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  1. USA - New York, Garden City
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45-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 190 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedo


stud wrestler looking for other studs to wrestle and box



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studny is recommended by boxingfan89

Wrestling with Studny was an incredible experience. He's a strong guy with a great body. Rolling with this guy is as close to pro as you can get. He's ready to sell and make all of your pro fantasies come true. We got to throw on the gloves and box during our match and I hope I can meet up with him again in the future.



boxingfan89 is recommended by studny

BOXINGFAN89 is a cool reliable guy to match up with be it either wrestling or boxing!
He's in excellent athletic conditioning and is a boxer who knows how to handle himself with the gloves on.
His keen interest in wrestling makes him a very fast learner!
I would highly recommend him given the chance to meet up with him!



studny is recommended by Angelo

Studny has no need of more recommendations but I'm writing one anyway! We had been chatting pro wrestling for years and finally got the chance to meet. A gracious host with an amazing body–especially decked out in pro gear–Studny has all the strength and attitude required for classic pro wrestling. He knows a LOT about the classic period and being with him is a total blast. Don't pass up the chance–whatever your style is!



Angelo is recommended by studny

If you are looking for the ultimate PRO match hit up Angelo. Everything from the gear to the holds and overall match will provide you with a great fun experience in pro wrestling.



studny is recommended by Job4me

Great guy, loves pro wrestling as much as I do. Hot !



studny is recommended by socal74

STUDNY is everything you want in a hot coach fantasy. He's a handsome fucker, got a hot beefy bod, and knows how to turn the crank of his rookie rassler/boxer. He's verbal and he's got a real hot imagination. You'll be begging for a rematch. Highly recommend this sexy stud.



studny is recommended by sfscissorjobber

I've wrestled Studny a few times now both 1v1 and as part of a 2v1 handicap match (I was the 1). He is strong, sexy, and very skilled. Loved having him dominate me in the match, and it was great to see how much fun he was having throughout. Also a great guy off the mats. Easy to talk to; we've stayed in touch now for several years.



sfscissorjobber is recommended by studny

SFscissorjobber is a hot jobber boy who enjoys being put in his place by a study heel.
He takes lots of punishment and the more he gets the more he wants. A true jobber by any standard! Terrific guy off the mats as well. Intelligent, cute and sexy. Can't wait for our next one on one session and to work him over man to man.



Pitt is recommended by studny

Tough, strong, great guy to wrestle. We met as planned. All around good wrestler. I highly recommed Pitt to anyone looking for a good fun match.



studny is recommended by flexatlanta

Ton of fun to fight, hopefully we can do it again sometime.



flexatlanta is recommended by studny

Great guy to meet to wrestle and box with!



studny is recommended by Jorgefighter

Amazing man! Very strong and skilled, and a great dude. Try not to miss him.



Jorgefighter is recommended by studny

Had a blast with Jorge when I visited Barcelona. All around quality guy!