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Ft. Lauderdale11/10/2019 3:47 PMLeanmuscle
Merry Christmas.112/25/2018 10:22 PMnovice04
Looking for guys only wrestlers with a foot fetish to do a foot worship wrestling video1012/10/2018 7:31 PMdsafytbgd
Face kicking/stomping fascination112/08/2018 8:16 AMLick451
Foot fight stories512/07/2018 5:47 PMSoles44
Anyone like to go foot to foot?16212/07/2018 1:52 PMcrossguy
Huge foot fetish jobber!712/03/2018 11:48 AMwrestlerguy21
martial artists/barefoot wrestlers212/02/2018 7:54 PMNycfeet
Nyc barefoot match212/02/2018 7:52 PMNycfeet
sole of the wrestling shoes frotting the cock311/06/2018 10:37 AMmature jobber
Dominate Me with Your Feet411/05/2018 6:35 AMbarefootdude
Big toe length?611/04/2018 4:51 AMbarefootdude
How do you use your feet in wrestling?709/29/2018 12:22 AMFigoItaliano
It's my birthday19/02/2018 12:59 PMnovice04
Sweaty socks smothering ,18/23/2018 1:08 AMCardiff
feet fighting etc188/19/2018 10:57 PMwrestlerguy21
Trampling with full weight316/02/2018 7:34 PMwrestlerspig
Socked feet155/22/2018 7:42 PMnovice04
Any feet wrestling stories??45/14/2018 5:41 AMbarefootdude
Giant male feet on Skype ?35/08/2018 11:12 PMMegaCrush
Looking for victory pose45/08/2018 5:22 PMNojoke18
Wide Feet in Rainbow Flip Flops15/04/2018 1:22 AMshortfireplug
Footfighting in Italy?34/13/2018 6:11 PMwrin84
Wide meaty feet204/07/2018 6:53 AMLick451
wrestling with socks323/24/2018 7:11 PMMalahide1
Humiliation fight13/18/2018 7:29 PMjobberforheel
suckin on toes83/04/2018 6:30 PMTonyboyNJ1
Feet102/15/2018 5:24 AMbarefootdude
Converse sneakers42/14/2018 7:19 PMWrestler br
Ringen mit Socks312/10/2017 11:54 AMbalger
Fight in Sox111/10/2017 7:44 PMwrestleforfun74
Socks vs bare1310/26/2017 3:41 PMRingerbear84
Georgia110/25/2017 7:15 AMMiccboii
SOLES ADDICTED610/07/2017 3:09 PMArdonUD
Heavyweight trampling59/27/2017 9:48 PMFrenchfighter2
Into dirty bare feet?57/25/2017 8:34 PMSecretivesimon
remove boots to foot torture. (Only Socks)87/14/2017 12:09 AMWrestler br
checkin out barefoot dudes16/29/2017 5:40 PMbarefootdude
Barefoot Pro Wrestlers66/20/2017 6:29 AMJiminy
Big Feet ?25/29/2017 9:13 AMbeginner92
Feet submissions673/19/2017 3:07 PMJimbo40
Trampling and bouncing.31/23/2017 8:18 PMwrestlerspig
are you a real fighter ?31/05/2017 10:05 PMwrestlerspig
Trampling31/02/2017 3:27 PMTiomorbo
Who Should Win412/25/2016 12:05 PMToughSoftie
feetcomparison312/17/2016 3:39 AMBigsoles44
wrestling with converse shoes412/14/2016 11:38 PMBigsoles44
Foot Tickling112/10/2016 7:58 AMMakeMeLaugh
Facekicking with big feet1210/26/2016 3:11 PMboxingbag1981
Pin you down with my size 12 foot on ya FACE!97/21/2016 10:16 PMGI WARRIOR
Barefoot Pro Wrestling31/02/2016 6:49 AMGI WARRIOR
another hott barefoot wrestle21/02/2016 6:47 AMGI WARRIOR
barefoot wrestling312/15/2015 1:57 PMflrassle
how do u get ur feet all dirty before u wrestle?210/28/2015 9:35 AMdsafytbgd
dirty bare feet fighting1810/09/2015 5:19 AMBrown Bomber
Chicago Area Wrestlers17/23/2015 7:15 PMLeanmuscle
sit on me with feet in face82/10/2015 6:54 AMRED DADDY
Feet wrestling31/19/2015 3:49 AMLatinpecs
In search for Feet-Wrestlers610/02/2012 11:18 AMMichaHamburg