SoCal Wrestlefest

For wrestlers living or visiting from Los Angeles to San Diego.

This group is for wrestlers and tag teams from Los Angeles to San Diego.

This is a forum for guys looking for matches, mentors, friends, and LTRs.

Founded by Jimmy Elijah (

Forum Topics

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How often do you get to wrestle?25/13/2017 11:25 PMZizzagman
muscle up15/13/2017 8:37 PMSuper Stud Roy
What's your favorite move to apply and/or be subjected to?135/10/2017 8:23 PMCrushedandsubmitted
Would you ever wrestle against 2 guys14/13/2017 2:37 AMJimmy Elijah
Pro Wrestling Group23/01/2017 6:06 PMSlater Jackson
Wrestlefestsocal12/03/2017 1:23 AMcalwrestler
Places to Wrestle1612/20/2016 4:57 AMJimmy Elijah
Sin City Shootout112/10/2016 10:03 PMBJJWrestlerLasVegas
Question of the Day: Do you get hard when you wrestle?812/04/2016 7:22 PMcalwrestler
Q: IF YOU COULD WRESTLE A CELEBRITY WHO WOULD IT BE? (Yes, athletes totally count)711/29/2016 12:53 AMEagle2009
What move would you want to be put in?710/02/2016 5:14 AMneverbeentopped
Pro/ pro fantasy18/03/2016 7:18 AMNerdy wrestler
Wrestling vs Talk: Do you prefer to do it or talk about it?155/27/2016 3:54 PMBJJWrestlerLasVegas
Humiliating Victory Pins25/25/2016 9:56 AMBJJWrestlerLasVegas
Who is your favorite pro, Indy, and private wrestler?14/03/2016 8:29 PMJimmy Elijah
What state and year did you have your first private wrestling match?104/02/2016 3:02 AMLA-HEEL

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