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Hi, I am into fun wrestling with other light weights. a little struggle is great, but not all out fighting. Love a good give and take. I am gay and enjoy a good hot wrestling match.

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  1. USA - New York, New York
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I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 147 lbs (67 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, speedos, jock straps

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Lloovvv is recommended by liteguynyc

This hot young stud came over for a match the other day and we went at each other pretty hard. He is hot, sexy and fun to wrestle. Great body, nice smile, and can take a good amount of punishment quite well, he can also dish it out. Can’t wait to do it again.



liteguynyc is recommended by squashmeifyoucan

Great guy to talk to, sexy stud and good, strong wrestler who had the upper hand on me most of the match. We worked up a good hot sweat :) He was close to pinning me but then I was saved by the clock. A rematch is in our future



squashmeifyoucan is recommended by liteguynyc

This was a hot sweaty match for sure. SMIYC is small but he is all muscle and a very good wrestler. Our match was brief but amazing.
He is smart, sexy and really fun to wrestle. Can not wait for round 2,
even though he will probably destroy me this time. Looks great in his gear too. Highest recommendation!



liteguynyc is recommended by blank setting

Lite guy was a joy to meet up with. He is even better looking in real life with a great deal of strength and stamina to match. I underestimated what the old man could dish out, and was pinned multiple times. I think I might have gotten the upper hand only once. A nice guy in general, I had fun on the mats and off. I can't wait for another round.



blank setting is recommended by liteguynyc

I had a match with blank setting over the summer here in NYC.
This guy is very good looking, sexy, smart, he has a beautiful body, and a killer smile. He is also funny and great to hang out with, we had an enjoyable time off the mat as well at dinner after wrestling. And the wrestling! Wow! He is adventureous, creative, strong, and just so much fun to wrestle. He is somewhat inexperienced so I had the upper hand and just loved putting him in submission hold after submission hold. We basically wrestled nude the whole time. This guys is awesome. Wrestle him if you get the chance. Highest recommendation 10 out of 10 stars!



liteguynyc is recommended by Wrestlebloomington

One of my favorite guys to wrestle. Have wrestled him a number of times over the years and it’s always a great time wrestling . Evenly matched opponent. Very nice, fit body. Highly recommend. Looking forward to our next match!



Wrestlebloomington is recommended by liteguynyc

Joe and I have been wrestling for a while now. He is a great guy! He is smart, sexy, fun, strong and so much fun to wrestle. We have very even matches where we both get some good licks in. We always have a very hot match, and we both are sweaty and spent after our matches. I could not recommend him any higher.



liteguynyc is recommended by allstar

Strong and very easy going guy!!! Very respectfull!! Was a short fight and hope to see him again!!

Highly recommended!!



allstar is recommended by liteguynyc

I was up in Montreal and had a great match with Allstar .
He is young, strong, tough and really fun to wrestle. I had a problem with my partner and could only wrestle for a short time, but it sure was a great match. Steve is smart, funny, very good looking and sexy.
Strongly recommended if you are up in Montreal.



liteguynyc is recommended by sublimate

I have wrestled liteguynyc for many years and he is a really great guy off and on the mat. The first time we wrestled we were dead even and both got submissions out of the other. But I must say over the years he has has gotten much better than me and pretty much puts me down. I alwasy look forward to our next match.



sublimate is recommended by liteguynyc

I have met Jason a bunch of times and he is always so much fun to wrestle. He is in great shape, knows a lot about wrestling, and has a very sexy body. We have had several excellent matches, and once did an oil match, now that was hot! I can not recommend him any higher, 10 out of 10.



liteguynyc is recommended by rochroll

Had a great wrestle with this guy. Tough strong guy. Definitely challenged me. Would definitely wrestle again when I get back to NY.



rochroll is recommended by liteguynyc

Just had a great match with Randy today. He is strong, tough, and really fun to wrestle. He is a nice guy and watch out for his head lock.
I also have to say, he is smokin hot, and can’t wait to wrestle again.



liteguynyc is recommended by Txwresl

I have known Paul for years and have always enjoyed our matches. He is one good guy. Lean body and knows wrestling. He gets better all the time. Paul is reliable, stays in touch and follows through. High recommendation!
We wrestled twice during Wrestlefest 2018 and Paul only gets better with time. Wrestle him!



Txwresl is recommended by liteguynyc

Dave and I have been wrestling for several years. I love our matches.
He is such a treat to wrestle. He has a great attitude, looks amazing in gear, just the right amount of real wrestling and fooling around. Do not miss the chance to wrestle this Texas stud, he is a pleasure. He is also, smart, funny and great to talk to. Really glad we are friends.



liteguynyc is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

THis is one hot and tough guy in our weight class, men. Wiry, strong and a hot body. We wrestled a few years back and it was a great back and forth until there came a point when I started to break his muscled body down and eventually took over this determined fighter. We are negotiating a rematch now. Stay tuned. Seems this man wants revenge! :-)



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by liteguynyc

Alpha Destroyer is a great guy to wrestle. He is tough, strong, in good shape, a good wrestler, and has a great body. He is just like his profile name, a destroyer. I usually fare pretty well against guys my size, but not to well against him. Highly recommended.



liteguynyc is recommended by AllStarPuma54321

I have had an amazing time meeting up with Paul regularly the past few years. He is in great shape, courteous, rolls around, has fun, and just an all around wonderful person. If you are looking for someone that is just pure fun I highly recommend him. Very lean, fit, and solid.



AllStarPuma54321 is recommended by liteguynyc

Jon and I have wrestled several times over the past couple of years. He is such a fun guy to wrestle. He is also one of the nicest and smartest people I have met thru here. We have great matches, good back and forth action and can not wait to wrestle him again. He is also in amazing shape.



liteguynyc is recommended by vicj81

Really fun guy to wrestle! Just the right size for me to work some good holds and sweat a bit. Also pleasurable company when not wrestling!



vicj81 is recommended by liteguynyc

We have wrestled 5 or 6 times. This guy is amazing. We have a great match every time, he is always fun and inventive, and he is so hot.
He does not mind our size difference, or our age, and we just wrestle til exhaustion. He is awesome.



Blarger is recommended by liteguynyc

First I will just say that Seth is a great host. He is also incredibly nice, funny, smart and enjoyable to talk to. He is also quite sexy. And then there is the wrestling, wow! He is strong, wiry, flexible, imaginative, and just so much fun to wrestle. An amazing match, I can’t wait to do it again.



liteguynyc is recommended by knight1701

I wrestle him back 2010. What a great to wrestle this guy was very skilled at submission wrestling it was good match he won most of the matches . If you ever want a good match I highly recommend taking him for a good match ..



knight1701 is recommended by liteguynyc

We wrestled a while back in 2010. We met thru GF. Kam is a sweet guy.
I was in FL visiting relatives. He is a very accommodating host. We wrestled for a long time and it was awesome. He has boundless energy and will give you all he’s got. I can’t wait to get back to FL to wrestle him.



nomac is recommended by liteguynyc

Should have wrote this recommendation earlier. This young man is really fun to wrestle. I can not wait to wrestle him again. His body is taut and sexy. He is strong and agile. Plus he is one of the nicest guys. I highly recommend him.



Andy15 is recommended by liteguynyc

Andy is a great guy and fun to wrestle. We had a great time when he came to NY.