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Into Sub, Muay Thai and Gutpunching, any one or mix up of all 3.

NO CYBER, not ever.

I am willing to host (B&B) but only with known people.



  1. United Kingdom, Crewe
  2. Greece, Nydri
    (I'm here between 10/13/2019 and 10/20/2019)
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I am willing to travel 4000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 243 lbs (110 kg)

Gear: Shorts

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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Indianmatlord is recommended by andrewj

Its been about 8 years since i met this guy, but i remember clearly his great energy, drive and willingness to succeed.

He's intelligent and engaging both on and off the mats.



andrewj is recommended by DrkMusclCat

After one short meeting over a decade ago, Andrew has become one of my best friends... someone that I trust more than most.
While that first meeting was intense, there were too many distractions that prevented us from digging as deep as we wanted to go.
We are planning the next one to be very soon and it promises to be an epic event. But first things first, closing the distance that has prevented us from connecting as warriors and as friends...



DrkMusclCat is recommended by andrewj

I am very good with words, however with him, words will never be enough to convey the extreme respect and sheer awe I for him. He’s one of those people who are amazing at everything he does, but you can’t hold it against him, his warm and friendly personality takes you along with him so your never left feeling out classed.

He is the best, and I am honoured to call him a close friend.



andrewj is recommended by Mark Hepburn

Met up with Andrew many times. Great bloke; sane, intelligent both on and off the mats. Being more of a boxer and not a wrestler, he took me through several moves which was very instructive but then a knee replacement operation has put an end to grappling. He can also dish out and receive quite a lot of punishment to the abs in a GP session....which has been a 'lorra fun'. A great guy. Hope to meet up again one day.



andrewj is recommended by MONSTA

Wrestled Andrew sometime back when I lived in London. He is a great guy to wrestle and he's highly recommended.



andrewj is recommended by dadwrestle

Not sure why this has not been written before! this is one tough wrestler1 hes strong, skilled and tough on mats. Just sort of opponent I like....keeps on coming back for more. Hes easy to fix dates/times with and 100% reliable. great guy off mats too....can hold a good, interesting conversation. If it wasn't for distance we would be regular fight buddies! Gold star recommendation!



dadwrestle is recommended by andrewj

Don't judge this man by his age, he has great skills and fitness/strength & stamina you'd expect in a fit man 20 years younger. A formidable fighter on the mats and an intelligent, witty gentleman off them. Highly recommended.



andrewj is recommended by GymGladiator

Had a good match today with Andrew who made a very considerate guest & a hard opponent. We seemed to be evenly matched with his weight & deceptive strength. It didn’t result in many Subs but a good time was had.
As for gut punching; I think I stood up to his punching reasonably but he seems to be able to take ANY amount – and take it as hard as I could deliver. Tired me out before he was even breaking a sweat! Probably break him down after 4 or 5 hours though! If you think you can break him; I doubt it!
Thanks to him for making the journey.



GymGladiator is recommended by andrewj

Met Pete today, had a great match with him in his amazing wrestling space (best home set up I've seen, better than most of the commercial mat rooms), only thing better than the space was the man himself, fit, strong, tenacious, even skilled, what more can you ask for on the mats. Off the mats he is charming, intelligent and engaging, he even cooks.

Don't miss a chance to meet this great man, I cannot recommend him highly enough.



andrewj is recommended by scotsgrappler

Finally met up with this very nice guy.Reliable, courteous,hygienic -so all the usual conditions met. Incredible stamina and endurance and he taught me how to better strike. Fun time and good company afterwards. Highly recommended.



scotsgrappler is recommended by andrewj

Met Allan yesterday, all round great guy, his tenacity and drive on the mats is only equalled by his charm and coolness off them. One of a kind and not to be missed.



andrewj is recommended by ozboxer

Excellent GP taker, who really enjoys a long hard extended session then comes back for more, quite exceptional!!!



andrewj is recommended by Lomandlad42

Finally met Andrew today for a great session, quick strong lad who is a great defensive wrester, had an absolute blast with him, highly recommended ....great company off the mats too and a top host, look forward to meeting again, new mate gained ... Cheers mate :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by andrewj

Jay is one of life’s rare gems, great fun on or off the mats. Only thing missing from him is the ego you normally expect form someone with those looks. I cannot recommend more highly.



redlandguy is recommended by andrewj

A truly amazing man/wrestler, strong, fit, great stamina and skilled beyond imagination, most of what I know came from Evan; he’s one of the best. I cannot recommend more highly.



andrewj is recommended by polo62

Very highly recommended. I have known Andrew for over 10 years. He is a great guy and a brilliant gutpuncher and can take amazing amounts of punishment