappling sparring session. Both of us dripping in sweat.
Never before - outside of the bjj club - has somebody from his weight class put me through my paces like him. Respect.
Very pleasant guy to talk and share experiences with.
Thanks a lot for the experience, and looking fwd to the next time.



Bamm-Bamm is recommended by DavidVdw

! 27-07-2020 !

It was a rainy Saturday morning: the perfect moment for a fight, after all ... a cold morning deserves a big challenge to warm up.

I saw Bamm-Bamm’s profile the first time a while ago.
After reading it and considering all good recommendations he had, I decided to first build up some experience on my own.

And boy what a nice opponent he is to fight! He is very strong, has a well build body, and displays good technique!
Bamm-bamm downplayed to my level, making It possible for me to give my A-game in a safe way. But rest assured the fight was not a close match.

We ended up having some nice, sweaty and exhausting matches separated by small breaks with some food, drinks and interesting discussions. Bamm-bamm’s style of communication is very welcoming and engaging, making you feel at home in no time.

I had a great first impression, and I’m confident we‘ll make more of them as we grow as a BJJ fighters! I wonder... will i ever be able to genuinely make him tap? 😈
He is definitely recommend, do meet him if you have the possibility, it will be worth it!



DavidVdw is recommended by aggroproll

DavidVdw is a real cute guy. We met with noby and some other fighters together to have a longer session. We were first on the mat so our motivation was very high. He is my weight class and was a quite strong opponent, while I started quite relaxed he easily got the mount, and made a technically perfect Franchesa submission. Afterwards he told me that he just started BJJ, so there is more to come! I think in a few month he will be able to applay a lot of techniques and defense will get harder.

I hope to meet him again, to see the progress and have fun again!



aggroproll is recommended by DavidVdw

! 18-07-2020 !
rumble @ Cologne day 1

It was a sunny Saturday: the perfect moment for some sweaty action in the form of a group fight.
Since we are both eager fighters, me an Aggroprol were the first ones to kick of the rumble in cologne. It was very obvious that the corona period made him hungry to stand back on the mats. Agroproll has some experience practicing wrestling and likes to fight hard and explosive. If you are looking for a rough fight, Aggroproll is your man ;)
At this moment I would say our rounds were quite in balance which lead to some nice rounds which I enjoyed and it also left me with a proud feeling. Thanks for the fight!



DavidVdw is recommended by Noby

DvidVdw is a very cute guy and in real he looks even better than on his pictures. I was really surprised because of his good defence. First I thought it takes not much time to get him in a submission hold because I have much more weight but he is a crazy quick guy with good intuition for defence work. His attacks are limited to a few techniques but if he continue to go to a club I think he will get very good soon and hard to beat.
Of the mats he is an easy going guy so he has my full recommendations.
I hope we will meet on the mats again 🙂



Noby is recommended by DavidVdw

! 18-07-2020 !
rumble @ Cologne day 1

It was a sunny Saturday: the perfect moment for some sweaty action in the form of a group fight.
Noby is a total beast on the mats. He is by far the strongest fighter I have met on meet fighters, but he did tap one time during our fight… with the help of 2 other people of course … after 15 minutes of hard work on our side. It’s just unbelievable how someone can be this strong!
Also had some roles on my own with him, he happily downplays for you but will build up the intensity until you finally get what is written in the stars: you will submit and tap. All in a safe way, but rest assure he will push your limits.
Toby is a great host, very charismatic with twinkling eyes and I also enjoyed the small talk that we had after our match.
As most of his past opponents I recommend him 100%



DavidVdw is recommended by CgnElano

A very friendly guy! I am glad that I've had the opportunity to fight him. He is very quick, agile and elastic. You will have much fun with him :)



CgnElano is recommended by DavidVdw

! 19-07-2020 !
rumble @ Cologne day 2

It was a sunny Sunday: the perfect moment for some sweaty action in the form of a group fight.
I had the opportunity to fight CgnElano during this Rumble. Goal of the game was to get the opponent on his back and under control. I had a real good time to fight him since we have similar weight. On the mats he’s a swift, fast and very explosive. He had me on my back a couple of times but I was also able to fight off and counter some of his attacks!

Unfortunately we did not have the time to talk after our fight, so person-wise I don’t have a feeling yet. I’m leaving this part of the recommendation open for now but I hope we’ll get other opportunities so that I can update this section of the recommendation accordingly.



DavidVdw is recommended by quadi1

This guy is just amazing! A very cute and nice guy off the mats and a true warrior and fighter on the mats. He can really exhaust someone and I had to put anything I have in the match not to tap in his holds. Especially considering his size, he is very strong and a real pleasure to wrestle him. I really have to enjoy my narrow victory as long as I can though because he has just joined a fighting club and will soon dominate me completely for sure. I would wrestle him at any time, you should do the same :)



quadi1 is recommended by DavidVdw

! 18-07-2020 !
rumble @ Cologne day 1

It was a sunny Saturday: the perfect moment for some sweaty action in the form of a group fight.
Quadi is such a witty guy. Very easy to talk to, very kind and funny… and… also very easy to underestimate! Really guys, you will enjoy his company and also his fighting skills!
My god, what a stamina does this guy have. My tactic of the fight: tire him out before going for the tap. I managed to get on control for most part, keeping my weight on his body and his arms and making him struggle as much as I could. I could hear the heavy breathing after a while, for most opponents this means they are getting tired, but quadi1 is simply not your normal opponent. He is easily the most resilient fighter I have encountered here on MF. After a fair amount of making him struggle, I decided to chance technique, lost my mount, got in a bad position and couldn’t resist Quadi1’s choke… in a single move he had me checkmate.
So definitely meet and fight this guy if you have the chance!



DavidVdw is recommended by Amateur Fighter

I was really looking forward to meeting DavidVdw, all the reviews and comments from other about him made me very curious to meet this guy. And how a pleasure was it!!! He is strong, fast and know a lot of technick, despite having not training a lot in a regular club. If u fight him , be be careful because he is very fast. All that saying it is also very safe fighting with him, he is very respectful. He is for sure one guy I would love to meet again.



Amateur Fighter is recommended by DavidVdw

! 19-07-2020 !
rumble @ Cologne day 2

It was a sunny Sunday: the perfect moment for some sweaty action in the form of a group fight.
Amateur Fighter and me have exchanged a small amount of messages but we hadn’t set up a date for a fight because it didn’t seem that feasible for distance-wise. So it was a nice surprise to see him show up at this brawl a bit closer to my place.
He’s strong and fights in a controlled and technical way. It becomes clearer for me that ground fighting is such a technical sport. And as a result the difference in experience and weight meant he was dominating the game. Positive side: I have an extra goal on my list now – train and become better, faster and stronger in order to give Amateur fighter a harder fight!

In the brief moments we had together off the mats, Amateur fighter appeared to me as a person with positive mindset and someone who is eager to make other people shine and become their best. Very likable indeed!



DavidVdw is recommended by Kubaw466

DavidVdw is a nice gentle guy and a pretty experienced fighter. We had a very exhausting rounds and he is a very quickly and strong fighter. I had lot of troubles to get out of his submission although I had a weight advantage. With his new BJJ class he will become a very good fighter.

Out of matt he is a very nice and talkative guy and it was a pleasure to meet him.

Hope to see him again soon. My fully recommendation



Kubaw466 is recommended by DavidVdw

! 19-07-2020 !
rumble @ Cologne day 2

It was a sunny Sunday: the perfect moment for some sweaty action in the form of a group fight.
I got the pleasure meeting Kubaw466 at a group fight. He is a very eager fighter, making his debut on Meetfighters and already showing great potential. Clearly a competitive mindset which make the fights fun, sweaty and exhausting. He has learned some good techniques in the short time he’s on the site and I’m confident he will grow a deeper love for fighting and develop more skills over time.
In the brief moments we had together off the mats, Kubaw466 was very friendly and inviting and it will be a pleasure to fight him again and measure our development over time.



judoka 90 is recommended by DavidVdw

! 19-07-2020 !
rumble @ Cologne day 2

It was a sunny Sunday: the perfect moment for some sweaty action in the form of a group fight.
Me and Judoka 90 were first chatting to set up a private fight, but it evolved into a very nice group fight with most people having background in fight sports. I’m happy I could participate this session, even though I could feel like dying at some times.
We started with some practice about breaking a fall, I value these kinds of learning moments so thanks for taking some time to educate me personally! After the training moment we engaged in a small ground fight and even though Judoka 90's main experience is in standup fighting, he was more than proficient to control the game.
Person-wise Judoka is very organized, confident and friendly. Keeping an overview of the group and making sure everyone has a good experience. I’m be more than happy to also invite him to my area for some extensive fighting and training.



DavidVdw is recommended by FunWrestler94

I met DavidVdw together with fightyou and had a lot of fun! It was easy to arrange the match. Off the mat, David is a really nice and friendly guy. On the mat he already has a very good technique and is always eager to learn more and improve. He was also stronger than I expected. Since his skill is way better than mine, he dominated most of the match (although at least I could make him work hard for every tap^^). But we still had a lot of fun.

If you have the chance to meet him, don't miss it!
Highly recommended!



FunWrestler94 is recommended by DavidVdw

! 28-06-2020 !

It was a lazy Sunday morning in Hamburg, the perfect time to get active and wrestle!

This time it was my pleasure to fight Ringerboy94, setting up the fight did not take long, a few messages and it was decided!

Ringerboy94 is a friendly guy with a bit of experience in wrestling already. Even though i dominated most of the match he really made me work hard to get him to tap. He knows how to defend well and has a high fighting morale, even when he is trapped in a difficult situation.

All that made it very fun to fight him, his fighting style challenged me to own my technique. With some training this young guy will become a dangerous opponent and i will happily fight him again.



DavidVdw is recommended by Gent

A warrior disguised as an angel, that’s how to describe DavidVdw in a nutshell.
As described by many here before, setting up an match with D is very easy.
His eager to wrestle is immense.
Based on his recommendations I expected to receive a young, determined, quick
and technical fighter which I hoped to counter with a superior strength.
Well I was wrong, I still cannot believe how much power D has in his lean body.
Still me being slightly stronger, he made me tap out round after round after round. Although
I sometimes thought to be close to make him tap out, he didn’t, quite frustrating for me.
He always managed to escape from my holds and turn the roles with a technique he had
studied on and few moments later victory was his.
I could only take little proud seeing his heart pounding in his head and his t-shirt soaked in sweat.
Thank you D for having come to my place and for the heavy workout and enjoyable afternoon.
Hope to see you soon again.
As a conclusion : I recommend DavidVdw 100 %, don’t miss the opportunity to meet him.



Gent is recommended by DavidVdw

! 01-07-2020 !

It was a sunny Monday afternoon: the perfect time for a bit of wrestling! ;)

I have stopped restraining my appetite for good old wrestling two weeks ago and I was happy when Gent contacted me. Setting up a match was easy as we both were ready for an intense workout.

And boy he did commit on my expectation. He’s a brute on the mats, with lots of strength in his upper body and arms.
After the first few rounds my hart was pounding in my head but we kept going on till we both were soaked in sweat and drained from energy. With a bit of technique he would have dominated the whole match!

Off the mats you can expect a gentleman and a good host: providing drinks, a nice wrestling area and nice small talk. I especially enjoyed our conversations whilst walking in the fields of the flemish Ardennes.

Definitely get to know Gent when you have the chance!
I’m already looking forward inviting him when i have access back on the mats of my gym!



DavidVdw is recommended by Dirka

DavidVdw and I we meet today. I was realy impressed that such a small guy has so much power. He is very strong and is realy quick. I need a longer time to let him tap first time. We had a long and exhausting fight together. After that we had a evening with dinner and some good conversation.
I am sure we will fight again.



Dirka is recommended by DavidVdw

! 29-02-2020 !

It was a saturday evening: the perfect time for a bit of wrestling! ;)

Dirka and me have been in contact for a while and we finally met up for a fight. My tactic: try to avoid his legs (multiple shared opponents warned me of those) and try to make Dirka tired.

Man! That was a hard fight, Dirka definitely is a mean heel and a real brute in his fight. We definitely gave each other a nice workout but I was not a real match against his strength. I didn’t manage to keep out of his scissors and i did not feel in control during our match. Dirka enjoyed my struggling and attempts to counteract his holds a bit too much, I would have loved to swipe away that smiling and proud face of him. 😛

Dirka respects his opponent but will push his opponents limits, fighting him will result in a hard and rough and fun fight.

After our fight we had some pizza in my hometown, Dirka is a friendly, interesting and positive man and a nice companion off of the mats.



DavidVdw is recommended by adiboy

David organised another wrestling meeting with me and TomTom16.
Again we had a great time, fighting each other.
EVery time I meet David hiss skills and strength have been growing what makes it harder to fight him.
Thanks D and see you soon again.

A few days ago, D. and I wrestled again. As it was in my small gym place, it was a bit a close encounter.
We wrestled for 1 hour. Since our last meeting, he gained a lot of practice. So, he came out quick and skilled. I had a lot of work to counter him and even lost the most rounds.
As always he is fun as a wrestler and a person. Hope to see you back soon, D.

D and I had some wrestling at a friends venue. He is strong and his fast moves will surprise you. He is a very nice and sportive guy on and off the matt. I can recommend you all to wrestle him when you have the opportunity for it. For me: yes please for a second encounter on the matt.



adiboy is recommended by DavidVdw


Me and Adiboy had a second match. This time at his place. We wrestled on a small mat (+- 2,5x 3 m² ) which gave us enough space to put up a decent fight.

In the meantime i grew more experience and the match was more balanced. We made each other tap out multiple times for about 1,5 hr. All sweat up we tried some new looks and took the time to make some new pictures. It was a great workout. Afterwards Adiboy teached me some moves about attacking in starting positions and we drank and chatted a bit.

Thx for the hospitality and the nice evening!


Adi and me had some nice wrestling moments together with Hervee.

Adi has good knowledge about wrestling and even coached me through some moves whilst i was wrestling with Hervee. Also on the mats he knows how to dominate the game. Really a nice opponent to learn a bit of wrestling!

I’d be my pleasure to arange future brawls with him.



DavidVdw is recommended by Scissor Guy

I can only echo all the other glowing recommendations David has received. Setting up our match was really easy and l appreciated him making the effort to come into the city to meet. Our meet was intense but l wasn’t much match for his superior technical skills & athleticism, his training is clearly paying dividends! Even though l had to tap more than l would have preferred l had a lot of fun meeting this Belgian champ, It was great of David to take the time to have dinner with me afterwards - his company was definitely more enjoyable then since he wasn’t making me submit :). It goes without saying that l highly recommend you meet David if you get a chance.



Scissor Guy is recommended by DavidVdw

! 05-02-2020 !

It was a cloudy wednesday evening: the perfect time for a bit of wrestling!

The fight got planned very easily and Scissor Guy was so kind to host me in Brussels. He is always on the lookout for a good opponent and you can trust him to meet up with your expactations.

On the mats you will find an energetic opponent: this guy wants to win and will not surrender easily. He is also a bit witty and there still appears a smile on my face when i think about our fight and the comments/ teasers he made.

As usually, i like to get to know my opponent a bit better during a drink or some food. I had a great time with him and we discovered a really nice chineese restaurant together.

Thank you for the nice evening and hit me up when you’re around again!



DavidVdw is recommended by StefanM


DavidVdw and I finally met after we have had a continues exchange of messages here on meetfighters for some weeks.

As I had a weekend trip to Cologne, we decided to meet on Saturday, and I took the 2h-way from Cologne to Belgium to meet DavidVdw. He was so pleasant and organized a room in the sportshall, which is a perfect place for a fight.

After a short warming up, we started a Grappling match. DavidVdw has strong arms and strong legs, and he knows a lot of holds and good moves. So it was not surprising, that he was able to tap me out in different kind of positions. In sum we fought nearly 2 hours, very sweaty and safe to every minute.

As I have never been to this region of Belgium yet, we went to Mechelen after our fight, and DavidVdw gave me a guided tour through the city.

If you are looking for a physical and technical strong opponent, with whom you also like to spend some time beside the mats, you should not miss out to get to know DavidVdw. In sum a very good day!



StefanM is recommended by DavidVdw

! 01-02-2020 !

It was one of those rainy Saturdays: what else to do on such a day besides wrestling?

And so me and StefanM decided to measure up with each other after a bit of chatting. StefanM put more than enough effort to come and fight me, spending 7 hr’s in the car to get to the big and well known city of Boortmeerbeek.

We met up around noon at the sporthall, did a small warming up and than started our fight. StephanM gave me a very good workout, he is a swimmer thus has lots of stamina: he kept on coming for more rounds of submission and completely drained my energy in those two hours of brawling. I enjoyed our fight a lot and with a bit of practice and regular fighting he will become a difficult opponent.

Next we took a quick shower and afterwards i showed him around in the city of Mechelen. Of the mats StefanM is a friendly guy, analytical and smart, knows some fun facts about beer (especially the cologne beers which he likes a lot) . Overall he’s a fun person to hang out with.

Thanks again for the nice Saturday and getting my lazy ass out of the sofa!



DavidVdw is recommended by fightnovice

I had a great fight with David. It was very easy to communicate and to set up a match in a nice sports hall where he could show all his strength and technique. I tried hard to make him tap and resist his attacks, but to no avail. David was simply too good: fast, flexible, resistant and ready to exploit any opening. I’ll train to improve and challenge him again soon, hoping for a less spectacular defeat. :) Out of the mat, a very pleasant, friendly and charming guy. Totally recommended for whoever is looking for a real challenge, a heavy workout and some good time!



fightnovice is recommended by DavidVdw


I had a lovely time fighting fightnovice.
He is a novice but has the right mindset, is eager to learn and improve himself.

Of the mats you’ll encounter a friendly person who loves to have a laugh and you will enjoy his companionship.

Fightnovice, I’m looking forward to fight you again once you have gained some more experience. So keep training and become your very best!



DavidVdw is recommended by scrappyone

David's strength is exceptional, and he knows how to apply plenty of submission holds. His great skills were a very nice surprise. He gave me a good workout and drained all of my energy in a really awesome match. Besides that, setting up a meeting was very easy, and he was accomodating given my limited time in the city. He also looks great in singlets :)

Out of the fight he's a very charming guy. A total recommendation from my side.



scrappyone is recommended by DavidVdw

27-11-2019 - birthday fight

Scrappyone and me celebrated my birthday with an hard and intensive match. He is a strong opponent and has plenty of tricks on his sleeve. Just like me he has a competitive mindset and refuses to give up.

Result: long, intensive rounds of fighting. We were fighting as equals and i believe ultimately our stamina decided who won the match. I love our encounter because of this: we both had to dig deep in order to make the other tap out. That’s what i’m looking for here on MF!

He gets my recommendations for 100% and i’m looking forward to our next fight!



DavidVdw is recommended by tomtom16

Wow, what a great fight day. David is an awsome guy, as soon as I told him I was gonna come to brussels he organised a great location, pickup point and so we where on the roll. Even when I messed up an was running late, we had our fight. And boy it was a hard fight. That guy is strong! And also he picks up technic very quick. Even my weight advantage didn't help. He doesn't quit easiely and realy made me work. So we had very long rounds and ended up even. Hope we will do some more rounds some other time. Off the mates he is a great guy as well. I had a really good time and I am glade even with my delay we made his shedule. Hm but we could have fought longer if I hadn't messed up. Damed. So really looking forward for more fights to come . And if anyone visiting brussels, you should denenitly meet him!



tomtom16 is recommended by DavidVdw


Again another fun, exhausting and sweaty fight. It was very easy to set up a fight with TomTom. He’s willing to travel a bit and is flexible on his time scheme .He is a laid back fighter and will make sure the match is pleasant for both parties.

On our first two rounds i managed to pull of some tricks and make him tap. But then TomTom did honor to his recommendations here on MF: he kept fighting with lots of energy while i was slowly getting lethargic. He forced me into defense and the few times i managed to flip the tables he swiftly regained the upper hand
and eventually was able to make me tap out a couple of times.

Make sure you contact him when you are in his neighborhood, i’ll do the same since i want a rematch in a couple of months!



DavidVdw is recommended by wrestlercgn

Well, what shall I say, what not all the other opponents have already written before. Indeed he's a little beast on the mat :-), ambitious, technically skilled, never giving up. We had some long fights, but I had no chance against him today. Revenge will follow ;-). Outside the mat a very friendly, pleasant and interesting conversationial partner. So, really highly recommended! Do not miss him, if you want a defeat :-).



wrestlercgn is recommended by DavidVdw


I had some spare time when i was visiting Cologne and it turned out to be a wonderfull evening with wrestlercgn.

Seting up a match with wrestlercgn was extremely easy, he’s reliable and makes you feel very welcome in his house and his nicely matted room.

This guy is a very strong opponent, i had to work hard to get him to submit and my arms are still soaring from our fight. because of this struggle i experienced, this is one of the most fulfilling fights i had here on MeetFighters and it made me smile the whole way back to Belgium.

Off the mats wrestlercgn is a real gentleman, he makes sure you feel treated good and is a nice man to talk to.

Looking forward to our next match!



DavidVdw is recommended by Toughwrestler

Wat a grappler !

I met David 2 weeks ago and it has been one of my impressive match in life.
David is a wonderful grappler. 2 hours in the best conditions you can imagine : a huge matroom just for him and me.
it has been difficult to determine who was the best of us. For each bout, the result wasn't predictable and we won each of us several bouts.
It was as intense as i can like it and i think we both enjoyed it a lot until almost total exhaustion.

During lunch i also had the opportunity to discuss with a very sensitive young man, he must be great to be friend with.
i only regretted that all this was just a bit too short : would have fought and discussed for hours.

Don't miss him if you have any opportunity to meet David. One of the most recommendable wrestlers of meetfighters.

See you soon Boy !



Toughwrestler is recommended by DavidVdw

! 05/10/2019 !

I enjoyed a very nice encounter with Yann from 2thoughwrestlers_in_1_team.
The fight was very balanced and we made each other tap multiple times.

although i could see a pattern in our fights: i would win the first few rounds, stretching my force a little until i got tired and on that moment Yann would takeover the upper hand.
So even though we made each other tap more or less the same amount, i’d rate him the stronger oponent.

And as usual: after the fight we went for a drink and some simple food, i enjoyed the conversations i had with Yann. He is openhearted and Is not afraid of share some of his life experiences. I’d be happy to pay him a visit in Paris to get a rematch someday!



DavidVdw is recommended by Berlin

I have really a great time fighting with David. Though I was the Gloiath in that fight Davis always came back after every tap, again and again. Giving us chance to recover in between. Though due to weight difference he had to work much harder than me he wouldn’t get tired easily. So the fight turned out to be very exhausting, sweaty and demanding. It was always competitive with both of us giving everything, willing to win. The applause after our first fight was clearly dedicated to him as he was the smaller guy and still never gave up.
Besides the mat we also had a great time together.
I clearly recommend David to all who want to fight competitive.



Berlin is recommended by DavidVdw


Berlin and i actually know each other before i joined meetfighters.

He’s a cool guy who likes a rough game with the right amount of aggression but in a sane way. He’s not the most technical but he compensates this with his muscled and strong body. Having said that, he’s not for the weak hearted.

In my case you also have the weight difference which comes in play... so for me it’s always a massive workout fighting Berlin.

This year i got the chance to meet up with him again and we actually fought twice. The first time i was jobbing in a public area, with a nice applause from the crowd in the end (apparently people like to see me struggle) and the second time we wrestled a bit more private.

He’s my first opponent and the one who showed me this small community here on meetfighters. I’ve grown very fond of the wrestling community over the past 9 months. And it’s providing me with a much needed relief of daily live and work related stress.

So a big thank you for Berlin and obviously I recommend you 100%!



DavidVdw is recommended by damon

I met David this morning, after some exchange of messages and it was all what I've expected it to be.
He's very easy to communicate with, and extremely nice to talk to.
As a fighter he has a tremendous upper body strength which is very hard to submit and a very good technic for a newbie (he still is). It was a hard long fight and I wish I could have met him more often.
Don't even think about passing on this one, if you have the chance.



damon is recommended by DavidVdw


I met Damon during my trip to Berlin.
With him having the same weight as me, i already knew this match was going to be very interesting.

Damon did not make it easy on me and even had me on the verge of tapping at some moments. For his weight, he is a strong opponent. Especially in his legs.

Off the mats Damon is friendly, loving, creative and very passionate about his work.

He is also a real foodie.
Lucky me... we planned to eat something together and now i know a couple of places for nice foods.

Thanks again for the lovely start of the day and lets meet up again in the future.



Atreju is recommended by DavidVdw


I had the pleasure to fight Atreju during my trip in Berlin. He’s a brute fighter with lots of strength in his upper body and lots of stamina. During our 1,5 hr fight he was able to make me tap about 3 or 4 times. I really like those sweaty exhausting long competitive fights and my soaring muscles are proof of that.

After our fight we grabbed some food. Atreju is nice companionship, he’s a smart, openminded and fun guy. Thanks fir the fun evening! I’d recommend you to anyone who asks me about you.



DavidVdw is recommended by dany 2808

I had the opportunity to meet David during a small grappling camp. He is a very friendly and handsome guy. On the mats he is a real whirlwind. He is quite good don't underestimate him. I definetly need more training for next time. Thanks for the fun. ;-)



dany 2808 is recommended by DavidVdw


Danny and me met each other at a wrestling weekend together with 4 others.

We wrestled each other on Saturday on the mats in the sporthal and had two rounds at each other. Danny is a strong wrestler and will try to get on top of you as fast as he can. Once there, he’ll makes sure he stays on top and make you tap.

First round was his, second one was mine... I admit your energy might have been drained from the other fights but dany: we need to settle this fight!

Of the mats: Dany is a friendly and social guy with for me a hint of introversion. I especially liked the evening of “code names” where every one in the group started to opened up to each other.

He’ll surely hear from me when i need to be in Germany for work.

Summary: 100% recommended.



DavidVdw is recommended by fightyou

We had a fabulous weekend organized by Davidvdw. When wrestling he is persistent, very ambitious and has already acquired some basics. Most of you will soon have a hard time against him, especially if I keep training him :-) - It would be an honor to train this amazing guy!
Even off the mat I could spend a wonderful time with him.



fightyou is recommended by DavidVdw


Fightyou and me met each other at a modest wrestling weekend. He was by far the most experienced wrestler of the group. He is strong, has great control over his body, is a smart fighter and is more than happy to coach you a little during the fight.

Off the mats, Fightyou is friendly and knows how to hold an interesting conversation. I will be more than happy traveling the distance to visit him and spend some time together.



DavidVdw is recommended by GrapplingHB

DavidVdw is a real good fighter. He loves to fight, again and again. He has no training in a club, but he knows a lot of techniques and he resists very well. Highly recommended!



GrapplingHB is recommended by DavidVdw


I had a very nice match with GrapplingHB.
This guy is strong, has lots of stamina and has a background in fighting. Watch out for his armlocks when you are on top... before you know it he locks you in and reverses the advantage you had.

He definitely is the better fighter but he knows how to downplay and make the match enjoyable for everyone.

Off the mats GraplingHB is also a good person to hang out with, have a drink and an enjoyable discussion.

Don’t miss the opportunity if it comes to fight this guy!



DavidVdw is recommended by battlefox

Took a while to meet because of his injury but it was worth it. Bit shy at first but as soon we got to the mats, we were in one of the better battles I ever had. He has a great balance and strong body . It was hard to get the upperhand and it was a battle of stamina. Given time, he will be unstoppable because he doesn't lack in focus and determination.

He had a very nice personality. Afterwards we had a great afternoon at a lake together. Was great to catch up and happy to see his progress in future matches. Must-meet when he is around.



battlefox is recommended by DavidVdw


Battlefox is one of the first people welcoming me to this community. When he first showed intrest in a fight with me, i told him i wanted to have a bit more experience before fighting him. And... he ended up being my 17th opponent.

It was a good decision to wait a little before meeting up with him. Battlefox is a skilled opponent, always on the lookout for that opening the other person leaves and than... snap ... he has you in a lock you can‘t escape. He knows exactly what he is doing and he is a controlled fighter.

I also enjoyed the brief moments where i made him tap. Not sure if he was downplaying, but still i take pride in those moments.

After the fight we enjoyed the sun and relaxed at a nearby lake. All matches should have a cherry Like that on top. 🍒 😜

Thanks for the lovely afternoon Battlefox!



Very HOT guy.
Very STRONG wrestler
Very Cute boy
Very nice guy..
He is unbelievable strong on the mat with a lot of stamina.
Dont want to tap easily.
Very nice and smart guy on and off the mat.
100% Recommandation




I met up with speedoWrestlerGermany on my way home after a long working week abroad. This guy is very hospitable and reliable.

On the mats he is a very stable fighter, it’s very difficult to get him out of balance. On top of that he is very strong. Not the most technical fighter but he relies on his strength and gets away with it. And he definitely had the upper hand in this match.

Take the chance to fight this guy!



DavidVdw is recommended by fracle2

David is very friendly and it was very easy to organise the match with him (+he has access to a great place with real mats...)
Wrestling with him was good fun but also quite exhausting! he is fast, knows some good moves and always ask for more!
I'm sure we'll have other opportunities for a good sweat on the mats!



fracle2 is recommended by DavidVdw


Fracle is a super friendly and in shape guy. We booked the mats for an hour and gave each other a good workout. He is strong and agile and knows what he’s doing.

Fracle2 has great stamina and is an intelligent fighter: the first few rounds i was able to make him tap but when the match proceeded you could see him finding more open angles and exploiting them successfully.

Overall a very fun encounter and i’ll gladly do it over when we both have more time so we can share a drink together afterwards.



DavidVdw is recommended by Jan91

DavidVdw and I had a very fun, long, and exhausting match. He is strong and has already learned quite a lot in his time here. We were about evenly matched and so we kept going until both of us were completely exhausted.
He is also a really friendly and intelligent guy and it was very interesting to talk with him off the mats as well. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone and I’m looking forward to a rematch.



Jan91 is recommended by DavidVdw

Jan91 made my weekend :)

We matched quite well, Jan being stronger and me being more agile. The result was a balance match where both people tapped multiple times.
Just love these matches where you can wrestle each other till exhaustion.

After our fight we practiced some moves and had a nice time off the mats. Off the mats Jan is a social, nice guy and a great host and i will happily return the favor.



DavidVdw is recommended by Mat74

David is young and strong fighter. We met during my short visit in Antwerp. Our meeting place was established at the main hall of the monumental railway station of Antwerp where I found a nice and friendly boy who I was immediately at ease with. Then we went to our fightplace. Even if the space to fight wasn't so large, our match was a great success. David is a lean, athletic, strong and fast fighter and he knows several techniques and movements. His strenght and athletic freshness put me in trouble in our competive match. I love this kind of competition and this is the reason why I liked fighting David. Out of fight, he is a brilliant and cultivated guy who it was a real pleasure having a long conversation with on different topics. Really top recommended. To next match, thank you much David!



Mat74 is recommended by DavidVdw

Mat74 has good technique and downplayed a little so we could both enjoy our match to the maximum.

He has a lot of stamina and really know how to play this out during a match. A lesson i learned here was that i should pay attention to only use my energy when i see a weak spot in my opponents de- or offence.

Thanks for the fun evening and for the new technique i learned, I will try and apply on other opponents.



DavidVdw is recommended by Feisty Frenchy

It was a pleasure meeting David ! He's strong, he's nice and he knows a lot about wrestling for someone who started so recently. He could easily overpower me, and that's what he did while he showed me a couple of holds.

We also had a nice time chatting before and after the match and I hope we can meet again !



Feisty Frenchy is recommended by DavidVdw

Lutteur_Lille is an energetic young guy and did a good job resisting my holds. Not needing much off a break in between he gave me a good sweat.

Off course this guy his biggest disadvantage is his weight. Having said that, it was fun to be the heavier opponent for once.

Besides fighting, Lutteur_lille is a smart, fun, optimistic guy, this makes it very enjoyable to hang out with him. Would love to wrestle you again in summer and have you show me your neighborhood ;) contact me to schedule something!



DavidVdw is recommended by wolvejong

Count your blessings when you get to meet David.
He arranged a great setting for our match; probably the best place to have a good roll in a local sportscentre.
David, although a novice, has everything a wrestler should have: a good fighting spirit. Quick, lean, eager to learn and more then willing to exchange techniques. What he lacks in experience (for now, but that won't last long) he makes up with speed and determination. Safe and sane being the credo of our match I had a great time wrestling this guy.
Would I meet him again in the future? No doubt about it! In fact I look forward to our next encounter.
In between rounds and after the match it was a joy to talk to this intelligent young man with a myriade of interests.
So guys, do yourselves a favour and challenge him, you won't regret it. I sure didn't.
Recommendation with capital R!



wolvejong is recommended by DavidVdw

I had a lovely time with Wolvejong.
We rented some mats in my local sportshall and went at each other for about 1,5 hrs.

Wolvejong is a very strong guy, knowing well how to deflect my atacks and turning them against me. It was quite frustrating actually, thanks for that ! 😜

He give and took a bit during our fight, being stronger, havier and being trained at fighting i had to try fighting him with more speed and endurance.
And it payed off a couple of times.

Off the mats Wolvejong is a friendly guy who likes to wonder around in conversations and who isn’t afraid to open up and go further than the ussual small talk.

Thanks for the fight Wolvejong!



DavidVdw is recommended by discover

With the comments, I expected a strong guy. He's definitely stronger than he looks, and also quite skilled, despite of beiing new to wrestling. David is intelligent in general, and wrestling is not an exception. It was a safe and sane moment of wrestling, there will be other ones later, of course. I'm happy that I met him, as we live not far away from each other.



discover is recommended by DavidVdw

Setting up a match with this guy was very easy.
Discover certainly knows what he is doing. I love these kinds of matches where both parties are able to make the other persons tap out.
Those kind of matches make such a good workout!

Off the mats, discover was great company and we had some intresting discussions and shared some of our ideas over some nice food.

I’m sure we’ll see each other around!



DavidVdw is recommended by Rower87

I had the pleasure to host this fine lad in my appartment. I'm not saying he has allready aquired several good techniques, nor shall I say here he has a good stamina, you'll neither hear me say he is much stronger than the cute man he looks like. I'm just wondering who teached him in the past few days and still wondering why I was immovable at several moments. That said. This fine man has a great will to learn, I hardly could teach him because he knew more than I do, and I should practice more. But we had some nice rounds and it was a verry nice encounter. He is determined to learn, to improve his skills. Next time I'll show him what I'm made off (must be some fluffy gingerbread filling and teddybearsplush). Next time I hope we will be less injured before we start.



Rower87 is recommended by DavidVdw

Rower and me had a nice wrestling practice.
Having a small injury, we both took precaution to play slow.

Rower really was attentive to my injury, but it restrained him from giving his all. After a few rounds, we decided to show each other some moves we had picked up and had some nice discussions about what was going on in life.

@rower: Next time we wrestle you’ll get a chance to show me what you are made from ;) i’m very curious about that!



DavidVdw is recommended by herve1390

Great wrestling session with David and Adiboy. David is a young, dynamic, enthusiast wrestler, .... He needs to be trained but learns very quickly and will be a excellent opponent for everyone. Off the mats, he is a very nice guy, open minded, .... definitively to meet again .... 100% recommanded !!!



herve1390 is recommended by DavidVdw

Hervee hosted a match together with me and Adi.

Really enjoyed the evening. Hervee is a gentleman but quickly evolves into agile, quick and strong wrestling beast on the mats. Be aware of his technique, this man knows exactly how to turn around the stakes in matter of seconds.

Thx for the nice moments!



DavidVdw is recommended by Cruptonium

If you're looking for a balanced, sportive wrestling match with give and take as I am, David is a must-do opponent.

Despite his limited experience and pratice, he is already very skillfull and intelligent in his holds and moves, and he knows how to keep it safe and fun. He's very keen on learning and getting more practice, and soon he will hard to keep under control :-)

Finally, a great person with excellent social skills and good looks off the mat. One of my best wrestling encounters ever!



Cruptonium is recommended by DavidVdw

I enjoyed my match with Cruptonium to the fullest. He is strong but was kind enough to let me some openings to exploit. It was so much fun to succeedingly try and get him in a few holds i learned about so far, as well as trying to get out of his holds.

Really hope we can meet up for a brawl and practice with each other more often as he’s a very enjoyable person, an excellent host!



DavidVdw is recommended by Antton64

Bonne surprise ce pti gars! Vif, résistant et compétitif mais toujours fun et bon esprit.
Il vient juste de débuter mais méfiez vous car il aime se battre et va vite progresser. Alors ne le sous estimez pas ou cela sera à vos risques et périls !



Antton64 is recommended by DavidVdw

I had a nice match with Poly and Antton.
It was verry clear that these guys were going to outlevel me.

Nevertheless we enjoyed a good brawl where i tried to escape hold after hold, jobbing till exhaustion. Both are very good at reading how far to go and made sure that everybody had a good time.

Poly and Antton, be aware because for now i might be a newby but i will surely challange you again when i’m joining the 100 club!



DavidVdw is recommended by polyethylene33

David is a newcomer to the eresto MF world but he’s really eager to go at it. Quite energetic and enthousiast, he already has some good reflexes and intuitions.
Very reliable and nice off the mats, a nice meeting in Brussels.



polyethylene33 is recommended by DavidVdw

I had a nice match with Poly and Antton.
It was verry clear that these guys were going to outlevel me.

Nevertheless we enjoyed a good brawl where i tried to escape hold after hold, jobbing till exhaustion. Both are very good at reading how far to go and made sure that everybody had a good time.

Poly and Antton, be aware because for now i might be a newby but i will surely challange you again when i’m joining the 100 club!



DavidVdw is recommended by wrestlemate 1

Watch out for this 'unexperienced' wrestler. Indeed a novice in wrestling or grappling, but very sporty in general and catching up moves and techniques so fast it won't take long for him to take advantage in this game. Always behaving safe and sane. It was fun all time! Well recommended, and looking forward to train with him again soon.



wrestlemate 1 is recommended by DavidVdw

Had 3 hours of wrestling with this guy. This guy fights safe and sane and gives lesser experienced people some room to practice and grow. He is knowledgeable and eager to share some tips and tricks.

Thanks for the fun time and see you back soon on the floor!