SoCal Wrestlefest

For wrestlers from Los Angeles to San Diego.

This group is for wrestlers, boxers, fighters and tag teams in the Greater Los Angeles area.

This is a forum for guys looking for IRL (no cyber) matches, mentors, friends, sparring, and LTRs.

Founder: Jimmy Elijah (

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How often do you think about wrestling during the course of a day?251/31/2019 8:48 PMjimbear
What state and year did you have your first private wrestling match?161/29/2019 1:23 AMLbwrestler
Q: If you only had 2 pieces of fighting gear. What would they be?91/29/2019 1:20 AMLbwrestler
What is your favorite gear you have and why?121/29/2019 1:18 AMLbwrestler
Bar Wrestling 2/20/1911/28/2019 6:39 AMJimmy Elijah
Thoughts on filming/photos during match91/27/2019 6:41 PMjobberjayse
Which season do you want to wrestle more in and why?21/16/2019 7:10 AMIwreslinca
Stiff and precum during a bout1311/26/2018 8:27 AMWaterpolo
There’s nothing hotter than a soft-bellied jobber getting worked over1011/20/2018 4:04 PMnu2rasln
Any heels in WeHo area?211/20/2018 3:51 PMiamhersecret
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SD wrestling partners or training partners49/29/2018 8:43 PMwrestlingsub
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BOXING15/11/2018 6:18 PMLBFighter
Big strong LA muscle men15/10/2018 8:16 PMLiftthisboy2018
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Meetfighter Tag Teams13/25/2018 6:44 PMJimmy Elijah
Pro wrestling in Florida PICS 2-22-1862/23/2018 6:48 PMFLGripper
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Pro Wrestling or Sub Wrestling?411/23/2017 7:51 PMPhyter628
In Ventura511/14/2017 11:04 AMJimmy Elijah
What's your favorite move to apply and/or be subjected to?1810/21/2017 9:51 AMJimmy Elijah
Where do you watch wrestling videos?110/07/2017 5:55 PMJimmy Elijah
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Places to Wrestle179/19/2017 8:27 AMwild130
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Who is your favorite pro, Indy, and private wrestler?14/03/2016 8:29 PMJimmy Elijah